In Too Deep?

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“My family would kill me if they knew I wanted to be with a woman.”

“But, Lay, won’t they be even more devastated if they find out?” Aidan asked her. “I guess you’re right, but I wasn’t always bisexual though.”

“What do you mean?” Aidan asked.

“Well,” I said “my family thinks that I am getting married… to a man and I don’t have the heart to tell them it was called it off.”

“Why did you call it off?” Aidan asked.

“Craig called it off actually ‘cause he caught us in bed together.”

“Caught who in bed together?” Aidan pried.

“Me and my friend Alexis.” “Lexy and I known each other since way back. He left me for her, she left me for him, and they left me for each other.” I added.

“Did you know you were bisexual since way back when you met her?” Aidan asked. “Better yet,” she said before I could answer, “why don’t you start from the beginning when you first found out you were bisexual.” Ladysha asked

“You mean when I first had sex with a woman?”

“Sure if that’s where you want to start.”

“Well…” I began.

In the beginning I was dating Craig and we had plans to get married. I picked out my wedding dress and everything. Now Alexis was a 5’6” with wide hips and small upper frame. She was a nice and thick 32-26-40, just like I like ‘em. Now Alexis, being my maid of honor and all, went with me to every fitting. A month before my wedding day Alexis threw me a bomb ass bachlourette party and shit. The shit was off the hook. She had this male stripper named Dickfabulous B. N. Naughty there and shit. Damn, he looked good, naw he was fine. Body was sculpted with muscles everywhere. Nice round ass, smooth caramel skin bathed in baby oil and no hair anywhere. Everyone was getting they freak on. “Money over here” they’d yelled at him and he’d bounce over to them and work his body over on them. They’d smack his tight ass every time he bent over. Then he snatched his pants off and man that thong tha thong thong thong. He had the blue prints of a three story house bulging out of his shit.

Of course me being the queen of this he-ya shit I got the first feel of it. He came dancing over to me and put my hands down the front of his thong. It wasn’t completely hard yet but naturally I wanted to see it so I pulled it out. I unrolled that mo fo and it started to swell. His shit swoll a solid 12 inches from its base and sat a full 6 inches around. I played with it for a sec, then he kneeled down and started rubbin’ my titties and shit. He rubbed my hard nipples through my shirt. He pulled one out of my bra and started suckin’ on it. He gave the other nipple some attention too. With both titties being a D cup the nipples could easily be sucked on at the same time if you knew what you were doing. Man he knew what he was doing.

While he had both nipples in his mouth suckin’ and lickin’ he spread my legs wide and started fingerin’ me. He started off with one finger then gradually increased until four was in. He started kissing me and slipped his thick tongue down my throat. When I came he pulled his drippin’ wet fingers out my pussy and liked my cum off his fingers like KFC’s (finger licking good). He put my knees upon his shoulders, lifted me up and stood up. With my legs in each of his arms and my arms wrapped around his neck, he started humpin’ me. No penetration though, I had no cap. The man was powerful ’cause he needed no wall to help hold me up. His 12 inch knob rubbed against my clit through my panties. All while he humped me all I could think of was how hard I would cum if he’d slip in my pussy. Damn, I’m gettin’ horny.

When he let me down, after the song went off, I slipped a fifty in his thong. He went into his book bag and pulled out a baby wipe and wiped his hands and a hand sanitizer and rubbed it in. Naw man you need to wash those hands, I thought. Good thing I was first. He changed the tape and danced over towards other women with money. I happened to look at Alexis and she was sittin’ over at the bar drinkin’ gin and juice. Reluctantly I made my way over to her.

“What’s up girl, I asked her, why you ain’t enjoying this luscious piece of ass we got up in he-ya,” and ordered a drink.

“Girl,” she said, “I don’t know.” “But I see you’ve cum and enjoyed yourself to the fullest.”

“You damn right,” I said, “$800 is too much money to let him get away without giving me more than the memory of his ass shakin’ in my face.”

“I hear you girl,” she said and finished the drink I gave her and ordered another.

We sat there a good half an hour talking and ordering drink after drink after drink. After a while I talked her into coming over and enjoying herself before he had to go. He danced with the bachlourette and her maid of honor as his last dance. He pulled up Alexis’s dress and pulled down her panties. While his face was in her puss he squeezed her tits. She gyrated her hips to the beat upon his face until she came in his mouth. When the song was over he showered up and left.

Drunk as skunks Alexis and I finished our last drinks casino oyna and got in the designated drivers car and she drove us my house.

