The Night of Truth

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Having changed the cotton linen on the Mahogany four poster bed, with a set of ivory satin sheets and matching pillow slips, the woman slowly walked into the wardrobe and took out a small, red leather case that had been secretly stored behind the clear vinyl garment carrier, which covered several pricey evening gowns. This was something that even her husband of twelve years, was not privy too. Then with an almost ceremonial movement, she carried the red leather case with its brass hardware, to one of the matching bed side tables before opening.

As the lid of the case flopped back, to reveal the interior, one was confronted with the soft folds of the black velvet lining, and an assortment of multi colored toys, vibrators, and restraints. It would have been apparent to anyone seeing the contents of the case that these items had been acquired over many years for the sole purpose of sexual gratification.

Then with care and affection, the woman’s delicate fingers with their magnificently manicured nails, removed each item with loving care and allowed her supple fingers to slide over the smoothness of each toy, turning on and testing the batteries of each vibrator. The appearance on her face revealed one who was seeing that which was not visible but rather kept in the mind. Those first and exceptional nights that were hers, and hers alone, to hold in her mind with loving tenderness, as she places each item on the table beside the bed.

With the bed made ready and the toys laid out, the woman then turned her attention to lighting the four sets of bees wax candles in their silver candle labara’s that stood two on the dresser, and one on each bedside table. She then selected several CD and loaded them into the stereo system and turning it on. Once everything was prepared in the bedroom, she switched off the overhead lights and sauntered into the master bath, where she lighting several large scented candles through out the room, pouring out the sweet smell of bath oils, and finally drawing a very hot bath.

The woman then slowly, ceremoniously, stripping off her clothes, folded each item, and then dropping them into the hamper, the woman stepped into the bath and slowly allowed her body to slip below the water. The soft lilting sounds of the Chamber music piped in from the stereo, filled the room, as the Dryads of shadows danced upon the walls. There with only her chin above the surface of the water, her mind and body slowly eased out the last of the day’s stress and fatigue.

As the water cooled, her senses were titillating, her mood lightened, her spirit heightened, and her sexuality excited. Just before leaving the warmth of the bath, she sat on the edge and lathered up her two pairs of fleshy folds, the labia majora and labia minora that surround the opening of her vulva, and clitoris. Then selected a gleaming stainless steel, pearl sided straight razor, she slowly cleans away the small amount of pubic hair that was left after the waxing two days before. When the last of the Crimson pubic hair had been swept away, she ran her fingers over the smoothness and circled two of them around the clit, which was already hard from just thinking about what lay ahead. Finally, as the water gurgled and gargled into the drain, the tall slender woman stood under a hot stream of water from the shower, as she washed her long crimson hair and rinse off the remaining bubbles and soap.

As the heat from the water and the teasing fingers of the droplets once again invaded her being and a livened her body, she could not help but slip her fingers between the lips of her vagina. Slowly, and with measured pressure two slender fingers snaked their way into the woman’s “tunnel of love,” wishing in a way that her husband was there with his hard cock inside of her, pumping her while she was pushed up against the shower wall. “Damn it!” the woman said out loud, “I have to stop this, I have other plans, I didn’t want to cum, not yet.”

With the water turned off and with a thick heavy terry cloth towel she dried herself off, then dried and did her hair, followed by her makeup, for she wanted to not only feel the part but also to look the part for her husband. The woman straightened her long, dark crimson hair and put on just enough makeup to accentuate her big, emerald eyes and full, soft, rose, colored lips, not to mention enhance her ivory skin, which she then casino siteleri massage with a sweet pungent body lotion.

As she assumed a standing position in front of the large vanity mirror she slowly explores her breasts, she found them sensitive to her sexual stimulation, then as she caresses her legs and thighs, and slowly she explores the smoothness of her skin. Then cupping her vulva in her hands, she gently rubbed in small circles while trying different pressures; allowing her blood flowing to her vulva to increased. As she lightly stroked her clitoral area thus stimulation once again her hottest desire as the scenes in her sexual fantasy played out in her head. She could feel her heart racing, but the desire to make her husband happy and turned on; surpassed any feelings of nervousness that she might have.

Slowly the woman with the grace of a Siamese feline mounted the bed and lay back into the down filled pillows with their satin slip covers, as she adjusted her position on the bed to keep her hair from becoming messed in the pillows. As she worked on making her final preparations, she sang softly with the music coming from CD playing in the background. Satisfied with her position the women closed her emerald eyes and began to slowly breathe long steady breaths, allowing all the stressors of the day to once and for all time to depart from her soul.

