Give Me An Older Woman Every Time

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Give me an older woman every time

Give me an older woman every time, they don’t yell, they don’t tell and they’re grateful as hell. Give me an older woman every time.

B. Hill

I knew as I left Amelia that I was in trouble. This was only the second time I’d ever had sex. And it was obvious that I was not a natural. Over all I was pretty confused, if A boy is supposed to be experienced and a girl is not, where does one get ones experience? There really wasn’t anyone I could talk to about this either. My parents would freak if they found out their baby boy had gone off to college and was having sex. My friends would just laugh, and I don’t think my priest has ever had sex. So who could I talk to.

I finally came up with an answer I called the local radio shock jock. I asked him who I could talk to about it and this was his advice. I should take a ride down Van Buren Ave. I was kind of surprised because that is where all the local hookers hang out. He just laughed and told me to find a pimpmobile. I had to ask what that was. He told me that down Van Buren I’d find what was obviously a pimpmobile. He told me I couldn’t miss it. It would be one of those cars that you’d ask yourself why would anyone spend that kind of money to make a car look just that way. Once I found it I should tell the guy I was hiring a teacher and to pay him whatever he demanded. I thanked him hung up and sat down to think about that.

It actually seemed like a good idea to me so I figured what the hell why not.. I got kind of dressed up and headed over to the bank. I took out a hundred dollars because that’s what the cop shows always seem to think is about right. I went out that night and casino siteleri had a really good meal and then headed off for Van Buren . I had to drive the whole length of Van Buren to find the car. I must say the DJ was right. I couldn’t believe anyone would shell out that much money to make a car look so bad.

I pulled in next to him and asked him about hookers. He looked me over and asked me if I was a cop. I laughed and said no. He looked me over again and asked me what he could do for me. I felt really embarrassed but I laid out my little problem for him. He kind of grinned at me called me dog and asked for twenty bucks. I gave him the twenty and he passed me a number. He told me to call it and tell her my problem. He said it would all be fixed.

Which is how I came to be explaining myself to a very nice lady. She listened to my woes and told me she might not be what I expected but she could help me with my problem. I set an appointment with her for the next night and happily hung up the phone.

I was on pins and needles the next day just waiting for that night to come around. When it finally did I was shaved showered and ready to go. I knocked on her door promptly at seven and waited anxiously for her to open it. She was right I was surprised when she opened the door. My teacher was a very mature lady. I’m pretty sure she was over fifty, but she was gorgeous. She was a little under six feet tall and she looked to be in great shape. She must have worked out a lot. Nice trim legs, good rack c-cup at least and a short pageboy haircut. She was wearing an elegant black dress, hose and high heels.

She welcomed me and let me into her room. I immediately started slot oyna to undress and she laughed and told me to hang on. She was going to give me a complete course of study. She sat me down on her couch and started talking world events. Now I’ve really never cared what went on in the world so I was at kind of a loss here. She noticed my deficiency and told me it was okay, but I’d better start reading the front page of the paper every morning. Ok that was my first lesson.

We then moved onto undressing and I just thought I’d ask how it should be done this time. She laughed and said it should be slow and sensual with lots of petting and kissing. I would need to warm my girl up and this was just the beginning of foreplay. We went through it slowly, first a piece of my clothing and then a piece of hers. It was quite a sensual experience. She did show me a good trick. I’ve never understood bra’s. She showed me how to undue a bra and then for the trick of it all showed me how to do it one handed. It was really testing my learning capacity though. Just the sight of those massive mammaries was enough to start the blood thumping in my ears. They were really nice, not sagging to much with big aereola and dime sized nipples. I really enjoyed the petting during all of this. Every piece of clothing that came of had lots of rubbing and kissing involved in it.

From there wee moved to the bed. I was told to picker her up in my arms and kiss her before carrying her to the bed and laying her down gently. This took a little more finesse than I thought it would. She actually had me do it several times before she was convinced I had the moves right.

Then we laid down on the bed. Now my natural canlı casino siteleri inclination was to separate her thighs and climb between them. But she stopped me and gave me a lesson in the sensual art of kissing. I can’t even do justice to the ways she showed me. There is a sensual way to kiss every part of the body. And it pays to invent your own. I found an individual style to kiss everything and she made me keep practicing until she thought I had it down. This involves a lot of touching as well.

She then had me kneel between her thighs and eat her out. I wasn’t real sure about this but she told me it had to be done. There are lots of ways to go down on a woman, the method she taught me was for beginners. She taught me to lick the alphabet. I found that to be most interesting. I also learned that oral sex like everything else in life is better if you put more of yourself into it. The more enthusiastic I got the more she liked it.

Finally we got to the part I truly love. I moved between her thighs and positioning my self I began to thrust into her. She informed me that I could do better and I was a little miffed because I thought that I was pretty good at this. She told me I was good but wouldn’t I rather be great. I had to admit that yeah I’d rather be great.

The first thing she taught me was to move my butt in circles. Not in and out like I would have thought but clockwise with my penis inside her. I was to keep this up until I found the spot that did the most for her and then start going in and out. She taught me to vary the rhythm as she approached her climax so that I could make it last, and lastly she taught me that licking kissing and petting were still important while I was thrusting into her.

When we were done she laughed and told me I should definitely come back for more lessons. And I will if for no other reason than Granny is hot. I did like the PICS of her grandkids though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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