How to Weaken a Cub’s Resistance

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Well, well, and well-cum, my royal leaders and loyal Readers!! This story is sixth in the “How To” series starring hubby and wife BDSM couple, Lou and Sandra Burton. (Technical note: the first five followed a numerical pattern in their Saga numbers. This one continues that pattern, though it was briefly interrupted by a spicy little tale called “Clerical Terror.”) This one’s structured similarly to “How To Wage A Wargasm,” with four young women comprising two married lesbi couples. Aside from the different characters, the twist in this one will make itself known early on. One of the couples here, Barbara and Josie Greer, were the focus of my story “Fatal Edge.” The other couple is new. Cheers, folks. Orgasmically happy reading.

CATS: BDSM, Exhibition/Voyeur, Group, Toys/Masturbation


Step 1: Arrange A Friendly Luncheon

Saturday, August 31st, 2019, 12:28 p.m.

It was a seasonably warm summer day. The temperature was steady to the high of 83° here in fair Juniper, Minnesota. The sun had just hit its peak half an hour ago. It was hardly any wonder Juniper’s citizens loved living here; the people and climate were pleasant, and there were venues to keep everyone occupied. The city was divided into three major areas: a pastoral countryside, a mid-town blend of business districts and residential neighborhoods, and the busy downtown metropolis. Smack dab in the midst of the area two was one of Juniper’s more renowned diners, the Moonbeam Café. It stayed open 24 hours, and boasted gourmet cuisine at satisfying prices. Among today’s parties was one of four women seated in a cushy booth. They made up two married couples: the Greers, Josie and Barbara, and the Hartwells, Kenzie and Sheryl. The former were clad in airy dresses, their summer best. Sheryl was dressed in a tank top and cutoff shorts. And Kenzie was decked in a plaid button-up, faded jeans and a newsgirl cap.

“Whoo! Golly,” chirped Josie, first to slide in. “Nice and air-conditioned in here.”

“Yeah, y’know, it’s funny,” said Barb, just behind her. “We’ve driven by this place a bazillion times, never come in.”

“Really?” Sheryl asked. “We come here all the time; ‘s one of our favorite little haunts.”

“That’s right, for years now,” added Kenzie. “‘Course, we’ve been married for ten. How about you two?”

“Oh, four,” Barbara replied, Josie holding up the same number of fingers.

Their companions nodded. “Makes sense,” Sheryl said. “Be frank, I’d be surprised if you two’d been married much longer. Of course I mean that as a compliment, ’cause you guys’re clearly so young and adorable.”

“Awww…” the Greers chorused. They then proved Sheryl’s point, by starting to speak at the same time, stopping right at once out of deference, and sharing a hearty giggle.

“See? Exactly what I mean, right there,” Sheryl added. “Precious.”

“Ohhh, you’re too sweet!” said Josie. “But look at the two of you. You’re so cute, just together like that!”

“Ah, go on, get outta here,” Kenzie chuckled. “Would it be rude of me to ask your ages? I’ll tell you ours; we’re not shy about them. I’m 38, my darlin’ Sher’s 41.”

“Oh, ‘rude’? Hardly,” said Barb, waving a hand. “We’re both 28. Jojo’s younger by five months.”

“Oh, right, by the way,” Josie/Jojo chimed. “My name’s Josie, my baby bear calls me Jojo. Hers is Barbara, I call her Babsy.”

“Babsy and Jojo…” said Kenzie. “Priceless. You guys’re more adorable by the minute.”

“Did I tell ya?? Well, my name’s Sheryl, or just Sher, and my wife’s name’s Mackenzie.”

Kenzie reflexively rolled her eyes. “It is not,” she asserted. “Sher thinks it’s ‘cute,’ and apparently so did my parents. But I don’t let anyone put that goofy-ass prefix on my name. Color me old-fashioned, but I say it belongs on last names and that’s it. My name’s Kenzie. I am not—and people have asked me this—I’m not that Whoopi Goldberg hyena from Lion King. That’s Shenzi. If you did that couple-name-mash thing with us, then we’d be ‘Shenzie,’ together, not just me. And I like the uniqueness. Kenzie means intelligent or wise. That’s my name. But you can also call me Kenz; I’m cool with that too.”

Sher grinned good-naturedly at her. “Aw, you know it’s just innocent teasing, babe. Just me pushing your love buttons.”

“Oooh,” chortled Josie. “My Barb has many ‘love buttons.’ All over her, in fact. It’s as much fun finding them as it is pushing them.”

