Slutty Ondra’s Sex Log Ch. 03

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Keep score along with her as Ondra, a 28 year old slut in denial, graphically catalogs every ounce of semen and every drop of vaginal fluid from her sexual exploits in her remarkably descriptive sex chronicles. She discloses everything to her readers, from photographic details about past and present fucks to her own quirky personal hygiene and grooming habits.


Well, I hadn’t seen my girlfriends to discuss our sex lives in a few weeks and for this group of women, that’s a lot of fucking to catch up on! Sure I was busy, but I knew that I couldn’t continue to use school as an excuse because, why wasn’t I around on weekends? So I set up a Saturday lunch to trade dating stories and fill them in on my new college guy.

Until now you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned his name. I tend to do this if I really like a guy that I’ve just started seeing, but I knew that my girlfriends would drag Neil’s name out of me eventually. They are the closest three people to me on the planet and we have no, or at least very few secrets.

We all grew up together and were practically inseparable from grades 1 through 12. We sprouted our tits together, dealt with the onset of our periods together, discovered masturbation together and even began fucking boys within a few months of each other. I like to think of us as small town girls with a big city approach to men. That means not settling for the first guy we meet that has a job, a car and doesn’t live with his parents. But admittedly, that does also mean that we’ve all ended up fucking A LOT of guys while searching for Mr. Right. Does that make us sluts?

Here’s who I had lunch with:

Chloe: Remember when I said that I was in my car fooling around with someone else’s boyfriend in high school(Ch.01)? She was the “someone else.” My family helped hers through a tough time right after that though, and we’ve been best friends even since.

Cara: SHE was actually the high school slut, NOT ME! She’s definitely the “size queen” of the group too. Unlike the rest of us, Cara won’t have sex with a guy a second time if his dick isn’t huge. I thought about bringing her in for a threesome when I was dating my “large” guy, but Kimberly’s probably the only one with which I could have sex in the same room. You’ll know why in a moment.

Kimberly: She’s my “talks like a guy” girlfriend. She says stuff like “Man, I have such a boner for that guy” and “I feel like ASS today!” We’ve had moments together that I may never have with anyone else.

Amongst us, we jokingly call ourselves the Cock Sisters, because you can spell that word by arranging the first letters of our names. A fitting coincidence considering that we are neither shy about meeting guys nor hesitant to fuck them if we think they’re cute.

Okay, now let’s get this question out of the way up front, because I know you’re thinking of it.

The answer is YES.

Yes, there is one, just one guy out there that has fucked all four of us – Steve R. He’s the boyfriend of Chloe that I was also messing around with back in high school. Chloe’s first time was with Steve and I lost my virginity to him as well. Steve and Cara went to the same college, but his dick wasn’t big enough for anything more than a drunken one night stand for Cara and Kimberly offered him her “shoulder” when he went through his divorce a few years ago. To this day it still amazes me that the same person has gotten his dick sucked, his balls licked and his cum swallowed by all four of us!

So, we’re eating lunch and I’m filling the girls in on everything with Neil that I’ve already told you guys. Then here came the questions:

“Can WE meet some of these college boys?” From Chloe.

“Can you image the fucking four of us walking into a kegger with all those young frat boys!” Kimberly said.

“Feeding Frenzy!” sniped Cara.

“Us or them?” Chloe joked.

“Is he big?” From Cara.

In our group that question always means is the guy bigger or smaller than Steve, since he’s our universal reference point. To be honest, Neil is a little wider than Steve. If he wasn’t that would still be okay with me, but I must admit that I do like looking down and seeing my pussy stretching to accommodate Neil’s cock when we’re fucking.

“Have you guys done anal yet?”

Leave it to Kimberly to come up with the crudest question of the afternoon. But it didn’t surprise any of us girls that she was the one to ask about that particular topic.

See, back in high school there was a movement where girls were choosing to make their first sex with a boy be of the anal variety. This was based on some silly notion that if you only had anal sex you would stay a virgin. I’m sure this concept is nothing new to anyone.

So, Kimberly decides that she’s going to jump onto that bandwagon and bring me along with her. We were both still virgins at that point and surely neither one of us had graduated past putting anything more than a finger or two up our butts before. We were apprehensive, casino oyna so Kimberly decided that for moral support we should attend that “graduation” together.

