Going Down?

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Every day it was the same goddamn thing. Up at 6, washed, dressed, and out the door by seven thirty, and at work by eight. Walk through the security checkpoint, clock in, take the elevator down to the second basement level, pick up that days work packets, then back up to the 7th floor for the day. Eight hours on floor seven. I’d been doing this for 18 months. Working here at Romentex, a company that thrives on making “Gee I’m sorry I liked that other chick’s cunt while you were away” cards. Romentex was a company that tried to appeal to the last of the romantics, but failed miserably, so they started playing the ‘I’m Sorry’ game. And it was my job, along with 28 other people, to pick up design and text schematics for a new Hallmark card or Mylar balloon. And it was like that every day. Every goddamn day, the same thing.

Well… almost every day.

The thing about being me is this, when you’re Amy O’Neil, no situation is permanent, and anything can happen. I had learned that so many times before. First with my estranged father on my 18th birthday, then with that hooker my boyfriend was seeing on the side, and then with my College Psych Professor. If you haven’t heard the stories, I’ll be sure to tell you later. Anyway, remember that daily routine I was telling you about? Well the most monotonous part was about to become the most interesting. It was that elevator ride down two stories, although there was about to be a lot more going down.

Everyone clocks in at 8 at Romentex, except for the Artists and the big shots, they all clock in at Ten.

One day, on my way home from work, I decided to stop in at a local Bar. Long story short, I came home with a Guy who had a very long.. em… story…. Man, did he fuck me. I don’t usually talk so crudely, but there’s no other word for it. There were no pleasantries, just his ten inch rod in my wet, slippery snatch. That and about 2 pints of cum dripping down my chin, and rolling off my tongue after he was done with me, then he left. And I fell asleep.

When I woke up, It was 9:45. I was so very, VERY, late for work. I skipped the shower, i hopped out of bed, and immediately tried to wash the dry jizz off of my face and neck. I would deal with the stuff that had dripped onto my breasts when i got home. So i slipped a Black Bra and Panty set on and threw on a Long Black dress and flew out the Door. It was now 10:20 and I was worried that someone would notice I was late. I mean, Romentex has a security checkpoint, of course they’ll notice, I have to give them My ID Card.. Oh Crap, my Card!

As I pulled up, It was 10:28, and the Artists and Fat Cats were just arriving, I was hoping i could sneak in with one of them. I stood In line, straightened my hair, and then waited for my turn at the checkpoint. When it came, I explained that I had forgotten my ID, but that stupid casino oyna fat pig of a guard wouldn’t have cared If it’d burned down in my House, he wasn’t letting me By.

“George, I’ll Authorize a Database Lookup.”

The person who had gone in In Front had turned around in hearing my predicament, and was helping me! The surly guard asked my name and SSN, and I gave it to him. He looked me Up in the computer, and Authorized me through by verifying my picture. He also printed out a temporary Security Pass. I was surprised that an Artist like this guy had so much power over these guards…

“There ya go, Mr. Rollins, all set.”

Mr Rollins, eh? Alright, so maybe this stud WAS a big Shot. Of course, I only noticed the stud part when tubby over there spat out that SIR part…

I got into the elevator with Mr. Rollins, and another guy, this one in a suit and tie, so definitely an Admin, run up. They were both probably in their early thirties, As the door started to close, I looked out and just before it closed, I saw the Fat Guard drop a match, igniting a small Oil Slick on the Surface on the pavement. The last thing I saw when the doors closed was the blaze erupting to the surprise of that guard.

“FIRE!” I yelled. Mr Rollins responded with a shocked, “What?”

“That Guard out there started a fire!”

The other Admin grabbed the emergency phone and dialed a 3-digit code, asked about a fire, and after about 30 seconds, hung it back up.

“The confirmed it” he said grimly. “It’s a small one, but it got to the power switch-box on that level, which is in the guard post. It’s fried the circuits. They said the elevator will probably…”

And then there was a sudden jolt that threw me to the ground. As I looked Up, I saw the two fat cats bracing themselves on the walls. I got up and the silence began. No one said a thing for at least Fifteen minutes. Finally, i couldn’t stand it.

“MAN this is boring!” I sighed and sat back down on the floor of the elevator.

“Hmmm…” Said the Unnamed Management and then he walked over to the Rollins. He whispered something into Rollins’ ear. Rollins immediately straightened up.

“Ms. O’Neil…” He started. “Are you Management?” He asked…

Oh Shit. I was screwed.


“Well, are you an artist then?”

Again I forced to respond “No.” (Goddamn Morals)


And unless this guy was very stupid, it didn’t take much reasoning to understand i was VERY late to work.

“Well, are you a whore?”

I was completely thrown aback… was I a whore? Who did this guy think he was?

“Excuse Me?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Are you a whore, Ms. O’Neil? You see, me and Mr. Codding over here are very busy men. WE don’t get a lot of… leisure time. I think that this little involuntary delay might slot oyna be a good time to exercise our need for recreation…”

I was totally awestruck… this was the most straightforward any man had ever been about wanting to screw me. Although, to be honest, my past up to this point wasn’t exactly chaste. So, staying with my Moral Code, I answered honestly.