“Wh—Jo-sie!” her blushing Barb chided.

“What? I make you push mine all the time. In fact—I’ll let you two in on a little secret: some of my buttons’re pretty stubborn. Sometimes you have to push ’em ten or twenty times to get ’em to ‘work.’”

The party shared laughs all around. Their illegal bahis waiter arrived to take their drink orders and about-faced to fill them.

“So, uh…how do you guys know Sandy?” Kenzie asked Josie and Barb.

“Actually, she found us,” Barbara told them. “We were at the park, just taking it easy, and she came up and introduced herself. And… I dunno, it was weird. It was like she knew us already. She had this, this… strange charisma about her. Something that just kinda… drew us in to her, y’know? She sat with us, talked to us awhile, and… before we knew it, she was asking us if we ever did any modeling. And if we might be interested in participating in some of her ‘shoots.’ Apparently the one she had in mind for us’s a week from today. Kinda random, huh? Go figure. But, it did get us here. How ’bout you guys?”

“Well, kinda—oh, thank you,” Kenzie said, as the waiter returned with their bevvies and straws.

“Need a minute to decide, ladies?”

“Oh, yes, please, probably a couple. Take your time,” said Josie. She readdressed the Hartwells as the waiter withdrew. “G’ahead.”

“Right. So yeah, kinda the same thing, except we were at my office. It was Sher’s day off, and she came and brought me lunch. We were out in the pavilion, and…” Shrug. “Yeah, all of a sudden, so was she. Talked to us about a buncha stuff like th—”

“Oh, and yeah, it was like she knew us too,” Sher agreed. “Not to mention that we were a couple. She must have hella good gaydar.”

“…She was also nice enough not to interrupt me in the middle of my sentences,” added Kenzie, now with a nip of snarkiness in her tone. “Which the person to who I’m married knows, yet disregards.”

Sheryl clasped her hand. “I’m very very sorry, dear. It’s completely unintentional, just like it was a decade ago. Merely a for—”

“Force of habit, yes, I know,” Kenzie smirked, nodding to the Greers to show them the irony.

“Oh, well… w-well, y’know, Jojo and I interrupt each other sometimes too,” said Babs. “It’s-it’s a little annoying, but it’s n—”

“Y—we do! We do do that!” Josie broke in, laughing to show them she was joking. “Honestly, though…Kenz,” she smiled, “It doesn’t mean we’re trying to shut each other up or be disrespectful. It just happens.”

Kenzie shrugged. “Mm, I guess th—”

“Thank you, Josie!” said Sher, just before realizing she’d done it again. She put a hand over her mouth as Kenzie rolled her eyes.

“…Oops. So sorry, sweetie.”

Jojo piped up once more. “Hey, hey, wait a sec. That means at this table… that we kinda have a Barbie… and a Kenz!”

She and Sher cracked up, finding it hilarious. Barbara and Kenzie shot each other a look that said the same thing: that while they didn’t think this very funny, they loved their wives when it was both easy and not easy. But Kenzie had a follow-up.

“Oh yeah?” she shot back with a smirk. “Your name’s Josie and we’re all lesbians. Who’s got the first Pussy-cats joke??”

More laughter. Finally, they took a convo break to study the menu. The selection and versatility thereof were pretty amazing, with over a hundred choices covering all meals. They each settled, grabbed the waiter and filled him in. Sheryl ordered an egg salad sandwich on toasted rye, sides of fries and mashed potatoes and gravy for each. Josie asked for a t-bone with steamed veggies. Kenzie requested candied shrimp on a bed of fettuccine. And Barb, a fan of all-day breakfasts, decided on a pancake platter with hash and eggs. While not in attendance herself but there in spirit, their mutual acquaintance and perspective recruiter, Mrs. Sandra Ariana Burton, had reserved this lunch for the four of them. Once having dug in, they concurred they’d have to thank her.

“Shho, um…” Kenzie uttered through a mouthful of grub. Gulp. “What do you guys do?”

Josie smiled at her. “Well, for a living, I’m a jewelry store clerk at the mall, and Babs works for a pharmaceutical company. If you mean for fun, Barb likes to shop, and I’m a big gardener, for openers. I’ve got a sick-ass garden in our backyard. How ’bout you?”

“Hm!” Kenzie chuckled through a suck of Sprite. “Well, we can get into stuff we do for fun later… far as work, I’m a chef at the Green Street Grill on… well… Green Street…”

Sher swallowed as well. “And, I have a pretty unusual job, ‘specially for a chick—and one my age. I quality control-test video games.”

