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The next morning started much the same. Waking, showering, love in the shower, and a light room service breakfast on the beach side porch. Life seemed so much freer when you didn’t worry about what you should wear or being dressed when the maid came to clean.

Later that morning they did what could easily turn in a lifetime morning habit, put on sunscreen, grab sunglasses and head out to the beach and walk the water edge until they turned around and returned. Michele continued to pick up random shells that caught their interest. They had a large pile at the cabin and knew they would have sort through them eventually if they took any back home. On the way back, they stopped at the beach bar and got a chicken salad and a fruity drink each. They enjoyed it at a table with an umbrella and joined by a couple in their late 30’s. They were from Atlanta and had been here each year for the past three years. They said this resort had given them the spur in their sex lives to carry them through much of the year and to provide them with the courage to become more open and adventurous back home. They also mentioned it was unusual to see a young couple like them and were curious. Tim looked at Michele and smiled. The other woman said, “I’m sorry if I was being too forward. I was just curious. You two are obviously very vibrant and already open. Everyone has noticed you because of your youth and your openness. Seeing you carried out of the water yesterday afternoon and up to the beach while joined had every other woman on the beach drooling. We could see your body shake with each step he took.”

Michele responded, “No, it’s not too forward. At least not being in this place. This is still somewhat new for us, believe it or not. As you may have heard, for some reason its news around here, we were just married over the weekend. This is our honeymoon. But not just our honeymoon. You see, last Saturday afternoon we had a very nice, traditional type wedding in a church attended by all our families, friends, and associates. We had a very pleasant reception at a local hotel, catered, with a lively dance band. It was beautiful. I was in a stunning wedding dress, even if I do say so.”

The woman responded, “It sounds lovely. Congratulations. But this still seems an unusual choice. Most honeymooners seek privacy to experience their sexuality together.”

Tim continued, “Well, you have to understand that the traditional wedding was nice and pleasant, rejoicing with our many family and friends. But we had two ceremonies that day. The traditional ceremony in the church and celebration at the reception was to become husband and wife. The second one is the reason we are here. I chose this resort very purposefully to expose and prepare Michele for the next stage in our lives.”

“As husband and wife? I don’t understand.”

“As husband and wife, yes. Because we are that. We are very much in love with each other and are devoted to each other in that same sense. But, ultimately, no. We are here because at the second ceremony Michele and I committed ourselves to much more and it was attended and witnessed by only our very closest friends and only by her parents.”

“Okay, we’ll bite, what other commitment?”

Tim looked at Michele and smiled. “Answer the woman, dear.”

Michele expanded, “We haven’t expressed this to anyone but our closest and most trusted friends before … the second ceremony was held at a rented hall that we had completely and exclusively for ourselves. It was officiated by the same pastor but attended by only our closest friends and my parents which was a total surprise to me.”

“Total surprise? You didn’t know who was going to be there?”

“No, I didn’t. Oh sure, I knew who some would be because I knew who were our most trusted friends. But, no, Tim handled the second ceremony completely. He arranged the hall, inviting the guests, the ceremony program, the celebration after, and this honeymoon. For the second ceremony I was again dressed in white but this time I was only dressed in the same white high heel, thigh high stocking, white pearl necklace and a very short veil attached to my hair.”

“That’s it?!?” She looked back and forth between Michele and Tim with eyes wide.

“That was it. Nothing else. When I opened the door to enter the large room to walk down the aisle, I was shocked to see my dad standing there. He walked me down the aisle to once again give me away to Tim. Everyone else was fully dressed as I knew they would be. casino siteleri You see, this ceremony was to be my commitment to Tim. This time not as his wife, but …”

Tim encouraged, “Michele, continue.”

“Not as his wife this time, but as his SLUT. I committed to his will as he wished to have me, wherever, whenever and with whomever. That is why he chose this resort. What better location to initiate our new life together than a place so free of restrictions and so open about sexuality.”

“Woman, you have me wet just listening to you. That is so hot. I envy you but at the same time I’m not sure I could do that despite how much I love this man. Congratulations. Enjoy your life.”

They had two glasses of wine by this time so went back to the cabin where they first made love slowly in bed and took a short nap. Later they lathered up with sunscreen again and headed back out to the beach. They walked about a quarter mile, talking, picking up shells, holding hands. To cool off they went into the surf for a dip, diving, playing “grab ass”, enjoying the freedom. Michele disappeared under water and Tim felt her swim between his legs but then felt his cock taken into her mouth. She finally had to come up for air but not until he was hard. She put her arms around his neck and in the water easily raised her legs and hips up to his waist, took his cock in her hand and inserted it into her pussy. Second day in a row she was getting fucked outside in the water. She loved the feeling of freedom and availability this place provided and relished the opportunity to express her sexuality. She continued to bounce on his hips, driving his hard cock into her pussy with increasing need and penetration. Then with loud moaning and her shouting her need for release, they both came, together, again. Tim carried her out of the water, again still joined, onto the sand where he laid her onto her back and joined her to rest.