Although we certainly knew what they were, we didn’t own any vibrators or dildos because we were worried that our parents might find them. Like lots of girls at school, we had already experimented with hairbrush handles in our vaginas, but we were sure that we didn’t want to try inserting the handles of any of our everyday styling tools into our asses. They were just too big. Yep, we would definitely need to find some ones with a narrower grip. What followed was an afternoon of teen titillation flanked by a collective comedy of errors!

On the day on question, Kimberly and I set off to the store in search of said narrow-handled brushes. It didn’t take us very long and soon we were on our way back to my house all giggly and nervous to try them out. It’s not like I had any lube lying around, so we decided to use vaseline to help the brush handles slide into our asses.

Now, picture the two of us kneeling on top of my bed facing each other, high-school skirts hiked up above our waists, panties pulled down around our ankles and getting ready to stick greased-up hairbrushes up our butts! As we kneeled there staring at each other, our faces couldn’t have been more than six inches apart.

“Is yours in yet?” I asked Kimberly.

“Yeah. Fuck, and these things aren’t even that big! How the fuck am I ever going to get some guy’s dick in there?” she scoffed as she squirmed and shifted her ass around in mid-air.

“Try moving it around.” I told her.

“Wait, is yours even in yet?”

“Oh yeah, it’s in.”

“How far?” she demanded.

Clenching my lower lip, I said, “Ehh, pretty far.”

Kimberly had to see just how far I had this brush handle into my butt, so she slid her own brush out of herself, jumped off of the bed and shuffled around to look at my ass, losing her panties in the process.

“You bitch! How the hell are you doing that?” she exclaimed in a screaming whisper.

What Kimberly saw as she stared at me kneeling there with my bare ass up in the air, was that I had the whole brush handle stuck into my butt. It was shoved in up to where the bristles started and I was repeatedly sliding the complete length of it in and out of my ass.

“Fuck you!” she said defiantly, as she hopped back onto my bed and assumed her original kneeling position so that she could try hers again.

Kimberly never did get the whole brush handle into her ass, but she was able to take in most of it and slide that portion in and out of herself with some frequency. As we knelt on my bed together fucking ourselves in the ass, we came to the agreement that the brushes felt better when we were pulling them out than when we were pushing them in. And at that point in our lives we were still clueless about playing with our clits to better relax our sphincters.

Done sodomizing ourselves for the time being, we finally maneuvered ourselves down from my bed. A bit grossed out about where they had just been, we both stood there holding these brushes out at arm’s length, with just two fingers touching them and our pinkies pointed outward. It was like they were radioactive.

I stepped out of my panties and left them right next to Kimberly’s as we both went into the bathroom to clean ourselves up. We tossed the brushes into the waste basket and Kimberly sat down on the toilet so that she could wipe the vaseline from her ass.

“Hurry up, my mom’s gonna be home soon!” I urged.

Just then, I heard my mother call my name as she was on her way upstairs to find out how my day went!

Kimberly launched herself up from the toilet as I flung open the bathroom door. When my mom got upstairs, she found me standing in the bathroom doorway and Kimberly standing in the doorway to my bedroom.

I was blocking the bathroom so that my mom wouldn’t look into the waste basket and ask me why I was throwing away two perfectly good hairbrushes and Kimberly was blocking my bedroom because – don’t forget – we had taken off our panties and they were laying in the middle of my bedroom floor!

I finally gave in and walked into my bedroom, pushing Kimberly in as I went. As soon as my mother followed us into the room, she looked down at the floor and said,

“Ondra, why do you leave your underwear laying around all the time, especially when you have company?”

Then my mom, thinking that the two were mine, picked up BOTH pairs of panties and went downstairs to put them in with the rest of the family laundry! Kimberly and I looked at each other all wide-eyed while trying not to crack up laughing.

That afternoon Kimberly made her familiar walk home from my house pantyless!

When I finally made it into the bathroom to wipe the vaseline from my own ass, I noticed that the hairbrushes were no longer in the waste basket, but the trash that had been underneath them was still there. What in the hell slot oyna had my mother done with the damn brushes?

