Friends with Benefits Pt. 01

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Look, there are a lot of reasons Eric and I broke up, but we both knew physical chemistry wasn’t one of them. We turned each other on like crazy. That’s why, despite vowing to move on and stop fucking up each other’s lives, I’m not surprised we ended up fucking each other again.

So I work in construction and to no one’s surprise the on site loo was broken- again. Now if you need to take a piss you can walk your way down 19 floors still being built or you can go through the whole humiliating rigamarole of getting Ryan, the site supe, to loan you the key to the public bathrooms in the office building next door- which are easier to get to, there’s a corridor and all, but something about needing to ask another guy if you can take a leak is fucking humiliating.

Alas. I needed to go and unlike some of the other boys on site I didn’t feel like pissing off the side of the building. For one thing I just knew I’d be caught- I had the worst luck like that. So I begrudgingly begged the key and waited for the lift in the office. I always felt uncomfortable in places like that. I felt half naked in my shorts and hi vis vest- and I really was just wearing the vest. It was blisteringly hot out there… I never noticed on site, all the other guys did it, but fuck this was inappropriate clothing. I shook my hair out as I waited, I always got headaches in my hard hat.

I tensed up as I heard the click of dress shoes behind me and automatically stepped back when the elevator opened. I felt kind of shitty following the poor guy into the lift. I must have reeked after all day moving tiles in the sun, but I didn’t have time to wait for the next one. I stood away from him, in the corner. I glanced at his shoes- shinier than any I’d ever owned. The guy probably hadn’t done a day’s hard labour in his life. But then again, he was probably a hell of a lot smarter than me.

Thankfully he was only going up a couple of flights. I would have run it but I was clearly a shit ton fitter than this lean dude- and I didn’t have a nice suit to wrinkle. I glanced at him as he left the elevator and felt myself grow red as he caught my eye and gave me the smuggest smile I’d ever seen. Oh fuck. That was Eric, my arsehole of an ex boyfriend. And he’d caught me at my worst, of course he had.

I knew he worked around here but I didn’t realise he worked in this building. I didn’t realise we were ever going to cross paths again, actually. And I didn’t think he would ever give me that smug fucking I’m better than you look again. I fucking hated that look. Well. Hate is a strong word. I actually really, really liked that look- Eric always had a way of turning me on, even when I was pissed as hell at him.

I couldn’t get the bastard out of my head. He hadn’t said hi, how’s it going. He hadn’t deigned to talk to me. Like I was so far below him. Which- well. That was why we broke up wasn’t it?

I saw him again on Friday. Me and the guys on site were drinking at the nearest bar- bit wanky for us, but there was a corner in the smokers section where we could play darts. I caught his eye across the room. He was with a bunch of suits, drinking cocktails. He looked me over and I blushed. I needed to wash my hair- it was a mess of curls and dreadlocks today. I’d torn my singlet and looked like a fucking tool with a giant rip in it. He probably liked the way my muscles bulged, he always did like my body. He raised an eyebrow at me as I caught him staring and inclined his head. Arsehole. I glanced around to make sure none of the guys had seen. He always hated that I wasn’t out on site but honestly- would you?

My phone buzzed a second later.

Bathroom. Now.

I almost laughed. I didn’t have to give into Eric’s whims anymore. I rolled my eyes and sipped my beer, but I could feel him staring at me.

Glaring at me. I raised my eyebrows at him. What the fuck was his problem? He grinned.


My phone buzzed again. I sighed. Fuck it. I stood up and headed in the direction of the bathroom, feeling his gaze on me the whole time.

3rd Stall.

I waited for him. I don’t know why. I always was soft on him. I looked at him as he entered the stall and locked the door behind him. He looked me over, undressing me with his eyes. He curled his lip.

“Cocktease.” He said. I clenched my fists.

“Me? How much money did you spend on getting that suit tailored to make your butt look like that?” He laughed.

“Missed you, Gus.” He grabbed me and pulled me in for a violent kiss. I was about a head shorter than him and he had to tilt my head up. I kissed him back, of course I did. But I also pulled away.

