Just Lust

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Hi, my name is Emblyn. Emmi for short. Quick description of me. I have longish dark drown hair. My big eyes have iris’s almost as black as my pupils and are shadowed by my thick long eyelashes. I am one shade darker than paper white, and have freckles smattered across my nose and cheekbones. I am about 5’4” and am physically fit. I have softly defined muscles including the outline of a 6 pack. I have the typical hourglass figure with wider hips and bigger boobs. I eat extremely healthy and love reading and dancing. I also love my job at a simple convenience store.

I used to live in a really small town, but after coming out to my parents and most of my friends I quickly decided that said town was entirely too small for me. This was also shortly after attending my first Pride Fest with a few friends of mine.

I decided to rent a small apartment in a larger town where I knew next to noone and transfer to a different convenience store within the same company. I was so in love with this new town.

Shortly after starting my new job with people who understand my sexual jokes and accepted me for me, I quickly picked out who was “family” and who “wasn’t”. I quickly befriended them and a few other people as well. I was getting more and more comfortable in my enviroment.

I started talking more to another girl that I work with that is also openly gay. Her name is Alex.

We started texting eachother almost every night. It’s easy to talk to her. And she’s gorgeous. Shorter than me, brown hair, and incredibly captivating hazel eyes. Alex has a crooked smile and is also fit due to her other job. As we talked more and more our flirting got to be more extensive. We also got deeper. Shared our feelings about relationships (she admitted she enjoys being single while being young, with both of us being in our early 20’s, but wouldn’t mind physical activities here and there), shared our family dynamics (my family being unsupportive, and her still living with hers), we shared our experiences with women, etc.

As we texted and called eachother more she became more distant in person. Especially if we were with our other friends. One night we all went out together as a group. The only guy of the group, 3 other girls (all being straight), Alex, and I. It was a blast, but still Alex didn’t talk much directly to me.

Eventually the guy in our group got picked up by his girlfriend, 2 of the girls went home, and the other one left soon after. That left just Alex and I together.

We decided to make our way to the dance floor. Dancing together, she grabbed my waist and rubbed her body against mine. I wrapped my arm around her neck and looked down into those magnetic eyes. Being drawn by her full pink lips, I dipped my head casino siteleri just slightly lower, while biting my own bottom lip. She moved very close then quickly pulled away and went back to the bar.

I followed and made it to the bar in time to see her order another beer. I ordered another drink myself and sat down next to her. She held the beer in her delicately firm hands. Nails bitten down to nubs. Alex stared at her beer for quite a bit. She chugged the rest of it and got up. Knowing I walked, she offered me a ride home. I debated not taking it. Judging by how off she’s been tonight, but it was cold out and I was tired.

We went out to her car and she started towards the direction of my apartment. Typically I avoid conflict, but the alcohol gave me some more courage than I normally have.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“I don’t know what you mean?” She kept both hands on the wheel, and both eyes on the road. It was obvious she was tense.

“Yea right, you barely talk to me in person anymore, especially when we are around other people.”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me”

“I can’t,” she slumped her shoulders in defeat.

“Ok, fine.” We pulled up to my apartment complex. “Just let me know when you want to be my friend all the time, not just when you’re not embarrassed to talk to me in front of people.” I get emotional when I drink as much as I did.

Alex grabbed my wrist gently before I got out of her car. “Wait! Please”I sat back down in the seat, looking at her. She finally looked up, grabbed my face in both of her hands and kissed me. Passion building within seconds. Her tongue gently sliding into my mouth and caressing my tongue. Making me more wet than what I already was. She pulled away, and looked down. “I’m sorry.” Her cheekbones turning an adorable dark pink.

“Hey?” I lifted her chin between my finger and thumb, making her look at me with her gorgeous eyes that have quickly turned an electric green blue. “Uh-uh.” I shook my head. “You are not allowed to apologize for that.” I kissed her, pulling her to a straddle on my lap. I ran my hands up and down her torso a couple times then slipped my hands under her shirt. I pressed my palms against her shoulder blades, gently pushing her body closer to mine.

Alex curled her back slightly and started kissing from my cleavage, up my neck, along my jaw line, and to my ear lobe. There she nibbled and sucked gently, causing me to gasp. I brought her face up to mine again and as we kissed she started to slowly grind back and forth against my legs. I pulled away, needing air.

“Wanna come in?” Of course I knew the answer to this. I led her inside my house and to my room. Passing my roommates room. I knocked on his door, slot oyna 2 knocks up high, and 2 down low. Our signal to let eachother know that we have someone in our room with us. Alex looked at me curiously, I laughed. “It’s just a code.”

