Island Fever… Ch. 02

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Two weeks later…

“Got any coffee?” Dani asked as she bebopped through my door.

“That’s it? No hello, how are you? Got any coffee? That’s fucking it?” I asked with mock anger.

“Well that, and, would you like to fuck?” Dani smilingly replied while pouring herself a cup.

“Oh yeah, sure, let’s screw…I mean what’s it been since the last time we screwed? Oh, I don’t know, maybe twelve hours ago? Horny little bitch aren’t you?” I laughingly teased while pouring my own cup.

Yep. About right. Nine in the morning and I pulled the dildo out of her ass after fucking her with it about nine last night.

“Like you aren’t,” She teased back.

She had me there. Since our return from our va-cay, I don’t think a day has gone by that we haven’t had sex with each other.

She liked my toys.

She liked the things I had her do. Made her do.

And now?

Now, she was over so that we could plan our next adventure, that adventure being her first threesome.


“Sure you want to do this?” I asked cautiously, “I mean, with me is one thing, but with another? A total stranger?”

“You know what? I am, I am sure,” Dani explained, “Look, I’ve been the dutiful wife, the faithful spouse…all these years, I really have.” After pausing to take a breath, she continued, “For what? All these years, once he’s gotten his pencil-dick off, he could care less about whether or not I did. Look, I love him but for God’s sake, I need something too!”

“Preaching to the choir, girlfriend,” I said in reply, “Just checking…making sure, that’s all.”

“So, what’s the plan?” Dani asked, her spirits seemingly a bit brighter.

“Not a plan, so to speak,” I replied, “One of my playmates-lovely gal, you’ll need to meet her-told me of one the clubs near campus that’s sort of ‘known’ as a Cougar-den.”

“She says that younger, college-aged chicks who want to get it on with older women know it and those who come there, come looking to get laid,” I finished saying in answer to her question.

“Sounds promising…you game?” Dani asked.

“Oh yeah, love coed pussy and cock, full of energy,” I replied truthfully.

“Bring ’em to my place or yours?” She asked since both our husbands were out of town for the week.

“We’ll play it by ear,” I answered, smiling.

“Good…now, are we going to fuck?” She replied.

We did…

Not for a minute will I try to convince you that at forty-five, I look twenty years younger. I don’t, but I don’t look my age either. Most who don’t know me, usually think that I’m in my mid to late thirties.

I’ll take that.

Dani, on the other hand, at thirty-eight could easily pass for being in her mid-twenties. Flawless skin, well-proportioned body, and a smile that could light up a room when she chooses to use it.

We sauntered into the dance club around nine that night, finding the place about half-full, but the dance floor crowded. Some same-aged women dancing together, some older with younger coeds. Spying an empty booth, near the back of the club, I led us to it.

Drink orders given, Dani and I scoped out the club while waiting for our cocktails.

“Wow, are there that many coeds that like older women?” Dani asked, not unreasonably at that, for, if I were to guess, at least half of the females were under the age of twenty-five.

“Evidently,” I answered.

Drinks delivered, air-toasts given, we sipped slowly, the tempo of the music now a little lively, but the dance floor much emptier than when a slow song was played.

“Wonder why she’s not dancing?” I commented, nodding my chin to indicate a twenty-something whose curves were not hidden by her sweater or jeans, sitting alone at a hi-rise banquet table near the floor. Almost as if she sensed I was talking about her, she turned towards our booth, her eyes falling upon us and staying there.

“Can’t tell for sure but it looks like she has a birthmark or something near her right ear and neck,” Dani remarked.

“Wow, surely you can’t think that would stop her from being asked to dance, not in this day and age,” I opined.

“Gonna’ ask her?” Dani questioned with raised, arched eyebrows.

“Sure. Why not?” I answered, accepting the challenge, “Next slow tune.”

Three songs later, Mare and I were locked in a sensual embrace, moving slowly to the soulful blues tune being played. Had you asked me then, I would have describe her embrace of me as almost desperate, almost as if she hadn’t held anyone intimately in a very long time.

Mare was a Biology Graduate student, twenty-three years of age, and had a killer body, her boobs riding high and firm, at least a C, if not a D cup.

“Love to,” Mare smilingly responded bahis firmaları when I walked to her table and asked, two of her same-age table-mates taking on the expression of surprise that she had been asked and not one of them.

