He Screwed Up

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He Screwed Up


Brad and Troi met when he was 19 and she was 16. He was in college, playing football and working on a business degree. She was in high school on the cheer squad. They married two years later after Brad graduated from college and Troi graduated from high school. They were the perfect couple.

Brad is 6’1″ with broad shoulders and a small waist. He has a body builder’s physique, which is good considering his line of business. Brad sells workout equipment, and works on the side as a personal trainer.

Troi is 5’6″ with an hourglass figure. Her tits are a little more than a handful, firm and perky. She also keeps her body in fine shape, working out with her husband. She has a flat stomach and a round ass that stops traffic when she wears tight jeans. Troi has an angels face framed by pitch-black hair and highlighted with the bluest eyes you have ever seen.

Troi was a virgin when she married Brad. Having been raised in a strict Christian home, Troi wouldn’t go beyond heavy petting for the two years they dated. That didn’t keep her from fantasizing though. The virginity didn’t bother Brad, there were always plenty of college girls ready, willing, and able to satisfy his sexual needs. And after all, what Troi didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

The first night of their honeymoon, Brad got Troi hooked on sex in every way she could think of. For the first three years of their marriage, Brad and Troi fucked every minute they could. Brad took to calling Troi his virgin slut because she couldn’t get enough. The two of them experimented with every position two fit and flexible people could get into as well as all forms of oral and anal sex, collecting a large supply of toys. Troi’s favorite was an 8″ strap-on dildo that vibrated her clitoris every time she stroked it into Brad’s tight ass.

Brad and Troi were very happy together and never once cheated on each other after their marriage vows. But as time went on, Brad’s business kept him away from Troi more and more. He was either spending time with clients, trying to sell equipment, or he was with his many clients as a personal trainer, or he was busy keeping his own body in shape in order to make it in his business.

Over the course of two years, their sex life dwindled from every night to maybe twice a month. While Troi was still happy with Brad, she was becoming increasingly frustrated.

He Screwed Up

Brad’s Side of the Story

I came into the house at 6:15 pm a little late, but nothing outrageous. I had been working all day trying to convince some new clients to sign an exclusive contract with me to provide equipment and maintenance for their new gym. The clients were three young guys. I called them J cubed or the three J’s, John, Jake, and Jeremy. John and Jake were both 21 and Jeremy was 20.

J cubed were opening up a gym in town, and if I could get them to sign a contract with me, I could stay home more and spend more time with Troi. I had invited them over for dinner and drinks, hoping to soften them up and get their signatures.

When I walked into the living room, my jaw hit the floor. Troi was in a dress I had never seen before. It was black and slinky and had a slit on the right side all the way up to her hip. The dress had spaghetti straps and showed off Troi’s beautiful cleavage to perfection.

Before I could fully admire this new dress however, Troi slipped the straps off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Underneath she had on a flimsy bra and panty set in blue that matched her eyes. There wasn’t much to the material and I could see her nipples standing tall and proud. Through the front of her panties I could just barely make out the shape of her perfect pussy. I hadn’t been in the room for half a minute and my cock was so hard it hurt.

Troi looked at me with her sexiest come on eyes and I knew I was in trouble.

“Uh, honey. I invited some clients over for dinner and drinks. You know the deal I’ve been working on for three weeks…..?”

Troi’s come on look changed to storm clouds in an instant.

“Do you remember what I told you before you left the house this morning?” She asked me.

I thought really hard and then spoke the first thing that came to mind. “Oh shit!, You told me to come home early and with a hard on.”

Troi looked at the bulge in my pants and said dryly “Well, looks like you got the hard on right.”

“Baby, I’m really sorry, but you are going to have to put some clothes on quick. The three J’s will be here any minute”

“No” .

“What do you mean No.”

“I mean, I spent all day getting ready to be a slut for you, and if you decided to bring friends along, so be it. I’ll serve dinner just as I am.”

“Come on baby, put some clothes on. You are only going to embarrass yourself and you could cost me this contract.”

” Are you suggesting that these clients won’t want to sign a contract with you if I serve them dinner in my underwear?”