I brought her to my room, closing and locking the door behind us, while simultaneously bringing her closer to me with my hand against the small of her back. She kissed me again. I gently nibbled her lower lip while I ran my hand up her shirt. My hands gliding over her flawless skin so smoothly. I slowly backed her up to the bed and gently pushed her down. I took off her shoes and socks, then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans leaving them on. I bent down and slowly kissed my way up her lower abdomen to her naval. Then up to her ribs. I slowly lifted her shirt with my hands as my lips found their way up to just under her bra. I pulled off her shirt, and kissed her sweet lips again.

I’m not sure which one of us moaned ever so gently, or maybe it was both of us. I returned my attention to where I left off, after removing her sports bra. I nibbled gently under her breasts, she let a quiet little moan escape her lips. I licked my way up her cleavage and nibbled my way across her collarbone. Then my lips made their way back down her skin to her sumptuous breast. The perfect size for my hands and her body, very perky, and cute little pink nipples that I so wanted to taste. But I slowly made my way to one. Kissing, licking, and nibbling a spiral that would eventually lead that gorgeous little pink nub. I rubbed her other breast gently with my fingertips. Making sure to not make contact with her nipple. She elecited tiny moans, almost mewing at me, wordlessly egging me on. When I finally placed my hot mouth around her nipples and gently sucked while I swirled my tongue around the tip, she gasped, “Emmi!” I let my hands roam up and down her body expertly bringing her to chills. Then i started to play with her other nipple with my thumb. She arched her back, pressing her breasts into my hand and mouth. She began panting as I increased my speed. Begging me to not stop, I slowly slid my hand into her tight jeans. I gently caressed the outside of her sopping wet (and well manicured) lips, while never losing contact between my mouth and her nipple. Moaning at how wet she was. I achingly slowly parted her lips gently and slowly circled my finger just inside her lips, being careful to not make contact with her clit. Although I could feel it throbbing. She was getting more and more wet. Alex grasped my face in her hands and brought it up to hers. She kissed me long and hard, but I never lost my rythmic “torture” I was inducing. “I want you to fuck me, please?” By now she was gyrating her hips subconsciously trying to get my canlı casino siteleri finger to graze her clit.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I chuckled.

“Yes!! Please?” She heaved.

I looked down into her beautiful eyes, they were alive with electricity. I kissed her sweet lips once more before making my way down, and removing her pants. The soaked panties coming off with the pants. Alex’s sex smelled so good, I wanted to taste her so bad, but I wanted to build up her anticipation a bit more. So I began running my nails gently up and down the underneath of her thighs while I kissed up and down the insides of them. Looping around her pussy but not making any contact with any of her sensitive bits. I could feel her goosebumps going over her in waves.

I put my hair up while kissing ever so closely to her sex. She continued to moan and beg for release under her breath. I slowly circled my tongue just inside her lips, right on the edge. Slowly getting closer and then moving away, and then getting closer. I put my arm across her lower abdomen to keep her hips from bucking much more. Suddenly I dove my tongue between her lips and onto her little engorged button. She gasped involuntarily and began moaning louder as I flicked my tongue faster over her clit. I slowly slid my finger inside of her wet hole. She tightened around it so wonderfully. I devoured her delicious juices while I slowly introduced another finger inside of her.

She moaned low and gutteral, I knew I couldn’t hold off her orgasm much longer so I kept at it. When she started moaning faster and calling my name I added another finger. I moved my digits individually against her g spot while I went crazy on her clit. She suddenly sat up, bending her knees, screaming, and convulsing. Her cum coating my fingers and hand. She laid back after a few seconds, panting, with sweat coating her body. I kept my fingers inside her while she continued to tighten and release around me. I could feel her juices running down my neck and smell her sweet sex on my face.

I kissed up and down her thighs until she slowly stopped contracting around my fingers. I slowly removed them flicking my fingertip over her lovely little clit, making her jump. “Was it good for you?” I asked smugly.

With that she jumped on me and began undressing me slowly, but kissing me sporadically all over. I had to stand so she could remove my pleather pants but she kept my heels on.

She made her way to my dripping pussy rather quickly. Making me gasp very quickly. She brought me to the edge multiple times but made me wait until I was about to burst, then pushed me over with a little suck and nibble on my clit, and a firm finger rubbing circles on my g spot. I came hard. Alex licked me clean. After laying there for a few minutes, I got up to get something to drink for the both of us. We continued to fuck for a few more hours after that, until we both fell asleep in each others sweaty arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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