I’m thinking that she must have known that we were up to something with them. Heck, she might have even used hairbrushes on herself when she was that age (really don’t need that visual). So she probably just took them and threw them in the main trash bin outside. As curious as I might have been though, I knew that I was not about to ask her what she actually did with them. I mean, I couldn’t very well say,

“Well, Kimberly had one of them up her ass and I had the other one up mine, so I’m gonna need those back.”

I did manage to grab Kimberly’s panties out of the hamper and give them back to her at school the next day, though. As I slipped them to her, Kimberly asked,

“Are they clean?”

“No.” I whispered.

“Eww, gross!” she snapped.

“Well, they’re YOUR panties! Besides, I couldn’t risk my mom folding them and then discovering that they weren’t mine and asking a bunch of questions, so I just grabbed them before she did the laundry.” I explained.

Kimberly understood.

Those were some of the funniest twenty-four hours of my childhood and something that will bond Kimberly and I forever. We ran to tell Chloe and Cara about what we had done. They were fraught with intrigue and eager to try it themselves, although they each did their experimenting in solitude.

Although none of us are exactly anal junkies, all four of us do participate in anal sex on some level today. None of us use the “with the right guy” condition as an excuse for not doing it with someone. We all figure that if things end up not working out with a given guy, then it’s because he was just wrong for us in the first place. He’s not going to be any MORE wrong just because he fucked us the ass.

“Oh, they have ice cream.” a perky Chloe teemed as our lunch continued.

“Imagine if there was cum-flavored ice cream!”

“I think they have that don’t they?”

“Where, here?”

“No, not here! Ugh, you’re such a ditz Chloe!”

Kimberly and I just rolled our eyes at each other listening to Chloe and Cara’s exchange, but on that topic, I already think of ice cream as flavored cum in the first place. Doesn’t every woman?

“Remember when we first tried vibrators?” Cara brought up.

“You mean vibrator (singular).” Kimberly joked.

See, in high school Cara had talked her big sister into buying her a vibrator. At that age we were, of course, all frequent masturbators already, but none of us had actually used one of those yet. Cara brought it to school with her one day and after classes let out, the four of us spent about two hours circling around town in Chloe’s car while we all took turns using it. Kimberly was up front and I was in the back seat with Cara.

I’ll never forget it. It was called the “Purple Passion” and it was the exact same shade as a bowl in which my mom occasionally served salad. As soon as Cara took it out of its packaging, Kimberly reached back and grabbed it from her so that she could go first.

“Ouch!” I screamed.

Kimberly had reclined the seat, slamming it back into my knees as she tried to get her legs spread open wide and her skirt hiked up. I scooted over and huddled up with Cara to make more room for Kimberly to lay back. Kimberly finally propped her feet up on the dashboard and pulled her panties to the side.

“Damn girl, you’re not playing around are you?” I prodded.

“Where are we?” asked Cara.

“Shhh, let her concentrate!” Chloe scolded.

With the passenger’s seat reclined, Cara and I had a clear view in between Kimberly’s legs from the back seat as she darted the purple vibrator back and forth across her clit and slid it in and out of her pussy.

Just then Chloe said “Here,” in an offering of assistance.

Kimberly’s hands were so busy manipulating herself and delivering saliva from her mouth to her pussy that she was having difficulty keeping her panties pulled to the side. So Chloe took her right hand off of the steering wheel and reached between Kimberly’s legs to hold them aside for her. Now Kimberly was free to maximize the efficiency of her work with the vibrator.

“Ondra, my leg.” Cara whispered in my ear.

At that point Kimberly’s seat was so far back that Cara and I were practically sitting on top of each other in the back seat. I was leaning into her so that the top of my head was right under her chin and her right leg was draped over my left. When Cara whispered that in my ear, she was bringing to my attention that I had been rhythmically rubbing her knee without realizing it as I watched Kimberly pleasure herself. We laughed about it and for a second our giggles drowned out the muffled buzzing sound.

Kimberly’s left leg had worked itself all the way over to the point that it was touching the steering wheel, as she voraciously used every inch of space that the passenger’s seat had to offer. Now she had two fingers of her left hand in canlı casino siteleri her pussy while the right was furiously sliding the vibrator up and down, never losing contact with her clit. Chloe’s arm was starting to get tired, so she let her forearm rest on Kimberly’s inner thigh as she continued to tug Kimberly’s panties to the side for her.

