Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 06

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We finally arrived back at my place after nine days on the road. Donna was happily exhausted. We threw our bags in the house and went to dinner at a local rib joint. Donna was wearing a short sundress we had picked up along the way, with nothing under it as had become her routine. She sat next to me in the booth, and I played with her bare pussy when no one was looking, and once when the waitress came over, since she came up from behind and I already had a finger in Donna when she appeared at the table. I kept her on the edge of an orgasm for most of the time we were there. She didn’t get all the attention, as she was rubbing my cock through my shorts while we ate as well. It was a wonder we finished dinner.

We paid and left. As we walked out to the parking lot, Donna said, “I’m going to get you for that.”

“Just like after the concert?? You know what happens to girls who don’t wear panties!!”

Donna looked up at me as we reached the car. I unlocked and Donna climbed in the back, sliding across the seat, lifting her leg up to give me a clear shot at her parted labia framed by her blonde bush. “Come get your dessert,” she said.

I got in and knelt on the floor as Donna slid forward so her open twat was in my face. She took my head in her hands and pushed my face into her opening. “Now lick me and don’t stop til I come!! You’ve been playing me for 45 minutes, now I want the payoff.”

I knew she wasn’t kidding, but still I gently licked her thighs, then her labia, up and down, teasing her.

“Mmm, put that tongue in me!!”

“A little anxious, are we??” I asked, still teasing.

Donna thrust her thighs at me. “Eat me, you know what I want!!” she exclaimed in a loud whisper. I licked up and around the border of her bush, then around the outside of her wide open pussy lips as she moaned for me to put my tongue inside her. Finally, I rolled it over her clit, making her jump, then again slowly, making her hips shake. I lingered over her clit, then inserted my tongue into her as far as it would go, while gently sucking on her clit. That set her off like a firecracker, and she coated my face with her orgasm; it was like being caught in a flash flood. I lapped it up as fast as I could, savoring the taste of her sweetness as she thrashed around me. While I was working on her, I had undone my shorts and let them drop, so I was ready to take her. She was still quivering when I moved up over her and drove my cock deep in her pussy, setting her off again. I pounded her hard, my balls slapping her little ass, my cock sliding in and out easily due to her orgasm. Donna started to let out a long moan. How no one else heard us, I can’t figure. For all the screwing we had done all over during the previous couple of weeks, here we were having the most intense fuck of the trip in my back seat, two miles from the house.

Donna interrupted her moan as I fucked her. “Come inside me,” she screamed. “I want your come in me now!!”

“Is that what you want?? You know how I come for you,” I teased her.

“Yes, God, yes, I want it. I want to feel it filling me, overflowing me, running down my legs!!”

“You sure?? I’m taking you for ice cream right after this.” I pounded into her deep, hitting her cervix and holding there. Donna cried out as I bottomed in her cunt.

“Yes, baby, fuck my cunt and come in me, I want it running down my leg while we’re waiting in line!! Just come in me!!” Donna thrust her hips up as I now stroked slowly, looking in her eyes as I touched her womb each time.

“I’m coming now. I’m going to fill your womb.”

Donna looked up, opened her mouth as if to cry out, then leaned up and kissed me hard while she wrapped her legs around me, pulling my ass into her. I started to come, erupting in a series of long bursts of sperm that filled and overflowed her, running out of her spread pussy and making her bush and my balls sticky wet as come got all over both of us. I held my cock inside her as the last of my orgasm subsided, letting every drop of semen go into her now intensely sloppy cunt. I pulled out, dragging my drooling tool through her bush before sitting up. A thick stream of come slowly escaped Donna’s gaping twat as she sat up.

“Let me get that,” she said, leaning forward to lick the last seeping come off my dick. “Better than ice cream. You’re still taking me to Dairy Queen, right??” The look on her face was priceless.

