Kremer at the Doctor’s Clinic

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When Kraemer celebrated his 50th birthday, he indulged in booze a little more than usual with his friends therefore having to visit the washroom much more often than usual and, being a health fanatic, he decided to visit the doctor the next day. He was up early the next day with a stiff fullness within his pyjamas and noticed that there was the typical stain of a strained muscular spasm and the ejaculation. Kraemer had been having uncontrollable ejaculations at nights quite regularly recently, though he had abstained from relationships for decades. He was obviously worried as a new symptom, of visiting the loo too often, was added to the existing irregular emissions. He brushed his teeth, shaved his face and the thick growth between his thighs, too. Using the toilet napkin, he cleaned himself well after emptying his bowel and bladder before bathing, drying, and applying a soothing, perfumed cream to his arse cheeks, penis and the area he shaved before putting on a T-Shirt and a pair of short pants over his boxers. He then called the receptionist at St. Bona Rosa, a hospital he visited regularly for health checks, and was told that an Urologist could examine him that morning at 10:00. It was 8:15 as he glanced down at the heaviness and persistent stiffness between his thighs and passed the fingers of his right hand over the stiffness for a few seconds before withdrawing them.

He slowly walked to the kitchen, prepared a couple of egg soufflés, a cup of black coffee and settled in front of the television to briefly watch the repetitive pattern of “Breaking News”. The stiffness had disappeared by then but an uncomfortable, yet tolerable, fullness and ache between the base of his penis and arsehole remained. The News-reader had inadvertently crossed her legs exposing much of her groin and the sleek, white, see through lingerie which, for reasons known only to her, was wet and exposing her charms to the eyes of the camera-man at the studio, as well as the peering eyes of Kraemer and other viewers. Kraemer felt the stiffness growing once more but, having finished his breakfast, he rose up and walked to the kitchen to wash the dishes. He switched on the music disc and prepared to dress, noticing that the underwear he had just worn was a little sticky and wet and he could smell the familiar alkaline odour he was used to. He went to the washroom, cleaned himself up, put on a clean pair of boxers and went back to the dressing table to groom himself. He put on a pair of black Terry wool trousers, matching socks and black polished leather shoes before looking at himself in the mirror to reassure himself everything was fine.

The drizzling outdoors helped calm him as he switched off all gadgets, made sure that the stove was turned off, proceeded to the front door, locked the house, got into his car and drove to St. Bona Rosa. The clock in the reception room stood still for a moment at 9:59, or so he thought.

“Good morning, sir” Priscilla, the pleasant receptionist at the front desk, greeted him.

“Good morning Priscilla. Am I not in time?” Kraemer said as he turned to Priscilla.

“Indeed you are in time Mr. Kraemer. Nevertheless, if you would please bear with us, there was an emergency just before your arrival. The attendant will take you to the Urologist in a moment. You may wait there until then Mr. Kraemer,” Priscilla said as she pointed to a sofa facing her desk.

“Thanks Priscilla,” Kraemer said and slowly descended onto the thick, yet soft, cushioned sofa. He adjusted himself to be comfortable and looked at the legs of Priscilla and the other two receptionists at the desk with a glass partition below their waists. Kraemer followed every movement of their legs closely and waited for the precious moments when their legs would part a illegal bahis little to expose their hidden wonders.

“Mr. Kraemer, the attendant will lead you in now,” another receptionist said as she looked at him. Kraemer quickly stood and walked behind the attendant, who led him to the Doctor’s office door and knocked.

“Yes, come in,” a female called from behind the closed door. Kraemer wondered if he had come to the wrong Doctor.

“You may go in sir,” the attendant said, noticing his hesitation but ignoring it.

Kraemer was surprised to see an attractive young woman standing behind a desk as he stepped in, letting the door shut slowly behind him.

“Come in…Mr. Kraemer,” she said as she managed to look at his file very briskly to address him by his name.

“I am Profunda, Dr. Profunda. Come and have a seat,” she said as she extended her hand to greet him and showed the chair in front of her desk.

She: was tall, though a little shorter than Kraemer; had a perfectly shaped face; had very proportionate eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin; had auburn hair at the backdrop of her fair face; had dark, long, fluttering eyelashes; had beautifully trimmed eyebrows; had magical and hypnotising brown eyes and had a beautiful set of teeth with healthy, pink gums that advertised the fact she was meticulous, from head to foot, in body care.

“Thanks, Dr. Profunda,” Kraemer said, stressing the latter syllable, ‘Funda,’ as he stepped over and sat down.

