Hippie Hollow Cowboy

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Hippie Hollow is the only legal clothing-optional public park in Texas. It’s a narrow strip of land on the north shore of Lake Travis, 12 miles west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. It has attracted naked swimmers and sunbathers since at least the 1950s and probably far longer. Most of the area is a steep hillside which drops abruptly to the rocky shoreline. The rugged tree-covered terrain makes the park seem much larger than its actual size.

I paid the entrance fee and drove to the east end of the parking lot, far away from the attendant’s booth. I removed my shorts and tank top and strapped on the army surplus web belt supporting my canteen and the pouches holding my car keys and supplies. After tightening the laces on my hiking boots, I started down the trail, passing the sign which read, “NOTICE! Nude swimming or sunbathing may be occurring beyond this point. Consult attendant for details of statutes regarding nudity.”

Hippie Hollow has two main trails. The low trail runs along the shoreline, where the nudists go to swim and sunbathe.

The high trail skims the ridge, terminating at the chain link fence which separates the park from private land. It’s less-traveled and a lot more rugged than the low trail. In some places, it’s hardly a recognizable trail and more like an animal path, branching off in multiple directions. It’s where the men go to cruise.

This time, I took the high trail. I’d had a rough week with long hours that had stretched into Saturday and I was horny as hell.

It was still early and the big grove of cedar trees where men usually gathered was empty. I stayed there for a few minutes, but nobody showed up, so I followed an almost-invisible trail winding upward through the rocky terrain. It ran into a better-defined trail near the crest of the hill.

The trees there were stunted, hardly more than shrubs. Cars roared past on Comanche Trail, 30 feet above me. This is where the really desperate men came. They were usually married guys getting away from their wives for a couple of hours. They didn’t think of themselves as gay or bi, but as straight guys who liked hot man-on-man sex.

If I didn’t find someone here, I’d take the easy trail all the way down through the dense woods to Queen’s Point.

It was the middle of summer in Central Texas and the temperature was close to 90 degrees. It was cooler down by the water, but the lake breeze didn’t reach this high. I was sweaty after five minutes of walking along the rugged trail.

The trail jogged around a tall rocky outcrop. I turned the corner and saw the man.

He was big—taller and heavier than my 6’2″ and 180 pounds—with weatherbeaten features, deeply tanned face and arms, and the muscles that come from hard physical work—and naked, except for a cowboy hat and boots. He was slowly stroking his stiff cock. My tool is pretty big, but his rod was a LOT longer and thicker than mine, with a broad flaring head.

I smiled at him. My eyes were blue and my short sun-bleached brown hair looked almost blond. I jogged every day so my body was lean and athletic. My cock was already half-hard. It stiffened as he looked me over, lingering on my crotch. He looked warily up and down the rough trail and then smiled back.

My boots crunched on the gravel as I moved closer to him. “Cowboy” watched me silently. When I got within reach, he grabbed my stiff dick and pulled me closer. For a second, I thought he was going to kiss me—a few of the “straight” guys will kiss other men—but then he growled, “Suck my cock.” He put illegal bahis his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees.

I stared at the oversized pole rising from his forest of sweaty black pubic hair. Its plow-shaped head gleamed with the precum leaking from its tip.

I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft, took his broad cock-head in my mouth, and swirled my tongue over its tightly-stretched skin, licking up the precum leaking from its tip.

Cowboy moaned and rolled his hips as I bobbed over his stiff pole and kneaded his hairy balls. “Yeah,” he whispered. “Suck it.”

“You’ve got a great cock,” I said. “I love sucking it.” I stretched my mouth over Cowboy’s massive member, then clamped my lips around its crown and lashed my tongue over its head.

“Oh yeah!” Cowboy gasped. “That’s right.” He gripped the back of my head, preparing to fuck my face.

“No!” I pushed his hands away. “Just relax. I’m gonna give you the best blowjob of your life.”

“It’s not hard to be better than my wife,” he answered. “Go for it.”

“Does she do this?” I licked and kissed his hairy balls. They tasted like hot sweaty man. I took one of his hot nuts into my mouth and sucked on it hard while stroking it with my tongue.

“Oh Jesus no.” He squeezed my shoulders and then ran his fingers through my short hair. “Nothing like you’re doing.”

