Steps 01-02

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Step One

I came home from work at my usual hour for a Friday night. The early evening glow of the sun was slowly fading into night. I turned the key and entered our home and as I stepped in, was pleasantly surprised to see candles lit all over the house and some soft melody coming from the stereo. I knew immediately my wife Nicole had planned something very romantic for us this evening.

As I did my daily ritual of emptying my pockets of keys, coins, and wallet I noticed a small envelope sitting in the bowl that my wife had lovingly reserved for me to put my things into when I got home, a habit she endured as she knew I had done it since the day we met.

I smiled as I picked up the unlabeled envelope. Opening it up I pulled out the folded piece of paper inside. My smiled widened as I smelled the odor of my wife’s perfume that she had obviously sprayed on the paper for my enjoyment. She knows I love that perfume.

Unfolding the paper I read some simple instructions: Step One – Welcome home, my love. Go into the kitchen, pour yourself a drink, and come to the bedroom. Further instruction awaits.

Now this was good. This was really good. My wife had done little surprises for me before, but nothing like this. She had probably been planning this all day, maybe all week. Not that it mattered. She had obviously gone to great lengths for this evening. And I was going to make sure I enjoyed it. Walking into the kitchen I poured myself a tequila and proceeded upstairs to the bedroom.

Step Two

The room was lit up with candles. All around our king-size bed there were candles everywhere. The same soft music casino siteleri playing up here as was playing downstairs. However, the room was empty. But on the bed lay another envelope. Opening it with great anticipation, it said: Step Two – Take a shower like you always do when you get home. But this time, while you are showering, I want you to think of me. Think of me naked. Think of me sucking your cock. Think of playing with my tits. Think of how wet my pussy gets when I play with myself as you watch. Think of me.

The bathroom was also lit up with candles and in addition was dimly lit by a few lights she had left on. I didn’t touch a thing as I figured she created this ambience for a purpose. I shut the door but unlike I normally do, I left it open just a crack. I knew she was close by and it really turned me on to think she might be tempted to watch me shower. I turned on the water to warm up and as I undressed I wasn’t surprised at all to find that I was semi-hard, my cock dangling below my balls. Stepping into the warm spray of the water I got myself good and wet and grabbed the bar of soap. As I began soaping myself, my thoughts turned to visions of Nicole. With my eyes closed I pictured how sexy she was even just walking into a room. I loved her dearly and reminded myself how beautiful she was every time I saw her.

I pictured Nicole walking into a room, in this case, the bedroom. She was dressed in my favorite sexy outfit. A white cotton tank top cut mid-riff and a simple pair of white thong panties. I guess you could say I had simple tastes but my wife was so hot just by herself she didn’t need sexy clothes to slot oyna turn me on. Those clothes were just a bonus to me and nothing got me more excited than this simple outfit. Her slim, athletic body looked so lovely in the shadows as her curves were accentuated from some mystery light behind her. Her breasts looked lovely under the thin material of the tank top, so perfect for her body and just the right size. Her gorgeous hips and long, toned legs just waiting to be touched. She toyed with her hair with one hand and begin to walk towards the chair I was sitting in.

Still soaping myself, I was rock hard now and I hadn’t even touched myself. As I bent over slightly and began to wash my legs, starting at the bottom and working upwards, I was very conscious of my hard cock and pleased that it could be so solid without any stimulation. It was then I glanced over and could swear that the bathroom door was slightly more open than I had left it. I couldn’t see outside though due to the lighting. Smiling again imagining she was watching I worked the bar of soap up my legs. No longer able to resist I ran my soapy hand over my shaft, enjoying the sensations I was causing myself as I slowly slid my hand up and down it’s length, my grip reversed so that my thumb was nearest to my body. It just seemed more erotic that way.

My eyes closed at the pleasure I was giving myself and my thoughts once again turned to my wife. This time she had seated herself in the chair across from me, casually draping one leg over the arm of the chair but the way she did it was so sexy as to not look like some slut just spreading her legs. I began to speak but canlı casino siteleri she silenced me with a finger over her mouth in the international hush sign. She then made a motion which I understood to mean that I was to begin undressing. I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. As I reached down to undo my belt and lower my zipper to remove my pants, I looked at Nicole as she still toyed with her hair with one hand but now her other hand was lazily stroking back and forth over her breasts.

Lowering my pants and removing my socks, I stood up straight dressed only in my boxers. Nicole giggled and again made another gesture with her hand that she wanted to see all of me. Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts I dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them, kicking them and my pants aside. Nicole smiled and motioned for me to sit down, only now she had one hand toying with her pussy through the material of her panties. As I sat down she moved her hand underneath her thong and was rubbing and fingering herself. Her head was turned slightly and her eyes were closed as I grabbed my cock and begin to stroke myself to erection. She turned to me and first looked me passionately in the eyes and then downward to my hand gliding slowly over my penis.

It was then I noticed that the water was getting slightly cooler and I realized that I must have been in the shower for at least a half hour now. Giving my slowly diminishing but still erect cock a couple of long, slow strokes I turned off the shower and reached for a towel. I then noticed another envelope that wasn’t there before. Sometime during my fantasy, Nicole must have crept in and placed it there. She was watching me! That only served to make me more excited than I already was and the twinge in my cock proved it.

I opened the envelope and once again, it started: Step Three…

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