Two slow songs in a row and we stayed out there, not even breaking our embrace between tunes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Dani was also dancing, her partner almost butch-like in appearance, Dani’s lack of expression telling me that she was not enjoying it so much.

Near the end of the song, I lowered my mouth to Mare’s ear, whispering, “Want to join my friend and I for a drink, Mare?” punctuating the question with a quick swipe of my tongue to her ear.

She shuddered. I’m not kidding, she actually shuddered and snuggled closer before answering, “I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

Walking back to the booth, Butch was leaning in towards Dani and I saw that Dani was shaking her head in repsonse to something. Whatever it was, Ms. Butch-Babe walked away.

After collecting her purse from her table, I watched as her table-mates followed her trek to our booth, looking at each other when Dani stood to let Mare slide in, to sit between us.

Introductions made, drinks ordered once more, the three of us fell into quiet conversation. Yes, Mare did have a reddish birth-mark of about four or five inches in size but it was not ‘ugly’ or ‘yucky’ or anything like that.

Dani and I took turns dancing with Mare for the next few slow tunes, and when Mare excused herself to go to the restroom, Dani remarked, “If my panties are getting damp, is that a good sign?” laughing a bit after saying it.

“Join the club,” I replied, “Mine have been damp since the second dance with her…love how her body feels rubbing against mine.”

“Kind of what I was thinking,” Dani agreed, “think she might want to play?”

“One way to find out,” I answered just before Mare got within earshot. Standing to let her slide in, I slid right up against her when I sat down.

“Listen, Mare,” I said to her while putting my arm on the back of our booth, letting my hand fall to her shoulder, “Dani and I are thinking about heading back to my place for a little bit more of a relaxed evening in my hottub and, if you’d like to, we’d love for you to join us.”

“Both of you?” She asked, her eyes darting between Dani and I.

“Both of us!” Dani and I answered at the same time, our eyes stripping the clothes off of her in the booth.

“Those girls at my table are my ride…but, if not for that, I’d love to,” Mare replied with her eyes almost begging me to make it easy for her.

“Not a problem, I can bring you back to campus anytime you’d like.”

“Really? Then, yes, I’d love to join you and Dani for a little relaxation,” her smiling reply lighting up our booth.

I snickered to myself as the three of us left the club, the opened-mouth reaction of her table-mates at Mare leaving with us, making me feel a little good inside.

A half-hour later, we were walking into my house from the garage, the garage door making a low humming sound as it closed.

“Drinks anyone? Wine? Beer? Anything?” I asked my guests.

“I’ll have whatever you two are having,” Mare answered as she darted her eyes about my den and living room, taking in the decor and such.

“Okay, Dani, you heard the lady, three of your kick-ass Margaritas and don’t go easy with Jose…I’m going to turn on the hottub and take the cover off,” I announced.

“Need some help?” Mare offered and I accepted. Truthfully, the heavy cover/top of the hottub was a bit much to handle for one person.

“Love your house,” Mare gushed, “and the backyard, the view, how beautiful.”

“Thanks, we like it but, truthfully, I get to enjoy it more because my husband travels so much for his job, sometimes weeks at a time, but, thank you.”

“Okay, gals, come and get ’em,” Dani called from the patio door.

She had prepared three huge drinks and sitting next to them on my kitchen counter were three shot glasses with the unmistakable color and smell of Jose C.

“Shots?” I questioned but picking up my shot glass while doing so.

“You bet…Tequila shots, Frozen Margaritas, and three beautiful gals? Why the fuck not?”

“Works for me,” I declared and tossing my head back, slammed the shot down, Mare and Dani following suit.

“Did you have a suit I might borrow? To hottub in?” Mare asked when Dani suggested that the tub ought to be just right.

“Oh, you don’t need a suit, Mare…not with us, anyway,” Dani responded quickly.

“Oh. Okay,” was her short reply.

“Follow me, Mare, we’ll strip down in my bedroom, those patio doors next the tub, across the deck,” jutting my chin kaçak iddaa in that direction.

She was only slightly hesitant in stripping, beginning to do so only when Dani and I were unhooking our bras, then sliding our panties off of us.

“Damn,” the one-word comment, said in a low voice when I eyed her gorgeous young body as she stripped down.

