Jennifer Helps Herself

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Jennifer Helps Herself
My name is Paul. I am a 43 year old factory worker. I married my wife Jennifer when she was 25 and we didn’t start having c***dren until she was 28. Jennifer is a 39 year old, cashier. She is a heavier than normal blonde & we have five beautiful c***dren.

Our lives have settled down into the typical routine of work during the days and k**’s activities at night. Jen & I have very little time for each other. By the time it is time for bed, we are so tired that we just go to sleep. Sex happens maybe once a month but usually once every other month. Jen has brought up the idea of having a sixth c***d several
times during the past couple of years but I believe that we have enough. She is frustrated that I won’t give in to another c***d so she avoids all sexual contact with me.

One of my co-worker friends, Eric is 24 years old and has an 18 year old girlfriend, Amy who is pregnant. Amy’s pregnancy has fueled my wife’s fire to possibly have another c***d. Amy is afraid of hurting the baby so she refuses to have sex with Eric. With nobody getting laid in our circle, there has been growing frustration. I consider Eric to be very lucky to have landed such a beautiful girlfriend. She is a red-head and is a knockout. She has a very shapely body. She has a very pretty face with bright green eyes and a beautiful smile. Her tits are by far her best asset and are an immediate attention getter. They are naturally huge but now that she is pregnant, they are ridiculous.

Jen is also beautiful but at age 39, after five k**s, and the lack of personal time; she has sort of let her body go. Jen also has a beautiful rack at 40D but nowhere near as big as Amy’s. One night, we were all sitting around the camp fire in Eric’s back yard, having a few drinks and as things normally go in our families, the conversation took on a sexual topic. Eric and I were complaining about our lack of sex while the women were complaining about their men in general.

Jen had commented on the size of Amy’s chest, saying that Amy must be getting regular back aches. She said that she was and that Eric was too lazy to rub her back for her. Amy was sitting to my right and a little in front of me, by the fire. Without even thinking about it, I reached forward and started to rub her back, as a joke. I only intended to do this for a few seconds but Amy melted into my touch so I instinctively continued the rub.

Jen is a very jealous type of woman and Eric is very possessive over his girl so I expected some sort of reaction. I got none. Amy moaned quietly and leaned back into my touch. The poor girl was starved for a tender touch. Jen and Eric saw what was happening and engaged themselves in a quieter conversation between themselves. They would occasionally glance in our direction but for the most part, pretended that what I was doing didn’t bother them even though it clearly did. I couldn’t hear what they were discussing but I’m sure it had something to do with what I was doing to Amy. It wasn’t until Amy started to remove her shirt that they visually reacted.

Amy stared to pull her shirt over her head saying that she wanted a real rub down. Her bra struggled to contain her massive swollen pregnant tits. Her bra straps were digging into her shoulders. It is no wonder that her back hurt and Eric was a jerk for not taking better care of her. Her pregnant belly was stretched seemingly to its limit. She had very
noticeable stretch marks all over her belly. Amy turned slightly and said quietly to me, “Eric doesn’t canlı bahis şirketleri like my stretch marks. He thinks that they are ugly.” I replied, “He is the reason that you have them. He should love them.” Eric asked, “Hon, what the hell do you think you are doing?” Amy said, “Relax, we are all like family & nobody is gonna see us here” as she started to unclasp her bra. Their nearest neighbors were more than a half mile away so even though we were outdoors, we were in a private location. When her tits were free, I heard Jennifer gasp quietly in surprise. I was in shock but instinct continued to control my actions and my hands were on auto pilot, rubbing Amy all over her now exposed back. It was a warm night but you couldn’t tell by looking at Amy’s nipples. They were rock hard and pointing out a half inch from her tits. Being a red-head they were very light colored, almost the same color as her pale white skin.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Eric couldn’t control himself. He had reached down and was slowly rubbing the rapidly growing bulge in his pants while watching me with his girlfriend. Jennifer saw this too and I thought that she was getting up to leave us all alone. Instead, she got up and moved in behind Eric and started to rub his shoulders.
She leaned down and whispered something into his ear and his eyes closed for a few seconds and he rubbed his bulge a little harder and faster. I took this opportunity to lean forward and whisper to Amy, “I think that you are very beautiful.”