Tim rose up onto one elbow and asked, “Are you leaking?”

She dipped a hand down to her pussy and came back with two juicy fingers. “Oh, yes.”

“Get more and lick your fingers clean.”

She did and moaned, “I love the way we taste. Our cum mixed together.”

“Then, from now on after being fucked you will clean off the cock that you have serviced.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ready? I think we could use another drink.”

He helped her up and they headed back towards the beach bar area. They soon approached a group of others congregated at the water’s edge in discussion about something. As they got closer, they saw that it was four couples with one being the couple they were talking with at the bar during lunch. The group made a gap for Tim and Michele to join them.

Tim commented, “You guys look like you were having an intense discussion before we arrived.”

The woman they had lunch with responded, “Yes, we were and you two might be of some help. You see we were just confessing to each other that we have all had fantasies of participating in a gangbang. As we were discussing it, though, not one of us has fantasized about being the focus of the gangbang. We all realize that there is a big difference between making love to being fucked to being gangbanged. Even a fuck is sharing, even if it is intensely. Being banged is just being used. It’s not sharing and certainly not loving.”

Tim said, “Sounds like you need to find yourselves a slut who will just be satisfied if she is used. Not worried about her own pleasure but just in being able to provide pleasure to others.”

“Sounds like exactly what we need for us to all realize one of our fantasies. To participate in a group using a woman for our pleasure.”

“But where would you find a slut here?”

Everyone, including Tim, turned and looked at Michele. During all this talk she knew where Tim was going with this. He had not yet really exercised much control over her. Yes, he told her to fuck that man the other night and that was a step but it was also mutual because he also fucked his wife. This was four couples, eight people, men and women. She could also tell that she was getting wet from just the conversation and visualizing what was likely to be happening next. When they all turned to her, she looked at everyone. She made direct eye contact with each, deliberately, and unashamed. When she looked to her side at Tim, she lowered her eyes, knelt down at his side and in a controlled voice said, “Sir, if it is your desire, I can be of service to these people in realizing their fantasy.”

“How would you do that?”

“You indicated that a slut would be canlı casino required, sir. I am your slut. So, if it is your desire that your slut be a slut for them, then I can of service to them in their pursuit of realizing an opportunity to participate in a gangbang.”

“Here, slut?”

“Wherever you wish, sir.”

Tim looked at the others. At least two of the women were open mouthed at the declaration that just came from Michele. All the men only had lust in their eyes. Tim said, “There you have it then. If you desire to have a gangbang, you have before you just such a slut for your use. She and I have plans for dinner tonight so I suggest you not delay. I recommend that three of you go back to the resort area and retrieve three lounge cushions. The sand will be rough on her knees and back after a time.”

Michele looked up at Tim and shivered as if a cold breeze just went through. Only this was due to lust. Her body was instantly sensing her feelings, the breeze over her bare skin, the moisture escaping from her pussy lips.

As the remaining people approached her, Tim asked, “Is your body ready, slut?”

“Yes, sir. I am already wet and open.”

One of the women lay on her back in the sand and told Michele to start eating her pussy. When she got onto her knees to do that, the remaining man got behind her and slipped his cock into her. She was indeed wet and open. He penetrated her with ease and drove himself to full penetration in two strokes. She gasped and moaned at the sudden penetration but then returned to the woman’s pussy. While being fucked with strong and long strokes, she applied just as much zeal to the woman’s pussy. Using her tongue on the full length of her pussy, flicking her clit with the tip, sucking her clit and nibbling on her lips and clit gently with her teeth. She quickly had the woman approaching her orgasm and jammed two fingers into the woman while munching and sucking on her clit. Once she was done, another took her place. The man inside her tensed and stroked to maximum penetration and pressed into her harder as he too came in a powerful climax. As he withdrew from her pussy, another woman came behind Michele and jammed two of her fingers into her. After several strokes, another was added. With her other hand she pinched and rubbed Michele’s clit. The thought of two women using her in addition to the actual activity sent her over the edge for her first orgasm with them.

The other men returned with the cushions and several buckets of bottles of beer in ice. Michele got up long enough to have the cushions spread out. The men indicated they had time to make up and one of them got onto his back and directed Michele to sit on him with his cock in her pussy. Once settled in, another came up behind her and she felt his cock poking at her ass hole. Tim suggested using some lotion to get started. Then a third man came up to her face with a third cock. She thought to herself that this was called “airtight”. Every hole filled.

The man in her ass came the fastest since that was the tightest and Tim stepped in and filled that hole. The man in her mouth came next and a woman sat on the mouth of the man in Michele’s pussy and raised Michele up to kiss her, tonguing her, in open passion. This dynamic continued to a variety of position changes and interactions. But for the next three hours Michele was fully used by these eight people.

