Holly’s Tales 02

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* * * * *

Author’s Note: Holly’s first adventure was described in Holly’s Story — Day 01 thru Day 12.

Holly’s Tales are stand-alone stories of Holly, Emma, Uncle Jack, Pet, and their friends from later in their lives. The Tales are not in chronological order.

* * * * *


Emma was sitting at the table when Holly came bounding in.

“We’re getting married! This weekend!”

Holly hugged herself, gave Emma a passionate kiss, copped a feel of her fiancee’s soft breast, and bounced away to fix a bowl of cereal. Holly was humming to herself.

Emma watched warily. She and Holly had been best friends since second grade. She knew Holly’s moods. This was a mood that called for caution.

Holly was impetuous. She was always looking to find an adventure. She would jump into an adventure without a second thought. It was part of what made her fun to be around. It was part of the reason Emma loved her.

Holly had grown up with very overprotective parents, so for many years her idea of an adventure was seeing a forbidden movie or reading a forbidden book. But for Holly, it wasn’t just about doing the forbidden, it was also about how you did the forbidden. Reading a forbidden book was breaking the rules. Sneaking the forbidden book out of the library was an adventure.

That was fine when there was a plan and the plan made sense. But when Holly got too excited, plans went out the window, sense went out the window, thought went out the window, and, sometimes, Holly would literally go out the window too. When that happened, things usually ended badly.

Today, Holly was clearly too excited. Emma was not about to allow her to ruin their wedding with some crazy half thought out adventure.

Past disasters floated through her mind — a broken arm, running through a field of clover that turned out to be poison ivy, trying to get honey out of a bee’s nest, the infamous tanning salon fiasco, getting caught nude during a fire drill, and, of course, jail. Librarians are not necessarily forgiving when you get caught stealing books from the library.

What was needed was a distraction.

“The school fair is going on today. Want to go? We’ll probably see some of our friends,” Emma suggested.

“Sure. That sounds like fun.”

Holly was now singing ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt’ and dancing as she cut a banana into her cereal. If Holly had been wearing any clothes, she probably would have flashed her tits. But House Rule

was ‘you will be naked in the house except when there is company’.

They were at Uncle Jack’s house and he had made House Rule

. Holly and Emma had their own apartment but they missed the company of Uncle Jack and Pet. Most weekends they stayed in the guest room.

“She’s definitely too excited,” thought Emma. “Plus she can’t sing worth beans.”

Thankfully, Holly stopped singing. “We can wear the outfits we bought for our honeymoon. I’ve been dying to wear it somewhere.”

“The honeymoon outfits are supposed to be saved for the honeymoon,” thought Emma sighing.

She knew Holly wouldn’t see the logic in that. Holly would just say she would wear it on the honeymoon too. Some battles were not worth fighting.

“I thought you wanted to save that for Honeymoon Sex,” Emma reminded her.

Holly had decided that sex on a honeymoon should be different than regular sex. As such, it deserved a special name. Emma was looking forward to discovering what Holly meant by Honeymoon Sex.

Emma walked over and put her arms around Holly from behind. She nuzzled her fiancee’s neck.

“Know what my sweet impetuous fuck bunny?” she began. “I have a present for you and one for Pet. Pre-wedding gifts.”

“Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme,” Holly exclaimed as she checked to see if Emma was hiding anything behind her back. All she found was Emma’s cute naked ass. Holly searched the ass very thoroughly with both hands just the same.

“First, you have to go put on your pussy jewelry. You’re too excited and you need the reminder. Then find Pet so I can give you both your presents.”

Holly ran to the bedroom and took an item off the dresser. It looked something like an ankle bracelet but it clipped to her pussy lips. On it was a small tag that said ‘Don’t be such a dope’.

Emma had been telling Holly that since second grade, whenever her friend got a harebrained idea. To Holly, it was Emma’s way of protecting her, a way of saying ‘I love you’. Holly put it on and adjusted the chains so the tag lay right above her clit.

“Emma’s probably right about me needing the reminder to not be such a dope,” Holly thought and then immediately forgot about it. She left to find Pet.

Pet was their submissive. She had also been their history teacher for the last year of school. Miss Burton was her real name. Technically, she was only Pet when she was wearing her collar indicating her submissive status. But at home, they called her Pet whether she was wearing the collar or not.

