FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Fortune Favors the Bold

A/N: Quick note. Text in italics are thoughts (inner dialogue) by Annie.


I think it’s been a week since we first got introduced to our cell, but the days stretched on and on. The relentless humiliation, degradation, and sex did wonders to blur the passage of time. Lilith and I were still trying to be strong for the other girls (except 54 who was already their lapdog in the first place), but Sophia had already mentally checked out, and Brittany was hanging on by a thread. For the past few days, Sophia readily gave up her body to earn her own release. I witnessed her take both Cait and Allison’s oversexed cocks in every imaginable position I could come up with, and then some that I hadn’t even thought of before. Every time they delivered a potent load of cum into her holes, her mind got that much more broken.

Eventually, they got bored of using someone so willing so they moved onto the next best thing. The timid blonde bombshell was going through the paces that Sophia ‘endured’. Currently, Cait and the doctor had been using the poor girl as a personal cocksleeve for the past 20 minutes. At this point, I didn’t even the energy to react to Brittany’s whimpering and crying. I just stared blankly ahead as Allison and Cait worked themselves into a frenzy with Brittany sandwiched between them. Allison laid beneath the busty blonde while hammering her throbbing cock in and out of Brittany’s ass. Cait was hunched over both of them while groping both of her victim’s tits with her hands and rocketing her mammoth prick into Brittany’s asshole to stretch it even more. With both women sharing the same hole, they quickly figured out how to alternate hilting themselves into the tight hole. While both cocks were always inside, only one would be fully seated in her until it pulled out to its tip and other cock took its place. Soon enough, the panting coming from the two women doing the fucking turned into groaning, and they fully inserted inselves. Brittany’s eyes rolled to the back of her skull, a steady stream of drool dripped from her lips, and she shuddered as her own trapped member released its load in between herself and Allison. For the third or fourth time that day, Brittany’s insides were filled with twin torrents of cock juice, but it was first time it happened in the same hole.

With a sigh of content, Cait unsheathed herself from the unresponsive girl under her and stood above the other two on the floor with her dripping cock pointing to the floor.

Grunting, Allison struggled to get the heavier girl’s dead weight off of her body. “A little help, bitch?!” She called out from under Brittany.

Cait smirked and moved to the side. She placed a foot on Brittany’s side and promptly pushed her off the doctor. Allison’s cock finally unplugged the blonde’s loose pucker as the limp body was shoved off of her. “Very funny, Cait. Next time, you get to be on bottom.”

Cait laughed and returned, “At least I wouldn’t need help getting the slut off of me.”

Allison just scowled as she got back up on her feet. “Whatever, let’s get out of here. I think the whores need time to have their breakfast.”

At the mention of breakfast, my stomach gurgled loudly and I looked at the floor in shame.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” Cait snickered.

Not even bothering to get dressed, they both picked up their clothes and marched out of the room. As soon as the door locked behind them, all of our cuffs clicked open and released us. After the first couple of days in this prison, they would unlock the cuffs to let us have a few minutes to eat our ‘breakfast’ because they knew we weren’t getting out anyway. I could only watch in jaded horror as Sophia’s eyes widened and she crawled to Brittany’s prone form. Without hesitation she positioned herself behind her friend’s plump ass and stooped down to plant her lips on the poor girl’s freshly fucked hole. Just like I’d seen so many times before, she happily slurped the cum up as she cleaned Brittany’s rear. Her incessant moaning was soon interrupted by 54 grabbing her chin and tilting her face away from the gaping asshole she was servicing. 54 mashed her face into Sophia’s and immediately invaded her mouth with her own tongue. The two broken girls hungrily swapped the cum and back and forth before splitting it and swallowing their share of the load. They both sighed in content before sprawling back on the floor with empty expressions.

As I usually did, I scooted over to Lilith to huddle next to her. Both of us sat against the wall and just gazed into space completely unphased by the events that unraveled in front of us. It only took seven days to transform horror into complacency for me and Lilith.

“How are you doing, Lilith?” I asked.

“Same as yesterday, and the day before that I guess. Just waiting for the end.” Lilith responded in her emotionless voice.

“C’mon, Lilith. J- Just hold illegal bahis on. We’ll figure something out.” I sounded like I was trying to convince myself more than her at this point.