“Is my name amusing, Mr. Kraemer?” asked Dr. Profunda.

“Oh, no Dr., I sort of like your name. It’s profound. Oh, yes, it means deep, unfathomable depth.” He did not say it also meant, ‘unplumbed’.

“It also means, unplumbed,” she said with a mischievous smile on her face and taking him by surprise.

“Oh…Ok…Yeah,” acknowledged Kraemer.

“Alright, now coming to your problem, tell me what’s happening, Mr. Kraemer.”

Kraemer became a little more comfortable now to tell this young, beautiful doctor of his intimate problems. He told her about the recent onset of ejaculations, the birthday celebration and the increased visits to the loo. He didn’t say anything about the heaviness and pain that the News-reader or the receptionists at the hospital front desk induced on the base of his penis. The mere thought and the presence of the female Urologist in front of him drove blood, full force, up the shaft of his penis which made him try to conceal it under his palms though the desk’s unobstructed view to his tenting trousers.

“Are you married, Mr. Kraemer?” inquired Dr. Profunda, breezing through his file once again.

“I was married, Dr. Profunda.”

“Which obviously means that you are not anymore,” concluded Dr. Profunda as if that was a good omen and continued, “Did you have any children?”

“Ah yes, I have a son and a daughter who are in the university. I haven’t had any relationships, thereafter.” confessed Kraemer.

“I see. Do you masturbate, Mr. Kraemer?”

“Not really, Dr. Profunda. Yes, perhaps a few odd times. I mean, never regularly,” replied Kraemer with his palms pressing onto his erection as his eyes scanned, as if they were his fingers and lips, the surface of her breasts.

“HMMM, you seem to be having a problem that’s best attended to by a Sex Therapist but I need to examine you completely before I can certify you have no physical problems,” said Dr. Profunda with a mischievous smile before ordering the nurse, standing behind Kraemer, to brief him about the examination. Until then, Kraemer was unaware that a nurse was standing behind him. He felt uneasy as his eyes met the nurse’s eyes.

“Mr. Kraemer, I am Nurse Lalang. If you’ll please follow me, Dr. Profunda will now examine you,” the illegal bahis siteleri nurse said as she led him to the adjoining room.

There was an odd looking, steel, examination table, half the length of usual examination tables, at the centre of the room that had a semi-circular edge where the bottom of the patient would rest and a pair of stirrups, like leather holders mounted on steel frames on either side of the same edge of the table. There was a dressing screen, covered by a light pink screen, at the far end of the room and other gadgets one would see in a mini operation theatre.

“Mr. Kraemer, please go over to the other side of the screen, remove all clothes you are wearing, drape yourself with the light pink paper towel, kept on the stand there, and come over to the examination table,” instructed Nurse Lalang.

Kraemer followed her instructions, finding it difficult to keep his erection within any confines. He came out from behind the screen and saw that Dr. Profunda was already standing there at one end of the examination table, which had that semi-circular cut out edge. Kraemer imagined himself on the table, legs spread out and raised, resting his feet on the foot rests and the doctor examining him.

“Mr. Kraemer, please help yourself onto the table and rest your feet on the foot rests, please,” Nurse Lalang said.

Kraemer walked with his hands in front of his still persistent erection and climbed onto the table by a gentle push with his hands resting on the table edge.

“Mr. Kraemer, now you can turn around to face me and place your feet comfortably into the foot rests, please,” Dr. Profunda said gently, resulting in a sustained stiffness between his thighs.

Kraemer slowly lifted his legs, spread them wide and rested his feet in the foot rests as Dr. Profunda moved closer to the edge of the table, where his bottom rested, and sat comfortably on a high stool facing his glaring penis. She lubricated her hands as Nurse Lalang expressed a clear, crystalline, blue gel onto them and told Kraemer that she was going to insert her index and middle finger into his arsehole to examine his prostate gland.

“Nurse Lalang,” Dr.Profunda called.

“Yes, Doctor,” Nurse Lalang responded as she proceeded to remove his hands from the towel in front of his erection and let them rest by his sides.