But, in the quiet of my bedroom, it sounded as if I spoke through a megaphone, Mare having heard it, causing her to blush a bit afterwards.

“Double-damn,” Dani said in agreement.

Now, my hottub can seat eight adults with comfort but the three of us were sharing a bench-seat built for two, sipping our drinks and making non-sensical nervous talk. She didn’t seem to mind at all when Dani and I settled on either side of her in the tub.

“I don’t ever remember seeing either of you at the club before tonight,” Mare commented as she turned her body to put her now-empty glass on the ledge of the hottub’s decking. In doing so, her ever-so gorgeous knockers brushed against my arm and across the nipple of one of my own titties.

“First time there for both of us,” I answered, placing my own empty glass next to hers then letting my arm fall across her shoulders, my fingertips starting to trace slow circles on her upper arm, “Do you go there a lot?” I asked, curious.

“Not a lot…maybe, a couple of times a semester,” She answered. her eyes droppig briefly to my fingertips on her shoulder.

“Lucky us that this was one of the times,” Dani commented as she placed her glass next to ours. Dani had been ‘hanging back’, a result, I’m sure, of her lack of experience in multi-partner sex-games.

“Lucky us, indeed,” I whispered into Mare’s ear, placing small butterfly kisses to her cheek, slow kisses, intimate kisses.

Following suit, Dani started nuzzling and kissing her other cheek and neck, her own fingertips tentatively tracing long lines, under the warm water, along Mare’s thighs.

“I’ve never…I mean, both of you should know, I’ve never been with two women before,” Mare breathed hoarsely, her eyes closed, her breathing a bit labored.

“Makes two of us,” Dani replied, biting on Mare’s earlobe afterwards, “should be fun learning, I think.”

“That really feels good,” Mare cooed as Dani and I nibbled at her.

“Good…it should feel good, don’t you think?” I whispered while finding one of her boobs with my hand, her nipple hardening immediately when I did so.

“Uh-huh…it should,” She answered, placing her hands on our legs, her hands beginning to rub slowly across our skin.

“Like girls?” Dani asked between bites to Mare’s neck.

“Uh-huh.” She answered while moving her head around to accomodate our nibbling mouths to her throat and neck.

“Me too,” I agreed, biting her now, little small bites, moving my mouth slowly down her neck and chest, my hand freely fondling her tit, pushing it upwards until, in one motion, I surrounded her tit and nipple with my mouth.

“Ooooooooh, that feels soooo goooood,” Mare responded, her satisfaction of what we, of what I was doing, fueling Dani and I to become just a bit more active and aggressive with her.

Sucking slowly, I flicked her nipple with my tongue as my mouth made small sucking sounds to her tit. Dani, by now, had joined me and was sucking on Mare’s other boob with eagerness and lust.

Damn, I remember thinking, when Dani decides to do something, she doesn’t hold back. Good for her, I thought.

“Baby?” I asked Mare, “Want to dry off and join us in bed? Huh, sweetie, would you like that?” my lips now up against hers, her lips very soft and wet.

“Uh-huh, I would…I’d like that very much,” Mare replied, opening her mouth so that my tongue could slither in.

We kissed for a long time, her hand holding my head to hers, breaking our kiss only when Dani’s lips had traveled up her body for her turn to kiss our little college cutie.

“Can we do that now?” Mare had asked after breaking her kiss with Dani, “Can we?”

“Oh yeah, we surely can, babycakes.” was my short, positive answer.

Dani and I quickly dried ourselves, each in turn, as the other dried Mare’s body, both of us prolonging it with kisses and nibbles. Taking Mare by her hand, I led her to my King-bed, laying her down on her back in the middle.

Though we hadn’t talked about it, hadn’t rehearsed it, Dani and I fell into a synchronized attack of Mare, Dani kissing her and fondling her tits while I nibbled and bit on her flat stomach, raking my fingertips across her stomach as I did so.

She had a ‘landing strip’ of pubes, her clitoris prominent and large. I began playing with her clit with my fingertips as I slowly kissed my way down her belly. Mare kaçak bahis responded by becoming very wet, my fingers becoming slick with her pussy juices.

“Oooooh, oooooooh,” She moaned when I lowered my mouth to her clit and began sucking on it as if it were a small cock. Moving my body until I was laying between her spreading legs, I continued sucking and eating her while slipping a finger into her soaked snatch.

