My Best Friend’s Brother

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I’m over at your house; again. It seems like I am at your house just as often as you are. You know how girls are with their best friends; inseparable.

It’s true that I enjoy spending time with my friend, but I enjoy flirting with you even more. Every time you are around you are teasing me about something. I act bothered but it excites me. When I go home I think about you as I finally satisfy myself and drift off to sleep.

Tonight your sister and I are watching a bad movie in the living room. You come in and sit next to me on the loveseat. I find your seating choice odd but it makes my heart race.

“Is anyone else freezing?” You announce after awhile.

The house is cold considering it is summer. You come back with two blankets, one for her and one for us. You throw the blanket over us and I enjoy the feeling of immediate warmth. I can feel the heat rise between my legs. You seem interested in the movie, but I find that I can no longer concentrate.

After several minutes my focus has returned. Just as I feel comfortable with you sitting next to me, you quickly grab my hand and place it in between us. For awhile you just hold it. My heart is pounding and my knees are shaking. I have wanted you for so long.

You begin to caress my hand and then my shaking leg. I let my hand make its way over to you. I touch your thigh as you touch mine. It is clear this is the most we can do. Anything else would be heard. I enjoy touching you, but I want more.

As the movie ends you jump up and excuse yourself. You need to get rid of your erection before anyone notices.

“I’m going to Jerry’s place; do you want a ride home?” You ask me nonchalantly.

“That works.” I say trying to not appear eager. I say my goodbyes and we get into your car.

My eyes quickly meet yours and you drive off. As you drive you put your hand on my leg, occasionally caressing my thigh with your finger tips. The heat between my legs is nearly unbearable. I open my legs slightly hoping to catch a breeze from the air conditioning. The car fills with the smell of my excitement; your hand clenches my leg as you control your urge to pull over and fuck me.

I have words at the tip of my tongue, but I say nothing. My heart is racing and my heavy breathing is making my mouth dry. I keep glancing over at you out of the corner of my eye casino oyna to try and get an idea of where we are going but I cannot read your stare. “I want to find somewhere for us to be alone.” You say, answering the question I hadn’t ask aloud.

The car ride feels endless as I anticipate what will happen when you find somewhere for us to be alone. Finally you pull over in a quiet parking lot. You take off your seatbelt and position yourself to face me. I slide my seatbelt off, but I keep staring straight ahead. I can’t make myself meet your stare. Your experience shows; A boy my age would have tried to kiss me already, but all you do is look at my face. After a moment you bring your hand over to my chin. Your touch makes me gasp. My nervousness makes your cock strain against your jeans. With your hand on my chin you guide my eyes to meet yours. I lick my lips involuntarily in anticipation of a kiss, but you don’t kiss me.

“Hi.” You say coyly.

“Hi.” I manage to breathlessly gasp back.

My eyes dart around the car. I feel embarrassed to look at you in the eye too long, but your eyes stay on me. I start to feel uncomfortable; you enjoy the feeling of knowing that you are making me squirm.

“You are really cute.” You finally say to ease my discomfort, but now it turns back to embarrassment.

“Thank you.”I say doubtfully.

“I like your mouth.” Your choice of words turns me on more. “Is it okay if I kiss you?” You finally ask.

I lick my lips again. “Yes.” I say but feel awkward saying it.

You lean in but hesitate before kissing me. You can feel my inexperience and how much I am wanting your lips on mine. It excites you knowing how much I want you. With your lips almost touching mine you whisper “I’m going to kiss you now.” Your whisper brings shivers.

Your lips touch mine very gently. The heat between my legs builds.

“How was that?” You ask teasingly.

“Good” I squeak.

“Should I kiss you again?”

“Yes.” I am almost impatient.

You kiss me gently again and again; each time pausing in between. My excitement is dizzying. As I get used to the repeated gentle kisses you bring your hand behind my head slipping your fingers under my hair. Without warning your next kiss is powerful and aggressive. You eagerly part my lips with your tongue and taste me. I moan. You slot oyna continue kissing me hungrily. Your hand holds the back of my head pressing my face into yours. It excites me to feel you in my mouth; even though it is not possible, I want you deeper. As we kiss you bring your hand over to my breast. This time you don’t ask, you grab at them greedily. You twist my nipples hard between your fingers; It is my first experience finding pain pleasurable.

