Incestia [5]

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Incestia [5]
Sweet young Verity and the b**st of i****tia
Part 5


The morning of the Volka family’s court case for citizenship in i****tia was clear and bright. Young Verity and her sister Cambria were in summer dresses while their younger brother Caci was dressed in a frill-sleeved top and smooth cotton pants and their father Yuri and uncle Avan were in button-down shirts and slacks.

Despite their appearance as a wholesome family, for weeks, Yuri had copulated with his daughter with such unbridled lust that it could only be defined as a frenzy of i****tuous breeding. Yuri would never have imagined a day when he would fuck his own daughter, yet since arriving in i****tia, he had succumbed to its atmosphere of lust and perversion and especially Cambria’s enticements.

Avan reminded them of the advice their attorney, Omar Topete, had given them. “Go along with whatever the judge says. If he gets suspicious we’re up to something, he’ll never agree to your citizenship.”

It was little more than 20 minutes from the time the bailiff called the court in session until judge Ciro T. Nikolai said he was “satisfied” with the family’s conduct during their 30-day temporary grant of immigration and he signed their documents.

The family took the oath of citizenship, signed their papers before a notary, and left the building to rejoice and dance that their long bout with the dangers that had plagued them in Kassan were finally behind them.

Topete joined them and said he was on his way to file the arbitrar’s lawsuit that would nullify a side agreement the judge had coerced Yuri into signing, an agreement that required his young son Caci to continue sucking the judge’s cock.

“Don’t worry,” the fat attorney said. “Once we get that hearing, you’ll be free of Nikolai forever. But, you only have ten days to leave the temporary housing and find a place of your own and you still have to raise that money.”

“I know,” Avan replied, “but Yuri hasn’t worked so I’m not sure how we’ll afford to rent a place for them.”

“That’s why I brought it up, Volka. I know your niece Verity is going to sell her virtue for a lot of money—more money than I could raise or I would fuck her myself. But, I have a nice place they can move into right away. It’s quite big and very nice and they wouldn’t have to pay rent.”

Avan was wary. “What’s the catch?”

The attorney smiled. “Well, like I said, I don’t have enough money to deflower pretty little Verity, but they all could stay in my vacant rental for free if… you know…”

“You’re saying we can stay there if you can fuck Verity?”

“Aw, you make it sound so nasty. But yes. After she gets fucked for big money, I get seconds coupla times a month. Tell her it will make that money go a hulluva lot farther. I done a lot for you Avan so is it too much to ask to…you know…get a little pussy now and then?”

Avan laughed. “I suppose not. I’ll talk to her but it’s up to her.”

In fact, most everything was up to Verity since she had demanded emancipation and was about to control her own defilement and the wealth that came with it.

When the opportunity came, Avan talked to the girl. “I’m not saying you should do it, but it would help the family and you keep a lot more of the money you make.”

The girl sighed. “You’re really something, you know that? First you have me inebriate my father so we could get him to fuck Caci’s mouth—

“But, we had to, Verity,” Avan interrupted.

The golden-haired girl glared at him before continuing. “Then, you have me help my father fuck my sister. You want to fuck my brother’s mouth. And, now you want me to fuck a dirty old man for rent money!”

“Everything we did was to get your family to safety. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m past being mad,” she responded. “I’ve moved on to making this all work for me. My whole family is into weird sex so I’m going to out-weird all of you!”

“Will you at least think about Topete’s offer?”


“Why not?”

“Because I’ve already decided I’ll internet casino do it.”

The family began moving immediately and found Topete’s property bigger and nicer than expected. It had four bedrooms, a pool in the back, and plenty of space separating them from neighbors.

While they were busy moving, Avan went to Topete’s office and told the man that Verity had agreed.

“Welllll, this is the luckiest day of my life, Volka. Never been with a girl that young and pretty and all that creamy white skin. I’ll be wanking all night thinking about being on top of that sweet young girl and givin’ her a real nice fucking.”

Avan was disturbed by the man’s language but decided it was best to not make an issue of it.

Topete continued, “Tell her I can help her set up that fuck-for-money thing if she wants. I can get the word out. I know lots of wealthy old perverts. Set up a time and place. Make sure she gets the most money for that pretty little pussy. Things like that.”

“How wealthy? How much money are we talking about?”

“How about five years average wages?”

“Five…Five years?”

“At least, Volka. At least.”

The family was nearly moved in when Avan returned to their new dwelling. He told Verity all that Topete had said and her eyes flashed with approval.


A week later, the arrangements had been started. Topete led Verity and Avan to a large theatre that catered to strippers, orgies, and back room dalliances.

