the neighbor needs my help pt6

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the neighbor needs my help pt6

Hi this is Lynn.

If you read parts 1 thru 5 of (the neighbor needs my help)
Now that everything is out in the open my husband Jeff begged me to write about my times with Rick. I was not sure if I could do it. As I did I thought back on those times and I got pretty horny. I think that is what Jeff was hoping for.

When Jeff and I first got married I enjoyed having sex but as time went by he just wanted to try more and more things he had seen in porn movies. Some of it was okay but some things were just too nasty. I would do some things but not all that he wanted I did not like the taste of cum and would not sallow which I think bothered him. He tried to get me to do anal but he is pretty large and it just would not work. He tried for a long time to get me to shave my pubic hair but I just did not like the feeling. I also had a number of woman problems so Jeff was on hold a lot. I tried to keep him happy by hand but it was not enough for him.

As you know we had some really good friends that we did a lot of things with. Well one night after a lot of drinking and teasing we all got naked in their hot tub which was a first for me to be naked in front of another man. As the night went on the idea of switching spouses came up I am not really sure how it happened I was so wasted that Rick had to carry me into house and to the extra bedroom. He set me down on the bed and asked if I was okay. I told him that my head was spinning so please let me rest a bit. I felt him lay down next to me we cuddled up against each he reached out and put his arms around me it fell so good. Here I was exposed to him and I did not even care. I had not ever been with a different man before but it definitely felt good. I must have fell asleep because the next thing I knew it is morning and Rick is sitting in a chair next to the bed just looking at me. I pulled the covers up over me and said what happened last night. He said we all got pretty drunk and switched partners. I asked him what happened last night did we have sex he said no you passed out. I told him I was sorry he said do not worry about it. He said he was pretty sure that Jeff and Sandy did by the sounds coming from the other bedroom. He said lets go have some coffee I asked him where my clothes were he said that they were by the pool that he would go get them I told him that my other clothes were in the changing room to please get them also. I got dressed and we went to the kitchen and he made some coffee as we sat there drinking it I was not sure what to say when in come Jeff and Sandy. We asked them how they slept and all they could do was smile. So Jeff and I left for home. I told him it was not going to happen again and I did not want to talk about it.

So a while goes by and we all see each other and things seem okay. I noticed that Sandy and Jeff are always hanging around each other kind of rubbing up on each other and touching a lot so I tell Rick to watch and tell me if he sees the same thing. He calls me a couple of days later and wants to take me to lunch I say okay. We get together for lunch and he tells me that he has noticed the same thing. We have lunch as we are talking I tell him that I was really sorry for falling a sleep on him and that I would like to have sex with him just once to make it up to him. I tell him that Jeff will be gone this Saturday so if he can get away I will meet him someplace. He says are you sure that you want to do that and I tell oh yes. He calls me later and says he will be over Saturday night around 8pm I have a hard time the rest of the week not sure what to do. Saturday morning I do some things around the house while thinking of what to wear. After a little dinner I take a nice long hot bath. I had noticed that Sandy keep her pubic area shaved so thought I would do it as a surprise for Rick. Jeff always wanted me to do it but I would not. I trimmed away the cute little patch I had then grabbed a razor and shaved the rest off. Jeff still thinks I did it for him. When I finished I reached down and started to play with myself it felt so strange to be smooth. All I could do was think about my new adventure. I was almost trembling now my pussy was starting to feel so very warm inside so I start to massage my clitoris as I did that I reached up with my other hand and start to caress my nipples which were getting very hard then all of a sudden I exploded in a huge orgasm. After that I got out and dried myself then rubbed some nice strawberry lotion on my pussy lips and on my breasts while playing with each nipple. Now I think what should I wear so I slipped on a little white thong with some short red shorts and a tight little almost transparent white tank top which just barely covers my breasts. I put on some new black heels and look in the mirror. WOW I think to myself do I look like a hot little slut or what. The door bell rings so I walk to the door and let Rick in he has on a pair of jeans and T shirt. He kisses me and says how awesome I look he wants to know if I am still sure that I want to do this I tell him that this is all that I have thought about since we meet the other day. By now my nipples are fairly prominent as we walk in to the kitchen I ask him if he is hungry he says only if I can have you.