Miss Burton casino siteleri actually preferred being called Pet. Mistress Honey (Holly) had insisted on naming her Pet because she was part of the family. Miss Burton found comfort in that. She had never felt part of a family before. Her parents were distant and unemotional while her previous masters had mostly been cruel. Usually, they had called her things like ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’.

After putting on her pussy jewelry, Holly went looking for Pet. Holly found her in Uncle Jack’s room with Uncle Jack’s cock in her pussy. From the sounds they were making both were close to cumming.

Holly hopped up on the bed and reached around to play with the woman’s big tits. She rolled the nipples in her fingers to make them even harder than they already were. Holly pushed Pet’s torso down on top of her uncle. She spread open Pet’s ass cheeks and began licking the woman’s brown hole. Pet almost immediately began cumming. She loved having her ass played with.

Uncle Jack had excellent control of his cock, so as soon as Pet began cumming, he let go with his own orgasm. He shot his sperm deep into the woman’s pussy and continued thrusting until she finished.

“Roll over,” said Holly to Pet, “and I’ll suck the cum out of you.”

Uncle Jack gently played with Pet’s large breasts while Holly cleaned things up down below. Holly enjoyed the taste of her uncle’s cum, she enjoyed the taste of Pet’s pussy, and she especially enjoyed the combination of flavors.

It didn’t take long before Holly climbed up and put her uncle’s cock in her own pussy.

“Make it a quickie, Uncle Jack. Emma has presents for Pet and me.” She was leaning forward and rotating her hips as her uncle pulled hard on her nipples. Holly loved the pleasure she got from the pain.

Holly was excited already, so she came quickly. Uncle Jack shot his second load into her pussy. Holly dismounted and grabbed Pet’s hand.

“Let’s go see what our presents are!” She was pulling the other woman down the hall in her excitement as cum ran down her leg.

Normally Emma would have drawn out the present giving just to tease Holly. But Holly was excited enough already. Emma gave her lover a gift wrapped box. The paper was rapidly torn off.

Inside Holly found a g-string with an odd looking curved piece attached where the front panel would normally go. There was a large ball on one end and a smaller, flatter ball on the other end. She put it on.

“It’s not very comfortable,” she complained.

“You aren’t wearing it the right way. Let me help.” Emma fingered Holly to make sure she was wet enough and slipped the large ball inside Holly’s vagina. Emma adjusted the flatter end so it lay pressing on Holly’s clit.

“How’s that?”

“That is fucking marvelous! I think I may cum just standing here.”

Emma and Holly held each other at the waist. They touched foreheads. When they were younger, they used to do this when sharing super secret secrets. Now that they were lovers, they did it to be alone with each other, even in a crowd.

“You know how I said you can’t fuck anybody at the wedding or the reception.” Holly nodded. Emma had been very clear on that point.

“Well, you still can’t. But I know how much you want to have sex as part of our wedding. I bought you this to wear during the reception. Not the wedding, the reception.”

Emma knew clarity was best when it came to Holly and sex. Emma didn’t want Holly to have an orgasm in the middle of saying ‘I do’.

“You mean it?” Without breaking contact, Holly gave Emma a gentle, tiny kiss on the nose. “When we dance, it’ll almost be like having sex with you. Like really long foreplay.”

Holly lowered her voice to a whisper, “You know this means Honeymoon Sex in the limo when we leave.”

Emma whispered back, “I know. I’m counting on it. Technically, that’s when the honeymoon starts.”

When they broke apart, they found Jack had come out of the bedroom. He was the only one who didn’t have to be naked in the house. Since he had made House Rule

, he didn’t have to follow it.

Emma handed Pet her present. Pet took her time carefully unwrapping the gift. Inside was a leather collar. The leather was incised with an intricate floral pattern. There were several short intricate gold chains attached at the sides and gathered together in the center under a golden crescent moon.

“I thought you’d like something special for the wedding since you’re the maid of honor,” Emma explained. “Jade did the floral pattern. They’re sunflowers” She held Pet’s hand.

While Pet was allowed to run free at times, they had all learned that Pet could not handle too much freedom. She needed to wear her collar regularly to feel safe. When Emma and Holly had asked her to be the maid of honor she had accepted on one condition — that she wear her collar.

Pet had two collars. One was black leather with silver studs for casual wear. The other collar was a gold necklace with three hearts, one slot oyna for each of her three masters. She usually wore the necklace at work. Now she had a third collar for fancy events.

