Snowbound Morning

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It was one of those mornings you just can’t get out of bed. Eyes closed, warm beneath layers of down comforter, all you can hear is the wind howling against the windows that face the world. Still dark, I lie there happy to know that neither of us have to be up and out the door in our usual haste.

Today was our day to just bask in the warmth that we seem to delve into when ever we have a spare moment. The smallest things you do drive me crazy. Watching you roll out of bed, naked, hair standing in all different angles, and walk to the bathroom. Your naked ass, there teasing me, walking away, makes me shake thinking of it coming back to bed with me. The touch of your fingers grazing my neck as you turn over in your sleep, send hot wet floods pouring from deep within me. Walking through a bookstore, I reach for a novel, your hand reaches forward and lightly travels from the tip of my forefinger down to the cove between my thumb and palm, to my inner wrist, up my tender forearm as you lean forward and kiss my breast not caring who is viewing us, all because you wanted to. These are just a few things I take home with me to comfort me alone in my warm bed as the winter snows pound down around my home, enslaving me to my memories and dreams of what we still have to explore.

I let you sleep, just watching you as you breath, slowly, calmly vulnerable to all the universe has to offer. And oh what it will have to offer us today! I get out of bed, quietly so not to wake you, pad my way to the kitchen humming thinking of new desires to explore this day. Coffee on, I go to the bag from our shopping spree yesterday. I take a deep breath, and shiver thinking of what is in that bag! Happy to have a man in my life who is not afraid to explore with me, to push the limit and see what we will feel. I think back to last night, the joys of this shopping bag already explored. I smile to myself, casino oyna as a warm rush runs from the bottom of my feminine being pushing throbbing for more. A flush comes over me just thinking of you, those arms and your mouth. I want more now, don’t want to wait for you to wake, I go to the kitchen, pour two cups of strong coffee and slowly make my way back to the bedroom with the shopping bag on my arm.

Walking in I see you are awake and smiling at me. I smile back coyly, and glance down at the shopping bag, then back at you! Laughing, I hand you the coffee as I climb into bed and crawl under the covers. Leaning over I place a long, lingering, hungry kiss on your full lips.

“Good morning” I purr, smiling at you as grab my neck pulling me to you, and kissing me hard, deep and lustfully. “Morning!” you laugh at me! Sitting up in bed we slowly join the day. Ecstatic in the thought that we did not have to go anywhere on this cold, gray, blustery day.

“Mario….” I say as I take your hand and pull you from the bed. Slowly I lead you to the chair in the corner directly across from the bed. Looking you in the eyes, I sit you down and walk away to the bed. I turn on some sweltering jazz, deep brass, moving slowly through the music, building in passion and tempo. Warm tones of music heating the room with the frigid winter wind knocking at the windows.

I sit cross legged on the bed, slowly sipping my coffee, watching you the whole time. Eyes locked, I slowly run my free hand down my throat, fingers barely touching the skin, as the heat of your eyes lingers and travels with my fingers. My fingers move down towards my breast, circling the outside, soft skin, full and heavy with passion. I reach up to my nipples, let my head fall back, red hair flowing down my back, my legs slowly fall open and you see the nipples clamps appear in my hands.

My breath quickens as slot oyna I place them on my nipples, tight and slightly painful, I gasp from the cold metal and the painful pleasure that pierces the tender skin. I raise my head and you watch me, I see you move your hand down to your cock, lying on your leg waiting for the show, “No, not yet.” I whisper to you. I want to watch you get hard, slowly, full of lust and need. You smile and shake your head as I laugh laying back onto the pillows, my legs gracefully fall open, hands moving down my stomach, along the sides of my ass, back up to the mound of hair that is glistening with my flowing wet juices.

My fingers slide down to the warm inner cove, searching for that secret spot that you found last night. I slowly circle with my fore finger and explore deeper with my ring and pinkie fingers, eyes closed and I start to feel the rush.

I love to have you watch me, exploring myself, learning what I like and want you to do to me. My breathing is fast now as the rhythm of my fingers move with the quickening of the music, my hips lift up as my legs fall open fully exposed I watch as your cock grows before my eyes, loving what I know I am doing to you. It grows firm and full of blood filled veins that stand out crying to be inside of me. My hips moving now with the music, I see your hand reach down and start to stroke.

Oh.. I love to see you touch yourself, your head growing, now shiny and hard pulsing with each stroke. I reach to the side of the pillow and pull out the double headed dildo we bought yesterday. I see your eyes glaze as I slowly place it at the base of my ass, the dildo pink and smooth pushes at my ass. I tilt it upwards to enter my cunt, dripping wet, I grasp the base and start to fuck myself teasingly, drenching the head of the dildo. I move the bigger head to my ass and run it against the bud, lathering it up getting canlı casino siteleri it ready for the second head.

My hips move with the music that is building in tempo. Almost more than I can take, fast, and powerful, the music slams around us and I thrust both heads of the dildo into me. I watch you as you stroke faster and the music pounds around us. Legs spread wide you watch as I push the dildo deep inside of me. No longer able to control myself I close my eyes and a deep low groan joins the notes of the music.

Mixing lust and deep desire flying through the bedroom. I want you to watch me, I look up and you are, I see your so hard that I again start to groan and the dildo begins to move faster into me. Matching the strokes you and so feverishly pounding on yourself. I see you watching the head of the dildo pulling in and out of my ass and the head of you cock is so huge, ready, so ready to let go..

“Mario now…. I scream….You stand up over me as my bud hungry devours the pink head of our toy, my ass screaming with the dildo deep with in me. I open my mouth and scream as I cum, my body shaking, my cunt grasping onto the dildo as you cum with me, a deep gutteral groan and my name, Denise leaves you lips.

White, hot juices shot from your erect cock all over my breast and face. Mouth open I feel the cum reach my mouth as you stand over my face shooting your jism deep into my throat. My body open, legs wide, nipples painful now from the clamps that have caused the red blood to paint my hard nipples crimson.

My orgasm is long, my very soul shakes as the last of your hot juices flow down my throat. Slowly, I start to come down, my eyes open to see you standing over me, cock still hard with a tender look in your eyes. Reaching up to you as you slide next to me, kissing me, tasting yourself on my mouth. I look back at you and smile, “Thank you” leaves my lips as you reach over to the bag and say… “Your welcome Den… hmmm what is next?” I laugh as I watch the snow fall heavily to the ground outside, snowbound! Smiling at you, I laugh so happy for snowbound winter days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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