Lost Loves Surprise

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My fingers were six inches away from my pillow nestled inside my lover’s hand as we rested. Her hot breath blew across my neck and down my back as I stared out the window. While I gazed at the night sky I saw it turn gray, and as the shades of red filtered in, the reasons for the choices I made over the last six months became clear. My new girlfriend was never teasing me, never tried to lead me along, or take me from the girlfriend I was seeing when we first met. I know now that it was suppose to be, that she is the one I am to love.

I first saw Michelle staring through the window while she sipped her mocha. It looked like a double tall; I thought I heard her say she wanted a quad. I never looked at her refection in the window or I might have been scared off cause a few months later she admitted to me that she was staring at me, while I looked at her. She was an oasis in a hot dry desert too.

I like women that are bigger than me; Lucy was just a little bigger but Michelle was a lot bigger. Her shoe size was the same as mine but her arms were longer her hands were bigger and she wore a extra large for a shirt size, and I only wore a medium large for a shirt, her Levi’s were thirty-eight waist by thirty-four inseam, mine are thirty-six by thirty-two and I had a little pot belly growing and some fat on my ass.

I am five nine and she had to be six two at least. I liked the way she kept the young girl look with her hair in pig tails and wearing short plaid dresses and white shirts sometimes, but she had to be all of twenty-six. As stocky as Michelle was, I figured her to be one forty one thirty, it was obvious that she spent a lot of time in the gym toning her thirty-six twenty-eight thirty-eight body, and shaping her muscles, because she was built in the arms and legs and had very little fat regardless of her sizes. Her washboard flat stomach was visible from across the street. I later found out that Michelle was a trainer at two gyms. I never had a trainer but I went to my gym two and three times a week just to keep my pot from getting bigger, but compared to Michelle I was less then a novice.

It was fate; we started coincidently running into each other at stores the deli, we liked the same restaurants and coffee shops, other times our movements just happened, like two hands playing a piano. At any rate we started to sit together on our little coffee clutches and talk about everything or nothing just read or worked crossword puzzles. That turned out to be the trigger that caused my girl to get pissed. I knew that Lucy was jealous and for that reason I never took Michelle up on her offer to work out with her. I wanted to spend time with Michelle but Lucy wouldn’t stand for it. It was okay for her to sit, talk, and laugh with whomever she wanted to, but when I did it I was fooling around. So after a few weeks of us arguing about who we were or weren’t seeing I got sick of the double standards and broke it off.

For a short while I actually blamed Michelle for our trouble and found myself being rude and snubbing her. I was shocked when I realized that she was never at fault, and I knew then that I wanted us to be more than casual acquaintances. I started looking in all the places I knew she frequented or where I had seen her. I even went to the two gyms where she worked and all they would say was that she was booked. I needed to find her so I could make some sort of apologetic gesture. I just wanted to find her, but she was nowhere to be found.

I was starting to think that she had moved away when I saw her sitting at her favorite table looking at me through the window and smiling. I felt my heart flutter a little and I filled with joyous relief at finely finding Michelle, my legs even turned a little rubbery. I would at least be able to make my apologetic gesture, and an excuse. When she waved at me to join her I became ecstatic and tripped over the step as I entered and again when I started to walk over to Michelle’s table after I picked up my drip coffee.

“I’m so glad to have run into you! I’ve been looking all over for you!” I said frantically as I neared the table, stumbling again over nothing but my feet.

“Well that is a change from the cold shoulder that you gave me a few weeks ago.” She sounded humorously sarcastic then warmly added, “One of the guys at my gym said some guy was looking for me, and I thought of you right off.”

She sounded so happy to see me I sort of knew that she wasn’t upset with me but I started to apologize anyway, “Well that is one of the reasons I’ve been looking for you. I want to apologize for my rude behavior the last few times we ran into each other. You see in a roundabout way I blamed you for my breakup with Lucy. I realized how wrong I was and wanted to say something to you. Like I am both sorry for blaming you and glad that I have separated from her.” I said desperately in almost one breath and then took a big swig of coffee and waited for a reply.