“That boy’s tongue was fire, you shoulda had some,” Lexie said and winked at me. We went up stairs to my apartment, and Lexie put on some coffee as I went to the bathroom. I took off all my clothes and put on a robe. As Alexis changed into a night gown I poured us a cup of coffee and loaded them with cream and sugar. She came out and we drank to our fun filled night.

“I’m guessin’ Craig is havin’ fun at his party, he ain’t here yet,” I said.

“He probably won’t be home tonight anyway,” she added, “you know Craig an’ nem, they like to party until the cows come home.”

“Yeah,” I agreed and finished my coffee.

“Come on I’m tired let’s go to bed,” she said. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me into my bedroom which I shared with Craig. Tired too, I flopped face down on the bed. She pulled off my robe and I lay there ass up naked. Too tired and drunk to care I just laid there and fell asleep. Half sleep it took me a minute to realize what she was doing to me. At first she was rubbing the backs of my legs, then she moved to my ass cheeks. I guess she felt my hesitation and requested to massage my back. She straddled my back and started rubbing my shoulders. It felt real good. I use to be a professional masseuse she said and moved lower on my back. “I know all the trouble spots,” she said. I was really tense, with the wedding in a month I’m surely due for one.

I began to relax as she rubbed out a tense area in the small of my back. She reached in the top drawer of my night stand and pulled out some baby oil and poured some on my back. I love the smell of baby oil, she said and leaned over and smelled it. She leaned so close I felt the tip of her nose and her lips on my back. If I wasn’t drunk I could have sworn she kissed me. I must admit she did have the touch. She massaged every inch of my back and I melted. She then rubbed her hands across my ass and down to my legs.

“Open your legs a little,” she said and crawled between them. One by one she would massage my legs. “You can’t do the back with out doing the legs,” she told me.

She poured more baby oil on me. On my legs first, then up over my ass. I felt a loose stream of oil run down my ass cheeks and in between my pussy lips. That made me jump.

“Oopps!” she said, “ let me get that for you,” and ran her finger over the oil track to where it ended.

When she ran across my private sanctuary I lifted up on my elbows and asked, “What the fuck is you doing girl.”

“A good masseuse never let it’s oils go to waste on their patients body,” she fired. “Look Lexie, I don’t know what you thinkin’ but…”

“Ok ok,” she interrupted, “I’m sorry let me finish.” Her hands worked magic over my back and legs.

“Turn over.” she whispered and pulled me over on my back. I grabbed some loose covers and covered my titties and pussy while she rubbed my feet. I noticed while she had my leg bent and my pussy ’n ass up in the air, that she too was totally naked. Hell, I wasn’t sure what the hell she was goin’ to do, I thought the bitch was gonna break out a dick or somethin’. At first she poured oil over my feet and lower legs and was massaging my feet, then she rubbed up my calf. All the while my pussy’s on fire. While she had my calf she ran my foot across her tits.

“Lexy I don’t…,” I started to say,

“I don’t either,” she interrupted again. Scared, drunk and confused I started pulling my foot from her hand, but she held strong.

“What’s wrong,” she asked as she poured more baby oil over my leg.

“What the fuck…,” I asked?

“Giving you a full body massage,” she interrupted reaching for my other foot. “Thank you for what you have done so far but I we need to stop,” I said pulling my other leg from her hand.

“What’s the matter you think I’m going to hurt you,” she tormented, pouring baby oil on her titties and leaned on top of me. She rubbed her titties across mine. Too stunned to move I just laid there. She used her knees to crack open my legs. With my legs open and to both sides of her she sat up on her knees. Could I please show you something, she asked starin’ me straight in the eyes . Not sure if it was genuine fear or the fear of being interested, I said nothing and let her continue. She spreaded my legs more and started carressin’ my inner thigh. She folded my legs out and said oohh you so soft after she ran her fingers up my pussy split.

Still a little out of it from all the drinks I had earlier I didn’t resist as a matter of fact I began to enjoy it. She leaned over and started sucking on my titties. Her wet tongue rolled around nipples made them stand at attention. She released her suction on my nipple and came up to kiss me. To my surprise, without thinking I kissed her back. Her tongue ring tickled my tongue. She told me that she wanted me as she laid kisses on my neck. She put two fingers in my pussy.

“Oh you getting’ wet girl, I want you,” she slot oyna said and kissed her way down my chest. “Mmmmm you smell so good. Gimmy somma dat puss,” she said and crawled in between my legs. Splash, face first in my wet puss.