“I’m just getting started.” I sucked and licked his other ball and then took both in my mouth at once. It was a stretch. I could barely move my tongue, but I managed to lick his hot salty nuts while reaching behind his balls to tickle his taint and tease his crack.

“Fuck! That’s good!” Cowboy moaned. “Better’n any woman.”

I let go of Cowboy’s balls and ran my tongue up his stiff shaft. “I’ll bet she doesn’t do this, either.” I took Cowboy’s rod deep into my mouth, all the way to the gag point. I pulled back slightly, then pressed forward again, taking a little more of his mammoth tool.

My cock was rock hard and my heart was pounding. I went on, taking a bit more each time, until Cowboy’s giant pole was all the way down my throat and my lips were clamped around its base.

“Jesus fuck!” Cowboy gasped. His swollen pole stretched my mouth and filled my throat. I couldn’t really breathe, but I didn’t need air. Not right away. I held out as long as I could, then pulled my head back until I could draw air through my nostrils. I took a few breaths and then swallowed his monster dick again.

I held Cowboy’s thick cock deep in my throat until I ran out of air, then drew back, letting his big pole slip out of my mouth. “You like that?”

“Yeah,” he answered. “I’ve never even had a whore who could take my whole cock.” He gripped the sides of my head, holding it immobile. “Now, I’m gonna fuck your face.”

Cowboy pressed his cock-head between my closed lips. He surprised me by starting off slowly, pushing his big rod in almost to my gag point and then pulling back until I was barely kissing his tip.

I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feel and taste of the giant cock stretching my mouth as it slid steadily in and out, gaining speed.

He got rough quickly. I stroked my stiff pole and squeezed my nuts while Cowboy fucked my face, occasionally pausing to push his massive rod deep into my throat.

The tension in my balls was building rapidly when he pulled away. “Now, I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

“All right.” I unfastened the web belt holding my canteen and supply pouches and let it fall to the ground, then stood up illegal bahis siteleri and gripped his stiff pole. “You ever fuck a woman’s butt?”

“A few Mexican whores.” He grabbed my dick and jerked it roughly. “But their assholes weren’t as tight as a man’s.”

“Did you fuck men?” I kneaded his balls while I stroked his cock. “Down in Mexico?”

“Hell yeah! And here, too.” He laughed. “I ain’t prejudiced. Not about pussy. Or ass.”

“They ever do this?” I grabbed Cowboy’s hips, turned him around, and bent him over.

“I don’t get fucked,” he growled.

“Don’t worry.” I sank to my knees and pulled his butt cheeks open. “You’re gonna like this.” I licked up and down Cowboy’s crack, savoring his mysterious male musk.

“Jesus!” Cowboy moaned and squirmed as I pressed my flat tongue against his asshole and wiggled it back and forth. “That’s so fucking good!” He arched his back as I tongue-lashed his asshole, alternating between licking up and down and side-to-side.

I curled my tongue into a point and pressed its tip into the center of Cowboy’s little puckered hole, teasing it open.

Cowboy moaned, bucked, and pulled his butt cheeks wide, opening his asshole and letting me push my tongue in deeper. “Oh fuck yeah! Eat my fucking ass!”

I reached between Cowboy’s legs and stroked his stiff cock while tongue-fucking his butt. “Oh God!” he gasped. “I’m so fucking close . . .”

I pulled my tongue out of Cowboy’s asshole, let go of his throbbing pole, and kissed his butt cheeks. “Not so fast. I’ve got something else for you. Something big and hard.” I stood up and pressed my cock-head into his anus.

“No!” He tried to jerk away, but I gripped his hips, holding him firmly in place. “I told you. I don’t get fucked.”

“You sure liked me eating your ass.” I pushed in a little, stretching his tight anal ring. My spit and the precum leaking from my tip provided a little lubrication. “You’ll like this, too.”

“Mexican whores have eaten my ass as good as—” He screamed as my cock-head opened him wider. “Jesus! That hurts!”

I held still. Without lubricant, I couldn’t go in much deeper without hurting my dick anyway. “You know you want it.” I pulled my cock-head out of his anal ring and nestled my stiff shaft between his butt cheeks.