“Oh I knew what you were doing, boys are casino siteleri sadly funny that way and I was not insulted by you at all. I was actually sorry to hear of the break up through our mutual friend.” Michelle said in a reassuring voice.

“A mutual friend?” I questioned.

“Lydia. The counterperson here.” Michelle pointed out as she nodded her head in the direction of the counter.

“Oh…? I did say something one day when she asked me if I was okay,” I explained. I was surprised and pleased to hear that I had been talked about in a positive context.

“So if you’ll forgive me for asking is it over between you two?” Michelle quizzed warmly.

“Oh yes…! It is over!” I replied and remarked, “She has tried to reconcile twice but I was not interested. I am still mad at myself for letting it go on as long as I did.”

“So was it more than just us?” Michelle pried with warming interest.

“Lucy was very possessive and very double standard with… her possessiveness.” I responded and explained, “it was okay for her to talk to other people even meet them when she was out without me, but I could not talk to anybody else without being given the third degree much less meet someone else out for a simple cup of coffee, I just got fed up with her attitude.”

“So I was at fault in a round about way.” She acknowledged and smiled.

“No… no… no! It was her own guilt about her double standards. It drove a wedge between you and I and Lucy and I; any way it is done and I am glad to be free.” I said assertively.

“Free huh nobody else to take Lucy’s place?” Michele asked warmly.

“To be honest I was hoping that you might be interested in resuming our little coffee clutches? Maybe take a dinner or two with me sometime?” I shocked myself with my forwardness as I responded to her warm inquisitiveness.

“You know I was very possessive with my last boy friend. I do not like to share or be shared.” Michelle declared firmly adding, “It isn’t wise to bed down in groups or with strangers, any way I find sex much more gratifying in a one-on-one relationship. I like to know that I am the only one, and I am possessive and don’t mind being possessed to a point. How about you?”

“I don’t mind sharing my girlfriend with another girl, but I draw the line at sharing her with another guy.” I acknowledged and added, “I find the intimacy shared in a one on one experience much more gratifying, and more so when I am confident that I am the only suitor. I don’t mind admitting to my possessiveness, and… I admit I do like to be possessed it makes me feel more wanted.”

“Why do you not mind your girlfriend taking up with another woman?” Michele asked with an alluring tone in her voice.

“I had a girlfriend Kayla a while back that was bi and wanted to have as she put it, a hard cock inside her sometimes and a dildo just didn’t do it for her. Any ways I think women have a stronger desire to please, and get more pleasure from pleasing than men do.” I said as I warmly reminisced.

“I’m bi, and you are you bi?”

“No. I have only been casually interested but hardly motivated.”

“How does that work?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“How is it that you are casually interested but not motivated?”

“I doubt that there are very many truly content guy men or women. The questions that always dig at me are, why are they so promiscuous? Why do they break up so many times? And why are they the largest numbers in the mate swapping clubs?” I cut my dialogue short as I felt myself climbing upon my soapbox.

“So you don’t like to share; you are not gay, and you don’t flit around, but you like to think about your girlfriend going down on another woman.” She recounted frankly then asked, “Have you ever been attracted to another man?

“Well I guess that is accurate a little oversimplified but accurate.” I affirmed then admitted, “I have never found the gay type very attractive; but I have found myself thinking of this one man I knew, he seemed so nice and I was in a mysterious way attracted to him sexually, but I…we… I wasn’t even sure he was gay, but I think I would have given in to his seduction. I like viewing lesbian pornography I find it very arousing, and to be in the same room with them and just watch is a persistent fantasy of mine.”

“You have been very revealing; I mean that fantasy about that man you knew. I don’t think you are gay just honest, I think a lot of men have those fantasies and hide them from them selves. You know Gary we have a special date coming up?” Michelle posed with a very seductive tone in her voice.

“I thought today was our special date, you know us finding each other at our favorite place. I didn’t know that we had a special date already.” I said with a puzzled look on my face and anxiously awaited her explaination.

“Yea May 5th. Last year is the day I stared at your reflection in the window.” She recalled warmly, “You kept looking away not wanting to get caught. I was relieved slot oyna to see your shyness dissolve as we got to know each other.”

