Naughty Navy Wives Ch. 2

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Over the next several weeks we moved back and forth from her place to mine, took trips in the boat. We decided to take a long trip that could be like a honeymoon for us. We took the boat up the lovely Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore and anchored in the Inner Harbor. We toured the shops, the Aquarium, and then went to the sex shops a couple of blocks away. We found one sex boutique that was run by a lovely French lady, with a delightful French accent, who seemed to know that we were lovers. She suggested toys and items we could enjoy together. We bought outrageously sexy leather outfits, and even a couple of small whips, and restraints.

While we talked to the woman, I noticed that when she bent over I could see her nipples when her low-cut blouse fell away. She had her nipples pierced! I was fascinated by it and mentioned it. She laughed, and with her lovely French accent, said she’d had her nipples pierced, as well as her labia. Leading us to the back of the store, she unbuttoned her blouse and proudly showed us her shapely breasts. Her nipples was pierced and a small gold ring hung from each.

Jan reached out and pulled gently on the ring. The women, Jacqui, said that they didn’t hurt. When she’d first had it done, her nipples had been a little sore for a few days, but she loved it as did all her lovers, men and women.

“Would you like to see my other ring?” Jacqui asked with a devilish smile. Of course we would. She sat on a low couch, reached down and pulled her dress up, revealing a lovely pair of sheer panties, slipped them off and spread her thighs slowly and sensuously. Her pussy was clean-shaven, and hanging from her pussy lips was a large gold ring. Jan and

I moved closer and Jacqui opened her legs wider. Her pussy was beautiful. The ring went through both lips! She told us that she had diamond studs, a gold bar that went from one lip to the other, and even a gold chain that hooked from one side to the other. With a smile, she slipped her panties on and we went back to the front of the store. We bought some videos, she recommended, of “Ladies Only” tapes.

We went back to the boat and stowed our treasures. We went to a quiet restaurant and had a wonderful seafood dinner, fresh from the sea. Later, we climbed into the spacious bunk, and with the waves gently rocking us, made long slow love. We added spice by using some of the sex toys we had bought.

The next morning as we walked to a restaurant for breakfast, Jan brought me up short.

“I want to back to see Jacqui and find out where I can get my nipples pierced. God that looked sexy as hell. Jeff will go wild. He has a bizarre sense of humor too!” She was almost jumping up and down with excitement.

“It’s your body, or should I say, nipples. It was sexy!” I admitted.

We ate and then went to Jacqui’s boutique. She seemed genuinely happy to see us again so soon. When Jan told her what she’d decided, Jacqui picked up the phone and called a woman who specialized in piercing. She was a Registered Nurse, and Jacqui said she was very good and ultra careful.

We took a taxi to Kelly’s, the nurse, and she turned out to be a tall, suave woman. Her office was small but very neat and spotlessly clean. Her fee was reasonable so Jan took her blouse and bra off and Kelly donned rubber gloves, carefully washed Jan’s nipples with first an antiseptic soap, then with alcohol. She took a syringe and gave each nipple a local anesthesia. We talked for a few minutes, then she pinched Jan’s nipples gently, and when she didn’t feel anything, she took a rather large needle from an autoclave. I couldn’t watch, and in a couple of minutes she said she was done.

There was very little blood, and now Jan’s beautiful long nipples each sported a gold stud. Kelly instructed Jan on the care, and gave her some antibiotic cream to use for a couple of days. She asked if I’d like my nipples pierced, but I said I’d pass. Jan paid her and we left.

As Jacqui’s boutique was close to the marina, we dropped in on her to thank her for her help, and buy a couple of pairs of nipple rings. She insisted on seeing Jan’s pierced nipples, and Jan the Exhibitionist, was happy to show her. Her eyes lit up, and she commented on Jan’s lovely “tee-tees”, and reached over placing a hand under each, gently weighed them in her hands. She turned to me and told me I was a very luck woman, to have such a beautiful lover.

We went to the front of the store and Jacqui, handed Jan a small gift wrapped box, and told her it was a gift to a truly lovely lady. When Jan opened it, it turned out to be a very beautiful tiny gold chain with studs on each end, to wear linked between her breasts. Jacqui told her to wear it on special occasions and to think of her when she did. We were both moved and gave Jacqui a tender kiss.

