Lydia Got the Winnings

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Reader, this is primarily a story of a forced lesbian seduction by an utterly captivating and beautiful sexy wife, of another. This is followed by the forced seduction of herself, and acceptance of the terms and conditions, set by her victim and her husband of that young beautiful wife.


Lydia Smales was facing a huge unasked for problem, one she could never even have envisaged. It had come out of the blue, and it was so stunning she could hardly get her breath. She was standing in her own living room at the woman who had just spoken to her.

When she was able to speak, she said unbelievingly. “Are you out of your tiny mind, what are you talking about?” the woman stood in front of her smiling. It was her friend Mary Beth Taylor; she was a beautiful woman of thirty, happily married, but maybe not? Lydia thought.

Five feet nine inches, which put her about four or five inches above Lydia. Her face was amazingly lovely; she brought stares from wherever she went, or whomever she met. Her hair was long and soft, a shiny mane of auburn, today it was piled nonchalantly on the top of her lovely head. She wasn’t really flirty, but her eyes were, come to bed eyes, her lips inviting people to kiss her, and her smile was so seductive, men drooled over her.

Her body was to die for, legs that went from here to there, her dress sense was immaculate, and she lived in style. Her husband who was about five years older than her was very successful, and she had a house that was the envy of most.

But Lydia wasn’t envious, not even a little; she had ‘the’ husband too. He was successful, dynamic, good looking, virile and they were very happy. Lydia was about five feet four inches and a bit. She herself was more than attractive, but not to Mary’s standards, ‘but hey ho,’ were Lydia’s thoughts, ‘she doesn’t have what I have,’ she would say to herself.

‘I have Jack, she only has Derek,’ who was Mary’s husband, and that’s where Lydia had more than the upper hand. Mary’s problem was, everyone knew that Jack was the man, a real man, dashing, good looking, courteous, a gentleman, a good conversationalist, listener, and a great guy to have in your bed on a cold dark night.

Mary Beth repeated what she had just said, and it was just as shocking as the first time. “You heard me, I want you to share Jack with me Lydia, or I may have to take him off you!”

“I can’t believe you are in my house and saying this to me, I thought we were friends?” Lydia managed to say.

“We are friends Lydia,” Mary said, “and we’ll remain so, I’ll just have Jack to play with when I need to!”

“You are crazy Mary; I think you had better go before I lose my temper.” Lydia said harshly.

“Lydia, you know I’m far more beautiful that you are, I’m sexier than you are. I am probably better in bed that you are. In fact I know I will be, so why don’t you admit it, say yes. And then we can talk to Jack and tell him how things will be, you know he would never turn me down, you’ve seen him looking at me, haven’t you?”

I through a barb at her, “Hah,” I said, “You spend half of your time in bed with other women, why do you want a man?” She smiled at that, the barb seemed to have missed.

“Yes I do Lydia, and wouldn’t you just like to share my bed with me too,” she sneered to me, “just to see what I can do for you. I know your tongue hangs out when you think no one is looking, I’ve seen your nipples harden for me, I turn you on too don’t I!”

That was it, I flew at her, she had thrown a barb at me, and it had hit! I did ‘look’ at her, everyone did, and yes I did find her sexy and attractive, but that’s because she was. And the fact that she had seen me looking, checking her out when I thought she didn’t know hurt, and my nipples did harden sometimes too!

I had never been that way; I had never even sought a relationship with another woman. But, I suppose, like most women, I had thought of what it might be like. I was never adverse to the idea, and to be honest, if I had ever gone down that route, then Mary Beth was be in the vanguard. I grabbed at her, more angered because she had found me out than anything else. I was going to scrag her, even give her a good slap. But the room seemed to spin and I found myself on the floor with her more or less on top of me. She had a grin on her face.

“Ooops Lydia, what have you done, you are a silly girl aren’t you? Now I think I am going to have to teach you a lesson in manners.” I started to struggle, to throw her off me, but she was taller than I, and heavier by quite a few pounds because of our different statures.

I still don’t know how it happened; but suddenly, she was laid at my side, up on one elbow. Had an arm around my shoulder and holding onto my wrist. My other arm was underneath her back and she was laid on it, she lifted her leg lifted over mine. And then she just looked at me. I struggled again, and fought, but I never went, or got anywhere. I was held like a wrestler in an unbreakable hold.