“Hey man what the fuck. You can’t just…” He had the decency to look a little ashamed but he didn’t let that stop him for long. He pulled me back into him and rubbed his hand on my crotch.

“I knew you’d be fucking hard for me. Kinda hard to tell sometimes.” He always teased me about my dick. A big, manly guy like you and you’re stuck with that little thing. That was the thing about Eric. He just knew how to get me off. illegal bahis It wasn’t even that small- well it was but you know, I could still fuck with it and all- but he knew I loved it when he humiliated me. I groaned and pushed him away.

“Eric you fucking arsehole you can’t just… have me in pub bathrooms when you’re horny.”

“Why did you fucking come then?” His hands were all over me- it was easier to stop fighting and just give in. He unbuttoned my jeans and started playing with me through my briefs. “Briefs.” He muttered, disappointed. When we were together he liked me going commando. He also liked me in jocks. That didn’t really work on a construction site though- I may not have much down there but I still feel a little precious about it.

“Would you prefer panties?” I muttered, leaning into his touch in spite of myself. He laughed.

“Abso-fucking-lutely not.” He moaned as I undid his suit trousers. “Youre my manly fucking stud and I never want to hear a word of any of that fem stuff. You’re butch as hell Gus, just the way I like you.” He wrapped his hand around my dick. “Well bar this obviously.” I moaned again. Fine, we were doing this. I pulled away and Eric tried to get me to stay still.

“I’m trying to help you Eric.” I gently took his suit jacket off and hung it up, before taking my own singlet off and handing it to him.

“Not that I don’t appreciate the show.” He glanced appreciatively at my chest. “But what..”

“Wank us off into that.” I said, shuffling my briefs down. “Don’t want to mess up your suit.” Eric’s mouth fell open- that was a new one. The cunt was never speechless.

“But your shirt…” I rolled my eyes as I pulled him back into me.

“Yeah fucking irreplaceable right.” He groaned, wrapping the singlet around his hands and rubbing our dicks together.

“I love how fucking big I feel next to you.” He whispered. I moaned in his ear, pressing my head to his chest. He started cumming first and it set me off as well. We held each other, panting, refusing to look at each other. Eventually I stood up and pulled up my pants. I unfolded the singlet- oof. Lost cause. I’d tucked the hi vis vest into my back pockets so I put that on instead- I could always claim I’d caught the singlet on something else and unravelled it. I had that kind of bad luck. The guys found it endearing. I waited for Eric to straighten himself up, staring at the floor. Why on earth did I let him do this to me?

I marched out and back to my mates. I lit up a cigarette- he’d never liked that but he wasn’t my fucking boyfriend so I didn’t care. There was a bit of ribbing about my shirt but nothing I couldn’t handle. I didn’t look back at Eric all night.

I should have known that wasn’t the end of it. He was waiting for me after work one day. My stomach dropped as I saw him. He was leaning against a phone box with his arms folded- staring at me the way he does. I was with the lads, so I ignored him, suggesting a pint. They concurred and I tried to stay in the middle of the crowd, as though they could form a protective bubble around me. It didn’t matter- it was a weeknight so a couple of beers and we were done. I started to walk home and I noticed him right away. He was waiting for me. He fell in step beside me.

“Fuck off.” I said.

“Fuck you.” He said. “But actually fuck you. I need to. I’m coming over.” No he fucking wasn’t. I glared at him.

“We broke up.”

“I said I wanted to fuck you, not marry you.”

“I’m well aware you don’t want to marry me.” I muttered. His reluctance to commit to anything was one of the reasons we broke up in the first place. Eric said nothing. We walked in silence for a bit, I assumed he was biding his time to start fucking laying it on again and I was bracing myself for that.

“Not much point in a wedding where it’s just my family and friends though really is there?” He said eventually. “Kind of dumb to get married if they have to wheel you down the aisle in a fucking closet.” I felt myself snap and I whirled on him. I felt myself about to hit him but I unclenched my fists in time and breathed deeply.