We gassed up the boat, secured it fore and aft and sailed out of the harbor, bound for home. The trip home was lovely, the weather was warm, the bay calm. The big twin engines throbbed below. We even had a school of porpoise accompany casino oyna us for an hour or two, playing in the bow wave. We both took our tops off and sunned. The breezes brought our nipples erect and Jan’s new studs looked very sexy. I told her I’d have to refrain for a few days from nibbling on her sexy nipples. She said she didn’t have that trouble and proceeded to suck and bite gently on my erect nipples. We pretty much had the bay to ourselves, except for an occasional lovely sail boat, or large ship moving north.

Jan slipped below and came back with one of the vibrators we’d bought from Jacqui. She lay on the deck in front of me, a vision of wanton beautiful and proceeded to fuck herself with it. I watched her beautiful breasts sway and jiggle as she thrust the vibrator in her spread pussy.

After she had climaxed, she came over slipped my bottom off, and slipped the vibrator, still wet with her juices, into my aroused pussy. I half lay back in the captain’s chair, one eye out for other boats, and let her bring me off. The vibrator in my pussy, and her lips on my clit quickly aroused me, and she played with me for a long while before she brought me to a wonderful climax.

Tired from our long trip, but very relaxed, we spent the night in our respective apartments. Late that night Dan called. The line he used was an open radio link, so I subtly reminded him of what he’d said about Jan, and my ‘condition’. Even long distance, I could hear him gasp. I told him we’d been visiting back and forth, and about our trip to Baltimore on the boat.

He got my message, and said he was glad we weren’t too lonely, and had a good way to pass the time. To anyone listening it was just idle, normal husband and wife talk. I’d have bet a bundle, that he had a raging hard-on. He said for Jan and I to take very good care of “Lucy” and give her plenty of loving care, lots of exercise, and to stroke her for him. We said good-bye and I laughed for a long time. “Lucy” is his pet name for my pussy. He’d early on named her “Juicy Lucy” because I get really wet when I get aroused. I got out some of the love lotion we’d bought, one of the vibrators, called Jan and while we talked, I fucked myself. This got her hot and she got a vibrator and joined me on the phone. We both had a very nice climax.

We visited back and forth and slept together. We had a wonderful time trying out all our new toys. Jan dressed up in the leather outfits and I even took Polaroid photos of her trussed up. By now her nipples were well, and she looked stunning in the leather outfits, a gold chain running from nipple to nipple. We used the double dildos, and the strap-ons on each other. She took pictures as I used a large vibrator in my pussy and a smaller one in my ass. We were really making the most of our new found love life.

“Pat, how would you like to go to the Barbados for a couple of weeks? Free!” Jan gushed excitedly one evening as she bounced in the door. “Libby, ‘Aunt Libby’, just called. Her husband won a two-week all expense trip to Barbados for four. It includes a house on an old sugar plantation, right on the beach. The time was set, and at the last moment Mike got tied up for a week.

“Libby is going down for the whole two weeks and wants us to join her. We’ll have a week just to ourselves, and then her husband joins us. We can stay the whole time, or just the first week. It’s supposed to be a really plush house, private beach, a boat, car, maid service, and the works. You’ll really love Libby. She’s a doll. I’ve told her about us and she really wants to meet you. She thinks it’s wonderful. What do you say?” She asked eyes bright and dancing.

I grabbed her and kissed her hard. “When do we leave, Love?”

A week later we landed in Atlanta, met Libby, then hopped on the jet for Barbados. I’d been curious about what my feelings would be toward Libby. Jan and I had been constant lovers for a couple of months now. I’m not the jealous type, but I’d never had a lover quite like Jan. Libby set my mind at ease. She sat between Jan and I on the trip down, and she seemed genuinely interested in knowing me better.

A tall svelte blonde, Libby could easily grace the cover of Vogue. She told me how much Jan thought of me, and she almost thought of Jan as a sister, ‘almost’, she emphasized, reaching over and squeezing my arm. I leaned close and whispered that I wasn’t the jealous type, and that Jan had told me all about their sex life together. I kissed her cheek, and told her I was looking forward to knowing her much better. Her face glowed as she returned my kiss, on my cheek. She turned to Jan and they whispered for several minutes. Jan leaned forward, looked at me and winked. I knew that this was going to be one really fun trip.

