Getting Fucked By Sister’s Groom And His Friend!

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Getting Fucked By Sister’s Groom And His Friend!

I once went to attend my relative’s marriage. I was travelling by train. I was wearing a lehenga to the sangeet. The lehenga top was short and sleeveless. Therefore, when I danced in the wedding jiggling up and down, I began to get attention.

A few boys were passing comments like, “What a body she has got! Oh my god, I would do anything to get her to my bed”. I ignored those comments as I didn’t know them and they were from the groom’s side. And, I began to enjoy the function.

Later, I was standing in line to get my food, when one of those boys were standing beside me. The line was packed and he stood close to me by which I could feel his boner between my ass on top of my skirt. I quickly got away and told my sister to bring me food.

After I finished the food, I went to wash my hands. The washing area was filled with those boys. I just went and washed. The boys were near me and suddenly, one of them grabbed my ass and quickly took away his hands. I turned and looked at them. They said they did it by mistake. I quickly washed and left.

After that, we all went to sleep. I changed into my night dress. The nightdress was silky and short. I admired myself a few minutes in front of the mirror before I went to the bed. Even after I went to the bed, I was not able to sleep. I kept on thinking about the boys and their comments on my body. It made me feel hot. Even though I liked it, I wanted to get rid of the feeling. So I went to the terrace for a walk.

But, my luck followed me to the terrace because those boys were having drinks at the terrace. I saw them from the stairs but they didn’t notice me. So I left the place quietly. I came down and entered the room without noticing whose room it was and slept on the bed. Suddenly, the lights were turned on. Beside me was sleeping the groom. I was shocked and apologized to him. He said it was not a problem.

I was about to leave when he requested me to stay as he was not getting sleep. I was standing in front of him in my nightdress and it felt uncomfortable for me but I stayed. I went and sat in his bed. We were talking. But he was constantly touching me while talking.

Then he told me that I was sitting too far and asked me to come near him. I told him that it would not be appropriate. He said it was fine. So I went and sat near him.

The groom kept on talking and slowly, he placed his hand on my thighs and said that he liked my dance during the sangeet. I shyly thanked him. Then he slowly moved his hands on my body. He came closer to my ear and said that my jiggling boobs while dancing turned him on. I shyly smiled at him at this comment.

He further moved his hand inside my nightdress until he touched my pantie and told me that I was so sexy and all the boys were canlı bahis şirketleri looking at me while dancing. Then he began to rub my pussy over my pantie and requested me to perform a dance for him right there. I caught his hand and said that it would be wrong and if someone catches us, it would create a big problem.

But the groom got up from the bed and went and locked the door. And he said to me that now nothing will happen. I was looking at him shyly and bent down my head. He then turned off the light and came and sat in the bed. He looked at me with lust in his eyes. He grabbed me by my waist and said that my clothes were covering the sexiness of my body and removed it.

I was just in my pantie now. He was looking at my boobs like a wild a****l and said, “I was waiting from the evening to squeeze milk from these milky melons”. Saying this, he began to suck my melons. I wrapped my legs around his waist and started pulling his hair. I knew it was wrong but by now I was addicted to sex and I couldn’t say no to anybody. So, I let him fuck me.

Then he made me lie down and said that he was not getting the feeling. He took a blade from the nearby drawer. I was scared and asked him what he was going to do. He told me not to worry and it will be a little painful but I will enjoy it.

Then he used the blade and made a small cut in my navel. Blood started to come out, then he took lemon and honey from the nearby tray. He squeezed the lemon over the cut and poured the honey and rubbed it. He licked it from my navel. He then took some and made me taste it. It tasted sour and sweet along with the slight taste of my blood.

Then I took the groom’s cock from his trousers and began to blow his cock. Suddenly, we heard a knock on the door. We both got scared. He told me to get under the bed. I took my dress and hid under the bed.

He went and opened the door. My sister (bride) was standing there. She came in and locked the door. She told him that she was feeling too horny and couldn’t sleep and that’s why she came to have fun with him. He couldn’t turn her down.

They quickly got into the bed and got undressed and threw the clothes on the floor. I took his underwear from that, it had precum in it. I took and licked it. I rubbed the underwear in my pussy as I was turned on by hearing them have sex on the top of the bed. My sister was moaning and he began to fuck her even harder.

After more than an hour or so, he peeped down. I was masturbating and having a little fun. He said to me in a low voice that my sister was asleep and I can go out. I told him that he hadn’t fucked me yet. But he just told me to get out.

I just took my nightie and left the room. I didn’t wear it, I went out in my pantie with my nightie over my boobies. It was dark and I didn’t recognize my room. canlı kaçak iddaa Then, I heard a voice from behind. It was the same boy who commented on me. He was like, “Oh you! What are you doing here and in this position?!”.

