My Messy Enema

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Even though I would never recommend anyone getting a barium enema, all the discomfort had a big payoff in the end. The day I got my barium enema was the day I met my future wife, I just didn’t know it at the time.

When my 5 year colonoscopy could not be completed as part of my company physical, I could not comprehend at first. What had gone wrong? The doctor explained I had something called diverticulosis and that the probe could not even get past the first turn in my large intestine. Now I had to undergo a barium enema. A what?

After I got over the initial shock, my boss’s secretary tried to put my mind at ease. She explained it wasn’t so bad. They would put me on a high tech radiographic table that tilted up and down to get the barium sulfate fluid all through my GI tract. I would be put in many positions, side, back and front. She warned me the procedure could be messy, but not to worry as the medical center in Ashland, KY no doubt would have a small locker room with showers to use afterwards. At least that what was offered to her in Austin, Texas.

That didn’t sound too awful, so I made the appointment for a Monday and started in with the enema prep kit to clean me out all day Sunday. I drove myself to the hospital early Monday morning weak with hunger and from squirting fluid out my butt all night. After checking in I did not have long to wait. A nurse led me down a long hall to the procedure room.

A young man with a full beard introduced himself as Larry and that he would be operating the large radiographic table and digital display. “And this is Beth. She is our top enema nurse. She will be assisting me throughout, helping to turn you over, to put you on your side and on your back and stomach. She is our most compassionate and caring nurse. If anyone can put you at ease, Beth can.”

Beth extended her hand and I took it. “Glad to meet you Beth.” Beth looked to be perhaps in her early thirties, a few years younger than me. I guessed her to be about 5’6″, as few inches shorter than me. Her blond hair came down to her shoulders. Her sparkley blue eyes were framed by large geeky glasses. The glasses highlighted her strong cheek bones. Beth was more than cute!

“Now Mr. Williams, I know you are probably nervous but I will try to make your barium enema as pleasant as possible. As you may have heard, it is a fairly intimate procedure, so I want you to be comfortable with me.”

“I heard they are messy. Is that true?”

“Well, yes. Sometimes.” Did I detect a blush? What was up with that? She was smiling but not meeting my eyes. But I confess I was smitten by her broad smile and perky personality. Nurse Ratchet she was not.

“While Larry readies the radiographic table, come with me to the restroom where you will remove all your clothes. She led me to a door a few feet away. There on a shelf was my gown. But where was the locker room and the showers? I picked up the gown and unfolded it.

“Yes, that’s the gown to put on. It opens in the back. Now get completely undressed and come back out when you are ready.”

When I was completely undressed, and had the gown on, I opened the door and walked out. I had not bothered to tie it, as I thought they would be opening it anyway to get access to my backside.

“Have canlı bahis şirketleri a seat on the radiographic table and I’ll show you what we are going to insert. I know it looks wicked but it really won’t be so bad. The barium fluid comes out of the end here. I’ll blow up a balloon to keep all the fluid in. When I insert it, it will feel a lot bigger than it looks.”

Looking down at the long wand in her hand, I thought it looked plenty big. The tip looked like it was an inch across. I was starting to have doubts.

“Now lay down on the table on your left side. That’s it. I’m going to lube you up so I can insert it more easily. I’ve warmed the gel up so it won’t be a shock.”

When I was comfortable on my side with a pillow, she moved the gown off my butt and spread my cheeks. I felt a warm finger circling and probing me. I thought that part felt great. Then there was a push and felt her finger move inside. She worked it around and around. Damn! She was finger fucking my rectum! It felt like she was moving my butt cheek with her other hand. I thought I should not voice how good it felt. I didn’t want to be improper.

“How’s that? That was just my pinky. The enema wand will feel a bit larger. Are you ready? Just try to relax now.”

However pleasant her pinky was moving around inside me, the wand made me gasp as she inserted it.

“Whoa. Can you go slow with that?” I pleaded. “I’m an enema virgin.”

“Sure. Just breathe deep. I’m moving deeper inside you now.”

“Oh God. This is too much.”

“Move your right leg up to your chest.”

I did as she instructed. It didn’t feel as intense now. But I felt totally exposed. The gown was next to useless at this point, as far as I was concerned.

“It’s all the way in now. I’m going to inflate the balloon to keep the barium fluid trapped inside you.”

I felt something expand but there was only a sensation of some pressure.

“How you doing? Try to keep everything relaxed.” She put her full palm on my butt cheek and made circular motions. I could feel the edge of her hand down in my crack, the tips of her fingers brushing my scrotum. “Just concentrate on my massage while I let the fluid in. Larry is going to start tilting the table back to help the fluid spread through you. Don’t worry I won’t let you fall off.”

It was a blizzard of sensations now. Some extremely pleasant. Most not. With the table tilting back I felt my gown riding up. At least she was standing behind me. In another few minutes, I felt the table return to level. My innards were really full.

“We’re going to tip the table up now. Don’t worry, your feet will touch a platform so you won’t slide off.”

With the table rising, the pressure was becoming stronger. I tried to relax and breathe deep as she suggested. I was most uncomfortable. But soon the table returned to level once again.

“How you doing?”

“Not good. This is really intense. I’m starting to cramp up.”

“I’m sorry.”

She took my hand and held it and with her other hand started massaging my abdomen. It felt too good. She was right above my pubic area. With the gown riding up, I’m sure she could see everything. I tried to focus on the comfort she provided holding my hand. But now I was having a strong canlı kaçak iddaa physical reaction down there while her hand massaged my stomach. She seemed not to notice.

“Ok, now I need you to lie flat on your back again. Are you OK with that?”