Then the most casino siteleri amazing thing happened, she kissed me full on the lips, she enveloped mine and me, and I couldn’t pull away. I was in another hold, Mary kept kissing me, I tried to turn away I really did, but I was held tight in her lip lock. She was breathing through her nose and her breath washed over my face, even coming from her nostrils it was sweet, aromatic, and sexy.

The first thing I did was to ignore it, and her. But I couldn’t, it was her lips, they were so soft, and so compelling and demanding, that in the few seconds of her kiss, I was falling into an abyss. Her hand was cupping my chin, then I felt it slide to my neck, over my shoulder, then down over my breast, I heaved at her to stop her, no chance!

My eyes were wide open, and so were hers, she was smiling at me through them. I knew what was coming next and I was right, she slid her palm over my extending nipple, which until that moment I hadn’t known was hard. But as soon as her palm scraped across it I humph’d into her mouth. Then the killing field, she took my nipple in her fingers through my blouse and squeezed it.

I intensified my attempts to break free, I humped with my hips, I heaved with my shoulders, I kicked with my legs, or I tried to. But I soon found out I was wasting my time. She was stronger than me by far; I was absolutely no match for her. She held me down as easily as a grown person would do to a smaller one. And now I had more things to contend with that weakened my position greatly.

One was her kissing me, two, was my nipple was enjoying the attention, I could feel the hardness and the tenderness from it myself. And three, being held down by this beautiful creature who wanted to share my husband, or, as she said, she would take him off me. I didn’t fear that, I knew Jack loved me, our love was rock solid, and I knew he would rather die than hurt me.

But I was now not only struggling to free myself, which I couldn’t. But I was struggling not to give in to her. And I think she already knew that. I had known for quite a long time that she liked to swing with other women, but not many people knew what I knew, and that her husband knew too. And, as I said, I had wondered what it was like too, to be ‘with’ another woman. Although I had never ‘seen’ myself in this situation, that I had now found myself in.

It was I believed, just a case of womanly curiosity. Well now I was finding out like it or not. And I have to confess, if I was going to get trapped this way by another woman. Then someone as beautiful and sexy as Mary Beth would have been my first choice. My nipple was getting her full attention, I still heaved when I could, but all I was doing was hurting my back when it crashed back down, and it was tiring too.

Then Mary stopped the kiss, she raised her head until her mouth just cleared mine.

“Me thinks thou doth protest too much,” she breathed over me. Then her mouth really connected with mine and I was in a full on kiss, one that only lovers share. I struggled one more time before I gave it up; she was crushing my nipple so wonderfully it captured my mind. Mary was working me up and I was following her lead.

Once more her mouth lifted from mine, she returned immediately, it was a long kiss, then again she lifted her angelic seductive face from me. She looked at me with a knowing, soft, sympathetic smile, and she let go of my breast. I couldn’t see her hand, but I felt it, it was slowly sliding down my body, by the time it passed over my waist I knew exactly where it was going.

“Mary no!” I wailed, “Please don’t, stop please Mary stop.” I begged. Her smile broadened ever so slightly.

“But you don’t want me to do you? Not really Lydia,” she said so quietly, my hips left the floor again, just as her hand slid over my pussy. “You like it Lydia don’t you?” she said this in the instant her finger pressed on my clit. I heard a tiny squeal, it was me. Her finger tip ran up and down over me. And I was in blissful aroused heaven, as little tickling ripples flooded over me.

“Please Mary,” my struggles were none existent now, she kissed me and I went under the surgeon’s knife, her finger being the knife. She sliced me up, carved me up, and I was dissected. Then next thing I knew was I could feel my skirt being hitched up, leg by leg she pulled it upwards.

Then Mary’s cool hand was on my stomach, before she slid beneath the elastic of my panties. It was when her finger slid down and into me that my capitulation became complete. I was kissing her back, and the soft moans I heard I knew were coming from me. Her finger hooked right into me forcing my knees to rise.

She had her right leg between mine, so my right leg only rose so far, but my left waved about like a sapling in a gale. She moved her finger and the pad slipped and slid over my little man. I had my first woman on woman orgasm. She ran the pad of her finger around and over him in such a gentle fashion that he chased after it.

