Happy Birthday Darling

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Happy Birthday Baby

This story involves M/M Sex, there is Bi-male sex in this story. So if you don’t care for that sort of story skip this one. All persons are over the age of 18.


Patti took the roast out of the oven, and set it on the counter to rest. She had everything else finished all she had to do was make some home made gravy and put the rolls in the oven but she wouldn’t do that just yet.

“Well I really hope he likes this dinner,” she said out loud when her cell phone rang. “Hello, oh I’m glad you called,” she said hoping Ted got off at his regular time, she couldn’t wait for him to get home. She wanted to make this a VERY SPECIAL birthday for him. “Yes, now don’t forget to be here at 7:30 at the latest.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there on time.”

“Okay, I want this birthday to be very special for my husband.” she said hoping her plan worked out the way she envisioned it.

“It will be, see you at 7:30.”

“Alright,” she said when she heard the garage door open so she knew he was home. “Okay I’ve got to go he’s home, see you at 7:30 bye.”

“Bye, see you later.”

“Hi baby!” Patti said rushing across the kitchen as soon as Ted walked in the door, throwing herself into his arms.

“Well, hello my sexy wife.” he said grabbing her tight, noticing she was dressed in one of her sexiest outfits.

“Mmmm,” she pulls him down to her and kisses him hungrily. “Happy birthday darling.”

“Aww thank you honey.” he kisses her back holding her tightly, his hands slide to her shapely ass and he gives her a squeeze. “Something smells good.”

“Your birthday dinner.” she tells him, looking up at him. “Now, you go upstairs and take a nice hot relaxing shower, while I finish dinner.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” he kisses her again, “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright honey take your time.”

Thirty minutes later Patti could hear Ted moving around upstairs, making sure everything was still hot. Patti made her home made pork roast gravy, and put the rolls into the oven. She wanted everything to be perfect tonight. Hopefully it would be a birthday her husband would not soon forget. She poured their drinks and went into the dining room.

“Damn! This looks so good.” Ted said walking into the dining room a few minutes later and seeing the nicely set table and his favorite dinner, pork roast, home made mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and rolls.

“I hope you like it honey, I want tonight to be special.”

“Everyday with my wife is special.” he tells her, pulling her chair out for her.

“Aww thank you baby.” she tells him getting comfortable, he leans down and kisses her.

“This looks so good honey,” Ted tells her helping himself to the delicious looking food.

“The gravy is home made.” she said proudly.

“No! You got it out of a jar.” he said teasing her.

“No, really honey, it’s home made.” Patti says fixing her plate, she had her fingers crossed that he liked what she had planned for later.

It had taken her a few weeks to find just the right gift for him. It was something he had always said he wanted. She had enlisted the help of one of her best friends to help her find what she was looking for.

“Baby, that dinner was perfect,” Ted tells her getting up from the table and picking up his plate.

“I’ll get that.” Patti comments, “tonight is for you.”

“So what are the plans for tonight?” he asked wondering what she had gotten him for his birthday.

“Well, you can have your gift before or after birthday cake.” she picks up their plates and glasses and walks into the kitchen setting them on the counter.

” have to wonder what you are up too young lady.” he says carrying in the platter and a bowl from the table. “I mean you’re dressed so sexy and everything.”

“Oh you’ll see, now you go into the den and relax while I finish up in here.”

“Yes dear.”

“Alright, now you go and relax.” she said glancing at the clock on the stove it was already after 7:00 so she would have to hurry before a certain someone arrived.

Patti quickly put dishes into the dish washer, put the leftovers away when she heard a knock at the back door. She would finish the kitchen later.

“Hi, I’m here right on time.” the slim young black man said stepping into the kitchen.

“Sshh, he’s right downstairs in the den.”

“Sorry,” the man said, “are you sure he is going to like this?”

“Oh yes, he will love this.” Patti reassured the man, “did you do what I asked?”

“I’ve got it right here in my pocket.”

“Alright, stay right here.” she tells him, “You know what to do and I’ll come and get you in a few minutes.” Patti walked out of the kitchen toward the den.

Calvin quickly undressed and stroked his cock, he had never been someone’s birthday present before he thought. He at least wanted a semi hard dick when he met her husband.

Ted sat in his recliner in the den channel surfing waiting on his wife, he finally found a movie to watch.

Patti walked into the den, she walked casino oyna over to her husband and took the remote from him and turned the television off. “You won’t need this.” she tells him leaning over him, kissing him making sure he could see down the front of her dress.

“Mmmm tits.” he whispers reaching for her breasts, cupping them in his hands.