“A year has gone by already. Boy! The days are rushing by faster and faster aren’t they?” I said in astonishment, and then ventured, “You don’t have anyone making claims on your time do you?”

“No. Why?” Michelle laughed.

“I was thinking we could have one of those dinners and celebrate. A fancy dinner out, on me.” I exclaimed happily.

Michelle’s rustling brought me back from my reminiscent dreaming, to the bed we were now sharing, as she pulled my body tighter to hers and squeezed my flaccid shaft as she dozed. Her warm breath caused goose pimples to rise as it accumulated in my hair. I was amazed at how I still tingled from the pleasures that Michelle lavished upon me, and surprised at how good it made me feel to pleasure her the way I did. I felt new life stir in my penis when her hand stirred again pulling and squeezing it, while she slept. I remember going to sleep with her hand holding my penis and still holding it every time I woke up. Time must be standing still the sky is no lighter than it was when I started to dream. I closed my eyes and drifted back to our dinner, what a feast, for our special date, and our conversations.

“I am curious why you don’t have a boy or girlfriend now? If you’ll excuse my nosiness.” I pressed on.

“My last girl friend wanted to come back with me while I was helping Mom grieve for Dad’s passing.” She started.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know, a family lose is always hard, and a personal matter.” I interjected and tried to comfort.

“Oh don’t worry I am not close to either of my parents. I don’t hate them it is just that they nit pic me to death, or I argue with them over just about anything. I prefer that my parents think that I am celibate, rather than bi, and she wanted to change that.” Michele explained adding, “My Mom still doesn’t know and I don’t think she would adjust to it easily.”

“I think a person should know that their friend will act appropriately and respectfully. I know how parents can be about perspective friends, or mates. I didn’t want to take Lucy but she was so pushy that I took her to a dinner anyway. She didn’t embarrass me too bad but Dad knew that she was the leader, and harassed me for weeks afterward.” I remarked adding, “I think we have a similar family life. My Mom and Dad divorced when I was a teenager but my step Dad is the spitting image of my Dad. You ever see anything like that?”

“Hell yes! My girl friend from college had a boyfriend that smoked cigars and yelled at the games on TV just like my Dad would. He would ignore her flirtations even get cross at her until the game was over then maybe they would go to bed and have sex, they didn’t do it for very long either, and then they both started snoring. So when she finely dumped him she gets this girlfriend that ‘get ready for this’ smoked cigars, yelled at sports on TV, and snored. To a tee this girl matched right down to the way she imitated Groucho somebody with her cigars, and even rebuked her advances until after the game, and yes they both snored.” She related her story warmly but with tones of sarcasm.

“That is incredible.” I exclaimed.

“So you never had a bi experience?” Michele asked only very alluringly as if she thought I was hiding something.

“Oh just the curious touchiness and fondlings, and compairings that go on with kids.” I clarified.

“So if you liked a man would go down on him?” she pressed.

“I suppose that would depend entirely on how we felt as a couple. I have never had any persistent fantasies involving males.” I answered as sincerely as I could and asked, “Would that change anything between us?”

“No. If we were going together Gary I would be hurt if you left me for another man.” She sighed and continued, “You sounded like you missed… Kayla was it?”

“Yes…Yes I miss her sometimes.” I said sadly.

“What do you miss most about her Gary?” Michele pressed on.

“Honestly?” I stressed.

“Yes! Now I am intrigued I want a honest answer.” She said smiling broadly.

“She could give head. She gave meaning to the term art form to the act of oral sex. Like you; I bet you do really good at oral sex, and you do it because you want to, not because you think you should. Well Kayla liked to get me to…” I paused as I searched for the right word.

“Cum!” Michelle interjected.

“Yes…!” I exploded then calmed as Michelle put her hand on mine and continued, “So I would try to get her to cum on my face and at least pleasure her that way and not because I felt I had to either; I wanted to. If she were a man I would have gone down on her because I liked her and would have let her cum in my mouth just like she did for me.”

“My! You still feel strongly about her. Why don’t you try to get back with her?” Michelle asked.