We go into the extra bedroom turn on some soft music. We take each other in our arms and kiss which is very nice next he walks me over to the edge of the bed sits me down reaches down removes my shoes as he does he slides his hands up my legs and says how smooth they are he then tells me to slide up into the center of the bed. He slips down his jeans he has boxers on he leaves them on climbs up onto the bed next to me I reach over and brush my hand over his bulge he pushes it harder towards me. He kisses me then starts kissing down my neck then on to my breasts next he is licking my nipples thru my thin top he lifts the bottom of the top I lean up so he can slip it off over my head. He proceeds to suck on one then the other of my nipples which makes me almost cum. Next he kisses down my body until he reaches my shorts he says I guess these will just have to go so he unzips them slides them down as he kisses his way back up my legs until he at my thong he licks it and sucks at my lips thru it then pulls it to the side. I tell him to turn around and lets get on top of me as he does I reach up and pull down his boxers I use my feet to push them off. This is the first time I had ever been this close to someone other then Jeff,s penis it is was smaller but not hard so I start to stroke it. He starts to lick around my clitoris which is making me crazy so I take his penis in to my mouth he is much smaller then Jeff so it is easy he starts to push harder in and out of my mouth. I can now feel his balls at my lips I suck and lick while he starts to slip a finger in me. I tell him please put it in me so I lay on my back and he climbs between my legs and enters me. He slides right in not like with Jeff,s big penis. He starts out slowly then picks up speed until he is slamming into me. I can feel him start to cum and I follow shortly. He says wow are you okay and I tell him that was great. He says he has to get going so he gets dressed and leaves. I think I need to get shower so Jeff will not smell sex on me when he gets home I know he will want to have sex I know him all too well.

Things were always pretty weird after that when ever all of us would get together but it seemed like Sandy and Jeff were always trying to play around by themselves so Rick and I had some time by ourselves also. He told me that he wanted to have sex with me again and I told him I would love too also. We got together a number of times after that for a quickie when we could. Then he and Sandy got there divorce. I talked to him after that but we never got together again. He got remarried and I never heard from him until now.

Now back to where we were

Years had gone by and Rick calls me one day and says he has something to tell me so could I meet him. We meet for lunch and I ask illegal bahis him whats up he says that he had ran in to our neighbor Joan the other night and she told him that she and Jeff had been screwing around. He also told me that Jeff had been having sex with Sandy behind my back and the night that they went to the bar and Jeff stayed at their house. I told him that I was pretty sure that Jeff and Sandy were because Jeff was different when we had sex since the night he had slept with Sandy. I told him that I was pissed and wanted to get back at Jeff. I asked him if he thought he could get a way for a couple of days because I had an idea he said he would let me know. He called me a couple of days latter and said he was scheduled to be out of town on a delivery so he would just leave early. He had told me that his new wife really did not care if they had sex or not. It worked for them because he was gone a lot anyway. He told me that he would just get some on the road if he really need it. He also said he had always thought about calling me. He said it would be great to get together again. I told him that we could go up to our lake house. We used to all go there with the k**s. We have a ski boat there so we could just hang out on the boat and enjoy the lake. After he hangs up I start to think I want to do anal with him so I go shopping at the adult shop I pickup some anal lube and a 3 inch long slim tapered butt plug. Then I try to think of what sexy clothes and things to take. I told Jeff I was going to see my sister for a couple days so as soon as Jeff left on a job I go take a shower and get ready. The water is running down my front and I start to rub my boobs it feels good as I think about the trip. I reach down and stick a finger in my vagina and start to finger myself it felt so good but then I thought I better save that for Rick. I get out and start to dress. I picked a long light cotton button down front summer dress. I thought about a bra but thought what the heck it would not be on for long anyway I hoped. My breasts are nice and firm so I did not need it anyway I pulled on a pair of cute little lace thong panties and some flip flops I left the top couple of the top buttons undone which showed a lot of my breasts. I put a couple of other sexy things in a bag along with the anal lube and a butt plug.