“You can have my tits later,” she tells him kissing him deeply, “close your eyes.”

“Close my eyes.”

“Yes, your present was too big to wrap.”

“Must be some big present.” he said closing his eyes as he was told, “okay closed.”

“I’ll be right back.” she tells him walking away. “No peeking.” she tells him turning to look at her handsome husband.

Back in the kitchen she took the red ribbon from Calvin and tied it in a nice bow around his semi-hard cock. “Now, remember, anything he says goes, this is for his birthday.”

“Alright.” Calvin answered, “I’ll do my best to make it a good one for him.”

“If you suck cock the way you eat pussy then he will be in heaven.”

A couple of weeks earlier she hadn’t had any luck finding a nice looking, young bi black guy for her husband’s birthday so she had called her friend Nikki. Nikki told her not to worry she would find just the right guy for the job. A few days later Nikki had brought Calvin over to meet Patti.

Patti told Calvin what she was planning and he had agreed, but first she wanted to make sure he was as good as Nikki said he was.

It was the one and only time she had ever done anything sexual with someone else and not told Ted about it. The only thing she had let Calvin do was eat her pussy, and he was VERY GOOD at that, and she had watched him fuck Nikki he seemed to be good at fucking too.

“Alright, follow me.” Patti led him downstairs and into the den, “Are your eyes still closed honey?”

“Yep, the suspense is killing me.” Ted said, he just couldn’t imagine what she could have gotten him that was so big she couldn’t wrap it. “Is it bigger than a bread box?” he said with a laugh.

“Yes, yes I’d say so.” she answered crossing her fingers that he liked her gift.

“I know it’s a red truck.”

“Well it has red on it but no baby it’s not a truck.” she said leading Calvin over to stand in front of Ted in his recliner.

Calvin was a bit nervous, he hoped her husband liked him.

“Okay, open your eyes honey.”

Opening his eyes, Ted saw a very handsome young black guy standing in front of him completely naked. “Wow!” he exclaimed looking Calvin up and down. “Omg! You really did it!” he said looking at his wife, she had always told him she would get him a sexy young black guy for his birthday.

“I told you I would honey.” she said worried he didn’t like it. “You don’t like him.”

“Fuck! This is great, ” he said looking at Calvin and noticing the big red bow tied around his dick. “You were right there is red on my gift.”

“Honey this is Calvin, Calvin my husband Ted.” Patti said introducing them, “he’s bi honey and will do ANYTHING you ask him to do, no questions asked.”

“Damn! You really did it.” Ted said again not believing what his wife had done for him. He reached out and untied the red bow and stroked Calvin’s semi-hard cock.

“I love the red bow honey.” he said feeling Calvin’s cock throb in his hand.

“Anything you desire just say the word.” Calvin said looking at Ted.


“Anything honey.” Patti tells her husband watching him stroke that black cock, she wanted to watch him licking and sucking Calvin’s cock.

“Fuck,” Ted whispered licking his lips while he stroked Calvin. “So how did you arrange this?” he crooked his finger motioning her closer to him.

“Well,” she said hesitating, “you promise not to be upset with me?” Patti moved over to stand next to his recliner.

“Yes honey, I promise.” Ted said reaching for Calvin’s huge balls, rubbing them with his other hand. “Ummm, nice balls.” Ted leans over and licks Calvin’s balls.

“Well I knew what I wanted to give you for your birthday,” she said watching her husband stroking Calvin’s cock and balls. “I was having a hard time, so I was talking to Nikki, you remember Nikki.”

“Oh yeah, I remember her the sexy red head.”

“Anyway, she said she would help me find someone.” Patti explained watching Ted stroke Calvin. “She called me a couple of weeks ago and said she had someone she wanted me to meet.”

“Go on.” he tells her, wishing she would get undressed also. He felt his cock jerk and throb at the idea of having this young black dick to lick and suck. He looked up at Calvin, “you have a very nice cock Calvin, just the way I like them.”

“Oh thanks.” he did like the was Ted was stroking him.

“So anyway honey, she brought him over for me to meet,” she explained to him hoping he wasn’t angry with her for not telling him. “Are you upset with me honey?”

“No, no of course not.” Ted said leaning in and licking the head of Calvin’s hardening cock. “Mmmm, taste good.” He has had this fantasy for years and now slot oyna his wife had made it come true for him.

Calvin stood there and watched the man stroke his cock and balls, and listened to the husband and wife having a conversation.

“Oh that feels good,” Calvin said when Ted took one of his balls into his mouth gently sucking on them one at a time.

