Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 05

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Part One

“Ahhh, fuuucccck, I’m in love,” Duane groaned, deep from his diaphragm. He shook his head in amazement, looking down at Maria’s peach ass and caressing her soft, cushy flesh as he slowed his 10-inch, bareback cock strokes in and out of her warm, creamy pussy. “Tight pussy. So fucking hot. Wet. Feels too good.” He rubbed Maria’s rectum with his right thumb, making circles. Then brought his left thumb down and, with both thumbs, slowly opened her anus. “Look at that perfect asshole…it’s begging for cock. I gotta put it in there. Get a shot of that, bro. Y’don’t mind if I fuck your girl’s ass again?” He pursed his lips, generated a mouthful of spit and let loose a stream of it down into Maria’s asshole as he continued flexing it open with his thumbs.

George had the GoPro focused on Maria, framing her sucking his cock while she jerked Marc and Armando’s stiff rods. She played to the camera, eyes dancing, smiling, gagging, licking all three cocks, slurping the guys’ balls and exuding an air of being in total lust with all of them.

“She ain’t my girl, she’s yours,” stressed George. “So yeah, go for it; fuck Maria in the ass. She wants it, wants to be trained.” He nodded to Duane, his pal from the apartment complex where Cito and the rest of the gang had been hanging out before they got the text to come over and take part in fucking George’s ex. Zooming slightly in on Maria, who’d switched and was now straining to fit Marc’s purple cockhead in her mouth and jerked his shaft as Armando whacked his rod against her head, “That’s good, right? You want him to stick his cock up your ass, cariño? Yeah? Another big pole and cumload up that sexy ass. You love it, don’t you? Look at me; tell me, slut.”

Maria didn’t even know whose cock it was. She’d already taken three or four up her ass; maybe it was five…six, seven? She’d lost count. Big cocks, fat cocks, long cocks, hard cocks. Friends and relatives of George. Now all part of her family, as she’d absorbed and ingested each of their DNA. She let their fleshy meatpoles pierce her anus; stretch her out good, and a few had even shot hot ball juice deep inside her asshole. So nasty, and it made her cum. This was something she hadn’t even done with Nick yet. She was yearning to feel it again; the stretching and stuffing of her ass, the manly reaming of her private hole, and the feeling of their hot cum inside, filling her up then her letting it run out, squeezing and even farting it out as George captured it on video.

George had sprung this on her when she’d gotten out of the bathroom – and unwittingly exposed herself, practically naked, in front of a roomful of guys. She was pissed about it at first, as it was totally unexpected. She’d nearly made up her mind to get dressed, pack her things and get the hell out of there, tell George to fuck off and never talk to him again. But that seemed like forever ago.

Right now, Maria was swooning. She’d already gone way past the point of being uptight. The pot and tequila helped her relax, but bahis firmaları she realized she’d crossed some other kind of threshold. Shame, embarrassment? No, not any longer. She felt open, uninhibited and even natural, letting all these guys see her, smell her, taste her, kiss her, finger her, fuck her, cum in her, use her. She’d swallowed all the guys’ spit, plus the loads of whoever squirted their sperm in her mouth, and she’d licked and sucked each of their assholes as George directed while he filmed her. Cheating, betrayal? Yeah, maybe, but maybe not. She had a feeling Nick would get off on this too, if she could break it to him at the right time and in the right way. Maybe, maybe not. It might spell the end of their relationship. But she’d decided to let the chips fall where they may. She went into this because it was something Nick had wanted. And he was right; she wanted it, too. Which was the whole point. To get ready for Tahoe. Maria wanted to make his fantasies come true. But George had turned the tables on her and now had her thinking way beyond Tahoe. She was letting him videotape her getting gangbanged. And the way she was feeling, there would be more videotaping to come.

Gagging on George, Armando and Marc’s cocks, with another one bulging in her pussy and her ass pulsing in want of being filled by another fat boner, Maria could see herself wanting to do this again – and again. She’d never cum so hard, never had such sustained orgasms as she had today. In fact, each cock that pushed deep in her ass felt better than the previous one. When she felt them swell up inside her and expand against her anal walls, it made her pisshole drip as the guy went over the edge and she felt him spasming his sperm into her butthole. She felt a sense of connection with each of these guys, maybe even a certain kind of love. Weird because she didn’t even know most of them. But she’d already said, “I love you” several times to different guys. And meant it. Was this how pornstars felt? Is it possible to feel and share this kind of intimate connection with a bunch of guys, and yet not have any conflict with her feelings for Nick? She didn’t know for sure, but, savoring the aftertaste of semen at the back of her tongue and inhaling the scent of the sweaty cock meat and nutsacks of the studs fucking her mouth and batting against her face, Maria had found joy and a sense of accomplishment in the realization that she was living out a fantasy: that of being a cock- and cum-filled slut. All the guys wanted her; she saw how she made their cocks rock hard in anticipation of fucking and cumming in her. She saw how she possessed the sexual power to do this, and yet she was also equally happy being their disposable fuck toy. In fact, that was the part she liked best. It made her hotter than ever.

“I want his big dick in my ass,” she said into the camera, gripping George and Marc’s stiff cocks close to her face and jacking them off as she spoke, imagining Nick watching her on video at home and jacking off while she showed him kaçak iddaa her true, slutty nature. She deep throated Marc, Armando and George, gagging on their cocks and slobbering over them, then sucking up her spit. Both Marc and Armando smacked her across the face and pulled her hair a couple of times, muttering, “you fucking hot whore.” She smiled, said, “yes I am,” turned her head to the right and looked behind her.

