Thomas and the Willing Accomplice

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Thomas worked downtown as a lawyer. Everyday he would take the subway to and from work getting jostled along with all the other commuters. Unlike the other commuters Thomas likes it. The smell of the hot metal from the train breaks, the heat in the overcrowded cars coming off of everyone else’s bodies, the noise of the tracks clicking and clacking underneath. All of this excited him. Some days it excited him more than it probably should.

On one particular day Thomas was feeling riskier than usual. He was wearing a new, dark blue tailored suit that show off his 6’3″ athletic body and made him feel particularly confident. That morning he had styled his dark brown hair and given himself a clean shave. He had had a big presentation to give and wanted to look his best. It had gone well, thus he was still having a bit of an adrenaline high as he left work.

Feeling invincible and adventurous Thomas decided to take his enjoyment of his daily commute to the next level. Thomas wanted to try and masturbate on the train. His hope was to edge until he reached his stop so he could finish in the bathroom but life has a way of changing plans.

As he walked down the stairs towards the ticket gates Thomas could already feel himself getting hard at the thought of his upcoming exploits. Thankfully the dark colour of his suit his any obvious shadows from the bulge that was now being created. After he paid Thomas walked towards the platform and illegal bahis began slowly caressing his cock through his pants, hiding his hand behind his briefcase. By the time the train arrived several minutes later he was at full mast and no amount of clever fabrics could hide the obvious rent his 9″ dock was making in the front of his pants.

As his train arrived and the doors opened Thomas was very careful to keep his erection hidden behind his brief case. His fun would end quickly if someone caught on to what he was doing. Unfortunately just as the doors were closing someone forced their way in and pushed Thomas forward. He reached out with one hand to grab the pole but his briefcase arm got caught in the crowd and he fell against someone becoming stuck as the crowd pinned him there.

Thomas felt panicked because there was no way the person he was pressed against couldn’t feel his boner. He was terrified and beginning to soften until he felt something brush against his dick. He opened his eyes to figure out what was touching him when he saw who he was leaning against. It wasn’t just any person but a 5’8″ bombshell of a blonde. Looking down Thomas could see straight down the top of her blouse into the beautiful cleavage of her DD breasts. The woman leaned into him and whispered “Let me help you with that” as he felt her hand pull his fly down and remove his cock from his pant.

Now, harder than he had ever been in his life, it illegal bahis siteleri was all Thomas could do not to bust right then. Instead he moaned quietly in the woman’s ear as she began striking his cock behind her back. She was firm but not to quick, he could feel her firm ass pressed up against him.

He was worried someone would notice but a quick glance told him that even if people weren’t to busy looking that their phones it was to packed for anyone to see what was happening at waist level. Thomas relaxed and began to fully enjoy the surprise hand job he was being given.

At the next stop the woman turned around to face him and he was able to move his briefcase back into position to help block people’s gaze. As the train got rolling again the woman carefully raised her skirt and rubbed Thomas’ dick against her soaked panties. He could feel the heat radiating from her dripping cunt. His cock throbbed and dripped with precum. “What should I call you” he asked between laboured breaths. He wasn’t sure how much longer he would last. “You can call me ma’am” she replied breathily into his was still rubbing his dick against herself. “Yes ma’am” he groaned in reply.

Suddenly the woman’s pace changed and he could feel her whole body tense against him and then relax and a gush of fun rushed over his dock and down her legs into the floor of the train.

“Ma’am?!” Thomas pleaded.

“Yes, slut” she replied panting canlı bahis siteleri slightly.

“You’re going to get us caught’” he exclaimed.

“Don’t you worry about that. I haven’t been caught yet.” she said, letting him know this wasn’t her first time.

This thought excited him more than he could stand. All he could picture was this beautiful woman being fucked over and over again surrounded by people who didn’t have a clue.

“I’m going to cum” he warned as he felt his balls tighten.

She didn’t say a word. She just began to jerk him faster and pressed herself more firmly against him.

“Please! Ma’am!” he begged somewhere between ecstasy and agony, “I don’t want to get caught”. He wasn’t sure if that was true or not.

“Should of thought of that before you started rubbing yourself waiting for the train to arrive” she purred.

She had seen him. Maybe even scoped him out when the train arrived. He’d been caught before he had even really began. He knew he should be mortified but in reality he loved it. The thought of this gorgeous woman seeing him and plotting this tryst excited him more than he could believe and with that warmth spread through his body has his balls pulled up and shot load after load of hot cum into the strangers skirt as she milked every last drop from him.

“Good boy” she moaned as she pulled her hand up and licked his cum off her fingers winking at him. Just then the train doors opened and she disappeared as he tried to put his dick back in his pants without flashing someone.

Later that night he relived that ride as he jerked himself to sleep. Dreaming whether or not he’d ever have another commute like that one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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