“Give me a minute here.” I tried to make my erection go away, but it was futile. Shit. I turned over. I’m sure the tent in my gown was prominent. I could feel my face turning red.

Beth brushed my gown down but it was pointless. “Larry is going to start taking some pictures. You can look at the screen on your right if you wish.”

It was a useful distraction. Looking at my insides was pretty gross. I felt my manhood go down. But it apparently stayed elongated. I could feel it flip backwards whenever Larry tilted the table back and then flip up and forwards when he stood the table upright. I wondered what kind of show I was putting on. Beth sure was smiling a lot.

I can’t remember how many times I lay on one side, then the other, then on my stomach, then on my back again. Beth would hold my hand when she heard me groan with discomfort. Her hand was so soft and warm. It was such a comfort. I felt like it was taking forever. But it was less than an hour.

Finally I heard her say, “Good news. We are almost done. Larry will stand the table up and I’ll start the suction to drain the barium fluid.”

With the table now nearly vertical, I could feel it being sucked out of me. The pressure was lessening! But now I felt like I had to pass gas.

“I’m deflating the balloon now.”

“Wait Beth.” Too late. At that moment I let loose. It would have been a nasty fart but it was just trapped air, mixed with barium fluid. I suddenly felt soaked between my legs, butt crack, and even down my legs.

“Oh no. I think I deflated it too fast. Now I’ve made a mess.”

“I’m sorry Beth. I needed to let loose.”

“It’s not your fault. This happens quite often. Larry is done taking photos. So I need to take you into the toilet to remove the nozzle. It’s a bit embarrassing.

“Whatever.” What could I experience that was more embarrassing than what had happened to me already?

“Okay. Sit up. Stand. Good. I’ll walk behind you holding the plumbing. Back to the toilet.”

Beth walked me slowly to the toilet attempting to hold my gown closed, and when I was near the bowl, she had me turn around and back up to it. “Now I need you to put your left hand on the grab bar. That’s right. Now lean over.”

When I leaned over the gown fell down my arms. I should have tied it at the neck. Oh well. The gown covered nothing now!

Beth apparently was not phased. “I need you to start a squat. A little lower. Good. I’ll pull the enema wand out now.”

“Slowly please. If you don’t mind.”

“Sure. We are in no hurry here.”

With Beth kneeling down at my side now, I wondered what her view was like. I was essentially naked. I could feel the wand slowly moving down.

“The wand is almost out. When it comes out, sit and expel. Ready?”

It popped out and I hit the toilet seat hard with a disgusting sounding spray hitting the water. But what a release! I was panting.

“Now to get you cleaned up. You can start with the paper towels in the towel dispenser. I’ll canlı kaçak bahis go get some damp wash rags.”

I was still panting and not fully coherent, but I stood up and reached for a paper towel. I bent over to start with the white fluid on my lower right leg and the gown fell off. The fact that I was now naked barely registered with me when the door opened a minute later without a knock.

“I hope these wash cloths aren’t too warm. Oh my. Look at you. I have some work to do here.”

Feeling like a damp rag myself, I had no will to protest as Beth knelt down in front of me to start wiping me off. Was this hospital protocol?

A good looking woman was kneeling in front of me, wiping my inner thigh! My heart was racing. And I was getting aroused.

“I hope this isn’t embarrassing for you. I can leave if you want.”

I looked down at her. One hand was on my left inner thigh. The other, with the wash cloth, was almost at my crotch. And I was fully erect. Beth’s eyes gave me pleading look. She was enjoying this!

“No. Don’t leave.” I was panting again but now from sexual excitement.

She smiled the sweetest smile. “Then I need you to put your right foot up on the toilet seat so I can get to your butt crack.”

Without protest, I put my foot up and she turned my knee out so she could have full access. “Don’t worry about your erection. I don’t mind.” Her smile was now a smirk.

The tip of my penis was less than an inch away from her face. Her eyes were locked on it.

“I need to wipe behind your scrotum and perineum. Are you all right with that?”

“Jesus. Just do it.” My breathing was heavy and I felt like I could shoot any second. The warm wash cloth massaging behind and now in front of my testicles was too much. As far as I knew no barium fluid was on my balls. Why was she washing me there? The sensations were overpowering. “Beth, I. I feel like I’m…”

In one swift motion she leaned toward the door and pushed the button to lock it.

Back in front of me she took my penis in both hands. “I didn’t mean to get you so excited. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not sorry. I need you to finish me off.”

Beth started stroking me in earnest. There was a rush in my head and in my groin now.

Beth looked up at me apologetically. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shut up. Use your mouth.” I commanded.


“Suck me!”

“But I’ve never…” She continued stroking looking up at me for assurance.

With my hand, I pressed her head forward. She didn’t resist. She opened her mouth, I thrust it deep inside.

“Keep using your hand. Harder. Up and down.” I kept my hand on the back of her head, pressing hard. “That’s it. Oh God. Don’t stop. Oh. Ohhhh!

My legs started to shudder and I erupted. I spurted in her mouth, now watched it flow back out and down her fingers and wrist. “Keep stroking! Swallow it!”

When I finally stopped spurting she moved her head up, but kept her fingers wrapped around my shaft. “I never did a guy like that before. Do you always shoot that much?”

“Not usually that much. You have another big mess to wipe up.”

“It’s all my fault. I deflated that balloon too fast.”

“No. You did good. You were great.”

“I feel like such a slut. I really don’t do this. I don’t know what came over me.”

“No no. You’re a goddess. We should do this again soon, but with a bottle of wine.”

Beth’s entire face lit up. She grinned ear to ear. “In that case, I’m free this Saturday.”

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