“Poke Her” Night

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Randy packed up his briefcase and headed home. His manager and a bunch of bigwigs from head office had been riding his ass all day and he was anxious to get out of there.

He knew Cindy was at home waiting for him and tonight was his poker night. Or maybe it should be called his “poke her” night. Cindy loved to dress in sexy clothes and strut her stuff for his friends and he knew they ALL wanted to “poke her”.

As he headed for his car he heard Paul call out to him, ” See you at seven Randy. Cindy going to serve the snacks?”

Randy laughed, “Of course Paul, see you then.”

When Randy walked in his house a few minutes later he saw that everything was set up for his poker game and he could smell the food in the oven. “Cindy” he yelled. “Where are you hon.?”

His long legged beauty came out from the bedroom and Randy’s jaw dropped to his chest. Cindy had outdone herself in a red bustier that tied up the front creating enough cleavage a man could get lost in it and a mini skirt in the same colour. Randy whistled. “You look beautiful babe!”

Cindy laughed and gave a little twirl, her skirt flying up to reveal her shaved pussy. She moved into Randy’s arms and kissed him hard on the lips. Randy slid his hands up under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass.

“Mmm…my baby’s hot tonight. Looking illegal bahis forward to seeing the guys are you?”

Cindy blushed and ducked her head. “Well…I do enjoy their visits.”

Randy slid his finger along her slit and felt the moisture there. “Yes I can see that”, he replied.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell began to ring and Randy’s poker buddies settled in. A plan was forming in Randy’s mind. It had been for a while now. He knew Cindy wanted to take her exhibitionism a step further, but she was frightened. So he figured he’d help her along.

Cindy had been teasing the guys all evening so when she bent low over Paul as she refilled his drink, her breasts practically spilling out onto his beer, Randy figured the time was right. “You know Paul, when I told Cindy you guys were coming over tonight her pussy got really wet. I’ll bet it still is. Why don’t you give it a rub and find out?”

Cindy’s mouth dropped open as she stared at Randy. Her heart beat faster in her chest but she didn’t move…waiting to see what the guys would think.

Paul grinned. He’d been waiting for this chance and having been given the go ahead he slid his fingers along Cindy’s slit feeling her juices flowing over his hand. “Mmm…Cindy, you’re soaked baby”, Paul said, looking at the lust in her baby blue eyes.

Hank illegal bahis siteleri and Joe sat on the other side of the table; tents forming in their pants as they watched this turn of events.

Randy laughed, knowing Cindy was enjoying every minute of this. “Hank, why don’t you untie Cindy’s top so we can all see those big, beautiful tits of hers?”

“Sure thing!” Hank jumped up and came over to Cindy, untying her top until it fell open beneath his hands. He then lowered his head and began to suck and pull on her nipples.

Joe stood up and looked at Randy. His six foot six frame towered over the other men and Randy couldn’t wait to see that black cock pumping into his baby. “Can I taste that sweet cunt, Randy?” he asked.

“You bet,” Randy said, “and I’m sure Cindy would like to suck everyone’s cock too, wouldn’t you baby?”

Cindy groaned. By now she was lost in a lust-crazed haze. “Yes, please…let me suck them..fuck me with those big, beautiful cocks…”

The card game lay forgotten on the table as everyone stripped off their clothes and Cindy was lowered to the floor. Joe lay between her legs slurping at the juices her pussy was producing. His tongue swirling around her clit and burying itself into her cunt until she thought she’d go crazy.

Paul had slid his full nine canlı bahis siteleri inches into her mouth and was gagging her with it as he thrust forward again and again trying to reach the back of her throat. That left Hank to worship at her enormous tits. Pulling her nipples out a good inch or more and sucking them until they were ultra sensitive.

Randy stood over Cindy, stroking his own cock and urging on his buddies. “That’s it guys. Fuck my little slut. She’s loving it, aren’t you baby? Someone pound that pussy…make her beg.”

One after another they began to fuck Cindy in every hole. Taking her ass, her mouth and her pussy again and again until Randy said, “Ok boys, make her airtight.”

Hank pushed hard into her cunt and pushed her ass back onto Paul who spread her cheeks and plunged into her tight little hole. Joe had her mouth stretched wide as he filled her with his big black cock. Randy came in an explosion of cum all over Cindy’s face and chest as he watched his friends fuck her like a cheap whore.

Cindy came again and again. All sense of awareness was gone and all she could concentrate on was the feeling of all those cocks. Once she even passed out but the guys continued to fuck her, pulling out and spraying her with their hot cum as they released their load. Afterwards they left her on the floor covered in their sticky white jism as they pulled on their clothes and got ready to leave.

“Thank Cindy for us Randy. We had a great time. Tell her she can have whatever money’s in the kitty” Joe grinned, “and that we’ll be back next week.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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