I noticed the corner of Lilith’s lips curl up ever so slightly before quickly fading away. She probably sensed I wasn’t so sure of my own words, and it amused her before realizing I was probably wrong. I could only dismiss the thought as I laid my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes. Our exhausted bodies soon fell fast asleep.


A ring over the intercom shook us back awake. We all knew this meant our tormentors were on their way back to fuck one or a few of us silly again. Moaning in unison, we all forced our tired and broken bodies to get back up and take our places on the wall. The cuffs locked all of in, and we awaited for another session of being used.

A few minutes later, the door slid open and Cait, Allison, and familiar face stood in front of us. The third woman stood in front of the other two women with her arms behind her back and her chest puffed out to evoke an aura of authority. She was a little taller than Allison, but shorter than Cait. She also wore a set of pure white heels, pencil skirt, blazer, and shirt with just enough buttons undone to reveal a copious amount of pale titflesh. To match the rest of her ensemble, her hair was bleached a platinum blonde and tied in a neat bun atop her head. A pair of striking grey eyes sat behind a pair of white square-framed glasses perched on her flawless face. In a word, she was pristine.

“So these are the famous rebels I’ve heard so much about?” The woman’s voice was smooth and sultry.

When she spoke, my head perked up as my memory of her came rushing back to me. She was the woman that interviewed me before I got dropped into this blinding hellhole.

“Yes, Mistress Snow.” Allison answered.

Snow? I thought her name was Smith… Using a fake name just incase I walked out I guess, I thought to myself.

“Remind me. Which one is the source of our frustrations.” Snow commanded.

Allison locked eyes with me, and opened her mouth to say, “Annie Little. The redhead girl in the middle.”

Snow groaned in disgust. “You know they don’t need names anymore. What number is she?”

Cait hesitated before answering, “Uh, number 81 I believe, Mistress.”

“81 then. I’m also aware that miss 54 is to blame as well, is that correct? Show me how you’ve corrected them, ladies.” Snow spat.

“Yes, Mistress.” Cait stepped forward as she responded.

With a press of a button on her tablet, both mine and 54’s cuffs came undone. I just dropped my hands to my sides and looked at the floor awaiting whatever command they were going to spit at me. By stark contrast, 54 stood up straight and looked ahead at her owners.

“Get me a chair, and please bend the whores over a table. I’m tired of seeing you rutt on the floor like animals. Oh, and don’t use their collars. It’s… barbaric.” I heard Snow speak.

Following her command, some tiles on the floor slid away to leave dark pits in their wake. Soon enough, a rectangular stainless steel table rose out of the center of the floor, and a comfy padded chair rose towards the rear in front of the door. Another press of a button on the tablet was soon followed by a quick beep from our collars. I looked at 54’s collar, and saw an LED fade off. A small glimmer of hope filled me as the collars turned off, but was soon replaced by misery because I knew I still couldn’t do anything. Mistress Snow promptly took her seat and relaxed into its warmth while slowly spreading her legs. It didn’t take a lot of effort to see up her skirt and catch a glimpse of her white panties sporting a growing bulge.

“Doctor. Service me, slut.” Snow snarled from her seat.

Allison’s head perked up and a look of surprise was on her face as she turned to look at her head mistress. “Y- Yes Mistress, of course.” She then turned to face the woman in white and walked toward her before taking dropping to her knees between those pale slender legs. Mistress Snow hardly acknowledged the beautiful blonde at her feet. She propped her head head up on one hand lying on the armrest of the chair and looked straight at me and 54. Meanwhile, Allison was moving her hands up Snow’s thighs to bunch her skirt up to her hips, and then hooked her fingers around the white panties that hid the obvious bulge behind it. As the panties passed onto the floor, Snow’s thick length of cockmeat immediately sprang to life. Her cock easily matched the matched the one belonging to the woman on the floor. It didn’t take much longer before Allison craned her head up and dutifully wrapped her lips around her boss’s cock. Snow just placed her other hand on the back of her service girl’s head and grinned at us as she guided the head up and down her dick.

Before I could watch any longer, Cait had snapped at us. “Your turn, whores. Get over here.” Like illegal bahis siteleri a good little prisoner, I walked to the other side of the metal table with 54 to stand next to Cait.

