The Student Nurse

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I’m an RN at a local hospital. This story is an actual event that took place when I was a nineteen year old nursing student doing clinicals at another hospital. The names have been changed because I could loose my job over this.

It was Monday evening, I was in my third week of clinicals, and I was making my rounds to get vitals on the patients. I walked in room 222 and saw a very sexy guy with both arms in a cast that also covered the upper part of his torso. I looked at his chart and learned his name was James Roberts and he was thirty years old.

“Hello Mr. Roberts,” I said smiling, “I’m Jessica. I’m a nursing student doing my clinicals, and if you need anything this evening you just let me know.”

“Hi Jessica, please, call me Jamie.”

“OK, Jamie. What happened? Car wreck?” I asked politely.

“No, just being an idiot, trying to act younger than an old man should act.”

“Aww, come on, you’re not old.”

“I’m too old to be acting like a stuntman on my dirt bike.” He told me.

“I watched some guys jumping a hill, they made it look easy. It was easy the first three or four times, but I shoulda stopped while I was ahead.”

“What happened that last time?” I asked checking his pulse.

“Landed to hard, front forks snapped, that’s really all I remember.”

“Ouch.” I said grimicing.

“I’m not sure if I said that, but I did say a few other words.” he said chuckling.

“If there’s anything you need, just push your button and I’ll come help you.” I said heading for the door. “If not, then I’ll be back in a little while to check on you again.”

“Thanks Jessica.” I heard him say as I left his room to check on the others assigned to my watch.

I checked on everyone again a couple hours later, and around nine thirty that night his call light came on, and I went to his room to see what he needed.

“What can I do for you Mr. Roberts?” I asked walking through the door.

“My wife was going to help me bathe before she left, but I guess we both forgot. I hate to ask for someone to help me but I feel kinda nasty if I don’t bathe.” He said smiling at me. “And Mr. Roberts was my dad, My name’s Jamie.”

“Oops, sorry, casino siteleri Jamie.” I said. “Let me go get a pan and wash rag and soap, and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I went to the supply closet down the hall, got the things I needed and told the head RN where I would be.

I got back to room 222, filled the pan with warm water, and set it on the roll around table beside the bed.

“OK Mr., I mean Jamie, I think I’ve got everything together now.”

“You look kinda nervous Jessica, everything OK?” He asked smiling.

“Yes, sorry, I’m just new at this sort of thing.”

“It’s cool.” he said. “You don’t have anything to be nervous about, hell I should be the nervous one.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“I’m the one that’s about to be bathed by a very beautiful young nurse.” He said grinning.

“Aww that’s sweet.” I said, feeling my face turn red. “Thank you.”

I soaped the rag and washed his face, and rinsed the soap off. Next I uncovered his legs and washed them up as far as I could without exposing his genitals and rinsed the rag out again.

“I need to get some fresh water.” I said as I went to the sink and refilled the pan with warm water.

“Now I’m the one that’s about to be embarrassed.” he said as I returned with the fresh water.

“Why are you about to be embarrassed?” I asked, squeezing out the rag and applying some soap.

“Well, there’s only one area left to wash, and it’s kinda, you know, awake right now. I tried to think about something unpleasant, but it didn’t work, so, I want to appologize in advance Jessica.”

“It’s OK, you’re not the only guy in the hospital that’s had it “wake up”.” I said reassuringly. “Besides, they warned us in class that this sort of thing happens. It happens alot from what I’ve heard from the other nurses.”

“Well, can’t blame me for it, you’re just to damned pretty.”

“Thanks again.” I said smiling. “Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, but I’m gonna close my eyes and pretend you’re a really ugly dude.”

I giggled and shook my head as he closed his eyes and I pulled the sheet off, exposing his enormous penis. I gasped aloud as it came into plain view, slot oyna it was at least nine inches long and very thick. I’ve had a few boyfriends and I’ve watched guys online on their webcams, but this was the biggest one I had ever laid my eyes on.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

That brought me back to my senses and I looked away from it and him.

“No, nothing’s wrong, nothing at all.” I mumbled nervously as I soaped the rag and started washing around it, trying not to look at it.

“I heard you gasp, thought maybe there’s something wrong with me.” he said.

“I’m sorry about that.” I said. “I’m supposed to be profesional, but it just shocked me when I saw how big it is.”

“You are acting very profesional Jessica, I guess I should have warned you or something.”

“Although it is very impressive.” I said looking at it again, feeling my panties start to dampen. “I can honestly say I’ve never touched……..I mean I’ve never seen one that big.”

“Do you want to touch it?” he asked.

“I can’t, I’m not supposed to, I could get kicked out of the nursing class.”

“How are you going to clean it without touching it?”

“Well, I guess I’m not doing my job if I don’t bathe you thouroughly.”

I soaped the rag again and nervously rubbed the rag up the length to the head, feeling him jump a little.

“Why don’t you wash it with out the rag.” He whispered. “It’ll just be between us, I won’t tell a soul Jessica. Besides, you can’t leave me like this, I can’t help myself out right now. Please help me.”

With that said, I put the rag down and soaped my hand real good. I reached down to his hard cock and stopped.

“Please Jessica,” he whispered, “Please, I need to cum really bad.”

I grabbed the massive cock, feeling it’s mass, feeling it throb in my hand. I wrapped my fingers around the base and slowly stroked to the top, feeling the veins in the shaft pulse with his heart beat, feeling my hand slide over the big mushroom shaped head. I heard him quietly moan and felt his cock twitch when my hand slid back off the head and down the length. I picked up the pace, my hand slid up and back down, over and over, finding the perfect rythym. canlı casino siteleri

“Oh Jessica,” he moaned. “This feels awesome.”

I smiled and tightened my grip slightly, feeling my pussy tingling and noticing my panties getting damper. I so deperatly wanted to touch myself as I jacked off this sexy, helpless man, but I restrained, knowing it wouldn’t be a very profesional thing to do.

“Oh god.” he panted a couple of minutes later. “I’m….gonna…..cum….soon.”

I tighened my grip on his enormous cock and stroked him even faster. He was moaning with every stroke now, I felt the girth of his cock expand and from past experiences knew it was time. He grunted as I watched the first stream of thick cum erupt from the swollen head of his dick. I kept stroking up and down and thick streams of cum would shoot out on every upstroke. His hot cum was landing on his belly and my arm and the bed and on his legs. When I had milked the last of the cum out of his balls I got the wash rag and cleaned him up, watching his body spasm when I would touch his sensitive cock.

“Jessica, thank you.” he panted, trying to catch his breath. “That was the best hand job I have ever recieved.”

“Aww, you’re just saying that.” I smiled.

“No, I’m serious, you are very talented.”

“Well, I’ve had plenty of practice.” I told him as I was dumping the pan of water in the sink.

“Really? I’d love to hear about that.”

“Maybe later.” I told him. “Right now I’ve got to check on a few patients.”

“Jessica, again, I want to thank you, it really was wonderful.”

“You’re welcome Jamie, just please don’t tell a soul.” I begged.

“I give you my word that I will never tell anyone.”

“I trust you. Goodnight.”

I left his room and went straight to the restroom in the nurses lounge and took off my soaked panties and fingered myself to a very quick, but very satisfying orgasm. I dropped the panties into my purse, and finished my shift as if nothing had happened, but I still couldn’t get his cock out of my mind. Unfortunately that was the last time I saw Jamie, as he was released from the hospital the next day, before my shift started.

I won’t tell you that was the only time I helped a sexy patient, but that first time was the most memorable. Who knows, if you like this story well enough, maybe I’ll write about some of the others, you all can let me know what you think.

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