The gentle rolling of her tongue across my coochie bell rang cum waves up and down my spine. When she put her fingers in my pussy, it became truly hard holdin’ back the moans of my enjoyment, and my gyratin’ hips.

“You like it huh,” she asked with a mouth full of my cunt? What the fuck was I suppose to say? I didn’t know how to answer her so I ain‘t say shit. “You taste so good ‘n sweet, mmm you smell so good too,” she added as she put in another finger. The sweet flickering of her tongue across my clit made me get more into it. She left no space in my pussy unlicked. She too was gettin’ hot cause I saw her fingerin’ herself.

She put three fingers in my pussy and wrapped her lips around my clit and started hummin’. The vibrations of her lips around my clit sent me crawlin’ walls.

“I’m finna cum shit I’m finna cum!!!” I screamed not sure if my scream was in my head or out loud. I wrapped my legs tight around her head and began fuckin’ her face. Her whole face was mashed in my shit. I came so hard I damn near jumped out the bed. When she came up for air her whole face was glistening with my enjoyment. Wondering why I enjoyed it so much I sat up and felt sick to my stomach. I jumped up and stumbled to the bathroom and hugged the porcelain god. I laced every inch of that bowl with all the drinks I had.

“You alright, I heard her say from the door.”

“Yeah,” I said and stood up. Still a little dizzy, I went to take a shower. I turned the water on hotter than I could normally stand and stood under it. I could see my vanilla colored skin turning strawberry red. I scrubbed my skin so hard with the loofa sponge my skin began to sting. I felt so ashamed. I wanted to wash away all the thoughts and any feelings of being gay off my body and down the drain.

I could still feel the vibration of her lips on my clit and the very big orgasm in the pit of my stomach. Just before I was done, I heard the door of the bathroom open and close and saw the shower curtain open.

Alexis came in and said, “Here let me wash your back for you.” She turned me around to face her and grabbed the shower gel. She first rubbed the gel across her breast and lathered them up. Then she wrapped her arms around my body and ran the gel up and down my back. “I can wash two spots at one time,” she said washing my back and rubbin’ her tits across mine. She washed me from head to toe as if I were unable to do it myself. She washed my pussy last. She took a towel and put some feminine wash on it and kneeled down. She lifted my leg and rested my foot on her thigh. With my legs open she spread my pussy lips with one hand and with the towel wrapped around one finger she wiped around my clit and between my pussy lips. Turn around, she said and spun me around and took the towel and wiped between my ass cheeks.

Hand me the shower head she asked and turned me back facing her. My foot rested up on her leg again as she turned the shower head on my pussy.

“I need to rinse you off,” she said and spread my pussy lips once again. Lexie turned the shower head to pulsate and sprayed the water directly on my clit. The water pulsated across my pearl tongue just as her tongue did and it felt good. “Cum for me baby,” she said. I reached for anything on the wall that I could climb up and away from it all but the jerks of preorgasm hit like a ton of bricks. It didn’t take long for me to cum, and when I did it was so big I squirted on her leg. She just laughed, stood up and rinsed the rest of the soap off my body.

After that she handed me the gel and the loofa sponge and silently expressed she wanted me to wash her too. I poured shower gel over her soft brown skin. Her tits were firm and her nipples were pink and hard. I lathered the gel across her arms and shoulders. Scared to touch her sexual parts being afraid of my feelings. She grabbed my wrists and ran my hands down her breasts and across her tits and down into her pussy. She had no hair on her soft triangle. She turned my hands over and pushed my finger on her clit. Back and forth she pushed my finger across her soft spot. She moaned and kissed me in the mouth. Her tongue ring hit my tooth as she lashed it down my throat. She took the soap and washed herself up and we exited the shower.

The sun shined in through the window as we made our way on the bed. Still horny I started feelin’ her need and I wanted her too. I kissed her as I fingered her hairless muff. I ran across her clit ring. I played with the ring as I sucked on the tongue ring in her mouth. I took her nipple into my mouth. My tongue circled slowly around and over it her little pink nipple. She moaned and told me I was doin’ good. She pushed my head down lower on her body and spread her legs apart. There I was face to face with the other tongue ring.

She had a bar bell on her clit ring with canlı casino siteleri pink balls on each end of it. Her pussy lips were just as pink as the bar bell balls.

“I’ve been told I got a pretty pussy do you think so,” she asked. I must admit she did have a good lookin’ pussy. I’ve seen a lot of porno’s and if I had some of them ole raggedy ass pussies some of them women had I would not have show it on T.V. “I don’t know how to do this,” I told her as I laid down between her legs. She spreaded her outer lips to show me the inner ones. “Just take your time.”