Cait roughly grabbed my arm and I winced in pain as she dragged me onto the table top so I was on my back looking back up at her. Before I had a chance to figure out what she was going to do, I soon found 54 thrown right on top of me so we were looking right at each other. Her larger tits and little cocklette smashed against mine as she landed. Suddenly, we were both pulled back towards Cait until my ass was at the table’s edge, and I felt her hands quickly spread my legs to expose both of our little puckers. Next, I heard the familiar sound of her jumpsuit unzipping. I looked into 54’s almond eyes and saw them roll back in ecstasy as Cait slowly pushed herself inside. I hate to admit it, but the cutest little whimper escaped her lips as the huge prick stretched her out inch by inch. Then I felt Cait’s thighs touch mine, which meant she was now buried completely in 54’s tiny asshole. When Cait slowly dragged herself back out, 54 stared back into my eyes, and bit her lip.

Another little whimper sounded from the tiny girl as Cait sheathed herself back to the hilt a little faster than last time. Our bodies rocked on the table causing our dicks and tits to rub on each other and I couldn’t stifle back a little moan. Cait continued her steady motion, just pumping in and out of the cocksleeve on top of me. The rubbing between our bodies started to produce a steady stream of precum out of both our cocks. I soon found out that 54’s cock was dribbling much more than mine as Cait was repeatedly fucking her. The skinny girl’s whimpering was getting louder and louder until she bared her teeth and shut her eyes as she came. The short dick trapped between us released a huge load and the hot cum soon coated both our tits’ undersides.

Cait then reached a hand in between us and lifted 54 to her hands and knees above me while pulling her rock hard cock out of the hole it just gaped. Of course, the tip of her dick was soon prodding against my asshole.

Before she pushed forward to take my rear entrance, Snow spoke up. “Fantastic, it looks like 54 is ready to go back to service.”

Cait stepped to the side and looked back at her boss. Lifting my head, I could see in between our bodies to see that Allison was still leisurely sucking Snow’s cock. With the hand on Allison’s head, Snow gripped the blonde hair and lifted the woman off of her glistening member. “Trade me. I need a nice tight hole bouncing on me now.” She said.

The doctor stood up, wiped her mouth with her hand, and marched back to the table. She looked back at Mistress Snow and asked, “Which one would you like, Mistress?”

“54, of course. You deserve that little redhead’s fresh hole.” She responded.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Allison then slapped 54’s ass, and barked, “Mistress Snow has requested you. Get over there and ride her, cunt.”

54 just smiled to herself and clambered off the table before making her way over to Snow on wobbling legs. Without any further prompting she straddled her mistress and lined up the massive cock with her gaping asshole. Another tiny sigh escaped her lips as she sank down to the hilt, and rested her head on Snow’s shoulder. She continued to lift herself up an inch or two before dropping back down just to do it again.

Snow directed her attention back to us and said, “Please. Continue. I believe there’s still one girl left out.”

Cait and Allison looked at eachother, before Cait said, “I’ll take her mouth.”

Allison smiled as Cait walked around the table to reposition near my head. Allison took her place between my spread legs, and she stared at me before I felt Cait’s hand around my neck. Cait shoved my neck back onto the cold table beneath me, and I found my head hanging off the edge. From my upside down perspective, I could only see the mammoth prick and the balls attached to it coming towards me. The cockhead prodded at my lips, smearing the precum all over.

“Open up, slut.” Cait mocked.

I hesitated, but I knew she would force her way in anyway, so I complied. The moment my lips showed a gap between them, Cait surged forward until her entire prick was inside my throat, and her balls slapped against my nose. I gagged as the sudden intrusion bulged out my oral canal. Down below, my own cock was tightly grasped at the base by Allison, and my ass was slowly making room for the invading dick. As she leisurely pushed the rest of herself inside me, I could just barely make out the sound of her moaning. Finally, her pelvis was snug against my ass as the entirety of the bitch breaker was hilted in me.

The thick pillar of meat in my throat was making it pretty difficult to breathe, and as the air in my lungs began to wear thin, I tried to cry for help. All they could hear was my muffled voice, and the vibrations canlı bahis siteleri only made Cait say, “Ooh, that feels nice.” I tried to scream even louder, but it only made Cait feel better. “Oh my, eager to please aren’t we, slut?” She said.