When I meet up with Rick around 9am I was so excited that I was nearly ready to explode I could already feel myself getting damp. When I walked up to his truck he said you look so hot that this will be the longest three hour drive ever. I had told Rick that I needed to be home early on Friday because I had told Joan about my plan. So as we get in his truck he grabs my butt so I slide in to the center of the seat right up next to him. We start driving as we go we talk about how much fun this will be after driving about two hours there is not much traffic so I reach over and unbutton his pants and pull down his zipper he has on boxers so I start to rub his penis thru them he tells me to unbutton the rest of my dress so he can play with me as he drives I tell him I am not sure he says come on whats the matter are you afraid some one might see your beautiful breasts so I do he reaches over and starts to pinch my nipples so I start to squeezing his shaft which is starting to get hard and he says you better slow down or I might run off the road. He moves his hand down and pushes my thong to one side and slides his middle finger in me he says you are so wet and I told him I can not wait much longer he says we will be there soon and keeps teasing me.

Soon we are there we grab our stuff from the truck and as we go inside I notice that the bed is all messed up and know I made it the last time there. I think Jeff must have been here with someone this really pisses me off and makes be want to be more nasty then I had planned on. Its about 1pm so we make something to eat and walk down to the lake to eat at the dock I had only buttoned the center two buttons on my dress so it was flopping in the wind. Rick had taken his shirt off and had slipped into some swim trunks. He reached up under my dress and was pinching my butt as we walked. His hairy chest looked so buff I rubbed it and played with his nipples I just wanted to grab him and hump him right there. We ate and talked about what to do next we decided to go into town and have some drinks and pickup what ever we might need. We got to town and did some shopping we went to the store I picked out some nice ripe cherries. It was almost dinner time by now so we when to a little restaurant for something to eat. The top few buttons on my dress were still unbuttoned so I knew the waiter got a good look at my breasts. He was a cute younger black guy. I could see him spending a lot of time taking our order so I asked him what his name was and if he liked what he saw. He said his name was Dave and he like the view very much we all laughed. As we ate Rick unbuttoned the lower buttons on my dress and slid his finger under my thong and was fingering me which made me have a large smile on my face and I think Dave knew because I saw him looking from across the room trying to see what was going on. After we finished eating I buttoned the lower part of my dress and we went next door to the bar for some drinks. We had stayed for a couple of hours and just as we were ready to leave Dave came in he had just finished work and had seen us go in and hoped we were still there. We had been dancing Rick loves to dance and so do I. I have large firm breasts so when I dance with no bra they bounce a lot. Jeff will not dance so this was a real treat. Dave came over to our table and asked Rick if he could dance with me. Rick said it is up to her. I said are you sure and he said go head have good time that he needed to use the bathroom anyway so as we walked out on to the dance floor a slow song started and I was not sure about this Dave put his arms around me and squeezed me tight to his body he slide his hands down to my butt and started to rub up and down my crack. I found it to be quite a pleasant sensation and just put my leg between his I could feel a large bulge and he was now whispering in my ear god I would love to have sex with you. I told him that I was married and could not do that. He told me to walk to the bathroom after the dance finished. When the dance was over I went to the table and told Rick I needed to pee and that we could leave when I got back. Dave had gone up to the bar so I walked to the bathroom and the next thing I know is Dave is grabbing me from behind he slides his hand right up under my dress and starts to finger me right in the hallway. He says lets go outside but I tell him no I can not so he pushes me up against the wall opens the top of my dress pulls out my breasts sucks one then the other he is still fingering me god it fell good but I was afraid that Rick would come looking for me so I told him to stop and he said only if I gave him a blow job. So I told him okay but you have to make it quick. I bent down and give him a quick blow job when he starts to cum I pull my mouth off and his cum drips down my dress onto my breasts. His was the first black cock I had ever seen it was a little smaller around then Jeff,s but an inch or two longer. I told him I have to go here is something to remember me by I took off my panties and give them to him. I went into the bathroom and clean myself up and went back to Rick he looks at me smiles and asks are you okay I tell him yes it was really hot in the bathroom but lets go. It is almost midnight when we get back to the house so I say lets go skinny dipping so we put the stuff that we bought away and get undressed I can see that he is starting to get erect so I ask him if he would rather just take a shower and play around he says that is good with him. The shower here is not very big not like our new one at home so we will have to shower alone I go first while he makes a fire. When I get out he goes in and I wait until I hear him finish I lay down in tipobet the middle of the floor with a rolled up pillow under my stomach so my butt is sticking up in the air. I had taken some lube and rubbed my butt with it and inserted one of the cherries halfway in my butt with the stem sticking up as I lay there I could only think what was going to happen. I had put the lube close by. When he saw me he got down and started to kiss his way up my legs until he reached my butt. Then he asked what do we have here and I tell him that I want him to take my anal cherry tonight. So he sticks his face down licks up my crack until he reaches the cherry and pulls it out with his mouth. Then I roll over and tell him good job he sticks the cherry into my mouth and we bit it together as we kiss. He asks me to please sit on his face so I kneel over his face and lower my twat right down on his face he sticks his tongue up and licks then starts to tongue me with it I am squirming all over. He is sucking my clitoris I start to hump his face smashing against his face I can fell my orgasm on its way so I push down hard and cum and cum. When I finish I am drained he says turn over that he wants to make love to my ass. I get on my stomach again and he slides up between my legs I feel his tongue licking up the inside on my thighs he reaches under me and rubs my clitoris. As he licks my crack I tell him that the lube is next to us on the table so he reaches for it I feel him dripping some right into my hole then he sticks his finger in slowly as I relaxed now he is putting another in it hurts a little but feels so nasty when he has three fingers in he starts to push and pull them playing with my hole. I have never felt so dirty but horny at the same time. He asks are you ready for the real thing. I said I think so but please be gentle he tries to stick just the head in but it will not go so he says turn over on your back and lets try that I roll over and pull my legs up as high as possible he adds some lube to me and him but it still hurts so I ask him what Sandy does because I know she can take him. He says that she has him lay on his back and she would squat over him and fed it in so he gets on his back and I lower myself down on to him slowly the head pushes in I stop to catch my breath. I push down a little more as I push in a little at a time until he is all the way in I have felt so full. I slowly start to hump up and down I can feel him starting to throb so I know he will be shooting soon. He starts to play with boobs then reaches down and rubs my clitoris. I ask him if he wants to switch places so I pull out and get on my hands and knees he gets behind me lubes himself and me some more and starts to push in it goes so much easier this time I guess I was pretty stretched by now. He starts out slow but then starts to hump me faster and harder he reaches under me and plays with my boobs which are swing all over. He sticks a finger then two in my vagina I do not how much more I can take when all of a sudden I went wild. I scream fuck my ass slam that cock in my tight ass fill my ass with your sweet cum. That must have been too much for Rick as he started to cum I could feel ever drop as it fill me. I came myself harder then ever. I could not even hold myself up as I dropped to the floor cum started to drip from my ass down my twat. I grabbed the butt plug and inserted it. We both said wow that was awesome. Rick asked about the plug and I told him it was part of my plan and I needed to try to see how long I could keep it in. We were exhausted by now so we went to the bedroom and got in bed. We both crashed I was surprised that I could sleep with the plug in but I guess I was just so tired.