“No . . .” he moaned as I reached around his body and gripped his immense hard-on. “Don’t . . .” He rolled his hips while I jacked his cock and humped his butt crack.

“You want it,” I repeated. “My big hard cock. Up your tight little asshole.”

“Uh . . .”

I let him go, bent over, and opened one of the pouches on my web belt. “You can fuck me . . .” I waved my ass seductively. “Or I can make you come like you’ve never come before.” I took the lube out of the pouch, but stayed bent over. “What’ll it be?”

Gravel crunched as he took a step toward me. Then, he stopped. I straightened up and then turned around to face him. “Okay,” he said. “Just . . .” He bit the rest of the sentence off, then turned around and bent over, bracing himself with his hands on his knees and thrusting his muscular buttocks back toward me. “Just do it.”

Wow! I hadn’t expected that to work. You never know about “straight” men. I lubricated my index finger and slid it up Cowboy’s ass.

“Jesus!” he gasped.

“Did that hurt?” My finger was all the way up his virgin-tight asshole.

“Kinda!” He hesitated and then added, “I almost came . . .”

“Men are built to be fucked.” I pulled my finger out of his butt and then canlı bahis siteleri pushed it back in.

“Oh man . . .” Cowboy moaned and rocked his hips in time with my sliding finger as I worked it in and out of his butthole, twisting my wrist to distribute the lubricant evenly. “I never thought . . .”

“It gets better.” I pulled my finger out, added more lube, and pushed it back in.

“Jesus!” Cowboy groaned. His cock jerked as I fingered his ass roughly, first with one finger, then two crossed fingers, occasionally pulling them out to add more lube. “That’s so good . . .”

“Ready for my cock?” I pulled my fingers out of his butt, lubricated my rod, positioned its head in the center of his sexy puckered hole, and pushed forward.

“Yeah,” Cowboy said. “Fuck my ass.” He stroked his stiff dick and rolled his hips as I eased forward, stretching his tight asshole.

“Man! You’ve got a tight—” My cock-head suddenly slipped through Cowboy’s anal ring and I drove home, bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks. “Damn!” I drew back and then pushed in again. “Fuckin’ tight asshole.” I fucked Cowboy slowly, pulling almost out and slipping back into his depths.

“Fuck me.” Cowboy swung his hips in time with my thrusts. “It feels so good.”

I looked down at my cock sliding in and out of Cowboy’s ass. “Good for me, too.” I pulled out completely and then drove my cock-head back through Cowboy’s tight anal ring. “Fucking your sexy asshole.” I stabbed Cowboy’s ass a few more times, then settled down and fucked him steadily, slapping my pelvis against his butt cheeks.

“Do it hard!” Cowboy gasped. “I’m ready for a good rough ride.”

“All right.” I gripped his hips to hold him in place and hammered his ass, pulling almost out and then slamming home, hard enough to shake his body.

“Yeah!” he gasped, rocking his butt back to meet my driving rod. “Fuck me hard!”

The cum was boiling in my nuts as I rammed Cowboy’s hot tight asshole. “You ready for a hard hot load?”

“Shoot it!” Cowboy cried. “Shoot your big gun up my ass!”

“Oh God!” I groaned. “I’m coming.” I hammered Cowboy’s butt, shooting another thick pulse of cum with each rough thrust.

“Man!” I stopped with my still-stiff dick buried deep in Cowboy’s asshole. “That was good.”

“It was great,” Cowboy said. “Your big hard cock, pounding my ass. Shooting all that hot cum inside me. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“Told you it’d be good.” I reached around his body and gripped his stiff pole. “Now, I’m gonna get you off.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna come.” My cock slipped out of his ass as he pulled away. He picked up the lube and moved behind me. “But not from a hand job.”

“Fuck me now.” I braced myself as he lubricated his stiff dick. “Rough.”

My cock jerked as his massive tool invaded my ass. “Yeah!” I gasped. “Like that!” He hammered my butthole, coming after a few strokes.

“Wow,” I whispered. “That was so great.”

“Yeah.” Cowboy pulled away and I turned to face him. “The best ever.” His cock had softened, but it was still long and thick, gleaming with lube and precum. “Like you promised.”

He grabbed me and kissed me—hard and dirty.

“Straight” guys are full of surprises . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2020 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support.

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