As her body became flaccid and calmed the woman began to remember and to visualize her husband kissing her, first on the lips, then the cheeks, followed by gentle brushes to her eyes, and then the neck in that special area just behind her ears, then finally lower to her breast. Running her hands lightly down over the rosy blush, the woman could feel the warmth and the softness of her own skin; feel the tingly sensation of her own fingers upon her nude body.

Slowing touching each and every curve, taking the time to feel, and to tease, and to caress her body; while visions, sounds, smells, taste, feelings of love and sexuality flooded her cerebrum with past pleasures. As the images of her husband’s lips and fingers touch her; she becomes an extension of the imagery as she allowed her finger to seek out and touch her beautifully swollen and creamy breasts, gently squeezing her soft cinnamon nipples. Her freshly a new and swollen breast and nipples then emit a serious of chemical and physical signal to her genital area and she instinctively starts to flow. Using her fingers, ever so slightly, she gently stroked her inner thighs and breasts thus making her self “beg” to be touched on her clitoris. Then she started to move her finger very slowly in a circle on her mound, with no special place at first, just all over.

Slowly parting her legs wider, which shows off every part of her freshly shaven vulva, the woman slid a delicate hand over her mound and vulva, spreading her lips open, with her other hand she sucked her slender fingers until they were wet, then with tender loving care she began to massage her clitoris with her second, third and fourth fingers making sure to get her clitoris nice and lubricated. While massaging her clitoris in a circular motion and moving her hips to meet each stroke, she simultaneously began sucking and biting her nipples and fantasizing.

As her nipples grew even larger and harder, her clitoris grew larger and longer as she started to pinch her clit, not hard, but just enough to arouse herself more by the electrochemical sensations it was sending through her body. Then she allowed her eyes to close, as she once again remembered the nights in which her husband’s tongue had slide in and out of her.

Finally, she felt herself wanting to cum, as she picks up a little bit of speed; then using her middle finger to slide along the petal-soft folds of her womanhood with ease. Slowly and with deliberation, she guided two of them inside; it felt so good. As she moved and bucked her hips against her fingers, she started to truly fuck her fingers, she would moan softly as her pelvis moved in time with each thrust.

The woman then reached over and took one of her favorite toys, not the largest or the smallest, nor was it adorned with multiple sensory extension, but simply like him in size and shape adorned only with its soft subtle, but yet firm, did she allow her slender fingers to take up the deep purple latex vibrator. Making sure she was nice and wet, slot oyna she turned on her toy and adjusted the power setting to low.

Let’s try this, she thought as she eased the vibrator along her moistened lips, as the tip and shaft tingled with its rhythmic metrical beat; then without foreplay, she pressed it all the way in. She eased back into an old well-known pattern of a particular quality and a highlighting of his particular characteristic. She allowed her body and mind to relaxed as she started to manipulate herself imitating her sexual partner wontedness. Her phallic filling her as her hands continued to administer their sensitive touch as she worked her hand over her swollen breasts, chafing them both together. By this time her body and mind were of one accord as she relished in the vibrations and waves of energy flowing through her body, taking it all. She wanted so desperately to cum, but held off yet again, she wanted even more! She wanted to awaken her womanhood, she wanted her husband to see her in a way he never had before.

When the waves of emotion passed, she removed the purple vibrator from her vagina and reached for another one, this one had a clit stimulator on it and an anal probe. Then getting up on her knees and made sure that her wet womanhood and ass were within full view. She took a small plastic bottle of lube and poured the fluid all over the stimulator, and then down between her legs and over the splayed lips of her vulva and then she closed her eyes and imagined that her husband was using this toy on her. Slowly sliding the silicone vibrator inside of her now dripping wet vagina, she turned it on as she started to push it in further; the clit stimulator was gently humming against her rock hard clit. She then pushed it in even further and she could feel the second stimulator making its way against into her tight sphincter ring. Slow motions, in and out, soon turned into faster, more aggressive motions, as she moved her hips into the vibrator, thus pushing harder and deeper with each sequenced drive.

The woman reached down to rub and stimulate even more her clit with three fingers and lifted her ass into the air as she turned the vibrator to its highest setting and started working herself faster and harder. Her body nearly spent, and covered in the clear salty liquid that covers the surface of her skin as the result of her overheated body as a result of strenuous activity. The woman’s own juices now flowing down her perineum and the insides of her thighs, the satin sheets now soaked with her own sweat and cum. The woman was out of control, as her hair was a hodgepodge of strains as it lay sprawled all over her head and pillows. Her once neat hair had turned into one of tangled lust, as she rolled over on the bed, tossing and turning.