Pet was crying as she hugged Emma. It had been almost nine months since Holly, Emma, and Uncle Jack had become her masters — Mistress Honey, Mistress Honey Emma, and Master Honey. She still wasn’t used to the generosity and love they showed her.

“Sunflowers are my favorites. I love that it’s a traditional leather collar, so people will know I belong to you. And the chains and moon are so pretty. Thank you so much, Mistress Honey Emma.” She cried some more as she put on the new collar. “I’m just so lucky to have you guys as my masters.”

Holly did not like crying, even when it was because someone was happy.

“You better stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about,” she said in mock anger.

Pet leaned over and made her big tits sway from side to side.

“What did you have in mind, Mistress Honey?”

Holly moved suddenly and Pet found herself lying on her back on the carpet. Mistress Honey was straddling her stomach and motorboating her boobs.

“Not so sassy now, are you?” Holly exclaimed with a laugh before she got back up.

The three women went to get ready for the school fair. Jack was going to stay home and work on his next book.

As a teacher, Pet was cautious about how she dressed in public. She had already gotten in trouble once for dressing inappropriately at work and didn’t want it to happen again. Pet put on jeans, a loose tee shirt that helped conceal her D cup boobs, and her regular collar with the silver studs.

She debated a moment and put on the turquoise bra from Jade’s store. It was pretty but didn’t offer much support. It did make her feel very sexy. Pet figured that letting her boobs sway and bounce under the loose tee shirt wouldn’t be that noticeable.

She was wrong — the sway and bounce of her boobs was still pretty noticeable — but nobody wanted to tell her that. It was more fun to watch her boobs jiggle.

Holly put on her honeymoon outfit. Dark green very short shorts that she pushed up between her legs and outer lips. Her pussy hung down between her legs and she liked to show it off whenever possible. One thing Holly had realized over the last few months of sexual freedom was that she was a bit of an exhibitionist. Most people would have said it was more than a bit.

In the back, the bottom of her ass hung out. The shorts were made of a stretchy fabric so they were easy to get on and off but, once on, the fabric clung to her body leaving nothing to the imagination.

The shorts were paired with a matching see thru bralette with some strategically placed embroidery. The embroidery wasn’t really necessary since Holly’s small tits and pale areolas weren’t very obvious even when she was wearing a totally see thru top.

“I’m going to wear that leather outfit Jade made me.” Their friend Jade had made Emma a pair of shorts and a halter top out of soft leather.

“The one with the removable cups and crotch? I love that outfit.” Holly came over and sat on Emma’s lap. One finger twirled a strand of Emma’s thick, dark pubic hair.

“Maybe we can do something besides go on the rides. Something funner.” Her finger pushed through the hair to gently stroke Emma’s clit. “You know what I mean?” Holly was rarely subtle when it came to sex.

“We just did that. In the shower. Remember?” Emma said, irritated.

Emma was a little on edge about the wedding. She was planning the whole thing herself. Holly had been banned from wedding planning after suggesting a backyard orgy for the reception.

“Of course I remember,” Holly said lightly. “That’s why I want to do it again.” Holly began kissing Emma on the neck and rolling a nipple in her fingers.

Emma stood up, almost dumping Holly on the floor.

“Enough already, Miss Hot To Trot. I have to get dressed so we can go.”

Like most school fairs, this one was not very big. There was a Ferris wheel, a small roller coaster, bumper cars, and a couple other rides. There was a separate area for kiddy rides. The midway had half a dozen booths for games and the same number for food.

The two girls held hands as they strolled along the midway.

“I love the smells of a school fair,” Holly exclaimed.

Smells were a trigger for her. She could clearly remember the delicate scent of Emma’s pussy the first time she removed her fiancee’s panties. How wet that scent had gotten her.

Now she was surrounded by the sweet smell of cotton candy, the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs on an open grill, and the odor of buttered popcorn. She caught a whiff of fried onion blossoms, funnel cake, and roasted cashews. The ice cream booth didn’t have a scent but there was a tempting selection of flavors, sprinkles, and toppings.

Holly started out with cotton candy while Emma got a funnel cake and a large drink. Pet had a small popcorn. They bumped into canlı casino siteleri Gabriella and April and chatted a while. The two of them had introduced the pair to each other months ago but the other girls had only recently begun to date in public.

“I love your hair,” noted Emma.