I told him to mind his business and walked forward. He followed me and said, “How can I mind my business when you are walking around like this?”.

He then asked me what I was doing outside his brother’s room. That’s when I realized he was the groom’s brother. I didn’t reply. I turned back and looked at him, dropped my nightie on the floor and held my waist with my hands and moved forward. I directly asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He was stunned and his eyes were fixed at my boobs which was hanging in front of him.

He was like, “Sure, I have been dreaming about it since I saw you dancing at the Sangeet”. We both ran to the terrace. By now the terrace was filled with his friends, who laid there u*********s after drinking so much. We went inside the motor room in the terrace and locked it.

We didn’t turn on the light as many people would come to the terrace for taking a stroll. The groom’s brother stood and got naked. I removed my pantie and nightie. I got on my knees and took his hard rod into my mouth. It was so thick and long that I couldn’t take it in fully. I was sucking his balls and he was like, “You are young but you suck like a pro”.

He shouted a little when I bit his balls. Then I licked his balls again. After that, I took his dick between my boobs and gave him a titjob. He cummed all over my boobs within minutes.

Then he pushed me down, I spread my legs wide apart so that he could come in. He held my legs and began to lick my pussy. He even opened my pussy hole and entered his tongue inside it. It was so hot. I started to moan while I laid there licking his cum from my boobs. He then began to finger me and I cummed.

Then I again I gave him a blowjob. His cock was erect in no time. He then tried to insert it in me. I told him that my pussy hole wasn’t big so don’t force hard. But, he didn’t hear me. He slapped my ass and told me to take it in completely. And suddenly, he entered the entire dick into my hole. My eyes turned red, I kept my hand in my mouth to prevent me from screaming.

He began to hump me forcefully. He went in and out many times in quick successions and finally, he cummed inside me. Then he did the same thing with my ass too. It was painful but having such a big dick inside me was exciting and I enjoyed a lot. After finishing, he slept there itself.

I got dressed and came out. I saw his friends lying there. I knew they were u*********s so I went and took each and everyone’s dick and sucked it and also put those dicks into my holes and enjoyed! After that, I left.

I didn’t know which was my room. I didn’t switch canlı kaçak bahis on verandah lights just not to disturb anyone else. I just went and sat near the stairs. Even though I had fun, I didn’t get to have the groom’s dick. I was disappointed because of that.

Next day, it was mehendi function. I dressed sexy as always. My mom made me wear a red colour saree. Even though the groom shouldn’t be there, he came to the function. He said that he had some stuff to pick so he needed someone to help him.

I was sitting beside my sister. She told me to go with him. I was excited. I and he walked towards his bike and I sat behind him. As we crossed the venue, I hugged him. He said that I was looking more sexy in saree and that he wanted to finish what we started the previous day.

He stopped near a van and said that the van belonged to his friend and he rented it for two hours. I immediately got down from the bike. He said that if I don’t want to have sex inside the van, we can do it somewhere else.

I said to him, “No, we have got only two hours so let’s not waste any time”.

He smiled at me and lifted me and we went inside the van and got undressed quickly. We started to fuck. But we did it slowly as there were houses in the neighbourhood. We even did 69. He was the one with whom I had 69 for the first time. He finished and got dressed.

When I stood up to get dressed, he told me to stay like that as his friend also wanted to fuck me. His friend was also turned on by seeing me yesterday and he agreed to give his van on condition that he is also allowed to fuck me.

I didn’t know what to say. Saying this, the groom left. I stayed in the van. After a few minutes, a man came in and pounced on me. He sat on top of me and got undressed. He was very hairy everywhere and his stomach was big. He sat on top of the van seat and inserted his dick in my mouth. While I was giving him a blowjob, his pubic hairs went into my mouth which made it a bit uncomfortable. After that, he fucked me in doggy style.

The groom’s friend didn’t even last five minutes. Our total sex session lasted for almost 30 minutes. Then we got dressed. I thought the groom must be waiting for me but his friend told that he left and that he would drop me back.

He waited for a few minutes before a boy came and started the van. We sat in the last seat. He kept his hand on my shoulder while he raised my saree and was rubbing my thighs and pussy. The van stopped somewhere for five minutes to get things for the marriage and then we went back to our place.

During the whole ride, he was playing with my body. He even took my boobs from my bra and kept licking it. He got a hard-on again at that time and he pushed me down and fucked my pussy and released his load inside it while the vehicle was moving. Then I cleaned myself and got down when our place came.

It was one erotic sex ride inside the van. The fucking was awesome. I enjoyed a lot during my sister’s wedding. We stayed there for a few days and left after the wedding.

So, guys, that’s the end of this story. Keep in contact with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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