As she parted the towel enough for Dr. Profunda to examine Kraemer, Dr. Profunda and Nurse Lalang looked at each other with wide eyes and they exchanged a swift smile which remained unnoticed by Kraemer. Nurse Lalang gently placed her right hand on the lower part of Kraemer’s abdomen and her left hand held his right hand, holding it to his side as Kraemer closed his eyes. Dr. Profunda removed the glove from her left hand, placed it near Nurse Lalang’s right hand and, slowly, both of their hands advanced lower down the abdomen to feel the stiff cock pulsating there. Softly, both of their palms cupped Kraemer’s huge erection while the two gloved fingers of Dr. Profunda’s right hand, like petals of a flower slowly moving inside his anus, continued their circling movement and pressed all around his anal wall. Dr. Profunda did not find any abnormality, withdrew her fingers from Kraemer’s anus, silently removed the glove and let it fall into the bin on the floor. She then placed her soft fingers on his balls and started stroking them gently as both their hands were busy, softly stroking up and down his very hard cock.

Dr. Profunda felt a stir in Kraemer’s thigh muscles so she moved away a little bit, allowing space between her and Kraemer’s open thighs and released her hands. Nurse Lalang understood what it meant when Dr. Profunda looked at her and slid herself between the doctor and Kraemer.

“Mr. canlı bahis siteleri Kraemer, the examination has yet to be completed,” Dr. Profunda said as she cleared her throat.

Dr. Profunda made Nurse Lalang sit on her lap after both of them silently removed their underwear and tucked them inside their skirts. Their bare thighs were in contact with each other and slowly, Nurse Lalang leaned forward toward Kraemer’s cock and, holding it with her left hand, she moved her fingers up and down the shaft and slowly inserted the index finger of her right hand inside his anus. Kraemer grunted a little as Dr. Profunda moistened her fingers with her saliva and smeared it all over his shaft as she started moving her fingers over his cock, too. Nurse Lalang moved closer to his cock, touched the base with her tongue and traced the shaft with the tip of her tongue until she reached the bulb of his bulging cock, glistening with the saliva of both the women. The women, meanwhile, were grinding their hips toward each other with Nurse Lalang sitting on Dr. Profunda’s lap as Dr. Profunda moved her right hand closer to Nurse Lalang’s clit and started circling it with her index finger. Nurse Lalang started to feel her juices ooze out from inside her cunt and Dr. Profunda, feeling the same with her hand, decided to give head to Nurse Lalang’s clit and pussy. She let Nurse Lalang sit on the stool, to continue working on Kraemer’s cock, while she crawled under the table, at the edge where Kraemer’s bottom was supported, and shoved her face into Nurse Lalang’s sloppy cunt.

Nurse Lalang spread her legs wide and sat at the edge of the stool, holding Kraemer’s cock deep in her mouth as he was trying to understand the type of examination he was undergoing but he was sure he would not be sent to any therapist. He showed signs of getting closer to cumming, he needed to blow a full load so Nurse Lalang made more vigorous moves with her tongue and lips across the length of his cock, sucking the tip and lashing her tongue over the rim of the bulb. She squeezed the bulb with her fingers and let him hold his cum as her pussy flowed torrentially over the tongue and lips of Dr. Profunda, who was stroking her own clit with her fingers. Nurse Lalang made a sign to Dr. Profunda and they exchanged places swiftly. Dr. Profunda started to suck Kraemer’s cock and he felt the difference in the examining touch as it became so much more intense and profound that, for the first time, he opened his mouth.

“Come on, fuck me Dr. Pro-Fun-Daa!! Let me inside your cunt!!”

As if she had been waiting to hear those exact words, Dr. Profunda released his cock from her mouth and stood at the edge of the table, lifting her pussy toward Kraemer’s throbbing cock which she guided slowly into her slippery, wet pussy. Nurse Lalang climbed to the head end of the table and placed her pussy onto Kraemer’s mouth, keeping her knees on either side of Kraemer and facing Dr. Profunda. Dr. Profunda started moving to and fro, standing on the floor with her cunt filled by Kraemer’s huge cock. Kraemer felt he needed to go deeper into her cunt so he helped himself up and sat on the examination table with his legs spread out and hanging by the edge of the table. He held on to Dr. Profunda’s shoulder and helped plumb into her. Nurse Lalang went down on her knees behind Dr. Profunda, held on to her thighs, started kissing her bottom and let her tongue slowly creep into the arse crack. Then she crept between and under Dr. Profunda’s legs, reached the Dr.’s pussy, kept her tongue under the cock plunging into Dr. Profunda and made him feel hornier. Dr. Profunda’s pussy came to know exactly what plumbing was. Dr. Profunda let out moans and shrieks for the first time in her life and begged Kraemer to pump deep and as she reached her climax, letting out a loud shriek.

“Fuck me, Daddy!! Give me all of your cum!!” she shouted.

Kraemer, who was brought to the edge of cumming, let out a cry and flooded Dr. Profunda’s deep cunt, now plumbed for the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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