Gabriella had been a skinny, sad mess when they first met her. Ill fitting clothes, stringy hair, no makeup, depressed. Today her hair was curled, she wore subtle makeup that enhanced her cheekbones, and her clothes fit. Best of all, now she smiled.

Pet saw Principal Lanvellen and his wife and went to chat with them. She waved and indicated she was going to go off with them.

“Probably end up fucking them both,” Holly said in a snit.

Holly was jealous that Pet had done the Principal twice already. Doing the Principal was on Holly’s sexual bucket list.

“You’ve done his wife twice. You’ll get your chance with him. Now let’s enjoy the fair.”

Emma and Holly stopped to try the ring toss and the balloon game. Holly loved the balloon game but was terrible at it. Her aim was bad and she’d end up spraying water everywhere. Emma was as good as Holly was bad. Emma won, choosing a small stuffed bunny for Holly.

“How appropriate,” teased Emma. “A stuffed bunny for a fuck bunny.” Holly stuck her tongue out in response and swatted Emma’s butt. Emma swatted back and they got in a brief spanking contest.

They went on the Ferris wheel. Emma didn’t especially like heights but Holly loved being up where she could scope everything out. On the first couple of revolutions, Holly made the car swing to torture Emma. It was something she did every time they went on a Ferris wheel.

It used to terrify Emma to have the car swing but she had finally gotten past that. Now she was just slightly scared instead of terrified. Still, it had become a tradition and Emma played her part. She screamed and fussed until Holly stopped.

Holly turned her attention down toward the midway.

“There are Charlie and Becky,” she yelled, pointing.

She waved her arms to get their attention and flashed her tits when they looked up. Becky quickly flashed her small tits in reply. Holly spotted friends from school but just waved with no flashing. Most of their school friends didn’t know about Holly’s very extensive sex life.

Then the girl noticed something that gave her an idea. An idea for an adventure.

Port-o-lets were set up across the end of the midway. Behind the toilets was a grassy area visible from the Ferris wheel but mostly hidden from people walking by. A perfect spot to flash riders on the Ferris wheel. A perfect spot to hootchie cootchie with her fiancee.

The ride ended and they got off. Holly dragged Emma toward the end of the midway. Emma knew something was up. This had all the hallmarks of an impetuous-soon-to-be-disastrous Holly adventure.

“She can be such a dope,” Emma thought as she stumbled behind. She smiled, “But she’s my dope.”

They snuck past the toilets into the grassy area. Holly held out her arms. “Ta da!”

“How romantic,” said Emma dryly, “with the toilets and everything.”

Holly was not going to be deterred. She embraced Emma and swept them both to the ground. Holly kissed her fiancee on the neck. She nibbled on Emma’s ear lobe. She kissed the girl on the mouth and pushed her tongue inside.

Emma fought her way free.

“What is going on?”

Emma was overwhelmed with more kisses. Holly removed one of the cups from Emma’s leather outfit, exposing her big breast. Holly bent her head to suck on the nipple as her hand removed the other cup. She tweaked that nipple with her fingers.

“What is going on?” Emma repeated.

Holly paused long enough to remove her shirt. She stuck her breast next to her lover’s mouth. Emma obliged by sucking the small tit into her mouth. Emma flicked the nipple with her tongue. Then she bit it while she pulled hard on the other nipple.

Holly sighed. She loved having her long nipples pulled and bitten. The more it hurt, the more she found pleasure in it.

Holly finally explained her plan, in a whisper. Not that anybody was near enough to hear.

“They can see us from the Ferris wheel. We can have sex while they watch. By the time they get off the ride to tell anyone, we’ll be gone.”

Emma knew that wasn’t true. But Holly was sucking on her breasts again and it felt good. Holly removed the leather panel from Emma’s shorts and began playing with her pussy. Emma was already wet. It wasn’t always outwardly obvious but Emma found these adventures just as arousing as Holly did.

Emma quit trying to be the sensible one. If they were going to get in trouble, and Emma knew they were, at least they were going to have fun doing it. She reached down and slipped her hand inside the back of Holly’s short shorts. One hand was just able to reach her fiancee’s ass hole and she pressed the tip of her finger in.

Holly took a moment to pull her pants down. She kicked them off while pulling Emma’s pants down. She got a quick kiss in before Emma flipped her over. Pretty soon, they were rolling in the grass, kissing, sucking on tits, fingering each other, laughing. They forgot about the Ferris wheel.

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