Stuck in Traffic

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A ribbon of brake lights extended into the darkness ahead of them.

“This construction traffic is going to take forever,” Fiona lamented.

“That’s the one bad thing about trips during the summer, road construction season. We will just have to find a way to pass the time,” Frank replied.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Just lay our seat back and relax, I have a story for you…”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s about you.”

“Oh Really.”

Frank began to talk. “Your alone in a meadow, there is a small lake with a fishing pier in front of you. It’s a clear summer day, you have just hiked up a hill to get here. You take off your pack and spread a towel out on the ground. You walk out onto the pier, dangling your legs in the water. It’s cool, but tolerable. You strip off your shirt and shorts, and stand on the pier, taking one more look around. There is no one else around. Quickly you remove your sports bra and thong, and dive into the water. There are some buoys near the middle of the lake, the ranger said they were markers for the float planes that fly fishermen in, but there are none today. You’re treading water, the lake is so clear you can see your feet. It’s a short swim out to the buoys, and they are big enough to sit on. You swim out to one and climb onto it. You lean back against one, letting the sun warm your skin before heading back. You swim to each of the buoys, then head back to the pier, feeling a bit chilled after so much time in the lake.

“Your pack and towel are still on the edge of the meadow, so you slip your shoes back on, pick up your clothes and walk back. You lay your clothes on your pack, and lay down on the blanket. The water runs down your breasts as the sun warms them. The clouds drift by overhead. The stillness in interrupted by splashing. You sit up and look out at the lake, there is a man swimming out to the buoys. You can see a towel laid out on the pier, with a pack and a pile of clothes beside it. He’s using the breaststroke to swim out, and it looks like he’s naked. He gets to the buoy and starts casino siteleri swimming back to the pier. He’s using the backstroke to return, and he is certainly naked. You watch as he climbs back onto the pier, crouches down, and dives back in. He repeats the process for each buoy, and you enjoy watching the show. He’s in really good shape, and is an excellent swimmer,” Frank pause for a few seconds, then starting talking again.

“He stops swimming and starts treading water. He’s looking right at you. You remember you are still naked, but decide not to get dressed. He waves.

‘Come on in the waters great’ he calls out. You sprint toward the lake and take a running leap off the end of the dock. He swims up next to you.

‘Race you to the last buoy and back.’ he says, challenging you.

‘What do I get when I win?’ you ask.

‘Whatever you want’ he replies.

‘3, 2, 1, go’ you say quickly.

Both of you start swimming. It’s a close race. He’s probably a bit faster, but you are better rested. Its close, but you beat him by a half-length. You stand in the lake at the end of the pier. The water is shoulder deep for you. He swims next to you and stands up

‘About my prize…’ you say.


You put your hands on his chest

‘I’ll start with this.’

Your hands slide down in body, under the surface of the water.

‘.. And this.’

You wrap your hands around his penis.

He smiles at you

‘I’m ready for some sun. ‘You say as you climb onto the pier, he follows you.

You tell him ‘Get on the towel.’

He lies on his back, looking up at you. The sun is quickly drying both of you, and the warmth feels good.

You kneel down near his head, facing his feet. You look down the length of his body and stare at erection.”

Frank paused to maneuver through an uneven lane change.

“Now where was I… oh yea, here,” Frank said, resuming his story.

“You lean down and kiss his chest. Your breasts are right above his face. You look down his body. He is lean and tan. You press your slot oyna lips to his chest, and he takes your breasts in his hands.”

Frank watched as Fiona slid her hands inside her shirt and began to caress her breasts.

“Keep going, “she moaned.

“He squeezes your breast and circles your nipple with his tongue. You begin to crawl forward, your lips kissing his ribs, his abs, and his hips. He does the same to you as your body passes his mouth. His hands remain on your breasts, gently caressing them and pinching your nipples.

You put your hands around his cock, and slowly stroke it. You lower your mouth and put your lips on his dick. He puts his hand on the back of your head, encouraging you to take more of him into your mouth. As you do, he puts his hands on your ass, and pulls you down to his mouth. You feel his lips and tongue all over your vagina. He is sucking on your clit, fucking you with his tongue, and squeezing your ass. You continue to stroke his cock and your head bobs up and down. You crawl forward a little more, moving away from his mouth, and rubbing his dick between your tits. He slides his fingers in and out of you pussy. You look down, watching his cock between your breasts. You want to fuck him. You move down a bit more, sit up and guide his penis between your legs. You lean forward, your hands are beside his knees. He has his hands back on your ass as you ride up and down on his cock.”

Fiona leaned her seat all the way back, and slipped out of her shorts. Her hands moved between her legs and she started to stroke between her legs.

“What happens next?” she asked insistently.

“You see his phone sitting next to the towel. You pick it up, lean back and take a picture. The screen shows you from the shoulders down, your breasts fill most of the image, but the middle of the picture is filled with his penis penetrating you. You grin and toss the camera back down. You wonder if he even saw you do that. You lean back a bit more, and he puts his hands on your tits.”

Frank reached over with one hand and caressed Fiona’s breast. canlı casino siteleri Her eyes were closed, and both her hands were between her legs. She had completely forgotten about the traffic jam.

Fiona put her hand on Franks and guided it between her legs. Then she slid her hand under his. His fingertips were resting on the lips of her vagina, and hers were pressing against her clit. Frank continued with his story.

“You feel waves of pleasure passing through your body. He’s pinching your nipples, and thrusting his hips up against you.

You look over your shoulder at him

‘I’m ready for you to come. I want you to come inside me. I want every last bit.’ you say to him. You lean forward again, and start bouncing up and down on his, riding the full length of his cock. You go up until he is barely penetrating you, then down until you ass is pressed hard against his hip.”

Frank could feel Fiona rubbing her clit “More,” she moaned. “I want more of you Frank. I want your fingers inside me when I come.” Frank pressed his fingers down, and let them slip between this wet folds of Fiona’s pussy, he continued with his story.

“He lets out a loud moan, you feel his orgasm. You continue to fuck him until he has nothing left. You lie down next to him. He’s still breathing hard.

‘I never got your name, ‘he manages between gasps.

‘And you won’t. You can keep this to remember me by, ‘and you show him the image on his phone. He holds the phone, staring at the picture of you fucking him.

‘In case ‘, you say, ‘ your buddies think you made this up.’ With that you stand up and walk back to your gear. You get dressed and walk back into the woods, with one last glance back at him. He’s still lying on the towel, looking at the phone.

Fiona let out a loud moan. Frank could feel her orgasm with his fingers.

She looked over at him and smiled, “That was the best traffic jam ever.”

“It’s over now, we should make good time now, “Frank said, smiling.

She reached around for her clothes

“Why don’t you leave those off just a little longer,” Frank suggested. Fiona noticed Frank had moved the mirror so he was looking at her instead of out the back window. There was almost no traffic now. She closed her eyes and thought of that lake once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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