Ted sucked, those black balls, moaning as he did, feeling his cock jerk. Ted let Calvin’s balls slip from his mouth and he stroked Calvin’s balls and dick at the same time.

“So did you try him out?” Ted asked her, knowing she wouldn’t have been able to pass this dick up. He would love to see that, his sweet wife sucking this cock or taking it in one of her tight holes, her pussy or her ass.

“Well, in a way.”

“In what way?”

“I let him eat my pussy,” she said looking at Ted, “but I didn’t let him fuck me.”

“Strip.” he tells his wife, Ted finally leaned in and took Calvin’s cock into his mouth, damn, this cock tastes so good Ted thought sucking on the head.

Ted continued sucking on Calvin’s dick, taking that cock deeper and deeper in his mouth, tasting precum.

Patti unbuttoned her dress slowly, taking her time, pulling it from her shoulders she let it drop past her tits, her nipples were already hard.

“She’s got some nice tit’s doesn’t she?” Ted said, feeling his dick stiffen even more.

“Yeah she sure does, and a nice pussy too.” Calvin said in agreement.

Ted and Calvin watched as she finally let the dress fall from her body and pooled around her feet.

“Jesus,” Ted whispered seeing her in lace panties, garters and stockings and heels, he felt his cock jerk. He reached out for her but she stepped back.

“Enjoy honey.” she told him watching Calvin’s cock growing in Ted’s hand.

Ted took that dick back into his mouth again, he bobbed up and down on Calvin’s hard cock. He had always wanted to do this and his sweet wife had made this happen for him.

Calvin had a cock about average size, not too big, cut with a mushroom shaped head.

Ted leaned in and licked that precum from Calvin’s cock, “Mmmm,” he moaned tasting the young man’s juices, “taste good,” he said glancing up at Calvin. He went to his knees in front of the young man, wanting to get as much of that dick into his mouth.

“Mmmm,” Calvin moaned when he felt Ted licking his cock, Ted might be an older guy but he did know how to lick a dick.

“Aww, yeah suck my black dick.” Calvin moaned when he felt Ted taking his cock deeper into his mouth.

Patti stood there and watched her husband licking and sucking, slurping Calvin’s cock, she felt her panties getting damp. She hoped she would get some of that nice hard black cock tonight.

Ted was in cock heaven, he had thought about this for years, wanting to have a handsome young black cock to suck.

Calvin reached for Ted’s head and held him down on his cock, “Suck me.:

Ted was doing his best to make Calvin feel good, he loved the feeling of a hard throbbing dick in his mouth.

“You look so hot sucking Calvin’s cock baby,” Patti said reaching for her nipples pinching them, twisting them. Reaching down with one hand she rubbed her damp panties.

Patti watched as Calvin fucked her husband’s mouth, she heard Ted’s moans of pleasure while sucking and stroking that black cock. God, she was getting hot and turned on.

Ted slowly, taking his time sucked and licked and slurped Calvin’s cock, he didn’t want to make Calvin cum too soon. He wouldn’t mind watching his wife take that dick.

Ted let Calvin’s cock slip from his mouth and he stood up, “move closer” he tells his wife, seeing her almost naked.

Patti does as she is told, she moves over in front of her husband, reaching for the zipper of his jeans she unzips and unbuttons them, tugging them and his undies down.

Ted pulls his tee-shirt off over his head dropping it on his chair. He reaches for his wife’s tits, giving them a gentle squeeze. Taking her by both of her arms he leans down and kisses her deeply, “On your knees.”

Patti drops to her knees in front of him, Ted is on one side of her and Calvin is on the other. She didn’t make a move she waited for her husband.

“Suck him.”

“But honey this is for you.” she tells him looking up at him.

“You said anything I wanted,” Ted says watching her, “I want you to suck him now.”

Patti reaches for Calvin’s hard cock, strokes him and watches precum form on the head of his dick. Sticking her tongue out she licked the precum from his cock, swallowing it.

“Mmm,” Ted moans, he watches her licking and stroking Calvin’s member.

Patti feels Calvin’s cock throb in her hand, she strokes him, licking him slowly wanting to watch her husband suck his cock again.

“Yeah baby girl stroke his dick.” Ted tells her picturing Calvin down between her spread thighs eating her wet, tight pussy. His cock was as hard as a rock, he always did get super turned on watching his wife with other people.

“Lick his balls.” canlı casino siteleri he instructs her, moving her hand from Calvin’s dick he continued to stroke that cock. He joined her down on the floor on his knees in front of Calvin.

“Yes,” Calvin moans feeling her mouth on his balls and her husband licking his cock again, he looked down and watched them licking and sucking him. “Fuck you both are good.”