“She needs air, dipshit. Pull out.” Allison snarled.

“Oh but it feels so good doc.” Cait returned. I could even feel her smile while she continued choking me out.

“Tell that to Mistress Snow.”

Cait sighed, “Fine.”

Cait’s hips moved back just enough until only half of her cock was still in my mouth, and I gasped for air around her. Before I could properly get enough air, she pushed back in to deprive me of that precious oxygen again.

“There. She’s got some air.” Cait laughed to herself.

Allison just scoffed and started to pull back out until only her cockhead was still inside before slamming back in with a grunt. Her other hand began to steadily jerk me off, and she steadily rocked in and out of me.

I squealed around Cait again to signal I was running out of air for the second time. I could hear a giggle, and, like the first time, she unseated her cock just enough for a couple deep breaths before hammering back in.

“Hmm” Cait started. “Since she only needs a couple breaths when I pull out, I guess I can do this.” Soon, I felt one of her hands clamp down around my throat. She was now literally using my throat as a cocksleeve. With the new pressure making my throat tight around her girth, she happily pistoned back and forth a couple inches at a time. Every once in a while, she pull out an extra couple of inches to ensure I could get a a breath or two in.

Eventually, she established a steady pace and kept me on the edge of blacking out without actually crossing over. I felt every thrust and jerk from the two women working over my holes. As Cait got more vigorous in her thrusting, she paused while buried inside me, undid her utility belt, and stripped down only removing her cock when she needed to. When she rehilted herself inside, I heard a loud bang as her utility belt was dropped on the table next to my head.

They continued to pound me senseless, and eventually my wandering hands found the belt. Unseen to Cait, my eyes widened as I suddenly realized something. My fingers were brushing against some kind of long metal rod. The shock baton. I now had a plan, and just to wait for the right moment to execute it. Lucky for me, they were both too busy reaming me to see what exactly I had found.

Before too long, I could feel both of their massive cocks pulse and bulge in both ends. Not a moment later, a final thrust from both of them ushered in a copious amount of cum. I could feel Cait and Allison actually shaking as they relieved themselves inside of me. This was it.

Mustering all the strength I had left inside of me, I lifted my feet off the table and planted them on Allison’s stomach and shoved her out and away from me. Startled, she yelped and stumbled backwards and fell on her ass. Even before she hit the ground, one of my hands found the shock baton and pulled it out of its holster. My other hand took hold of Cait’s thigh and managed to push her cock out just enough to leave my mouth. Unfortunately, she wasn’t finished unloading so a couple ropes of jizz streaked across my face. I gasped for air again, but I had to move fast. While Cait was still dazed from her orgasm and close enough to me for an easy strike, a quick jab from the baton to her gut sent her crumbling to the floor screaming.

Without a moment to waste, I leaped up from the table to land back on my feet. In front me, Allison was just starting to get back on her feet. Just as she was beginning to rush back to me, I managed to swing the baton right into her side. I saw her eyes light up in shock, and she soon joined her unconscious partner on the floor.

One more to go.

I paced towards Snow with fury in my eyes. 54 was still dutifully riding her boss, and Snow just threw her to the floor. 54 sighed in disappointment as she hit the floor, but quickly knelt beside the chair and faced me.

“What do think you’re doing, little girl?! Drop your weapon, or you will be sorry.” She threatened.

“I don’t think so. Let us go, or you’ll be joining your cronies.” I spat.

Snow scoffed, and stood up. She paced toward me until she was only a foot in front me. Without her heels she would still be taller than me. With them, she basically loomed over me and made me look far less threatening. Planting her hands on her hips she snarled, “So what. You do that, and I’ll up in an hour or two. You’ll never find the way out anyway.”

Dammit she’s right.

A deep sense of uncertainty filled me, but I couldn’t let that show. “I’ll take my chances.” I punctuated my sentence with a lunge right into her gut, and she too quickly fell to the floor.

“No! Mistress!” 54 cried and rushed over to Snow’s body trying to shake her back awake.

Working quickly, I ran back over the table where Cait’s belt was and found the tablet. Looking over the buttons, I figured out which buttons did what I needed. The sound of the cuffs unlocking soon filled the room, and my friends joined me.

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