It was almost noon when we woke up. I still had the plug in and had to pee so I get up and go to the bathroom it feels weird to walk with it so I have to sort of squeeze my legs as I walk. Rick is watching from the bed and laughing. He says I hope it is all worth it. He says you have to tell me why you need butt full of cum and I tell him I will tell him my idea later. When I spread my legs to sit and pee the plug starts to slide out so I reach down and pull it out I could not believe the amount of cum that came out. I knew then that my plan would work great. After I finished I went to the kitchen to make us something to eat. Rick came in naked and I noticed that his penis was hanging down more then usual so I asked him are you as sore as I am and he said oh yes that I had worked him really hard. He came and gave me a huge hug and said is it okay if we take it a little easier today. I said sure lets just go out in the boat for a nice ride he says that sounds good. Rick put on one of Jeff,s swim suits it is a little tight but shows off his package really good. I put on my tiny bikini that I brought just in case we went swimming it is so small that it barely covers the aureoles and the bottom is a thong with just a little string in back so it rides up my butt most of the time. I put one of Jeff’s long button up shirts on over it. We grab some drinks and head for the dock. We took off the boat cover and loaded the cooler in the boat. I told Rick to drive that I was having a hard time sitting and was going to lie up front until we got out on the lake. I took off my shirt and laid down with my legs spread a little and my butt facing up. Rick yells out at me and says how do you think I am going to steer the boat looking at that. I just laugh at him. We always keep some suntan lotion in the boat so when we got out far enough from shore I told Rick to come oil me up. I had never been naked on the boat before and thought why not so I untied my top and pull off the bottoms. Rick just watched and then pull off his trunks. We each poured some lotion in our hands and started rubbing each other down. When we were done we laid together and just enjoyed warm sun it felt so good on my sore butt. I have a dark tan so I knew I would not burn but told Rick to be careful. We floated for an hour or so just soaking up the sun. It was time to go back so I told Rick lets ride back naked. He was not sure but I told him come on it will be fun. As we rode back we passed another couple and she had her top off or was naked also. We just waved and when we got back to the dock we unloaded the stuff and covered the boat as we went up to the house.