About this time the doorbell rang. “I’m begging you illegal bahis Troi, put your dress back on. You’ll have these guys cumming in their pants wearing that dress.” She just looked at me and asked if I was going to answer the door, or if I wanted her to do it. I had run out of things to say and just stood there looking at her with my heart pounding and a raging hard on in my pants.

Fine, she says and walks to the door in her high heels and the sexiest underwear I have ever seen her in. When she opened the door, the three guys on the landing went completely silent in an instant. Troi invited them in, asking what they would like to drink. All three of them were speechless with eyes glued on my wife and the front of their slacks beginning to tent.

I spoke up, “Guys, my wife is annoyed with me at the moment. I’m sure she will get dressed here shortly. She isn’t usually like this.” Jeremy looked at Troi and said “Don’t get dressed on my account, you look perfect.” Troi gave Jeremy a big smile and I knew that he would be her slave for as long as she wanted.

John looked over at me and said they should leave the two of us alone to work out what we needed. I didn’t know what to say, I needed this contract signed tonight but before I could respond, Troi decided for us all. “You all come right in. I have enough dinner in the oven for all of us. We can eat and then the four of you can go into the living room and complete your business. I hope you don’t mind if I remain dressed as I am.” This was greeted by a chorus of oh no’s from the three J’s, and a lot of spluttering on my part.

All through dinner, my clients were ogling my wife. I could tell she was getting off on the attention, because when she got up to start clearing the table, there was a distinct wet spot on her panties. To tell the truth, I was getting hornier than hell watching these three young studs trying to outdo each other in impressing my lovely wife. As Troi cleared the table, she made a point of touching each of the guys, and I thought I saw a hand slip up her leg to feel her snatch. Troi was putting on quite a show.

With a sensuous smile, Troi said “You boys go on into the living room and complete your business. When you are through, I’ll bring in dessert”. The three of them got up and moved toward the living room, I sidled up next to Troi and asked what was for dessert, since we never had dessert. Troi just grabbed my cock through my pants, smiled at me and told me to go take care of my business; she would take care of hers.

Our business didn’t last long, they were eager to sign the contract. I’m sure that was because they wanted to be in the presence of Troi again. Jeremy jumped up as soon as the signing was complete and offered to go tell Troi we were done. Before I could stop him, he was through the door into the kitchen and the other two were talking to me again. I was having a hard time concentrating on what was being said because I was listening to Troi’s giggles coming from the kitchen.

Five long minutes later, Troi and Jeremy came into the living room. “What’s for dessert?” I asked. Troi just gave me a withering look and told all four of us to sit on the couch, side by side. She moved the coffee table back about four feet from the couch and sat on it facing us with her knees together, thank god. Then she started.

“Ok guys, here’s how it is. I love my husband and he is the only one I have ever fucked, and the only one I ever intended to fuck. But tonight he screwed up. I told him this morning to come home early and with a hard on. I have spent all day getting ready for him to ravish my body. I shaved every inch of my body smooth and soaked in sweet smelling bath salts, and rubbed my pussy with edible strawberry oil. I dressed in the sexiest outfit and underwear I could find. And what does he do? He invites you to join us.”

This wasn’t strictly true. I had forgotten all about Troi’s missive that morning and I didn’t bring three guys home to ogle my wife. “Honey” I said, “this has gone far enough, don’t you think you should quit while you’re ahead?”. Troi gave me that withering look again.

“Brad baby, you want me to stop?”


“I don’t think that would be very fair to our guests. They have had erections all night long. I’m sure it is starting to become uncomfortable for them. I have never been a tease, and I don’t intend to start now.” I could see the three J’s getting more and more excited by the way Troi was talking. She continued, looking me right in the eyes, ‘I’ll tell you what, Brad. If you really don’t want me to go further, you take care of our guest’s hard cocks. I know you enjoy sucking on my strap-on, maybe you would like the real thing?”

I couldn’t say anything. My wife had just let three nearly complete strangers know she fucked my mouth with a strap-on. My brain was fogged and for some reason, my cock seemed to get harder, if that was possible. Before I could get it together, Troi continued.

“No? I didn’t think so”. “So boys, here are the rules. They illegal bahis siteleri are my rules. You do what I say, when I say, and we will have a grand time together. Is that all right with everyone? ” The three J’s all agreed in a heartbeat, I just sat there with my mouth open, unable to believe this was my wife talking.

