Good Afternoon Ch. 12

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Geez! Are you fuckin’ rich or what? Justin looked around outside before opening the car door to get out. In front of him was the 2 car garage door which was closed. The garage was attached to the guest house by a short glass enclosed hallway towards the rear right side of the garage. Beyond the hallway, Justin could see a portion of the swimming pool which from what he could see and guess, was a regulation Olympic sized swimming pool. The landscaping was beautifully maintained, an 8 foot high hedge lined the drivers side of the drive way starting where the drive way curved and ran past the front of the garage. Justin was awed by the sites he was taking in, and apparently, so was Clark, as he silently sat staring at Justin all the while.

“Are we going to sit here all night, or what?” Justin had his right hand on the door latch ready to open the door.

“Oh,” Clark snapped out of his daydreaming chuckling embarrassedly, “Sure, let me show you around.” With that Clark got out of the car then walked around the front of the car where he stood for a moment adjusting his swim trunks so the legs portion hung properly.

Justin got out of the car as well, “Lead the way.”

Clark did lead the way and as he walked in front of Justin, Justin watched his nicely shaped butt swivel with each step. Clark’s lean back didn’t have much of a “v” shape, but was well tanned as was the rest of his body. His short blonde hair rustled in the slight night breeze. He noticed that Clark and him were about the same size except that he was a bit more muscular. Having taken the opportunity to check out Clark like that, he quickened his pace just a bit so he was walking next to him.

Clark walked up to the front door of the guest house which was at front center of the house, below the large picture window to the left of the double doors were colorful flowers planted in rows. They stepped up a couple of steps and stood on the covered porch as Clark unlocked the front door and opened it. He stepped to the side a bit and beckoned for Justin to enter first.

As Justin entered the foyer area, the lighting which had been very dim, automatically adjusted to a brighter setting. The ceramic tile on the floor reflected the small light fixtures embedded in the ceiling. Clark closed the door behind him, then put his right arm over Justin’s shoulder to hold him closer as they proceeded into the main part of the house. Along the way, Clark pointed out what he thought were items of interest like the original Greek statue of a nude young male standing with his left foot forward looking down and to the left, with his left hand on his hip and his right hand extended as though holding a glass of whine. The white marble statue was in perfect shape standing next to the whine cabinet which was stocked from top to bottom with fine wines.

“That’s a statue of the Greek god of whine and merriment.” Clark touched its penis, “For a god, he doesn’t have a very big dick!” He laughed loudly and Justin joined in on the laugh.

They proceeded through the house mostly in the main living spaces in a similar manner. When they made it to the back of the house, they’d come to a den and game room area which had large sliding glass doors which opened to the pool area. At the end of the room to their right was a 60 inch high definition television screen encased in a wooden cabinet which was designed specifically for the TV and sound system. The furniture at that end of the room was arranged for optimal viewing pleasure. At the other end of the room was a small bar complete with a brass foot rail and 4 bar stools. Behind the bar on stepped shelves were an assortment of alcohols and above them were racks where several casino siteleri sizes and shapes of crystal glasses hung awaiting use. Behind the stepped shelves was a textured glass window which you couldn’t see through but was made to show the colored lighting behind it. The lighting color could be adjusted to fit the mood for the night or party.

“Want a drink?” Clark stepped behind the bar watching Justin as he looked around the room.

“I’m not old enough to drink, I mean, I don’t drink.” Was all Justin said as he looked around at the pinball machines and other electronic games to the sides of the bar.

“Hey, I don’t have to see your ID.” Clark started to pour himself a shot of tequila. “Come on, try this,” He held up the bottle, “This stuff cost around a hundred dollars a bottle.”

“Holy shit! You must be rich!” Justin had moved over to the bar and sat on one of the plush leather stools in front of Clark.

Clark got another shot glass and sat it next to his, then poured one for Justin. He capped the bottle, placed it back where he’d gotten it, then slid the one he’d filled for Justin towards him on the black marble bar top.

“You sip this stuff.” He picked up his glass and sniffed it. He held it out in front of himself towards Justin in a toast. “To our new found friendship.”