One of its larger rooms had a carpeted runway that coursed halfway into seating for over 100 people, but today, there would only be 21 of i****tia’s wealthiest hedonists.

“Are you nervous, Verity?” Avan asked as they waited backstage.

The girl laughed. “Why would I be nervous? They want me and they’ll do anything I say. I’m in control. Besides, today isn’t about fucking. It’s just deciding which of them I’ll choose.”

An emcee had to repeatedly calm the lusting and whooping men as he told them the girl he would introduce was a light-skinned Kassanian, the kind that i****tian men craved, and that she had long, golden hair, the modest chest of a young girl and a cute butt. He explained that the girl would choose one of the men and that man would have two hours to defile her as much as he wanted and without condoms.

“There are a couple of restrictions, gentlemen,” the emcee added. “You can kiss her mouth but you can’t fuck it and you can lick her ass but you can’t fuck it either. Just pussy. And no piss or anything like that. One of you lucky boys is going to get two hours of tight little virgin pussy! And now gentlemen, let me introduce you to the sexiest, purest, little white girl we’ve had here in years. Feast your eyes on this! Miss Verity Volka!”

Verity knew how to tease men. In the weeks before, she had imagined it a thousand times and each time, she had found herself very turned on that so many men would lust for her and drool.

Because she knew what men liked, she had purchased an ultra-thin schoolgirl outfit with a plaid microskirt, white panties, a white ruffled blouse, Converse sneakers, and knee socks. Hell, her father had been accused of touching a school girl back in Kassan so if he liked it, then these men would go crazy!

She spent nearly a half-hour strutting the runway and bending over to show her cute butt in panties as well as her schoolgirl cleavage. Once she had them in a lathered frenzy, she pouted, waved good-bye, jutted her ass out at them, and pranced off stage.

For the next hour, she sat in a private office with her uncle Avan talking alone with each man until she knew which one she wanted.

“Gustav,” she announced.

Avan was bothered. “But Verity, he’s…he’s about the ugliest and hairiest and most perverted man in all of i****tia!”

“Don’t argue with me!” she challenged. “I said Gustav. Now arrange it!”

They met with her father and explained things. She described Gustav and Yuri agonized and said he didn’t want such a b**stly man rutting on top of his sweet angel.

“You’ve canlı poker oyna got a lot of nerve to tell me anything! First, you fuck my little brother in the mouth. Then, you fuck my little sister in public, in front of 200 people. Now you’re humping her several times a day and you got her pregnant. My dad and sister are i****tuous, my little brother is a cocksucker, and you’re telling me who I should fuck?”


“I’m going to do it my way and you’re going to watch!”

“Wh…What? Noooooo!” her father wailed. He pleaded with her but she would not be moved.

Instead, she said, “I watched you hump my brother and my sister so now you’re going to watch a big, bad, perverted, ‘uncircumcised heathen’, as you call them, pump jizz into me, and, you’ll do it because if this doesn’t happen, then you don’t get the money to pay off that stupid side agreement and stay out of jail.”

There was no way to convince her otherwise so Yuri hung his head and nodded.


The day for her deflowering came and she dressed again like a schoolgirl.

They arrived at the theatre only in a different room, one with a low bed in the center of circular seating. Hundreds of people, mostly men, had paid large sums to see the hairy i****tian pervert fuck the light-skinned, golden-haired Kassanian virgin.

She was introduced by the emcee and the audience erupted as she entered the room and staged herself as an innocent and shy little lamb who was about to be ravaged by the b**st of i****tia.

When Gustav was introduced, he came out swinging—his dick, that is. It was thick and rutted and discolored in places where it’s burnished-brown tone didn’t show. To Verity, it looked ugly and horrible and vulgar which made the man even more perfect.

Gustav had one focus and that was his prey. He was about to pump i****tian sperm into a cute, young, Kassanian virgin and there was only one other thing that mattered whatsoever and that was her father. He was going to fuck Yuri’s daughter right in front of the man’s face and he couldn’t wait!

Yuri was seated in the front row just a few feet from where his sweet angel would be defiled. He wanted to hide his face and keep his eyes closed, but he knew her demand: either watch or forfeit the money.

The big man approached her and put his arms around her and drew her to him and kissed her on the mouth. Verity thought she would hurl, but she wanted it nasty so she was not about to back down.

One of his big hands found her breasts and kneaded them while his other hand went under her skirt and squeezed her ass. He pushed his hips into her and she gasped with the girth of what she felt.