At this point, Troi started running her hands up her legs from her knees to her crotch and then back to her knees. She slowly spread her knees apart, giving us all a better view of her drenched underwear. The flimsy material was all but translucent with the fluids that had leaked out of her pussy. Troi reached up and slipped her bra off, initially covering her tits with her hands. Then she looked at Jeremy and simply pointed to her crotch.

Jeremy instantly got off the couch and put his face between my wife’s legs. I could see him running his tongue over her panties and slipping his fingers into her hot snatch. He then pulled Troi’s panties off by lifting her legs straight up, giving us all an eyeful of her ass and pussy lips. When Troi brought her legs down, she put them in a perfect split, opening herself to Jeremy’s ministrations. “Please take off your clothes boys, I want to see those hard cocks”.

Before I knew it there were three guys with hard dicks all pointed at my wife. One guy was licking her pussy and she was reaching for two cocks. Troi pulled John close and wrapped her lips around the head of his nine inch monster. I could see pre-cum dripping from the end just before my wife sucked it in. At the same time she was jerking Jake off while he fondled her tits. At that point I realized I was the only one with clothes on.

I tore my clothes off and moved behind Troi. I slipped one hand around her and grabbed her tit, squeezing her nipple hard enough to hurt but all she did was moan around the cock in her mouth. I watched as Troi took first John and then Jake all the way in. Troi was always good at giving head, and watching her suck the two cocks one after the other was turning me on to no end. For an instant I even thought about her earlier offer, but then immediately banished the thought.

While Troi sucked John and Jake, I fondled her breasts and ran a finger into first her soaking wet pussy and then her ass-hole. Jeremy was still in front of Troi sucking on her clitoris like it was the sweetest thing in the world, and believe me, it comes close. My cock almost hurt it was throbbing so much. Just as John and Jake started spewing cum all over Troi, I felt my own hot juices come pouring out all over her back, this surprised me, until I looked down and saw Jeremy’s fingers wrapped around my shaft and stroking me in time with the tongue fucking he was giving Troi.

Troi pulled Jeremy up on his knees, grabbed his cock and jammed it in her pussy. Jeremy put his hands on Troi’s legs as they remained spread across the coffee table, and he started pistoning in and out of my wife. Troi had hold of the other two J’s cocks for balance and dropped her head back with a look of ecstasy on her face.

For the next two hours, the four of us fucked Troi every way we could. At one point Troi had all three J’s cocks in her at once. She was straddling John, with his cock buried deep in her pussy, Jeremy had his rod buried to the hilt in her ass and Jake was fucking her face, bouncing his balls off her chin.

I just watched, thinking this was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I was thoroughly enjoying the sight of my wife being gang-banged by three young studs and imagining what it would be like to be in her position. Our sex life would never be the same.

He Screwed Up

Troi’s Side of the Story

I was horny damnit. I didn’t want Brad to go to work. As he was dressing in the morning I got down on my knees in front of him and started sucking on his cock. Brad’s was the only cock I had ever touched, seen, sucked, or fucked, but in my opinion, it is a beautiful thing. Seven and a half inches long I can just wrap my hand around it’s girth when hard. Just like the rest of Brad’s body, his cock is usually hard.

That’s the way I like it. Ever since our honeymoon, Brad has shoved his cock in my every orifice and he taught me to love every inch of it. But lately, I haven’t been getting laid at all. I have had to make do with the toy box, which is fun, but not nearly as satisfying as the real thing.

I know I’m a slut, but I’m Brad’s slut. Which is why I was on my knees at seven in the morning doing my best to suck Brad’s cock down my throat. My loving husband, bastard, pushed me away and put his hard cock in his pants. “Honey” he tells me, “I really need to get to work. I think I can finalize that deal I’ve been after for the last month.” It seems like that is all he thinks about any more, even my hot mouth on his hard cock didn’t make a difference.

“Ok baby,” I told him, “but you better come home early and with a hard on. I’m not joking.” Brad took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. “You got it babe” he says, “I might even let you use canlı bahis siteleri your strap on tonight”.