I thought how sad that our time was almost over. I told him I need you to do me a favor I need you to fill my butt with cum again that it was part of my plan. I laid on the bed he took some lube rubbed it on his penis and my butt I told him to go very slow but it hurt because I was so sore but I needed to be full of cum for my plan to work. As he went it got better until I was pushing back to him. Soon he said he was going to cum and I could feel him start to swell when he shot it felt good I grabbed the plug and asked him to insert it. When we were done we gather are stuff got dressed and loaded the truck. As we drove back I told Rick about my plan. I told him that Joan was to be at our house having oral sex with Jeff and I would walk in on them and join them. That’s was why I needed him to fill my butt with cum and put the butt plug in that I would pull it out just as I climbed onto Jeff so he would feel my stretched butt and all the cum. He could not believe I would have thought to do something like that but then I had sure changed and became pretty nasty. I also told him how wonderful he had made me feel. He said I had been so different that he had ever seen me like that before but loved the new me. It was kind of fun to ride with the plug in even if my butt was sore. When we got back to my car I told him I had to get going but that I would call him next week and let him know how it went. We had one last kiss and he left.

I drove home parked next door at Joan’s then slipped into our house as I walked down the hall I could hear Joan and Jeff right on cue so I peaked in the guest room and Joan was on top of Jeff sucking his penis so I went to our room tipobet giriş undressed and came back when I got to the door I started clapping Joan looked up and screams oh fuck I said what the fuck is this. Joan starts to sit up but Jeff holds her down she is smiling at me because she knows what is happening. So I walk over to the side of the bed pull out the butt plug climb on top of Jeff. He can’t see me so I work my butt down and start to push his penis in it slides in pretty easy because my butt is stretched from having the plug in plus all of Ricks cum. It hurts at first but then I start to really work up and down. Joan and I both start to moan I can feel my orgasm building and start to cum so does Joan. We roll off Jeff and We are both laughing.

This is where part 2 ended and part 3 started.

Next we switch places and Jeff asks if it is okay to do Joan I tell him why not you have done everybody else. As I climb on Jeff’s face the cum is dripping from my butt. I can tell he is not sure how that is. I tell them lets switch places so Joan gets on the bottom Jeff spreads Joan’s legs then shoves them up for me to hold wide open. I am sitting on Joan’s face god she is good with her tongue this is a first for me but not for her she really knows what she doing. Jeff reaches out and grabs my breasts and starts to really squeeze and pinch my nipples Joan slips her hands up and starts playing with them also. Jeff is pumping away on Joan and she screams that she is cumming she starts to gush all over Jeff’s balls. I think he is loving it because he says here it comes so I get off Joan’s face turn around and tell him to cum in my mouth he puts his penis in my mouth and it covered with Joan’s cum I take as much of his cum as I can. Jeff starts to shake and I see that Joan has her finger in his butt. When he is done I tell him it is his turn to eat me and I sit on his face the cum is still dripping from my butt. It is not very long and I cum all over his face. Joan says she needs to get going because Chuck is coming over but Jeff says lets take a shower to clean up first. This is my first time with another woman so I start to rub and feel her and she does the same next thing I know we are fingering each other which has us both ready to have another orgasm Joan says she wants to save herself for Chuck so she finishes me off WOW it felt so different with her then with Jeff or Rick. I tell Jeff lets go out to the hot tub. He asks me if I want him to get the toys and I tell him no that I just want to talk. I pull on a T shirt and join him outside I start out telling him that I had known about Sandy almost from the start it seems that Sandy had told Rick that you two where fucking and Rick was okay with it. Rick said that sometimes he would masturbate thinking about it. I tell him that is why I never really wanted to have sex after that. I told him that Rick and I had gotten together a few times also without them knowing. I also told him that I found out about Joan from Rick. I told him that Rick and I had been at the lake house the last couple of days and he had screwed my butt and I loved it. I asked him why this happened with Joan and he told me that he just could not help himself and that it would be great for both of us to be able to play with her when ever we all wanted. He asked me come sit on the edge of the tub but I tell him no I am just too sore from every thing that has happened the last couple of days. So we go in the house and climb in bed I roll over and kiss him good night. We both fall off to sleep.