A representative met the plane, and smoothly guided us through customs. There was a cute female customs agent, who opened my bags for a cursory inspection. She asked the reason for my visit. I replied “Pleasure.” A moment later she moved my frilly underwear and there lay a large slot oyna assortment of vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys. It was all she could do to contain herself. She couldn’t hold back a broad grin, and a slight giggle, and looking at the three of us, told us to enjoy ourselves.

A limo whisked us in style, drinks supplied, to the hacienda located on a small cliff overlooking the ocean. The house was large, Spanish, sprawling, and very elegant. The view was breathtaking. Flowers grew everywhere, and their scent mixed with the warm ocean breeze was intoxicating. We each had a large bedroom with an ocean view.

The maid lived in a small house on the property and was on call. She would fix our meals, clean, and do the laundry for us. A dark buxom Latin beauty, Juanita seemed just right for the three of us. She let us know that she would give us complete privacy, and we had only to press a buzzer, located in several places to summon her.

She fixed us wonderful frozen fruit punches laced with spiced island rum. The house was air-conditioned but the verandah facing the ocean had the cooling ocean breeze blowing through and we spent a lot of time there.

I slipped on my bikini, grabbed snorkeling gear and told Libby and Jan I was going for a long swim. When I looked back from the beach, I saw them, hand in hand, going into the house.

The water was warm and wonderful. I swam out over the reef and reveled at the myriad of fish the colors of the rainbow, and the colorful coral. The fish seemed unafraid of me and I made a mental note to bring something to feed them with the next time. I swam, dove down, and swam through coral alleys, and found my spirits soaring. The thought ran through my mind, that Jan and Libby were probably soaring also. Finally, wonderfully tired, and completely relaxed, I made my way back to the house.

The house was quiet. I moved down the tiled floor toward the bedrooms. I looked into Jan’s bedroom, and the two were laying naked, arms around each other, legs twined, asleep. The rumpled sheets told the story. A large ceiling fan turned slowly.

I showered and put on a short sundress, with only panties under it. I poured a drink from the pitcher Juanita had made, and sat on the verandah, watching the ocean. An occasionally a sailboat would slide by. I heard bare feet on the tile behind me, and then Jan slipped her arms around me and kissed me. I could smell her sweet perfume, and the pleasant, unmistakable odor of a woman’s sex on her face. I pulled back slightly and licked her lips and chin.

“Libby tastes and smells nice. I’ll have to sip the nectar straight from the cup.” I said grinning up at her.

She kissed me passionately and thanked me for leaving them alone for a while, and for saying that. A moment later Libby came out to join us. Both had on wispy negligees that barely hid their charms.

I grinned at Libby and motioned her to come over. Pulling her face down to me I kissed her, slipping my tongue into her warm mouth. Again I pulled back and licked her lips.

“She does taste wonderful, doesn’t she? So do you! I tasted your sweet juices on Jan lips.”

Libby threw her arms around me and kissed me again fiercely. “You don’t know how wonderful that makes me feel. I truly love Jan, and I was afraid that there might be some jealousy. I’ve known some women who can’t stand to have anyone else even touch their lover. Thank you for letting us have some time alone together. It’s been so long since we made love. Twice we’ve been together but couldn’t be alone. God, I love that woman. Don’t you love Jan’s pierced nipples? Very sexy! I may have to have mine pierced.”

“She’s sexy all over, but yes, I do like her pierced nipples. She’s told me how much you two mean to each other. I’m so glad. I want only her happiness too. Well, enough gushing!” I grinned at the two of them.

“We have a week alone together till Mike comes down. He’s not aware of my Sapphitic side. He’s a wonderful man, but somewhat straight. We’ll have to watch it when he comes down. But till then, anything goes! Juanita seems very discrete and I don’t think we’ll have to worry about her.” She and Jan went into the house to shower. I heard laughter and squeals of delight several times.

They came out much later, dressed and we took the provided car and went into town shopping. We did all the tourist things, bought native style hats, blouses. We each bought one of the very daring, very tiny, thong bikinis. We dined in a posh restaurant enjoying the island dishes. Later we drove back to the hacienda.

Juanita asked if there was anything we wanted, and we told her to take the rest of the day off, and come back in the morning. We knew that this first evening would be devoted to lovemaking and we didn’t need her around.

We slipped into our new bikinis and went down to the beach. Walking behind Jan and Libby got my juices flowing. The tiny thong in back just barely covered their cute assholes, and what a view. I told them that they made me horny.