She reached behind her and continued to probe herself harder and harder with the vibrator until she came two more times. She loved this toy; she’d never done that before. Even with the multiple orgasms, she never broke her pace. Moans, screams, gasps, and pants all escaped her lips as she was in heaven. More thoughts, dirtier thoughts ran to her head, as she sat up on her knees and planted the vibrator into the bed and started to ride it. Thinking of her husband’s hard penis, she bounced on it. Her breast bouncing freely, her hair flying from side to side and her head flew wildly in the air. She grabbed her breasts squeezing them hard as her perspiration was by now flowing down, creating rivulets along her spine as the liquid followed the natural channel of her buttock crack. The woman could feel the climax building within her; it wasn’t just her vagina that wanted to explode, she felt like her entire body was going to erupt. She came hard in the high-pitched voice, as she brought herself down on to the vibrator, she came again and tossing her head back, she let out another scream.

She fell back onto the bed, the vibrator still hymning away in her, as she lay on her side and continued to convulse in her pleasure, the feelings were so intense, that her body started to shake as she slowly eased herself down from her elation. She rolled back over on her stomach and lifted herself up onto her knees. Then reaching back between her legs, she started pumping the vibrator again deeper into her vagina, as her breasts hung low and swung forward and back as she pleasured herself into the vibrator.

She canlı casino siteleri could feel her juices running down her thighs, and she could hear someone yelling out her husband’s name, telling him to fuck her harder. Her clit was so hard and tight, that she screamed loudly as she tore into the fiercest orgasm she had ever had. Her vagina was contracted around the vibrator, her anus did the same. “Oh god, I didn’t know what was better. All I knew is that I was in a state of sheer bliss, the orgasm made my thighs tingle and tighten. I screamed out so loudly, as the orgasm hit its peak. I didn’t even care if the neighbors heard me.”

She gently pulled the slick vicarious vibrator out, as the woman now spent fell back into the pillows; she was so drained of energy as she allowed herself a few moments to catch her breath. The coolness of the fluids on her skin, and on her inner thighs, and the cheeks of her ass, gave her a small chill. Then in her mind, she asked herself, “Am I going to be able to have another orgasm like this one?”

Her body felt so good, and she was so turned on by doing this for her man, that the woman could not stop, not yet! After only a few minutes of rest the woman then got back up on her knees before running her hands all over the front of her body, then reaching into the red case she removed yet another toy, an eleven inch silicone phallic with a suction cup base, the tip of the penis was a full two plus inches in thickness, with a flexible textured shaft with huge bulging veins that ran the length of the artificial cock. She placed the head of the artificial penis in her mouth and sucked on it for some time and then added lots of glycerin based lubricant to the truly king sized toy. She then affixed the toy to the base board of the bed’s frame.

With the monsters cock in position, she then got on all fours and lined up her slit with the artificial cock; slowly she backed herself onto it. “OH GOD!” She yelled out as she started to ride it, giving it all that she had to give. Her smooth outer and inner lips stretched apart by the large silicone cock, her own juices flowed and lubricant all over it, sliding up and down, riding it like there was no tomorrow. She could feel her body starting to tense up, she had never been this full before and she knew she was going to orgasm again, but she wanted to keep working the dildo, as her body was bucking up against it, hard now. The woman squeezed her clit between her fingers and gripped the cock hard as her vagina started to contract again. She imagined her husband, as she thought of him pulling her hair back like they were his reins. Throwing her head back to mimic this behavior she felt she had enough energy for one more orgasm. The woman’s eyes rolled backing to her head as felt herself slipping back into her ecstasy, again she screamed as her body went into spasms. It felt like the orgasm was starting at her toes, and was sending shockwaves of sexually charged energy right throughout her body. The woman screamed out loud again as she came, she had never been this wet before, not even the times she had pleasured herself in the past.

The woman’s body felt limp with exhaustion as she lay there, twitching for a few minutes; completely devoid of energy, she slid herself off of the silicone cock and lay back on the bed, just gently playing with her body. Then as she relived each moment in her mind she finished off by licking and sucking the sweet juices off of her long slender fingers, feeling more than satisfied with her performance.

She rolled over looked at the clock on the night table and realized she had been at it for nearly three hours, then shifting her gaze to the picture setting on the night table and blew her husband a kiss, saying, “Hope you enjoyed the show babe,” and then fell back onto the bed to sleep.

The next morning when the woman awoke, her first conscious memories were those of the earlier afternoon. The long lines of people, the long drudging drive, the cold and the rain as they stood there waiting for the minister to say the final words of parting. That was then followed by the endless tables of food and drink; the well wishers and the family members, those who were close, and those not seen for years. Then it was over. The house, was once again cleaned and the dishes returned to the cupboards, and all that remained was stillness of the night.

It was then that the soreness between her legs reminded her of the late night rendezvous with her late husband of thirty-seven years, and she smiled. She had enough time to get a quick nap in before she had to be anywhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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