The next morning I get up start making us some breakfast in the nude. Jeff walks up behind me and grabs my breasts. I push back against him I can feel him starting to get erect. I ask if he slept okay. He says so so that all he could think of was Rick doing my butt. He asked how about you. I said it took a while to fall a sleep because this idea spinning around in my head. I tell him the food is ready. I went and put on a short little robe with a white thong. He is starring at my erect nipples. I said it would be fun to have Joan and Chuck over some time. He says he can not believe how I have been acting. I told him I thought this is what he wanted. He tells me as long as it makes me happy. I told him I think I will be happy if I get to fuck Chucks big black cock Joan had told me that it is huge. I said I was not even sure if I would be able to take it because I had such a hard time with his. I have never talked that way but it was a real turn on. I told him to ask Joan if Chuck would be up for it. As the day goes by we are busy doing things around the house. I am dressed in pair of short white shorts and a light yellow halter top which barley covered my breasts. Every time Jeff walked past he would grab my butt and squeeze. Around Noon time he asked what is for lunch I tell him you are having just me we are in the kitchen so he picks me up and lays me on the table. I yell at him we are not doing anything here he says yes where else would I eat lunch he reaches up and pulls down my shorts along with my thong. He tells me that my muff looks just good enough to eat he then asks me why I am so wet I tell him that I have been thinking about Chuck’s black cock buried in me. He spreads my legs and pulls up a chair to the table then sits there and lowers my legs to rest on his shoulders. I asked him what if some body comes to the door he says guess they will have quite the show he is now licking his way up my legs so I start squeezing his head between my legs he spreads my lips with his fingers and finds my clitoris as he starts to suck it and I start to moan and buck up against his face he takes his finger and slides it up and down along my slit I start to scream that I am going to cum so he sticks two more fingers in and hits my G spot sure enough I gush all over the table. He helps me up I go to the bedroom to clean up of course by now he is hard so he follows me to the bedroom then pushes me face first on to the bed he takes down his shorts as I spread my legs and get up on to the bed my butt is high in the air. I am sure he is thinking should I do her in the pussy or butt. As he starts to enter my pussy I push back against him then he reaches down and lubes his thumb with my juice and sticks it slowly in my butt about then I scream I am going to cum again he says he is going to cum too and starts to pump and fill my sweet pussy it dripping down my legs now. We decided that we really need to get something done around the house so we get dressed again. It is late afternoon we are wondering if Joan had asked Chuck or not.

About 6pm the phone rings and Jeff answers it Joan she says Chuck would love to join us but that they would not be back tonight. Jeff tells her okay some other time maybe. I am sad because I had hoped I was going to have Chuck tonight. I think Jeff can tell so he says sorry about then he asks what I want to do for my birthday next weekend I told him I would love a big load of black cum and maybe even have both of you at the same time. I tell him that I hope that Joan and Chuck can come with us. After dinner we went out to the hot tub as we talked he asks me if I was happy acting the way I was I told him I thought that is what you wanted. Why else would you have been fucking Sandy and Joan. He tells me he just wanted to know if he was good in bed. I told him that is also why I started fucking Rick. I told him that Rick made me feel good because he was smaller and it did not hurt as much. He asked is that why I let him fuck my butt and would not let him. I told him yes it easier and fell so good besides I wanted to have my butt full of cum just for you. He asked how long I had the load of cum in my ass I told him we fucked up at the lake house and that I put the plug in there. So I could hold it in for him. As we talked I told him I may want to try eating Joan’s pussy. I can see him getting erect so I reach over and start to stroke him. He say lets go in the house and make love so we go the house. We both climb in bed and he reaches over and starts to massage my back which I love it felt so good that I must have fallen asleep. Well that should catch you up to where this all ended. I do not know if I will get my birthday wish or not but this new lifestyle is sure a lot of fun.

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