“Oh, yeah, baby. I love your big dick. Put it in my ass again, please, ram it into me hard, baby. Fill me up. Fuck me.”

Maria turned her head back to the camera, smiled, gritted her perfect teeth, then quickly closed her eyes tightly, dropped her mouth open and raised her head, breathing out ecstatically while her brow furrowed, indicating she was getting off on the painful stretching of her asshole rim by her stud’s fat cock as he drove it in and out of her, soon ramming it in balls deep, then pulling all the way out and gaping her hole, then ramming it back in and, in no time, assfucking her like a rag doll.

Duane was in full control of Maria’s gorgeous ass, slapping her responsive cheeks and slipping and sliding the full length of his black cock in and out of her lubed anus. If he were a pro athlete, this was his gold-medal performance. This was the hottest ass fuck he’d ever given, and he’d only met this petite, shapely, brown-skinned, bubble-assed Cuban girl an hour or so ago. Spreading her ass cheeks wide, he took in the dream-fulfilling reality of her offered-up hole – his anus to fuck as he pleased – divinely lined with sparse, superfine black hairs around the circumference. It drove him over the edge. He rammed his steely meatpole at full depth, groaning as his balls tightened, his nutsack buzzing and the energy in his groin feeling like fire.

“Too fucking hot, man!” The camera teetered in George’s hand as he squirted his load on Maria’s face and into her mouth. As he shot off, he came unglued, shouting, “fucking hot bitch! Swallow that shit and get my cock hard again. I’m gonna cum in your ass next. All of us are.” His profane wail put Marc over the top as well, and he drenched Maria’s forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and lips with strong jets of jism. “Oh, yeah, my treasure. I’m gonna fill your hot pussy with my next load,” he grunted, fisting the last drops onto her tongue. She had a mouthful of cum and Marc jammed his black cock back down her throat.

George’s cock dropped out of view as Maria pulled Marc’s cock out of her mouth, looked in the lens, swallowed the cum and smiled, batting Marc’s cock against her cum-spattered cheek and saying, “Ooh, yeah, I loved that. That turn you on, baby? Watching me suck other men’s penises and swallow their sperm while they fuck my pussy and ass? Don’t cum yet, baby. I’m not done.”

She reached up with her left hand to grab Armando’s cock and, jerking it, continued narrating into the camera, matter-of-factly. “Right now you’re whacking off, watching me get fucked and cummed on by these guys. These strangers. And while kaçak bahis you’re jacking off watching this, I’m out having sex with more big dicks for you to watch again. So you won’t ever have to spend any more money on porn again, baby. I’ll do all your fantasies for you.”

She looked up at George who kept the camera rolling. “Oooh, baby; his cock’s so hard. He’s gonna cum in me. I love it. Film him cumming in my ass. I want my boyfriend to see his big dick pulling out of my ass and all his cum spill out.” She looked toward Cito. “Get my phone so I can take selfies of Marc and Armando’s cocks in my face and mouth.”

Cito grabbed Maria’s phone. “I’ll shoot this, mija,” he said, nodding to Armando, who was jacking his heavy, nine-inch rod in front of Maria’s cum-glazed face.

“Open your mouth, mija,” said Armando, as Marc stepped back and out of the way.

Maria opened wide and flinched as Armando began pissing into her mouth. Cito was capturing it all on her smartphone, combining still shots and snippets of video.

“Drink it all, sweetie,” he said. “I know George doesn’t want his carpet stained with my piss smell. So swallow. Pretend I’m your boyfriend.”

Eyes burning with piss and cum, Maria managed a smile as she gurgled and gagged down Armando’s tequila-spiced urine. He measured his squirts to give her time to swallow each mouthful. She coughed, choked and even dry heaved, but managed to swallow it all without puking.

“You gonna bring this bitch back again, bro?” Duane panted as he sped-fuck a dozen or so final balls-deep rams into Maria’s asshole and released his load with a victory wail. After his initial explosion and several involuntary spasms, he nursed out every last drop of cum into Maria’s body with slow strokes and squeezes, eventually pulling his thick, still-semi hard black rod out of her gaped, bright-pink asshole.

George had the GoPro perfectly framed as Duane’s shaft and oversized cockhead emerged from his Latina slut’s anus. It was so relaxed from his – and the other guys’ – vigorous assfuckings that the semen came forth in an even, uninterrupted stream. George had Duane spread Maria’s ass cheeks wide so her cum-draining hole was on full display for the camera lens.

“Not even swollen, not one bit,” noted Duane. “Never seen such a perfect asshole. Look at that. All of us fucked her ass and it looks like she can take all of us in there again.”

Up front, Cito was capturing Armando, who’d finished pissing in Maria’s mouth and had turned around, gotten on his knees and, with his ass in her face, was getting anally bathed by her tongue and slurping lips. She spread his ass cheeks and dove her tongue and face as deep into his asshole as she could. He pulled on his cock, stretching it as Maria tongue-fucked him.

“Damn. Look at her,” said Marc, shaking his head in amazement. “Sorry, can’t help this,” he smiled to George as he stepped around the other side of Maria so Cito could get him in the cellphone shot while he urinated all over her head and back as she rimmed Armando. He then had Cito follow him as he moved behind Maria, moved Duane out of the way and finished by pissing into her still-gaping asshole.

George made sure he got a good capture of that as well.

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