“Now slot oyna Lydia, tell me to stop again, go on, if you can, if you want to?” her sweet smelling breath enveloped me fully. I couldn’t speak, how could I have done when I was climaxing under her complete control.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “I thought so, you don’t want me to stop do you, you want me to make you cum again don’t you Lydia, hmmmm?” And she did, she made me cum many times while I was trapped by her right there on my living room floor. I was also too weak from them to even think of trying to fight her off.

I had put up a struggle, at least I had tried would be my only defence. Mary adjusted herself, and now she had full control. She was over me. Whenever she leaned down to kiss me, I leaned up to meet her. Her finger was in me constantly, setting off the bombs at will within me.

Mary looked at her watch, “My,” she said, “look at the time, another couple of hours and I’ll have to go Lydia. I’ll tell you what, let’s pop up to bed, and I can show you what it really is like to be loved by another woman, especially this woman!” She created havoc again on my clit, then she was up on her feet and helping me up. I managed to get up, and with her help and insistence we made our way upstairs.

There she undressed me, kissing and fondling me as she went. I was on a permanent high. Then the coup de gras, if one was needed, Mary did a strip show for me, she amazed me totally, she was grace personified, and utterly sexy, now I was looking forward to going in to my bed with her.

Her body stunned me, everything about her was so beautiful, blemish free, no lumps or bumps where women don’t want the, her lines were perfect. She was the white swan completely, and she held me with her eyes. Her finale before she got me again was, she held her arms above her head as she swayed from side to side to some imaginary music.

Then she lowered them to her head, pulled the two clips out holding her hair, and tossed them elegantly to one side. Her wavy, curly auburn hair tumbled around her face like water tumbling down a brook to the sea. It was mesmerising, never in my life had I gazed upon someone, or something so beautiful, and she knew it. But the flaunt you would expect wasn’t there, everything about her, her looks, her movements, they were all god made.

I was sat on the bed by now; my legs were weak with anticipation and the sight before me. She glided to me, put her manicured hands on my shoulders, and I found myself falling backwards. I surrendered to the moment completely, I wanted this, and I wanted Mary, oh God did I!

As I was laying back I pushed myself so I was in the middle of the bed, Mary Beth followed me on her knees, I was straddled and I couldn’t have been more engrossed in the vision above me. She just looked at me, she knew, who was the one here, and it wasn’t me.

“Have you ever been with a woman Lydia?” she asked, but she already knew the answer to that. “No I thought not,” she said for me. “Then Lydia, you are about to find bliss in a far different way to being with your man,” And under her breath I heard her say, ‘my man.’ I knew she meant Jack, but I still knew he wouldn’t go anywhere near her, at least not without me knowing about it.

It was something Mary Beth would never know, or probably never understand. I would be telling Jack about today. We have never ever kept a secret from each other, and tonight, he would have the full SP! But first there was the small matter of me being seduced the way I was, or had been, by the most gorgeous woman I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. And now here I was, on my bed with her, naked, both of us now. And she was kneeling over me.

She took both of my nipples, I remember sighing as she did, it really was different, soft hands, pointed nails, pads of fingers, they all added up to different. And I must confess, I liked it, I liked her kissing me, and I had absolutely loved her finger doing what it had to my still dripping pussy.

She put my arms, which were above my head, down to my sides, there she pressed her knees in, and I was a willing prisoner. She murdered my nipples, leaning down to kiss me too, I drooled, it was wonderful. Then reaching behind her she galvanized my clit, until it just about melted. I don’t think I have had so many disjointed orgasms. Jack gave me the biggest ones, but these seemed never ending.

I was looking up at her wondering what was coming next, and dying in anticipation, because I knew that wherever it was, I was looking forward to it. Then she started sliding forward up my body, soon her ass was sat on my tits, knowing what was on them turned me on even more. That’s when I knew what was coming next, and she confirmed it by saying.

“First time pussy licking Lydia?” My eyes were glued to the honey pot creeping towards me. I licked my lips and nodded. I had of course, like a lot of women, often wondered what it would be like to taste another woman, well now, I was about to find out.

Being canlı casino siteleri trapped the way I was gave her the dominant role, although I was a party to it. “Do you think Jack will like my pussy Lydia?” she said with confidence. It spoiled the moment a little. I wanted to say to her, that she would never find out, not unless I said so. I stared back and never conceded.