The man pulled her white blouse until the buttons gave way. Then, he pulled her bra off and mounted his mouth to her stiffening nipples. He slobbered over her nubbins while the half-drunken audience was shouting obscene words. Yuri was in complete agony, but there was nothing he could do but hear the lust of hundreds of men who relished watching the defilement of his sweet daughter.

Gustav had her panties down while also undoing her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. The man pushed her back onto the bed and right in front of her own father, the fat, hairy lech pushed his face between her legs and noisily began licking her cunt.

Then, the i****tian b**st moved her to her back with her head nearest to where Yuri sat. He looked directly at her father and said, “I’m gonna fuck your daugher! Fuck her! You hear? Right in front of you! I’m going to pump your sweet little girl full of my jizz!” His laughter was joined by that of the audience.

He knelt on the bed and began to mount the small girl. The crowd became even more bawdy seeing an over-sized hairy man getting on top of a skinny schoolgirl.

Gustav’s weight was stifling and his breath was that of a thousand inebriated goats. He smelled of sweat and his stomach bulged like an inner tube, yet those were the reasons she pulled the b**st down on top of canlı bahis her while smiling directly at her father.

His hand went to his cock and she felt his stiff prod poking at her gateway. He…he was going to penetrate her—right in front of hundreds of people and, even better, right in front of her own father! She was disgusted with Gustav but she was exhilarated by the power and the utter wickedness of it all.

She felt initial pain and then the powerful pushing of the man’s hard erection as he spread her virgin pussy one-half inch at a time. It took several minutes, but once he was inside of her, he smiled at Yuri.

“Ahhhh, that’s one tight little whore you got here.”

He began moving slowly and his serpentine motions were as lewd as anyone would imagine. He panted and his facial expression could only be described as maniacal as he thrust slowly into Verity in strokes that lasted five full seconds.

“Yeahhhh!” he crooned as he looked at Yuri again. “Gonna fuck your little baby girl right in front of you and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

His movements increased in tempo and his face began turning red.

Perspiration dripped from his huge body as he panted and fucked a little faster.

Verity looked at her father with an expression that grimaced with triumph. Then, she wrapped her legs around her breeding mule and thrust up to fuck right back.

Together they were joined in their utterly shameless carnality while hundreds of i****tians cheered and encouraged their countryman to “fuck the bitch!” and “give it to her!” and “jizz in her!” and other vile obscenities.

Just when it seemed Gustav might be nearing orgasm, he slowed to about half speed and looked at Yuri and said, “I paid a lot for this, but your little girl is one helluva good prostitute.”

Yuri’s insides raged and he nearly bolted for the man, but he restrained himself because he knew if he did, he would ruin everything and the man would likely beat him to a pulp.

Gustav laughed and then picked up the intensity of his fucking and for the next five minutes, then ten, then fifteen, he pummeled the girl mercilessly before jamming her deep and hard. He was growling and rocking and the bed was nearly jumping just before he drove into her all of the way and his hips jammed to hers and his body shook and Yuri knew what was happening—the uncircumcised heathen was ejaculating deep inside of his sweet daughter.

The fat on the old pervert’s body jiggled as he thrust in hard and pumped another shot of thick i****tian seed into her. Again and once more, he rammed his shaft into her innocence and filled her with his vile spunk so much that it was oozing from her swollen pussy. As he lay on top of her, his body trembled in the aftermath of inseminating the delicate virgin from Kassan.

In time, he began to withdraw his spent cock and he rolled off of her and closed his eyes to bask in the glory of his wanton conquest.

Avan tugged on his brother and said, “You’re only required to watch once, so let’s go.”

By the time Gustav’s two hours with Verity were over, he had fucked the girl four times and while she lay listless, dozens of i****tian men gathered to look upon the matted mess he had made of the girl.

The promoter’s assistants brought Verity home and handed him an envelope that held her pay. Avan greeted them and led the dazed girl to her bedroom. He asked if she was okay but she pushed him away and closed her bedroom door.

In the morning, she was fully cognizant and didn’t want to talk about the events of the night before. She demanded her money and she nearly gloated as she said, “THIS is how you do weird sex!”

Two hours later, Topete arrived. “Avan, you have NO idea how pissed Nikolai was after he got that lawsuit! But, there’s nothing he can do. You’re free of him.” He explained how to pay compensation for defaulting on the side agreement.

After asking how Verity was, he asked, “So, when is it my turn? When can I fuck her?”

Avan’s head shook. “Is that all you think about? She said she’ll do it so just be patient. I’ll see to it you get what you want but first things first. I promised Cambria I’d see to the arrangements to marry her father so that comes next.”

[part 6 follows]

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