“You bet,” I said, pulling my shorts back up. We straightened up and got back in the front. Donna made no attempt to clean up. I was sure she’d have a stain on her dress, but she flipped it up as she got in, letting my come drip out onto the seat. My car will smell like sex forever now. We went the half mile or so down to Dairy Queen and went in. It was a Saturday, so they were fairly busy, and there was a casino oyna line. We waited about five minutes before getting to the counter. I got a milkshake, Donna got a cone dipped in chocolate. While I waited for my milkshake, Donna went over to get a straw and some napkins. She called to me while she was at the condiment counter. I looked over to see her facing me, smiling. I looked at her more closely, and noticed she had a streak of white down her left thigh to her knee. As she stood there, a much thicker streak rolled slowly out from under her dress and down her right leg. If ever there was a freshly fucked look, she had it, and it was hot. I felt my cock respond, knowing under that little dress was a come soaked, smoldering blonde pussy that was dripping for anyone to see. I got my shake and we went back to the car.

“That was hot!!” I told Donna.

“I knew you’d like that. I recalled what you said to me earlier in the trip, and I wanted you to have that moment to remember me by.”

“It worked. The image of you standing in a busy Dairy Queen, smiling at me while my sperm is running down both legs will be burned into my memory. I have many good memories from this trip, but that will be the best of all.” I kissed Donna, and, now home, we went in to finish our ice cream. Donna sat across from me in the recliner, opening her legs so I could get a good look at her dripping muff. She dipped a finger in and played in the mess, pulling it out and licking it off.

“I can’t believe how wet I still am,’ she said.”You really soaked me!!”

“There something hot about car sex. The idea of balling some hot little girl in the back seat has always been a turn on for me. And you had me going before we even got out to the car, so I was already primed. The combination of you in that dress and the back seat made me come in buckets.”

Donna smiled at me. “Well, the summer is here, we’ll have to do that more.”

“You’re going to be quite well known at Dairy Queen.’

“Yeah,” said Donna. “They’ll have to change it to ‘Sperm Queen!!’”

We finished our ice cream and went to get the rest of our things out of the car. I watched as she would reach in to get something, and her dress would ride up, giving me a look at her leaking pussy, then walking in and out while come continued to run down her thighs. We finally went inside for good after about ten minutes of bringing our things in. We got everything into the bedroom and we were done. I pulled Donna to me and hugged her, just holding her, resting her head on my chest. She hugged me tight, as if she were not going to let go.

“Too bad this has to end,” I said, kissing the top of her head. “I’m really enjoying your company. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is unbelievable, better that in my wildest dreams, but I’ve come to really appreciate all the other things about you too. I hate to think that I’ll send you back to Illinois tomorrow, and may never see you again.”

Donna looked up at me. “Maybe it doesn’t have to end,” she said. “I’ve done a lot of thinking while we were out. It may be time to make some changes.” Donna stepped back and kicked her shoes off, then pulled her dress over her head. She now stood before me completely naked. I looked at her standing there, pussy still slightly parted, bush wet and tangled, the tops of her thighs slick from being coated with sperm. Despite her small frame, she was quite shapely. Our eyes met.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, looking into the softness of her brown eyes.

Donna looked back longingly. “Make love to me,” she said softly. She stepped toward me, lifting my shirt off, then undoing my shorts and letting them drop to the floor. I took my shoes off and we were both naked. We embraced, feeling the softness of each other’s skin. I was half hard already, and Donna stroked me a couple of times. She stepped back, then lay on the bed. She looked hot and sweet at the same time, one leg up as she lay on the pillows, still wet between her legs. I got on the bed with her, lying next to her, kissing her softly, my left hand exploring her tits and the curve of her hip. She played in the hair on my chest. We spent several minutes savoring each other. As Donna reached down to my crotch, she started stroking my cock, making it fully erect. She moved so she was kneeling over me. She smiled, licked her lips, and dove onto my dick, taking it all the way into her mouth. The feel of her wet mouth and tongue was exquisite. She would slowly go down on my cock, then pull off, lick around the head and top of the shaft, then take me in again. It was wonderful. As she did this, I swung her around so her hips were over me, and I was looking at her blonde muff, specked with stray globs of semen. Her labia were opening up again as she became aroused by sucking my cock. She gave off the strong aroma of pussy slot oyna and spent come. I licked her outer lips, making Donna moan softly. She released me a moment.