At the end, Michele collapsed onto her back, legs and arms splayed wide. Her pussy and ass were dripping cum from the men and her face was shiny from the juices of the women. The people stood around her and watch. One of the women sat at her head which she raised and placed in her lap and gently stroked her face and hair. Someone handed her a bottle of beer and held to Michele’s lips. Michele looked up into the face of the woman and smiled, thanked her, and sat up and leaned into the woman. Then chugged the remainder of the beer.

Once completed, she handed the bottle back to someone, rose to her knees before Tim and said, “Sir, was your slut’s performance satisfactory to your intention?”

“Yes, slut, you have made me very happy and from the appearance of these people, they are very happy, as well.”

The woman Michele had originally confided in at lunch helped Michele up and hugged, “Thank you, Michele. That was so exciting. You’re a beautiful woman.” One after the other, the women came to her and expressed similar sentiment.

Tim grabbed her hand and walked her back to their cabin where he sat her in a chair on the porch and Tim kaçak casino got her another drink. It was quiet for a few moments and then Michele looked at Tim, hesitated, then got up and knelt at his side. He looked into her eyes and searched for what she was thinking and feeling. When she finally spoke, she took his hand and said, “Sir, thank you. You used me as you wanted to. You shared me with others you wanted to share me with. Thank you for allowing me to please you and them, as you required. Sir, may I now clean you and please you, again?”

“Yes, you may. Then we need to get ready for dinner and our activities tonight.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

When they arrived at the restaurant, Michele was dressed in white, again. White high heels, thigh high stockings, a white sheer wrap tied at the waist, and a necklace hanging between her breasts. Her hair was down over her shoulders and extending down her back. They had a quiet dinner just themselves. They had a bottle of wine and an after-dinner drink. They held hands, kissed and laughed throughout the meal. She blushed when he talked about the gangbang that afternoon. The couple from last night saw them and came over on their way out after dinner. Tim and Michele stood and they exchanged kisses.

After dinner, they went to the club and danced for an hour with a few drinks. One of the couples from the beach saw them and they shared a drink and exchanged partners for a few dances. Tim made the woman shiver while they were in a slow dance by holding her close to him, stroking her butt and cupping her breast while saying, “You know what Michele did today for you? I bet you were wondering the whole time what it would feel like if that were you. You said that you had interest in participating in a gangbang but not being the banged. But watching Michele, weren’t you curious what it would be like? What she felt? How you would feel?”

“Maybe for a moment. But it’s like a porn pop-up on the internet. For a moment you’re tempted but then you know you can’t.”

“Why don’t you with porn. You were on the beach with seven others today making a woman do as you wanted for only your pleasure. Is watching porn worse than that? You had fun. Everyone had fun. Even Michele enjoyed it. The more you explore, my dear, the more you will remember this day and wonder.”

Just then Michele stepped in and said, “Excuse me, but I need this hunk. I understand we have some plans to make for tomorrow.”

And they did. Tim had suggested that they go to the other side of the island where he heard the heavier surf brought in more shells and bigger. Many were broken by the surf but it would be something different and was a clothing optional beach. So, they walked to the lobby and asked for help in setting up the logistics for getting their and back. They sat in the lobby as she took down information. They sipped wine and chatted. The woman commented on Michele’s splendid tan. Once confirmed, it was arranged that the resort van would take them to the other beach and pick them up at a pre-arranged time for the return. She suggested they use appropriate cover for the trip since they would be going through town and, if for some reason they needed to stop, they would need clothing in town.

With their plans made, they walked back to their room holding hands. Tonight, Tim intended to love her in bed. He stood her at the edge of the bed and undressed what there was. But mostly using his hands liberally on her skin as he took off the wrap, stockings and shoes. He then devoted the next hour totally on her. Kissing her completely from head to toes, up and down to the other toes, and back up to her mouth. He touched her gently, stroking and cupping her breast, her mound and her ass. He kissed and nipped her nipples and clit. Sucked her pussy, her clit, and her nipples. Taking her nipples between his teeth and pulling. Then doing the same to each of her pussy lips and clit. Then using his tongue, licking her length of pussy, slipping his tongue between her lips and inside her. Trailing his tongue up over her abdomen, over her rib cage, to her breasts, nipples, up her chest to her neck and ears. Then kissing his way back down the same path. Gentle, slow. When she was raising her chest to that stimulation and her hips to that stimulation, he became more earnest until finally taking her over the edge with fingers and mouth.

He let her relax and got each another glass of wine. They reviewed the day and she laughed when he confided what he had said to the woman while dancing. “You just guaranteed that she will be second guessing the entire time she has left of her stay here.” And after their wine, they were asleep with his arms wrapped securely around her.

* * DAY 4 – MORE ADVENTUROUS will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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