Justin who hadn’t had any experience with alcohol before, did as Clark did. They clanked their glasses together then each took a sip of the tequila. It was very smooth and tasted a bit peppery to Justin. The alcohol burned a bit as it passed over his tongue and down his throat.

Clark came out from behind the bar and headed over to the cushioned chairs in front of the TV screen. Justin followed. He swung the chairs around so they were in front of each other. He then picked up a remote control, and pressed a couple of buttons which caused music to softly fill the room. He pushed another button which caused the lights to dim a bit.

“How do you like it?” Clark took another sip of his drink.

“Its okay, I guess. I’ve never had alcohol before, so I wouldn’t really know if it was good or not.” Justin took a larger sip this time. “Do you drink a lot?”

“Nah, only when I’m trying to get a cute guy drunk so I can fuck him.” Clark sat his glass down on the small end table next to him, leaned forward then put his right hand on Justin’s knee. “Want to get more comfortable?” He rubbed Justin’s left leg creeping towards his crotch. “Want to go for a swim?”

Justin took another large sip of the drink. He was already beginning to feel light headed. He held it in his mouth a bit longer this time and let it slosh around his tongue before swallowing it. “You don’t need to get me drunk to fuck me.” He was feeling more bold than normal so he gulped down the rest of the drink, sat his glass next to Clark’s, then leaned forward to kiss him. Clark’s open mouth met Justin’s, their arms hugging and bringing each other closer. Their tongues met and danced with each other. Both of them were enjoying the moment, but sitting in these chairs opposite each other was a bit uncomfortable, so they slid out of the chairs so they were laying body against body on the carpeted floor.

Clark’s naked nipples rubbed against the soft cotton fabric of Justin’s t-shirt while they continued their embrace and kiss. Justin’s hands moved down Clark’s smooth back where his finger tips slid down and inside the back of Clark’s trunks. Each hand found a butt cheek and caressed and kneaded it.

Clark’s fingers ran through Justin’s soft brown hear holding him in the lustful kiss. His dick was throbbing hard and he could feel the bulge of Justin’s dick as their crotches pressed one against the other.

They slot oyna didn’t want to end the moment, the kiss, the touching but their clothing was getting in the way. They broke the kiss and took a deep breath, looking deeply into each others eyes. Justin was experiencing the effect of the alcohol. He started to quickly get up so he could take off his t-shirt. He lost his balance and fell over onto the cushioned chair. He laughed at his clumsiness as he recovered his balance.

Clark laughed with Justin, “Ah ha! I’ve got you where I want you now.” He reached up to the table where he found his drink. He sat up and gulped the rest of the drink down then returned the glass to the end table.

“Let me help you with that.” Clark took the bottom of Justin’s t-shirt and pulled it out and up towards Justin’s head. Justin lifted his arms over his head and leaned towards Clark so the pulling motion would allow the shirt to slip off more easily. Once it was off, Clark let it drop to the floor. His fingers rubbed softly over Justin’s nicely formed chest and down over his firm belly. He leaned forward and licked Justin’s left nipple. That send a shiver through Justin’s body.

While Clark continued to fondle Justin’s torso, they both stood up still facing each other. Justin unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and lowered the zipper which let his pants drop down to his knees. The white Jockey shorts bulged with his hard dick as it laid encased within the shorts to the left.

Justin sat on the chair behind him and lifted his feet off the floor. Clark took hold of the back of Justin’s sandals and slipped them both off at the same time, letting them drop to the floor, then yanked the pants off and dropped them in the pile of clothing on the floor. The smell of young lustful bodies grew in the air. Justin’s dick throbbed strongly in his shorts as did Clark’s within his trunks.

They both returned to a reclining position on the floor where they rolled around, kissed and fondled each other’s body. Justin reached into Clark’s trunks to find the sticky pre-cum oozing from Clark’s uncut dick. He stroked the skin down from the dick head and back again several times while Clark found and gripped Justin’s dick in a similar manner. They were both on the verge of cumming.

“I’m gonna cum.” Clark whispered into Justin’s ear. Then licked the ear he’d just whispered into. Justin began to stroke Clark’s dick harder and faster as did Clark to Justin’s dick. They both pulled down the front of the other’s clothing and pounded the other’s dick in rhythm with each other. As they did so, they locked in an open mouth kiss with their tongues fondling each other passionately. With their heads spinning from the lust and alcohol their climaxes built to an explosion point.