I put my finger in her ever so pink hole. Her pussy smelt just like the shower gel we used in the shower. She moaned and I put in another one. Two fingers I worked into her pussy and then rubbed across her clit with my thumb. Her clit grew out of the folds that hid it and her pussy started gettin’ wet.

“Suck it,” she whispered. I hesitated and asked suck what. I guess she picked up on my fear and said, “Just lick it like cotton candy, just suck the ring like you did the one in my mouth.” I, wantin’ to do it, I wanted that soft pink muff in my mouth, I wanted to eat of her lap like there was no tomorrow but fear got to me.

“Bring yo’ ass up here to me,” she demanded.


“69 we gonna do 69, so bring yo’ ass up here. Now just do to me what I do to you.” and she pulled my leg across her chest and I mounted her face. First she licked my clit. So I licked her clit. “Yeah that’s it.” Her tongue rolled around and over my clit and her finger went in my pussy. When I did the same thing she started gyratin’ her hips. The sound of her enjoying it turned me on. The more she got into it on me, the more I got into it on her. When she sucked my clit I sucked hers.

After a while I started leaving her and doin’ my own thing. I took my finger out her wet pussy and ran my wet finger around her asshole. I put three fingers in her wet pussy and she started hummin’ on my clit. Just the taste of her bitter sweet pussy and oohh the smell of it made me hotter. She put a finger in my ass and a finger in my cunt and sucked my clit. “Shit I’m cummin’ Lexy I’m cummin! Aaaahhh shit shit shit shit ssshhhiiiiiittt!!.” That cum excited me so much I started to shake. The touch of her tongue on my tingling clit made me jump off her face.

I turned around and put my face into her puss and start devourin’ her shit. I put two fingers in her pussy and played around her asshole with my thumb. I lashed my tongue across her clit over and over.

“I’m cummin’ Lady I’m cummin’ ooohhh yeah,” she yelled as she grabbed the back of my hair and pushed my face in her pussy. “Yeah right there mmmm stay right there!! , Yeah, I cum in yo’ face, yeah, in yo’ mouth, ssshhhhiiiittttt!!!,” she moaned through clentched teeth as she fucked my face. “Damn Lady, I though you didn’t know how do dat shit,” she asked as I crawled up to lay by her side. We began to kiss again.

It slipped my mind that Craig would be home soon until it was too late. I don’t know how long he had been watchin’ us but when I saw him he was standin’ in the door lookin’ at us. He had a look of shock on his face and a frown upon his mouth. “You Bitch!” he exclaimed.

“Craig,” I cried and sat up and pulled covers over myself. Lexie just raised up on her elbows and didn’t even try to cover up her naked body.

He looked at her then again at me and said, “I can’t believe none of this bull shit.” “What the fuck is goin’ on. What my dick wasn’t enough for you Lay, you had to go suck sum pussy?” “Oh I know, I didn’t suck yo’ pussy good enough, you had to go get a woman to do it?”

“Craig please let me explain?” I begged.

“What is there to explain Lay,” he asked, “how I didn‘t see yo‘ face all up in her pussy, or what, you were seeing if she has something in her pussy you needed to get out for her.”

“Baby it’s not like that, if you‘d let me explain…,” I begged again. “It’s always I, I, I, with you Lay? Do you care how this shit affects me? How fucked up would you be if you come home and find me in the bed with another……..”

“Craig,” Lexie interrupted, “you can join us if you want to.”

“I ain’t got shit else to say to y’all I’m getting out of here, fuck y’all.”

“Wait Craig please,” I cried. He slammed the room door.

“What am I going to do now,” I asked Lexie.

“We can be together you don’t need him.”

“I love him!”

“I love you, always have Lay, be with me and I will show you more than any man can,” she said and started kissin’ my neck. I laid back as she started kissin’ my titties, thinking about how I am going to get him back. I don’t want to loose all that money he had. He was a lawyer who represented all the repeat criminals. He rarely loose his cases. The only man in the neighbor hood that didn’t have any baby momma‘s.

“Let me take your mind off him.” she said and she climbed on top of me. She straddled my legs so that our pussies could touch. She began to rub her hairless pussy across mine. Just as it started to get good and we started to moan and enjoy each other again the door flung open and there Craig stood totally with no shirt and pants unfastened. I guess he was standing there at the door listenin’ to what we were sayin’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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