Amy turned half way around and hugged me while she kissed my ear, whispering, “Thank you, Paul.” At that moment, Jennifer reached down and grabbed the bottom of Eric’s shirt and pulled it up and off of his body. Then she shocked the hell out of all of us by removing her own shirt and then her bra, freeing her very beautiful mommy tits. I could see Amy watching and crack a slight smile at the sight of the two of them topless.

The two were an amazing sight together, half naked. Jennifer isn’t as fit as Amy obviously but still looks great to me. Her tits are equally as beautiful as Amy’s and Jen’s belly is covered in stretch marks of her own, scars from past pregnancies. I call them her “Mommy Tattoos.” Now my cock was starting to stir a little. Jen made a comment
about me being the only one that had a shirt on so I removed it. The warm summer air warmed more by the camp fire felt good. Amy was still turned slightly and she reached over and started to rub my leg (my inner thigh) while I rubbed her shoulders and her back.

Jen was still rubbing Eric’s shoulders but Eric was leaning back in his chair preventing her from rubbing his back. He was trying to hide it but he was still occasionally rubbing his bulge, once in a while. Jennifer’s hands started to drift down as she was now rubbing his shoulders and his chest. Eric’s head drifted back to rest just under Jen’s naked tits. At this point, my own cock was as hard as a rock watching the two of them together, my wife and friend in an erotic scene that Amy seemed to also be enjoying. Soon, Eric quit trying to hide the fact that he was getting sexual satisfaction from the rub down from my wife. His hand went back to his cock bulge and started to openly rub it without caring who saw him.

Amy turned and slipped in behind me and started to rub my back and shoulders. Jennifer’s hands were now lower on Eric’s chest and stomach and Eric started to squirm in his chair as the sexual tension was starting to over flow. canlı kaçak iddaa Jen’s tits were rubbing themselves against the back of Eric’s head as she reached lower and lower down his body. Her nipples were rock hard from her own obvious excitement. Amy leaned forward and whispered into my ear “It looks like they want to fuck each other.” I couldn’t believe what she just said but it was true. She was simply stating the obvious and it wasn’t until she said it that I realized it. They looked beautiful together. They are 15 years apart in age but they looked like they were going to fuck each other.

Amy’s arms were now wrapped around my body and her hands were rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples as my wife’s hands were now starting to slip inside of the waist band of Eric’s pants. I couldn’t believe this. Jen was normally very reserved and kind of a prude but now it seemed that she was trying to gain access to Eric’s cock. Eric made no effort to stop my wife as her hands unfastened his pants and slipped inside to fondle his cock. All Eric did was sit there with his eyes closed, moan, and enjoy the attention that my wife was giving him. Amy whispered in my ear, “She wants his cock” just as she reached down and grabbed my bulge in my pants. I thought I was going to explode in orgasm. A beautiful, topless, 18 year old, red-head was fondling my cock while I was watching my topless wife fondle my friend’s.

Amy stood up, I thought to let me sit there and watch the show. When she walked around in front of me, I was shocked to see her only wearing her panties. She must have got up and stripped down behind me. Amy knelt down in front of me and unfastened my pants. I couldn’t believe this as she started to fondle my now naked cock. I wondered if she intended to eventually suck my cock! I know I definitely wanted that. When Jen saw this, she did the same thing. She stripped her pants, shoes, and socks, leaving only her panties on as she knelt down in front of my friend. Jen pulled Eric’s pants down to his ankles, exposing his cock. She gasped when she saw it. It was easily twice the size of mine.

She slowly fondled it for a few minutes and finally lowered her head slowly and took him into her mouth. I was in shock! I was witnessing my wife’s slutty adultery. I sat there, stunned and suddenly felt Amy’s warm, wet mouth around my cock! This was the first ever sexual contact my wife had with someone other than myself, and the first for me with someone else in more than 15 years.