“God you’re wet.” Chloe said in a soft voice as she took her eyes off the road to glance down at Kimberly’s sopping pussy and the resultantly soaked vibrator.

By now the mood in the car had gone from giddy to quietly considerate and whenever anyone had anything to say, they said it softly. We were allowing Kimberly her own time to field the offerings that the pleasure device had for her and to focus on the sensations that were happening in between her legs. Cara had let her chin come to rest on top of my head as the two of us remained silently intertwined in the back seat.

“O. M. – f’ing G.!” Kimberly let out as she grabbed onto Chloe’s forearm.

(Oh yeah, forgot to mention that she also spoke in abbreviations a lot of the time.)

“You done girl?” Chloe asked, finally letting go of the panties as they snapped back to Kimberly’s crotch, but still left her pussy partially exposed.

“Did you cum?” I requested while pushing down on Cara’s thigh to help prop myself up in the back seat.

“It was kinda like I started cumming as soon as this thing touched me – shit!” Kimberly offered, as she twisted on the vibrator to turn it off.

She put it down on the seat in between her legs while she adjusted the crotch portion of her panties so that they once again completely covered her pussy. Then she returned her skirt to the way that it was originally intended to be worn.

“Aww, how cute do you two look?” said Kimberly, seeing us all snuggled up together in the back seat as she turned around to hand either me or Cara the Purple Passion.

“Hey it’s my car, I wanna go next!” asserted Chloe.

Chloe couldn’t get at herself sufficiently with the vibrator while driving, so she pulled over, and her and Kimberly ran around the car to trade places. With Kimberly now driving, Chloe reclined her seat and yanked up her skirt, but not before using it to give the vibrator an obligatory wipe-off.

Offended, Kimberly snapped, “Uh, you’re not gonna catch anything!”

“You know that’s not gonna matter, right?” Cara asked.

“Yeah, it’s just like sharing a drink. Just go ahead!” I added.

We didn’t have anything in the car to give the vibrator a proper cleaning after one of us used it, so by default the decision had been made to take our turns with it while leaving the other girls’ dried vaginal juices still on it.

So, with feet up on the dashboard and legs spread, Chloe took her turn.

“Guess you won’t be needing MY help.” said Kimberly.

“Whoa!” spiked Cara and I simultaneously from the back seat.

“I come prepared.” said a devilish Chloe.

While Kimberly had worn a regular pair of panties to school that day, Chloe on the other hand, had left her house with much less coverage that morning. As she spread her legs, we could all see that Chloe was wearing a pair of those micro thongs. You know, the kind that basically just have a string running from your ass to your clit?

I call them “why bother” panties because whenever I wear them, that string either ends up splitting my pussy lips right down the middle – which is annoying – or it ends up picking either side of my pussy to settle on, which doesn’t provide any fucking coverage anyway! But hey, I guess for the task that Chloe was about to perform, they were all that she needed.

Whereas Kimberly had a subdued intensity when she was pleasuring herself with the vibrator, Chloe was more giggly about the whole thing. She would laugh and jump every time it would touch her clit, but she did become a little calmer when she turned down the speed. I could see Chloe’s pussy lips glistening as the string of her micro thong panties lay just to the right of her inner left thigh, discarded and completely incidental to the scene that was being played out in between her legs. Indeed, Chloe had made an excellent choice when she dressed herself that morning.

“I should take my panties off when it’s my turn.” Cara whispered to me.

“If you want to.” I replied, as I debated with myself over what to do about my own panties when the time came.

Sporting boy shorts, Cara had more material covering her genitals than the rest of us did that day. She usually wore that type of panty to school because the boys would peek up our skirts every chance they got.

Chloe’s feet sprung up from the dashboard, almost hitting the roof of the car, while her head raised up from the fully reclined seatback.

“Ah, ah, ah, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” went Chloe as her head jerked up and down and her right knee repeatedly knocked against the passenger window. She had gotten what she needed from the vibrator.

“It’s a good thing it’s not a busy traffic day.”

Cara was the one who was always checking to see if anyone outside the car could see what we were up to, whereas, to the rest of us, we might as well have been on Mars.

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