Jessica Pleasures Herself

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He was thrilled at how she was responding to his plan. No matter what he suggested, she did it. It took a couple of days for the suggestions to become actions, but once they did, it became a permanent fixture in her life. It was now to see how far he could and would take it. As they sat cuddling on the couch, he put Operation Her O in motion.

Have you ever masturbated was the question he asked. She giggled and sheeplessly denied it. Since he knew her tales, he knew she was lying. He did not say anything and smiled. You need to try it, he said. He kept his responses to four seconds and monotone. That was the trigger. He would continue to say it every few minute until he left to plant the thought in brain. Then bring it up in a couple of times a day for four or five days to get her do it.

Thursday night he let her know he was going to be out of town for the weekend. She would upset and a little stressed. Because he said, he was going out of town she would be focused on his every word. That is when he would drive home the suggestion. She would do almost anything he wanted because she wanted to be with him.

In reality, he was going to be at his house. She would think he was at bahis firmaları a hotel and they could be talking via the computer. His deception was one of many he had pulled on her. All were part of his plan to create the model wife that was a Suzie Homemaker one minute and Patty Pornstar the next. All controlled by a couple of his words.

She put on his favorite perfume. She had shaved her legs and her kitty. She got very wet as she shaved it thinking about him. It was what he wanted so she did it. While she was sure he would want her freshly shaven, she wanted to please him.

She lay on her bed looking at her laptop screen. In just a couple of minutes, he would be there, looking at her. She tingled with excitement and anticipation. She had not seen him since Thursday night. She had not talked to him since Friday afternoon. Her whole body longed for him. The sheets felt cool against her bare skin. Goosebumps raised on her skin as a breeze blew through the window.

Five more minutes she thought, in five minutes he was will be on the screen. Her body began to tingle. She squeezed her thighs together. She wanted to touch herself; she wanted him to touch her. She wanted him to be there, not kaçak iddaa on the screen of her laptop. She wanted to give in, to pleasure herself now. She struggled to wait.

Before she knew what she was doing, her hands had taken over. One caressed her breasts, squeezing. The other went south, feeling the smoothness of her stomach. When it reached its mark, she refused to stop. Her alter ego, Jessie was taking over. She lightly twisted her nipple as she slid her finger against her clit. She felt the wetness ooze out of her. She put more pressure against herself as rubbed harder. Why he could not be here with her, she thought.

She continued to rub and squeeze. She slid a finger inside her, then another. She felt how tight she was as her lips closed around her fingers. She pulled them out and plunged them back inside her again. Her mouth released a moan. She rubbed harder. She twisted her nipples, her back arched; she bit her lip as her body reacted. Her fingers were covered with her wetness. She fought trying to cum, wanting to save her orgasm for him to see. Fuck him, he is not here, this one is for me. She release herself as she plunged her fingers back inside. Her muscles gripped and squeezed kaçak bahis her fingers. Oh fuck she moaned.

Catching her breath, she swallowed hard. She looked around to find a toy. She found one of her glass dildos. It slid in easily. The ridges and rings stimulated her. It was not as good as he was; it was all she had until he came back. She rubbed her clit with her index and middle finger. She felt herself begin to cum. Oh, fuck she moaned. As she started to cum, she pulled out the glass dick and slowly pushed it inside her. Her pussy grabbed it, squeezing it. Oh, my God she tried to muffle the sound as her body arched to meet her crystal toy.

He watched her pleasure herself and smiled. His plan was in full effect and almost flawless. She was doing his bidding without him being there. He was sure she had masturbated before, not to this level. She watched her as she took herself to the top again. She was well on her way to becoming the perfect woman. He heard her gasp and swallow hard as her body relaxed. Are you having fun without me he said loudly? She rose up, dildo still inside her, and replied not at all. A smile crept over her face.

It looks to me as if you are having A LOT of fun without me. I wish I was there. He knew he could be there in about 30 minutes, he kept that to himself. No sense in letting her in on the truth. That would only complicate thing and make them worse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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