We canlı casino siteleri swam and played in the clear, warm water. Libby looked stunning in the tiny suit. She has small perfect breasts, with hard small erect nipples. In these tiny suits, we might just as well have been naked. We weren’t sure about going nude on the beach, so refrained.

Pleasantly tired, we went back to the hacienda, Libby led us to the master bedroom, through a door into the bath, and we squealed when we saw the sunken bath. It was huge, fully eight feet across. While Libby ran the water, Jan and I made iced tropical punches with lots of spiced rum. By the time we returned, the bath was full of hot water. Libby had added scented bath oil and it smelled divine.

We quickly slipped off our suits and got into the soothing water. Libby nude was even more beautiful than in the tiny bikini. She is tall and slender, has perfect champagne glass sized breasts with small pink areola, and small nipples that always seem to be erect. Her pussy hair is trimmed close at the top, and bare on her outer lips. She says her husband likes it that way. She said she really had it trimmed like that for a lady friend. She laughed, and said she would rather have her pussy completely bald, but Bob had objected. She said she loved to eat a completely denuded pussy.

We sat and talked for a long time, then our drinks finished, began to bathe. Water is always so sensuous for me, and now in the huge bath, with scented oil, and two beautiful women, it was my idea of heaven. We took turns washing each other, and our hands made sure to wash well, delving into delightful hidden places.

Libby and I kissed long and deeply, while Jan washed us, her naughty fingers slipping into our pussies and backsides. Libby is a wonderful kisser, and she quickly had me panting with desire. We rinsed off and laid thick towels on the floor. Libby and I moved together, and our hands moved down to explore. I slipped a finger into her pussy and found it very wet, and tight. She slid downward and insisted that she make love to me first.

I couldn’t argue with our hostess, and lay back, thighs apart as she kissed her way down my body. Her skillful kisses and caresses soon had me moaning my pleasure. Jan moved to my side and when Libby buried her head between my thighs, kissed and licked one breast, while she stroked and kneaded the other. It had been years since two women had made love to me and I lay back enjoying every moment of it.

Libby slipped fingers inside me, touching pleasure points I didn’t know existed. Her lips and tongue did marvelous things to my clit and pussy and she brought me to a panting, screaming climax. The two led me upward again, and again. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more skillful woman make love to me as Libby. Spent, I lay panting and satiated, while the two softly kissed and caressed my body. I slipped back into the bath, bathed, and watched as they moved together and made love.

It was wonderful to watch the two slip together, and move into a 69. They seemed so natural together. I got out and lay down beside them, and stroked first one, then the other. I counted four climaxes they had before they separated, and lay panting and spent. They washed off and we went on the verandah nude and watched the sunset.

A huge full moon rose majestically over the water, and later we walked nude around the grounds, giggling like schoolgirls, as it got dark. The full tropical moon flooded the island. At one point we were close to Juanita’s bungalow and we were keeping to the shadows so she wouldn’t see us roaming the grounds naked. Much to our surprise and delight, we saw her and another woman sitting in a swing in the moonlight, arms about each other, kissing and caressing.

Hidden in the shadows, we watched the erotic moonlit scene until they had undressed completely. They fondled each other, hands slipping between spread thighs. We could hear little moans of joy. Finally they got up and went into the bungalow to continue their lovemaking. While we’d watched, I’d stood behind Libby, my nude body pressed against her, and stroked her firm breasts. We slipped away quietly.

Once out of earshot of the bungalow, we decided we’d definitely have nothing to worry about from Nita. We reached a spot in the garden, hidden by tall bushes and trees, with soft neatly trimmed grass. Jan told us to wait there and she’d be right back. Libby and I moved together and our bodies pressed close. We kissed, and our hands stroked warm soft flesh. I slipped my hand down, and slid a finger into her sweet pussy. It was hot and very wet.

Just then Jan came back with some large beach towels. I told her she was a mind reader. We spread them out and I lay Libby back on one and began to make love to her. The brilliant moon shone down on us, and with the sweet perfume of the flowers, the sea breeze, and her subtle perfume, it made my head swim. I lay atop her and we kissed long and deep. I moved down, she spread her thighs and I wiggled against her then I kissed and caressed her breasts, licking them and sucking her small nipples to new hardness. My stomach pressed against her spread mound, and I could feel her hot wetness as she thrust her pussy against me.

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