You recline my car seat, still kissing me as you lay me down. Your hands move over my jean shorts and I can feel you trying to slide your hand underneath to touch my sopping wet pussy. I clamp my legs together and shake my head. “No.” I whisper. My reluctance just makes you enjoy the challenge.

“Why not?” You ask.

I feel embarrassed that my pussy is so wet. I don’t understand what it means. I don’t want you to think I am dirty. I don’t know how to tell you that.

You seem to guess the cause of my hesitation. “But I can feel how hot and wet you are.” You tell me. Your words surprise me. “Your pussy is so wet because it wants to be touched. It makes me excited to know how turned on you are.” I don’t say anything but look relieved. “Do you want to feel how excited you’ve made me?” You ask as you guide my hands to the front of your pants. I feel your hard cock. I feel the wet spot from the pre-cum not knowing what I am feeling.

“Let me touch you. Let me feel how hot and wet you are.” You convince me.

I feel so awkward as your fingers make their way up my thigh. You push away my wet panties and slide your fingers into me. The penetration makes me squirm. I moan as you finger me. You bring your fingers out and surprise me again by licking my juices off of them. “Your pussy tastes so good.” I am shocked. It arouses you that you are doing things to me that I have never experienced. You plunge your fingers into me again only to bring them out and bring them towards my lips. You want me to taste them but I just look at you. Instead you run them over my lips and then kiss me, running your tongue over my lips.

You moan with satisfaction. “See how good you taste?” You tell me. “Do you want me to kiss you there?”

I look terrified at the thought. “No.”

You bring your head down like you are going to do it anyway. You turn and your eyes meet mine. “Oh okay. canlı casino siteleri Not this time.” You say with a coy smile. I’m relieved, and then I focus on your choice of words. Will there be another time like this with you?

You move to sit back in your seat. I wonder if it is over already; I don’t want it to be over. You adjust your jeans a little trying to reduce the discomfort. My eyes stare at the sight of you cock pushing against your jeans.

“Do you mind? It’s really uncomfortable.” You ask even though I am not sure what you are asking. You unzip your pants and sigh with relief as you give your aching hard-on some more room as now it is only confined by your underwear. You rub your cock through your underwear for a moment as I watch.

“Do you want to see it?” You ask. This time you wait for me to answer, not because you are concerned with what I want, but because you want to hear me want it.

“Yes.” I say shyly.

You watch my eyes as you let your cock free. You enjoy my look of surprise. You rub your hard on while I watch you.

“Touch me.” You say as you take your hand from your cock and bring it over to my hand. You guide my hand over.

You place my hand around your throbbing erection. You put your hand over mine guiding me with how you want to be touched. The feel of your cock in my hand makes me dizzy. I am overwhelmed with wanting you.

You lean your head back as you enjoy the feeling of my hand stroking you. I continue to pump my hands up and down your shaft as you occasionally direct me, softly whispering; faster, harder, just like that. I feel powerful bring you such pleasure.

Your cock pulses as you get closer to cumming. “Don’t stop” You instruct me. “I’m going to cum.”

I feel nervous again. I don’t know what will happen.

I feel your cock jump as you cum over yourself and on my hand. I look into your eyes. You look deliriously satisfied. “I could make you cum too.” You offer.

I don’t say anything, I stare into your eyes as I bring my hand up to my mouth and lick your cum off of it. I close my eyes as I taste you and breathless whisper your name.

Watching me lick your cum off my hand makes you think I’m not as innocent as I appear. You want to fuck me right here and right now, but you also want to draw it out. You’ve had sex with other girls, but somehow this is more fun. You get off on the power of knowing I want you. You decide you are satisfied enough for now. You want to wait to fuck me until I am begging you for your cock. You look over at me and decide that it won’t take that long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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