“We kept in touch for a while. The last two letters I received from her were to let me canlı casino siteleri know she was in love with another woman and the second one was to let me know they were still going strong, and that was almost two years ago. I hope her girlfriend really pops her cork. I am happy for her, really…” I replied with conviction and warmth then pried, “And you; what about your last girl friend, what do you miss about her?”

“I would say the one thing or the part of our relationship I miss is her eager receptiveness to my pleasuring. She could get wet and was always trying to pleasure me.” She replied smiling as she mused on a fond memory or two.

“And why haven’t you reconciled with her?” I challenged.

“She was and is an exhibitionist.” Michelle started, “She was really into exhibitionism; and me, I think what a couple share should be kept to them selves, unless the two of them want to like Lanai and her new friend. They did finely get into some legal snafu over public lewdness. I’m sorry she got busted, and I’m happy she found someone else to be with.”

“I did like feeling her up in the movies though, she could ‘cum’ at the movies and the way she kept it so quiet you couldn’t tell unless you had your finger inside her. I admit I did find that very arousing, and we both left the seats wet.” She told the story so sweetly, and when it was over she just sat there looking at me for a while. We were there for three hours eating, drinking, and laughing totally oblivious to the crowd as we told our stories.

We sat there for several minutes just quietly enjoying our silence after hours of yakking away and laughing. My gaze strayed to her mouth and as I was looking at her lips I felt my penis turn hard. I pulled my eyes back to look at her face and her forehead was reddening and a blush was on her cheeks, and I could see veins in her temples. I thought to myself our thoughts are the same? My penis relaxed a little and I felt some juice trickling down my thigh as I sat.

“I have an idea!” Michelle exclaimed, “Lets go to your place…” she paused a broad grin beamed as she looked around took my hand gently then whispered, “lets go to your place I want to suck your cock, and get your cum in my mouth.” Then she giggled impishly and held my hand.

I was stunned my heart was pounding in my throat as she sat back, her fingers still holding my fingers. I could see her large nipples bristling under her blouse. I thought my god they are huge, and how my mouth turned pasty as I thirsted to suckle them. Then as I struggled to speak only the embarrassing stammers and stutters came out at first and then finely the words came, “I would like you to come over very much.” I said softly then waved for the check with my free hand.

As I reached for the trey Michelle put her hand on mine saying, “Let me treat.” Then asked, “you won’t be offended will you? I want to treat you to this dinner, as celebration of a renewed friendship and the beginning of a new relationship. What do you say?”

“I say fine. How could I refuse such a nice offer?” I agreed smiling; my hand still tingled from her warm touch. I marveled at how much bigger her hand was compared to mine her big boned body gave her a powerful look, and she was lean. Most of the women I have known that had a bone structure as Michelle’s were plump even fat, and some were very attractive, but the meat on Michelle was toned muscle, tempered with a soft plumpness, giving her body a very powerful look that I found to be enthralling.

“The cab is mine too. I think we have both taken too many turns at pouring the wine.” Michelle suggested.

I sat there and realized I was a little woozy from the wine. I felt myself becoming eager as I watched as she paid the tab and asked the waiter to order our cab. We sat there making faces at each other and giggling like kids telling dirty stories. Then the waiter walked to our table and told me that our cab was here, and helped Michelle with her coat and ushered us to the door.

She at least let me open and close the doors for her. As I settled into the cab’s seat I tried to remember if there were any side glances from our waiter and I don’t think there were any, he was much too professional.

Then the words of the cabbie filtered in, “Where to.” I was at a loss for words and looked at Michelle.

“Your place we said.” Michelle reminded as she snuggled to my chin.

I remember stuttering at first then firmly gave him the address again, and put my nose into her hair and drank in her scent thinking how sweet she smells with no perfumes to hide it, and so warm to the touch. I felt her warmth radiating from her hand as Michelle gently slid it up and down my thigh getting close but not touching my penis.

We did the twenty minute cab ride quietly her nose under my chin and mine in her hair. Her hand softly squeezed my inner thigh teasingly; my penis swelled again only this time I ached in my groin. It felt like the first time I was making out at the drive-in; we all knew that it wasn’t going to go anywhere but we kept doing it any way. I have always wondered if the girls ached like we did. All these years and I never thought to ask any of my older girlfriends.

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