Jamie’s Ass

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Jamie and I are friends. Not the kind of friends that have coffee together, exchange presents at the holidays and gossip with, but the kind that fuck each other. Long sweaty and a bit painful fucking. We understand each other in a way that most of the others don’t. Some would call us freaks but fuck them and fuck you too.

Jamie is 25 and very beautiful. She’s petite with black hair, a flat stomach, small pierced tits and a peachy little ass. She has a joyous laugh. She is a bit of a contradiction. She says that she likes to be in control but she loves pain. She’s not a full-blown masochist but something inside her needs to be hurt. I think she needs to feel the pain to get beyond the surface to the inside stuff.

I am 44 and a great appreciator of women. I love nothing more than the feel of a woman’s body under my touch. To rub and touch them, tease them and have them respond to my control. To deliver their orgasm to them on a silver platter when and how I choose. To have them trust me enough to give themselves to me entirely, no questions asked, no ability or right to say no. I fancy myself as a bit of the Daddy and I certainly am Jamie’s Daddy. Not that I pay for her or anything but I think she knows that I will be there for her unconditionally. That I will take care of her when she needs me. That I will not just tell her what she wants to hear but that I will illegal bahis be guided by my own principles and that I will always do for her what I believe is best.

For a long time I thought it best that I fuck her ass. She refused. Apparently she had some bad experiences with some guy who didn’t know what he was doing. She was worried about the pain (funny coming from such a pain slut) and worried about the mess. No matter what I said she refused and this really pissed me off. It wasn’t her place to say no to me. I decided that the time for asking was done. That I was going to take what I wanted.

One night when we were both very horny we decided to meet. We took a shower together and I made sure that she was washed very well, inside and out. When we dried off, she looked so beautiful that I just wanted to scoop her up in my arms and shower her with affection, to kiss her from head to toe, to love her entirely. I knew, though, for my plan to work that I needed to leave the sweet Daddy at the door and be the stern Daddy tonight. I told her to kneel I front of me. I walked around her inspecting what I saw. I lifted her chin with my finger so that she was looking into my eyes and told her to take my cock in her hands and then to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. I rubbed myself all over her face and then placed myself on her tongue. I fed my baby my cock just like she illegal bahis siteleri liked it. I grabbed her hair by the roots hard and pulled so that she was looking right at me while she sucked me like a good little girl. When I had had enough I led her to the bed and positioned her face down, ass in the air.

Again, I walked around her just admiring her beauty. I wanted her to wait a bit, to anticipate what I was going to do to her while she was fully exposed to me. I ran my fingers slowly up and across her back and shoulders. I touched her neck leaving my thumb at her soft vulnerable spot. I pushed so she could feel my strength. I wanted her to know that I was in control, that she would breathe or not breathe when I said so. I ran my fingertips softly up and down her legs and thighs. I could see how how wet her pussy was becoming. I spread her lips and dipped a finger inside. I used her moisture to tease her pussy, dancing around her lips and clit, like I was playing a beautiful tune on an instrument. I leaned down and touched the tip of my tongue to her asshole. It was tiny and tight and as I started licking her she really responded. She pushed back on my face and my tongue went inside her. I pulled out some lube and teased her slicked up asshole. I then started sucking her clit just the way she liked it with one and then two fingers in her ass. As she came close canlı bahis siteleri to cumming I stopped and rammed my cock straight into her pussy. I loved the sound she made as I entered her. A short intake of air followed by a little squeal, half pain and half relief.

I fucked her with long slow strokes and then quicker and quicker. I grabbed her around the throat and squeezed. I knew that this was the way she most liked to cum but the time was not right yet. As I let go of her throat she sighed in disappointment. I started playing with her ass again. I had two fingers in her ass while I fucked her from behind. I added a third finger and then I knew that she was ready. I pulled out and placed the tip of my cock on her asshole. I took a small vibrator out pressed it on her clit. She whimpered to me that I should fuck her. I told her that if she wanted my cock she needed to go get it, to push back and stick it in her. As she got closer to cumming I pulled the vibrator away. I wanted her frustrated and begging for it. I wanted her to be the one to make sure I fucked her ass. I got what I wanted. She pushed back slowly with a long grunt until just the head was inside her. I brought the vibrator back to her clit and she pushed back some more. I was finally in her sweet little ass. With one violent convulsion she came. I stayed inside her and then began fucking her again, this time with long strokes. Each stroke was met with Jamie’s moans and cries. As she came again it was too much for me. I pulled out and came all over her asshole. What a beautiful baby she was with her perfect little ass covered in my cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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