With my wife being much more experienced sexually than Amy, I’m sure that Jen was giving Eric the best blow job he has ever had. Amy wasn’t a very good cock sucker, not very experienced but just the sight of her bright orange/red hair bobbing up and down on my cock, combined with the sight of my wife sucking on my friend’s cock made me lose control. I couldn’t take it anymore and I ejaculated a huge load in Amy’s mouth. She was caught by surprise but she seemed happy that she was able to bring me off so quickly. Some of my semen dribbled out of her mouth but she swallowed most of it.

Eric, after seeing his girlfriend swallow my cum, took more liberties with my wife. He stood up and lifted Jen to her feet. He reached forward and pulled her panties down and Jen on her own, stepped out of them. She was standing in front of us completely naked as he finished stripping himself naked.

Once they were both naked, he turned her around and bent her over the end of a picnic table and knelt down and began canlı kaçak bahis to eat her pussy. Jen was out of her mind with ecstasy. After less than a minute, she had a massive orgasm on her Eric’s tongue. Eric then flipped my wife onto her back, on the picnic table. He pulled her ass to the edge of the table and leaned down and continued to eat her pussy.

This is as far as I expected it to go. Amy and I were finished with each other and just watching as Eric brought my wife to orgasm after orgasm. After almost five minutes of this, Eric stood up at the end of the table and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Jen’s pussy. Jen was a quivering mass of orgasmic wife, unable to do anything
except lay there as Eric eased the head of his cock into her pussy.

I was watching in disbelief and within a few seconds, Eric was buried to the hilt inside of my wife and he was fucking her like a strong, young, 24 year old should be fucking. It has been a long time since Jen felt the power and stamina of a young buck, fucking her. She was having non-stop orgasms. Amy whispered in my ear, “Wow, he’s really fucking her, fucking your wife.”

None of us expected this to be happening but now that it was, none of us thought that it was wrong. It was a beautiful sight: the two of them, fucking each other under the stars, accented by the light of the moon, and the flicker of the camp fire light.

With a 15 year age difference between them, Jen was closer in age to being Eric’s mother than his lover. He was fucking her harder and longer than I ever did and Jen’s orgasms were non-stop. Amy said out loud, “That is the same position he had me in when he knocked me up.” Just then, I thought for a second about the fact that Eric wasn’t wearing a condom. I dismissed the thought within a couple of seconds when I remembered that Jen was on the pill.

Jen was whimpering and moaning with every stroke from my friend’s cock. Suddenly, she crashed into the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have and screamed out loud at the same time that Eric froze inside of her. They were both cumming at the same time. He was dumping his sperm inside of my wife’s womb and she was cumming all over his cock. Amy said out loud, “Wow” when she saw Eric cum inside of Jen. Amy leaned towards me and whispered in my ear, “Your wife quit taking her birth control a month after I told her that I was pregnant. Eric knows this and came inside of her anyway.” Alarm bells were ringing in my head with that revelation. My wife could have just been made pregnant from someone other than me!

After they both calmed down, Eric pulled his still stiff cock out of my wife. Jen grabbed her clothes and walked, still naked into the house. Eric got dressed and then followed her. Amy and I sat there in shock for a few minutes, taking in what we had just witnessed before finally getting dressed and going inside ourselves. We found that Eric had gone to bed and Jen had gotten dressed and was sitting on a chair in the dining room. Amy went to be with her boyfriend while I went to check on Jen.

Jen looked at me as I entered the dining room. She looked mad as I sat down next to her. She said, “I quit taking the pill more than 6 months ago. I figured that I didn’t need it anymore because of my age and our lack of a sex life. I didn’t plan on this but I’m not sorry that it happened.” I just looked at her, puzzled and listened as she explained that she wanted another c***d. She said that if I wasn’t willing to give her one that she would be fine with one from someone else. That’s why she said that she let him cum inside of her fertile pussy. I said to her, “If it means that much to you, I’m fine with it.” We hugged and kissed for a few minutes and then went home.

The next month, Jen missed her period…

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