Justin felt the warm cum eject from Clark’s hard throbbing dick which he continued to milk until every drop had found its release. Clark’s cum sprayed his own chest and the carpet between them.

Shortly after Clark’s orgasmic convulsions subsided, Justin’s cum found it’s release exploding from his dick head onto Clark’s tightly gripping hand, then dripping onto the carpet. Clark continued to stroke Justin’s dick for some time after his convulsions had faded.

Having both found release, they held each other in a mutually satisfied embrace savoring the moments.

“Shit, I didn’t get to fuck you.” Clark grinned while looking into Justin’s eyes.

“That’s okay, we can do that later if you want.” Justin kissed Clark on the lips.

“Well, to be honest, I would really rather you fuck me instead of the other way around.” Clark returned Justin’s kiss.

“That works for me.” Justin paused for a moment, canlı casino siteleri “Lets do that in a bed though. This floor is too hard.”

“Of course. Might as well be as comfortable as possible.”

The grandfather clock next to the coat rack struck 2 chimes after a short melodic tune.

“I’m tired.” Justin said sleepily.

“Yeah, I guess it is getting late.” They both sat up repositioning their shorts and trunks. “Lets take a shower then I’ll show you where the bedrooms are.”

Justin gathered his clothes while Clark went behind the bar, wet a towel, then came back to scrub their cum out of the carpet. Once he was satisfied with his efforts, he repositioned the chairs and end tables so they were positioned as they had been. He then put the 2 glasses in the small sink behind the bar. Justin was waiting holding his clothing in his arms before himself while Clark made sure everything was in order. Once he was satisfied, Clark clicked the remote which turned off the music and lights. He put the remote control down and then headed down the hallway towards the bathroom. Justin followed close behind.

The bathroom not only had a large shower area, it also had a sunken tub with power spray nozzles in its walls to churn the water when the tub was filled. Beyond the tub was the entrance to the sauna which Clark said could hold 6 people comfortably. He then entered a small room then emerged with 2 large soft white towels and matching wash cloths.

The shower was huge by comparison to Marty’s shower. This one had 2 shower heads on opposite walls with the shower entrance side having textured glass doors. There was one control handle for each shower head which could be adjusted for the temperature setting you preferred as well as the spray type you wanted.

Justin stepped out of his shorts and Clark removed his trunks. They stood for a moment admiring each others completely naked body.

Clark grasped his chest as though he was having a heart attack. He staggered a bit, then laughed out loud.

Justin looked at him in shock for a moment, then realized he was just acting.

“Oh my God! You are beautiful.” Clark came closer to Justin touched his shoulder and kissed him on the lips.

“You’re not so bad yourself” Justin smiled.

They both stepped into the shower. Clark gave Justin a brief lesson on how to set the temperature and spray settings, after which they went about washing themselves in silence.

Once they were done, they stepped out of the shower, dried themselves, then hung the wet towels on the empty towel hangers before heading off to the bedrooms. The bathroom had a door to each of the 2 bedrooms on that side of the house.

“Do you want to sleep alone, or would you mind a bed partner?” Clark stood inside the bathroom next to the open bedroom door.

“I’m use to sleeping alone, but hey, there is a first time for everything right?” Justin grinned.

“Great, I’d love to sleep with you in my arms.” He took hold of Justin’s hand and led him into the large bedroom where a king sized bed awaited them. Clark threw back the covers. “Which side do you prefer?”

“Umm, the left side I guess.” Justin went round to the left side of the bed then got in while Clark got into the bed on the right side. They rolled over towards each other. When Clark turned off the light, the only light in the room was a small night light in the light switch next to the bathroom door.

“Sweet dreams.” Clark laid on his side facing Justin so that Justin’s face was the last thing he saw before closing his eyes. He faded off to sleep with thoughts of their night spent together.

“See ya in the morning.” Justin rolled over on his back and pulled the sheet and cover up to his neck, shuffled around a bit to get completely comfortable, then fell off to sleep quickly after closing his eyes. His head was still spinning a bit from the alcohol.

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