“No kidding!” said Babs. “You get paid to play video games? That’s pretty cool! Oh—not that your job’s not cool too, Kenzie.”

Another chuckle. “Forget about it; hers is way cooler.”

“Yeah, how’d you get into that?” Jojo wished to know.

“Well, this was before you guys’ time, but when I was really little, Atari was queen,” Sheryl told them. “Then the original Nintendo came along. They illegal bahis siteleri knew how to make games in the ’80s and ’90s. That’s not to say newer ones aren’t as good, but those classic ones really defined my childhood. Believe it or not, I freakin’ loved ’em then and still do. My parents’ friends’ little girls all wanted to play dolls and have tea parties. I was always itchin’ to rock some Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Icarus, Tetris, you name it. I think my favorite’s Metroid, prob’ly ’cause the hero’s a chick. Damn tough one too. I love me a strong, tough chick.”

“Here, here!” agreed Josie, picking up her glass to offer a toast. “I’ll drink to that!” Barb nodded, doing the same.

They clinked. Sheryl went on.

“So when I was a teenager, I started calling the Nintendo hotline all the time, for the tips or just to chat. I spent the same amount of time on the phone a typical teenage girl would, I was just talking to a different kinda friends. I guess I had a knack for the games—and the technical stuff—’cause after a while they started talking about offering me a job. My folks wanted me to finish school first, so when I was 18 or 19, they sent me some equipment and I started working with ’em remotely. It was the late ’90s, so the whole global web thing’d seem primitive now, but it was pretty state-of-the-art at the time.”

“Wow,” said Barb. “That’s so cool. Well, video games might not be our thing, but I can definitely appreciate people’s affinity for ’em. And, well, like you said, we were born a little late to get a lotta the good stuff hot off the shelf.”

“Oh, but you guys’re lucky,” Sher smiled. “Now you can download an emulator and ROMs and play any game you want for free. Anyway, the vid-gaming community’s short on women to begin with, and when we make our presence known to the dudes, they get excited. For… y’know, kinda obvious reasons. They wanna talk to me, get to know me…but when they find out I’m gay, a lot of ’em react… kinda like you’d figure guys would. They either tend to get deflated and lose interest, or just…” Shrug. “…Don’t buy it.”

“Oh, I know, right?” said Kenzie. “Guys can be weird about it, but y’know, so can women. I don’t mean to come off as heterophobic, or misogynistic—I swear I’m not, either one—but when the other women in my restaurant go all catty, I get pissed off. Like, y’know, it must be so hard being a straight girl. They’re supposed to like guys, but if the guy’s not good-looking enough he’s ‘creepy.’ And lesbians’re automatically ‘creepy’ the second they find out we’re gay. All these predatory ‘creeps’ all around them. What a living hell.”

A spell of silence floated over the table like a leaf. Josie arched her brows and speared another mouthful.

“…Well, on the one hand, it’s possible you’ve been hanging around the wrong straight girls… but on the other, I kinda see your point.” Gulp. “They do seem to love throwing around the word ‘creepy’ like it’s a verbal tic.”

“Yeah, that’s fair enough,” said Barbara. “Although, babe, that might be a little easier for you to say. You work in a jewelry store. Most of the people you meet there’re in love. Or looking for a little bauble thingy to get outta the doghouse.”

Each took a few more moments to eat, exchange small smiles, toss glances between fellow diners, study the café’s décor, and come up with more conversation fodder. Babs remained curious about something.

“What, eh… what else did you guys and Mrs. Sandy talk about?”

“Ah, quite a bit till Sherie had to run back to work,” said Kenz, also post-swallow. “Our marriages, stuff we have in common. It’s… again, y’know, it’s weird, it’s like she already knew us. Turns out her and her husband swing. And… so do we.”

The Greers exchanged gazes.

“That’s… kind of amazing. It turns out, actually…um… me and Babsy’ve talked about it a lot, and… we’ve decided we in fact wanna have an open, inexclusive marriage,” Jojo admitted to the Hartwells. “I… suppose that…kinda makes us swingers too.”

All four booth occupants traded looks of elevated intrigue. Sher was first to break this lull.

“You don’t… y-you guys don’t think she…”

She waved a hand as if to complete the thought. Barbara spoke up.

“…How could she? How could she know? …Is she psychic?”

“Does she have gay-dar and ‘swing-dar’?” Kenzie quipped.