“Actually, Yes. Given the things I’ve done in the past, I guess you could call me a whore.”

At that, Rollins and Codding both whipped out their dicks, straight through the zippers on their slacks. Codding hit the emergency stop button the the panel. Although we were already stopped, this way we wouldn’t start until he wanted to. What I found amazing was how willing i subconsciously found myself to be a free fuck for these two horny fat cats. But never the less i was.

“Stand Up” Rollins commanded. And I Did. Codding held me there and Rollins brought out a pocket knife, and sliced my dress right down the front, not touching my skin at all, but causing my dress to fall, tattered, to the floor. He then stared my down and he cut open my bra. He allowed me the honor of removing the panties, as the knife would not be as easily navigated there. I did so. He slapped me right across the face and I fell to the floor.

“What the fuck was that…” But i was interrupted my Codding’s thick cock jamming itself into my unsuspecting mouth. He started fucking my face before i was even aware of what was going on. When I finally did come to my senses, I was shocked yet again by the Long, thin shaft of Rollins zipping itself up my cunt, and riding me with no forgiveness…

I was yearning to scream, but Coddings thick, steady cock would not relent.

I started to relax. Rollins’ long, smooth cock was sliding in and out of my wet, burning, snatch. He was going in and out again and again. I was starting to sway to the rhythm, my sweat soaked breasts and ass starting to follow the same beat as his gyrating hips. Codding’s Balls Started Slapping me in the chin, so i grabbed them with one hand and started running my long, nimble fingers all around his sack. He shuttered slightly, then slapped me across the face, forcing his own cock out of my mouth.

“I didn’t tell you to do that!” He roared, and then slapped me again. I started to cry. Rollins kept riding me while he spoke, Panting all the while.

“Ms. O’Neil, you’re tunnel is so smooth and tight, I could just run my cock all up and down you all day. You’re dripping my dear. You’re snatch…” he sighed “Is begginging to soak my thighs.” He started fucking me VERY hard for a few seconds, and I screamed out in pain and pleasure. My Cunt Was Sore, and my tears were streaming.

“But Codding is right. You Take too many Liberties.” He stood me Up, and they each spanked me once. I was very confused.

“I canlı casino siteleri don’t understand…” I sobbed

“You Will. You must be punished!” And he threw me to Codding. Codding lifted me up onto his cock, forced me to wrap my legs around him, and then started fucking me while sliding his slithery wet tongue down my throat. His thick cock was grinding my raw pussy even more. Just when i thought I was going to pass out, something strange happened. Something i have never, ever experienced. Rollins’ long, silky spire, dripping with my juices, was making it’s way up my ass. I pulled away from Codding’s tongue.

“What the fuck are you doing??! I can’t!”

“I’m punishing you.” And he slammed his cock into my Virgin Ass. It was so Painful! Both of them were now standing, my wet breasts bouncing up and down to the pattern of them double-fucking me in this god forsaken elevator. That long cock pressing against my ass, lubricating my raw asshole with my own juices. And Codding, again forcing my mouth open for his tongue, bouncing my thighs and vagina up and down on his sturdy penis. He head must have been the size of a pool ball! They just kept doing this. Running me Up and down their torturous Cocks, ripping me apart as i screamed out of pain, pleasure, fear, and excitement. I came all over Codding. My cunt juices must have been flowing all down his legs. Rollins let out a yelp, and the suddenly stopped.

They Threw me off their cocks, and as I stood there, looking at them, jackets now removed, Rollins approached me, and tossed me against the side of the Elevator. I slammed into it and slid to the floor, with no pain, but a large amount of confusion and fear. They stood over me and made me face their rods, which were now directly level with my nose. They both slammed there cocks into my mouth for a short period of time, ordering me to get them nice and wet. I did, and then they started jacking off in front of me. Codding barked,

“Open you’re fucking mouth your dirty, goddamn, whore!” I did, and very soon after, these too respectable business men came all over me. My Face was dripping. White cream was dripping from my nose. My eyes were stinging, my hair was clumping. I immediately swallowed what little cum landed in my mouth. I had streams of white down both breasts, and falling off my hard nipples. There was even a small stream headed for my cunt. Eventually, They got dressed. One of them opened the emergency compartment at the bottom of the car. He grabbed a dress from the box. I suddenly realized that it was all staged! They just wanted to get their fun… and I had been used as a sex toy in some sick game. They gave me the dress after wiping off my cum. They both smiled at me, and Codding resumed the elevator. I was just staring at them. Not a word was exchanged, they got off on different floors, and that was it. NOTHING. Not even a word of ‘Don’t tell anyone.’

I quit the next week.

I also received an unexpected 12,000 dollar severance bonus, courtesy of Rollins & Codding, C.E.O. and President of Romentex.

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