Dani had moved herself into a position so that Mare could now suck on Dani’s tits, fondling Mare’s boobies while hers were being sucked. Lifting my eyes from between Mare’s legs I watched as Mare pulled on Dani until she was kneeling over her, Mare’s head now straddled by Dani’s legs,

Watching as I continued to eat and finger Mare, I started to feel my own orgasm rising to the surface as I watched Mare grip Dani’s ass and lift her head to Dani’s pussy.

“Huh….huh….huh, Jesus,” Dani was crying aloud as Mare munched away on Dani’s cunt.

Definitely not this girl’s first time eating pussy, I judged as I watched her eat Dani, her cunnilingus of Dani fueling my own of her.

“Mmmmmmph, mmmmmmm, I’m going to come, I’m going to come,” Mare moaned loudly, her voice somewhat muffled my Dani’s pussy.

Hearing that I had her so close, I redoubled my efforts, sliding my tongue into her, joining my furiously fucking-finger. Her hips began moving, thrashing, finding concert with my efforts and within moments, she was humping against my mouth and face, hard, and fast.

“Aaaaaah,” She cried almost at the same time that Dani began moaning and crowing her own orgasm. Both of them, shaking violently in their throes of satisfying release.

“Oh Goddamn, son-of-a-bitch,” Dani gasped as she gripped the backboard of my sex-trashed bed, “Oh, babygirl, you do know how to eat pussy,” Dani declared, gasping hard while saying it.

I smiled.

Oh, I continued to do a bit of after-climax nibbling of her now, very-wet pussy, but, I smiled.

“Well, maybe after Ms. Mare has caught her breath, I might get lucky and find that out for myself,” raising my head from between her legs to say it, Dani falling to the side to lay next to Mare when I did.

“Oh, I’m ready now,” Mare said quickly as I pushed myself up from between her legs and crawled over her body to lay next to her once more, she, once again, laying between Dani and I.

Rolling quickly, our little college cutie was on top of me, kissing me, her hands fondling my breasts, kneading them lustfully as her tongue danced with mine in my mouth.

Licking, kissing, biting her way down my body, she slipped between my splayed legs, staying on her knees, but bent over so that she could eat me.

Oh, and she did.

Dani was right, this girl knew how to eat pussy. Her tongue felt all of a foot long, it seemed, as she fucked my pussy with it, both of her hands filled with my tits that she continued to fondle and squeeze as she ate away.

Feeling a movement on the bed, I lifted my head and saw Dani slip off of the bed and walk behind Mare’s up-turned bottom. Dropping to her knees, Dani grabbed onto Mare’s thighs and pulled her face into Mare’s twat and began taste-testing our coed for herself.

I pride myself in my ability to hold off an orgasm but it was not to be on this good night. In what, I believe, was record time for me, I had an orgasm that, on a scale of 10, was at least a 14.

Oh, yeah, it was that fucking good.

Dani and I drove Mare back to her dorm around three in the morning. It would have been two but Dani wanted to know how a Daisy-Chain worked.

I made sure they both found out.

Mare gave us her cell number just before giving us each a goodnight kiss, saying, “If you’d, either of you, or both of you, like to give me a call next time your husbands are away, I’d really like that.”

“Girl must really like older pussy,” Dani commented wistfully as Mare approached her dorm.

“Lucky us,” was my only comment.

“Girl’s got a sweet-tasting snatch, don’t you think?” Dani opined as we watched Mare safely enter her dorm’s door.

“Yep. She does.” I replied in agreement, driving away afterwards.

“All coed pussy taste that good?” She asked further.

“No, not really… I mean, most pussy tastes good to me but Mare’s taste is rather exceptional,” I answered honestly.

Dani and I made the half-hour drive home, my home-she was spending the night-without much conversation. Glancing over every once in a while, I could see that Dani was mulling some things around in her mind.

“College cock that good?” Dani asked suddenly.

“Like all cock, some are good, some, not so much, and a rare few, outstanding,” I answered as honestly as I knew how.

“Hmmph,” She replied, “Need to think about that a bit,” growing silent again after saying it.

Hmmph, I remember thinking, wonder what she’s thinking?

I was to find out a few weeks later…

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