Mary Beth stared back, smiled, and continued her journey and as she slid over me I closed my eyes, and savoured her taste, her smell, her wet lips slathering on my open mouthed face. It really was nice, I liked it. She knew what she was doing of that there was no doubt. Her cool fingers got my nipples behind her, and I was away. I have never had an orgasm of this nature. It was different to any I had experienced, and I had experienced a few I can tell you. It blew me apart, my feet and legs were kicking all over, and my mouth was trying to suck her insides out.

When I sort of came round, when the marbles had stopped spinning she was laid next to me looking down. She wiped my face with the corner of the bed sheet, kissed me and said it was time for her to go.

“But Lydia,” she told me, “I want you to come to my house on Thursday, about 10am is good for me okay? Then we can have some real fun. I have all the things I’ll need to get you into my corner.” I smiled weakly not realising what she was saying. She kissed and fondled me some more, I managed to feel her superb firm breasts, a quick kiss and a suck, and she was up and getting dressed.

“Bye bye honey,” she said, blew me a kiss and over her shoulder, she repeated, “10am Lydia and we can discuss things, yes?” Then she was gone, leaving me laid on my own bed, completely and utterly satisfactorily sexed up. Today was Tuesday; Jack was going to get one huge surprise tonight.

When he came home I told him everything, his only disappointment, he told me was, he hadn’t been here to see the stunningly beautiful Mary Beth get me! We had discussed the scenario of me with another woman, or a girl, and we had discussed Mary Beth too, so we were talking from the same page really. And if it were to happen again, he wanted to be there. I lost my temper then.

“Why?” I yelled, “So you can fuck her afterwards, and let her win, is that what you want!” He saw the error of his words and immediately told me no. That he would never be unfaithful to me, never. I had known that, but I felt threatened for a moment. Then we started talking, this was too dangerous to us both, we came up with a plan to nip it in the bud and stop her in her tracks, or rather Jack did.

He told me that if we were to…

I arrived at Mary’s as per instructed by 10 am Thursday morning, she greeted me warmly. I had my bag with me. She asked me in and as soon as the door closed she kissed me, it was breath taking. I began to doubt my resolve, but I shook myself and remembered why I was here.

Her luscious body pressed up close to mine, I remembered her sleek beautiful feline lines. She took my hand, and whispered, “Soon Lydia, you’ll be eating out of my hands, and somewhere else of course!” she said lewdly. I grinned and we entered her sitting room, I was right where and how I was supposed to be. I whipped the child’s school bag out of mine.

It had a string cord to pull it tight, Jack had fashioned a knot. I plopped it quickly over Mary’s head and pulled the cord, it worked a treat. Her surprise was total which gave me the upper hand, I heard her mumbling, her hands went to her head, just as Jack had said they would to pull it off.

I put an arm around her, Jack and I had practiced this bit, I placed my leg behind hers and pushed. She went down like a sack of potatoes; her hands automatically went behind her to break her fall. I put mine at the back of her head to prevent her banging it when she hit the floor.

I let her land with a thump; Jack had said to do this to get her thinking of something else. Thump, I heard her gasp, then she was complaining, as soon as this happened I forced her over on to her stomach, gathered her wrists, and I had her arms up her back and me on top. Mary Beth was defeated and captured, just like Jack had told me, and it had gone like clockwork.

Holding her elbows with my knees I reached for my bag again, pulled out the rope with the special knots Jack had made, put them on her wrists and it was game over. Mary started shouting and yelling, even screaming. I quickly took out the roll of 2″ tape jack had bought too, and wrapped it quickly around her head and covering her lips; I made sure it wasn’t over her nose.

I took my phone out of my pocket, dialled the number, on answer I spoke one word, “Yep!” I put the phone away and stayed sat on Mary I couldn’t resist playing with her though. I got my hands under her and toyed with her nipples, they felt fantastic. How other women could refuse or resist her was easy to understand.

I pushed my hand down and cupped her pussy, she was mumbling and protesting, but I got a great handful, and I managed to get a finger in. I squished it around making her squirm, which delighted me. Then I whispered to her, “If you promise to behave Mary, I’ll remove the bind around your face, promise me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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