“Ummm,” Patti moaned while she sucked those big black balls. Licking them slowly taking one into her mouth sucking on it. She was getting so horny, her pussy was wet.

“Do it,” Calvin tells Ted watching the older man sucking his cock, he watched him take his cock deep, gagging on it. Fuck, he thinks to himself, they sure do know how to lick and suck dick. “Take my black dick, suck me.” he tells Ted holding him down on his cock and fucking his mouth. In and out deeper and deeper he fucked Ted’s mouth.

Gasping for air, Ted pulls away from Calvin’s cock, he didn’t want Calvin to cum yet. He wanted Calvin to suck his dick. He watched his wife still licking and sucking Calvin’s balls. Reaching over he puts his hand on her shoulder, tugging her away from Calvin. “I need his mouth on my cock.”

“I want to watch him sucking your cock baby.”

“You heard the lady,” Ted said looking up at Calvin, “Let’s go over to the bed and get more comfortable.” he suggested standing up and helping her to her feet.

They all get on the queen size bed, Ted was in the middle and Patti was next to him and Calvin was on his knees between Ted’s spread legs.

“Suck his cock.” Patti tells Calvin, wanting to watch him suck her husbands dick.

Calvin reached out and stroked Ted’s throbbing cock, he took his time making it good for Ted.

“Yeah, that feels good,” Ted said watching the young black man stroke his cock. Ted reaches for his wife, pulling her to him kissing her deeply. “Thank you honey.”

“You are very welcome baby.” she said kissing him back.

“Take off the panties.”

Patti does as she is told, she takes off the lacy panties and tosses them onto the floor.

“Ummm,” he moans when he reaches down and moves his hand between her legs, her pussy was VERY WET. “So wet.” he tells her rubbing her slit, his fingers are covered with her pussy juices. Ted licks her juices from his fingers, then pushes two fingers back inside of her pussy, he hears her moan of pleasure. Taking his fingers from her slit he pushes his wet fingers into her mouth.

“Mmm, mmm” she moans sucking on his fingers, tasting her pussy.

“You taste so good baby,” Ted tells her, looking down and watching Calvin licking his cock and stroking his balls. “Fuck yeah suck my cock Calvin.”

Calvin was licking and sucking and slurping on Ted’s cock like a man who was starving. In and out he took Ted’s dick, stroking Ted’s balls at the same time.

Calvin was enjoying sucking Ted’s hard cock, he stroked Ted’s balls, tasting precum. Calvin’s own dick was throbbing and twitching. “Can I go lower?”

“Yeah, sure just be easy.” Ted tells him, wondering what Calvin had in mind.

Ted and Patti had done ass play before she had even fucked his ass with a dildo but he had never had a real cock in his ass. He also knew that all he had to do was say he didn’t like something they would stop.

“That looks so hot honey, watching Calvin sucking your cock.” Patti said lying next to Ted, she reached up and pinched her hard nipples.

“Wouldn’t you like some of that black dick babe?” Ted asked her, fuck Calvin sure does know how to suck cock.

Ted started to thrust his hips, wanting Calvin to take his dick deeper into his mouth.

“Well, you know me I never turn down cock, but this is for you.” she tells him.

“You like when Daddy plays with your nipples?” Ted asks her reaching over and pinching her nipples, twisting them slightly.

Patti didn’t answer him all she could do was moan loudly.

“Fuck my mouth.” Calvin said glancing up at Ted and Patti, he loved to get face fucked, held down and made to suck cock.

Ted thrust his throbbing dick into Calvin’s mouth, feeling the strong suction Calvin was putting on his dick. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, his cock was feeling so good. His wife was the best cock sucker he had ever had but Calvin was almost as good.

“Do it Calvin suck Ted’s throbbing dick.” Patti tells him watching the way the young man was taking care of her husband. “You take care of him really good and I might let you fuck me.”

“I would love to watch him fucking you baby,” Ted said gasping, fuck Calvin was making him feel so good. “I want to watch you sucking his black cock then him fucking your pussy or maybe even your ass.”

“Anything you want baby.”

Calvin loved the feeling of another man fucking his face, feeling them holding him down while they pounded their hard cocks into his throat. He also loved to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked.

He loved being a bottom but never turned down the chance to be a top feeling his cock slide up inside a tight ass hole. Moving down a bit he gently licked Ted’s big balls, one after the other.

He could hear Ted moaning and telling Calvin not to stop. Glancing up he saw Patti on her knees next to Ted, leaning over him licking and sucking his nipples.

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