“Did she hack into our social media and read everything about us?” Josie speculated.

“Or, is this all just a big coincidence?” asked Sheryl.

“…That’d be one helluva coincidence,” said Babs.

Another interval of silence and inquiring stares ensued. This time it was Josie who spoke back up.

“Well… Mrs. Sandy told us that if we got to know you guys, and liked you, and if we wanted to participate in her whatchamathingy, we should let canlı bahis siteleri her know by Wednesday either way.”

“She told us the same thing,” nodded Kenz.

“…Are… you two thinking what I… think we’re thinking?” Sher asked.


Step 2: Lure Your Curious Comely Cubs And Cougars Into A Mysterious And Interesting Cave That Looks As If It May Just Be Full Of Tasty, Creamy Sweets

Saturday, September 7th, 2019, 7:02 p.m.

“AND JUST HOW THE HELL ARE WE TONIGHT THEN?!” a latex- and garter-clad Sandy addressed their basement full of guests like so often before. The audience came back with cheers.

“I DO BELIEVE Y’ALL CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!” Lou called to them from his post behind the main tripod.

The crowd cheered louder. This being the Burtons’ pre-show “patter,” they’d pry out the loudest cheer of all next.

“MM, I DUNNO, LOU,” Sandra called to him. “I DON’T THINK THEY REALLY MEAN IT!… DO YA, GUYS?? HUH??!”

Sometimes this buildup grew tiresome for their regular friends and guests, but everyone knew it was worth it. The audience whooped, cheered and hollered till their host and hostess were satisfied.

“A’RIGHT, I THINK THEY MEAN IT,” Lou shouted over to Sandy. “SHALL WE THEN, BABE?”


The crowd laughed.


More cheers. The two couples, just outside the basement door, did not believe this was their cue to enter. They were correct, they would notice, just a moment later.


Lou opened the door for them, and in discreetly wandered the group. The sheer capacity of the room daunted them, though Mrs. Burton had prepped them on this as well as all else. When they got back in touch with her after the luncheon, Sandra asked how many notes they’d compared. It turned out that they were right in their speculations: Sandy Burton had remarkably on-point gaydar and “swing-dar.” Some form of intuition in her sensed this about them, and she was seldom wrong. This was one of her “gifts” of sorts. So she briefed them over the week. Though the ladies were at first taken aback, they reminded themselves they kept open relationships for a reason. And that while sounding a little crazy… this could be fun.

“Welcome, ladies! Why don’t we start by getting to know yas a little. Tell us about yourselves. Who wants to start?”

The four wives’ wives exchanged glances and gestures, none really caring who went first. Finally, Barb spoke up.

“Okay, um… hi, everybody,” she waved. “My name’s Barbara Greer… my wifey calls me Babsy… I took her name; my maiden name’s Barbara Ann Cafferty. …Yes, my parents’re huge Beach Boys fans. …I’m 28, I’m a Gemini…my favorite foods’re Italian and Asian…oh, and breakfast stuff… though I do enjoy a good tuna fish sandwich and a nice meaty taco as well…”

“Barbara!…” her embarrassed wife gigglingly murmured.

“Just a sec, sweetie, I’m introducing myself. I do electronic processing for a pharmaceuticals company, and they let me work at home, so that’s real nice. My favorite hobby’s shopping, my biggest pet peeve is general meanness, and, uh… yeah. Guess that’s it.”

“Fantastic!” Sandy clapped her hands. “Any little unique or fun facts about yourself we might be interested to know?”

…You mean other than the fact that three years ago, I found out my wife kissed another woman without telling me, even though we really kinda have an open relationship, and to teach her a lesson for keeping it secret from me, I tricked her into letting me cuff her up naked, blindfolded her, and edged and tortured her pussy with a goose feather till she practically exploded?

“Erm… can I get back to you on that?”

“Of course! All righty then, how about your blushing bride?”

Josie took a step forward. “Right! Okay. Well… I’m Josie Sue Greer…Babsy calls me Jojo. I’m 28 too, and the baby of the two of us. My birthday’s in November, and unlike my significant other and equally awesome half, I do not believe in astrology… I also don’t have a cute double entendre I could use to make her blush right now. But let’s see, I…work at Raymond’s Jewelers in the mall, there is no food or drinks I don’t like… and, I have a fondness for veggies, actually, ’cause I grow my own. I have a beautiful garden in our backyard. Sometimes it’s a handful, but always super-worth it come harvest time.”

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