“You’re in for some cream pie dessert,” she said, looking back with a smile.

“It’s my favorite,” I said. “Better than a milkshake.” Donna laughed. I kept lapping at her pussy, licking her clit up and down, and alternately flicking it sideways. Donna didn’t take long to respond, but she was already pretty well primed from our earlier escapade. Finally I stuck my tongue inside her deep, and licked out over her clit, which sent her into orgasm, coating my face with her juice and some of my come from the first round. She released my cock, which was swelling nicely from her oral attention. I turned her around so she was facing me, her pussy straddling my cock. She took it in her hand and found her clit, rubbing the head on it, which made her flinch.

“I love your fat cockhead rubbing all over me,” said Donna, continuing to rub it up and down her slit. She closed her eyes and put it right at her opening, then slowly sank down on me. She was still quite slick, and I slid in easily, feeling the silkiness of her still come filled pussy. This was not lost on Donna.

“Pretty sloppy, isn’t it?? Sometimes you even get your own sloppy seconds.” She smiled.

“You know how to serve it up,” I said, smiling back.

“I have a feeling I’d be serving it to you often.”

“You may be on to something there,” I said. “You know I’ll take all you want to dish up.”

Donna started riding me slowly, taking me deep, her ass resting on my balls with every stroke. I watched as my cock slid in and out of her pussy, feeling the slickness of her vagina, and her pubes on my cock as she slid up and down on me. Her small tits bounced as she rode, nipples extended. Our fingers entwined and she rode me a little quicker. I thrust up into her, banging my pubic bone into her clit. I released her hands, grabbing her ass to pull her down on me, grinding into her. After a couple of minutes of that, the pressure on her clit sent her over the edge. She closed her eyes and I felt her pussy get wet as she orgasmed around my cock, her hips shaking and soaking my cock and balls. She came down finally, opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“That was wonderful,” she said. “I love coming with you inside me like that.” I eased her off me onto the bed, letting her lie on her back. I moved around so she could put her legs over me, positioning my cock at her opening. She took the shaft and put the head at her clit, rubbing it with my leaking dick. She closed her eyes and spread her labia with my cockhead. I pushed into her as she released her grip, going all the way in til my hanging balls, relaxed after my first climax earlier, rested on her ass.

“Your balls are so big,” said Donna, feeling them on her.

“They’re making lots more come for you, honey. You know how I love to fill you up.”

“You sure do. Maybe it’s a good thing this is not 30 years ago. I’d be knocked up for sure by now!!” Donna played with my balls as I slowly stroked in and out of her, watching my cock slide between her spread labia. It was a turn on for me too, seeing my come slick penis vanishing deep in her, then coming all the way out so I could play the swollen head on her clit. I could tell Donna was getting closer to another orgasm, so I lingered on her clit til she sighed as a quiet orgasm washed over her, then slowly entered her, going in til my dick rested on her cervix. I was getting close again.

“Where do you want me when I come??” I asked.

“On top. I want to feel you on me and in me, those big balls pulsing on my ass when you blast your seed into me.” Donna looked at me with a longing in her eyes. I pulled out of her so she could spread herself open for me. I got on top and entered her slowly, looking into her eyes as I penetrated her waiting, willing vagina. She sighed deeply as I went in til the head of my cock pressed against her womb.

“Wow, you’re hard,” said Donna, seemingly surprised. “I think the idea of getting me pregnant really appeals to you.”

“It does, impossible as it is. The fact that you’d let me do it is part of the excitement. There’s something hot about knocking up a married woman and sending her back to her husband that’s a real turn on. You talking about me blasting my seed into you only stokes the fire.”

Donna looked up at me. “If this were 30 years ago, I’d be begging you to come inside me and make me pregnant by now.”

“Oh,” I said. “And what exactly would you be saying to me right now??”