As soon as Brad was out the door, I started getting ready. I dug out the special outfit I had bought the other day. This consisted of a blue bra and panties that were designed to make men melt. The material was lacy and sheer. The panties showed more ass than they covered, and you could almost see my pussy lips through the material in front. The bra accentuated my cleavage, which is good because I’m on the small side in that department, and highlighted my nipples. The dress was designed for one thing only, to come off.

I laid out my outfit, and then got in my first bath of the day. Brad likes my skin smooth. This day I took extra care to shave every place I could reach. When I was done, my pussy was smoother than any baby’s butt and twice as kissable.

I rubbed scented oil all over my body, making myself even hornier in the process. To relieve some of the pressure, I took out my favorite solo dildo. This one feels almost like real skin, is nine inches long and about the same girth as Brad. I oiled up my friend with edible strawberry flavored oil and slowly shoved it as far as I could in my pussy. I was hoping Brad would tongue fuck me and taste that oil all the way.

When I was done pleasuring my pussy with my dildo friend, I figured what the heck, and I oiled it up again. This time I gently fucked my ass with it. I continued playing with my friend until I had achieved three orgasms, and then figured it was time for another bath.

I was ready for Brad at four o’clock. I was smooth, oiled, and tasty. I was horny and well lubed. And he didn’t show. Not for another two hours and fifteen minutes.

By the time I heard the key in the lock, I was in a right state. I had made Brad’s favorite shrimp dinner and his slut was ready, willing, and downright begging, to do anything he wanted. As the door opened, I stood up and tried to put on my sexiest look.

When Brad came into the room, I saw his jaw drop at the sight of the sexy dress I was wearing. I also saw the bulge in his pants get bigger. To hell with dinner I thought and I slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders letting the material slide to the floor.

Just the feel of the dress sliding down my body made me hornier. The look in Brad’s eyes made it even better. Then he blew it. There I was, dressed in come fuck me underwear and high heels, and he tells me he has clients coming over for dinner and I needed to put some clothes on.

I thought about all the preparation I put into this night. I thought about Brad’s throbbing cock in my mouth this morning. And I told him “No”. He didn’t seem to understand me because he asked what I meant. I let him know that I had prepared to be a slut, and if he wanted guests, well that was ok by me. Brad was still spluttering and stuttering when the doorbell rang, so I went to get it.

You have to understand something. Brad is a very sexy guy. Tall, good looking, and built like the proverbial brick house. I have never been tempted by other men. Brad has always been enough for me. When I opened that door, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Here I was, undressed as I was, and on my doorstep stood three gorgeous men. I was flashing my stuff for all the world to see, and these three men got instantly hard. I know, because I looked. I gave them my best smile and invited them in, while my panties got wet and my husband spluttered some more.

Brad called these guys the three J’s, or J cubed. They were John, Jake, and the youngest one, Jeremy. They were all a few years younger than me, and each one of them looked like a Mr. Universe contestant. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like my man hard. Brad has always been a semi-body builder and he got me into working out also. The three J’s were also body builders and looking at them and the bulges in their pants, I could feel a warmth in my nether regions that had nothing to do with the room temperature.

Brad made some noise about how I was mad at him and that I would be dressed soon. Jeremy said something really sweet along the lines of I looked hot so don’t bother to get dressed. John suggested they should go away and let Brad and I work it out, all the while staring at my tits. I just insisted they come right in and asked them what they would like to drink.

I served the four men dinner in my underwear. I know dinner smelled good, but I’m afraid the scent of my leaky cunt may have overpowered the food smell. In any case, no-one seemed to notice that there was barely enough for five. All of them, Brad included, kept looking at my breasts while we ate and talked. If I stood up, four pairs of eyes went to my panties, except when Brad was giving the other three the evil eye that they never noticed.

I was sitting at one end of the table with Brad at the other end. Jeremy was to my right, and Jake to my left. John was left out sitting to Brad’s left. I say left out because Jeremy and Jake kept slipping their hands up my legs and feeling up my pussy. It was Jeremy that finger fucked me first, while he took a bite of shrimp. I thought it was awfully coordinated. Meanwhile, I was getting hornier than I had ever been, and my panties were practically dripping.

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