Donna looked up at me, now with a look of wanton mischief in her eyes. She spoke softly. “Come inside me, honey. I want your sperm deep in me, making a baby in my fertile womb.” She looked at me again, with a look canlı casino siteleri more of love than lust, as if she had become the 38 year old woman we had been picturing in our imagination; as if getting her pregnant were a real possibility. She locked her calves around mine, pulling me deeper into her. Again she spoke softly. “Fill me with your seed. Make a baby inside me. I want your baby inside me.” Donna closed her eyes as she spoke. “Oh, God, you’re getting bigger. That really got you going even more, didn’t it??” I had started to slowly stroke in and out of Donna as we talked, and my cock was now leaking inside her. She was feeling the excitement too, as she was getting really wet inside.

“I think I’m not the only one,” I said. “You’re really wet too. I think someone likes the idea of going home pregnant.”

“Yes I do. With your baby. Oh, God, I’m coming…” Donna’s voice trailed off as her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave, setting mine off. While Donna was thrusting up into me, I was spewing a huge load of sperm deep in her. “Your come is so hot…” She looked at me. “Make me pregnant, put your baby in my belly…” I kept coming inside her, my semen overflowing and making a puddle on the bed. Donna finally stopped coming, looking up at me with a smile even as my come was still seeping into her flooded pussy. Finally we recovered from our climax. I rolled off Donna, lying next to her. She rolled to face me, kissing me. I was still hard enough to get back into her, so I positioned her and slid my cock back into her soaking cunt.

“That was incredible. Never underestimate the power of a little role play,” I said as we held each other. I could feel my come leaking from her and dripping down her thigh onto the bed.

“I did a little theater in college, and liked it, but never had the time to really do much with it afterwards,” said Donna, giving me glimpse into another facet of her world. “I still like to act a little sometimes,” she said with a smile. “My husband doesn’t really go in for it much, but it can be fun and add some excitement. And then, sometimes it’s not really acting.” Donna looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes.

“I’ll say!! I think you had us both convinced you were going to call me in a couple of weeks to say you were pregnant!!”

Donna laughed. “Well, you never know,” she said with a wink. “I might have to come down and move in with you after my husband finds out and disowns me.”

“If that happens, you call me,” I said. “I’ll take you right in.” I kissed Donna sweetly. I moved us over to the other side of the bed. “Great thing about a king bed, you don’t have to sleep in the mess.”

Donna laughed. “I’ll be sleeping in the mess no matter what!!” We laughed together, and she snuggled up to me, and we were soon asleep.

The next morning, we awoke together. After the usual morning pee and brushing our teeth, Donna kissed me and eased me down on the bed. I was surprised that she would ride me til I came in her, since she was going home. She’d have a lot of explaining to do as it was, I figured, and a pussy full of another man’s come wasn’t going to make that conversation any easier. Instead, she knelt over me, stroked me a couple of times, and looked at me.

“I want to taste you one more time before I go,” said Donna, a smile in her eyes.

“I didn’t think you were going to fuck me and go home to hubby full of my come,” I said.

“No, much as I want it, probably better if I don’t,” said Donna with a laugh. “But you know how I love going down on you, and how I love the taste of your come.”

“That I do,” I said, as Donna took me in her mouth, starting to work the magic she did so well. It didn’t take long, Donna’s talented tongue and mouth had me spewing a load down her throat in about five minutes. She cleaned me well, and lay down next to me, kissing me with come still in her mouth.

“I’ll miss doing that,” she said as she broke our kiss and swallowed the last of my sperm.

“I’ll miss it too. I can’t see why your husband doesn’t appreciate all the wonderful talents you have. If you were my wife, I’d be doing you every way I could.”

Donna laughed. “I bet you would. And I’d be doing anyone you wanted me to, and bringing it back to you for seconds.”

Donna kissed me, and we got up and ready for the day. We had a simple breakfast, and Donna was ready to go. I walked her out to her car. We hugged, and I kissed her deeply.

“Even if you decide this isn’t something you want to follow up on, at least call me when you get close to home, so I know you got there OK,” I asked her.

“I will,” she said, looking at me as our fingers pulled away from each other. She got in her car and I watched as she drove off. I wondered if I’d ever see her again. She called that evening to let me know she got back, then a couple of days went by with no contact. That grew into a week, then two, then a month. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. I didn’t know it at that moment, but I would soon see that this was not over.

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