“I kinda hoped breaking up meant we could stop fighting about this.” I said, starting to walk again. By now I realised he was coming home with me, like it or not. I made a quick detour into the natural wine store near my place. I have plenty of beer at home, but Eric prefers wine. I asked his opinion and bought it- fucking $40! I don’t think he realised it was for him, he was too busy thinking about something else.

“You… you didn’t hit me.” He said eventually. I shuddered. I didn’t know that was such an achievement.

“I’m trying this new thing called not being physically abusive.” I muttered.

“It’s not abuse if I like it.” He said. Eric did like it. He liked to be a dom, the superior man, the alpha- but the guy was a slut for pain. I grunted as I looked around my flat. Luckily no one was home. I’d had to move back in with some mates after our breakup. I just couldn’t find a solo place I could afford.

I illegal bahis siteleri poured Eric a wine and grabbed myself some beer and sat at the kitchen table with him. My mind was reeling. Why was I here, serving him $40 wine? I’d told the cunt to move on. I needed to be clearer, obviously. He was looking around, deep in thought, when he noticed the bottle.

“You… just bought that for me?” I rolled my eyes.

“Na you know me, total wine snob… but I thought you should try it.” He bit his lip and I looked away quickly. Nothing good would come of that.

It was almost a relief when Chris got home. He looked at Eric with a goofy smile on his face, he’d been telling me for weeks to try and meet someone else- I shook my head.

“Chris, Eric. Eric, Chris.” Chris’ demeanour immediately changed. He had never met Eric- but he must have heard me complain enough about him by now. Eric stuck his hand out and Chris shook it in the limpest imitation of a handshake I’ve ever seen. I started to blush. Not a good look, buying fancy wine for the ex you’ve been moaning about for weeks. Eric could sense the tension. He knocked back the wine and went to leave.

“What I said earlier Gus. I need it ok.” He slammed the door behind him. Well dammit. Now I wasn’t gonna be able to stop thinking about him. Chris frowned at me and opened his mouth.

“I know!” I protested. “He followed me home!” Chris shook his head.

“He’s not a puppy dude! He’s your insane ex! You don’t invite insane ex’s over for drinks!” I glanced at the mostly full bottle. Wasted on me. I sighed- Chris was right. I pulled out my phone.

Blocked his number- should have already done that.

Blocked him on Facebook.

Blocked him on Insta.

Blocked him on Twitter.

Chris watched me approvingly.

“Step one finally done. Step two, you need to get laid. By someone, fuck, anyone else.” I sighed.

“Wanna be my wingman?” He frowned.

“Thought you could do it all through Grindr?” Oh yeah. I blushed. I’d never tried Grindr.


Just a hole looking to get over my ex

Chris didn’t think it was a particularly good profile, it was mostly pictures of my arse, but Chris didn’t really get gay culture. I got loads of hot tops messaging me, making me feel really good about myself. I also got an annoying amount of U hung?

Uh … not really

Does it matter?

I’ll wear a fucking cock sleeve if you need to look at a big dick

Eventually I added a line to my profile.

Just a hole looking to get over my ex

Small dick but you won’t be using it

That sent them crazy. I had a dozen offers on the table right away… and Will was nearby. I glanced at Chris.

“Hey buddy…”


“Uh… if I can host I can start step two in like ten minutes…” Chris rolled his eyes, but this was his idea so he got the hell out of the way. He texted the flat chat as well.

Suggest everyone stays clear of the apartment until Gus gives the all clear.

Man, I owed him. I quickly showered and tied my hair up. I did a half assed job on prepping- I didn’t have time to do much more than lube and plug myself. I got dressed in nice ish clothes- nice for me. And then I wondered if he would even show, after all that. He did though. He said hi, we started kissing. It felt good. He was softer than I was used to but I kind of needed that. I took him to my room and he threw me down on my bed- I liked that a lot. He looked at me hungrily.

“Hair down and shirt off.” I obliged him and noticed his gaze change as I pulled my shirt off.

“Fuck, you’re all muscle aren’t you?” He sounded… disappointed? I sighed.

“You wanted a twink?” Yeah. With my uh… demure height and my long hair and my little dick I could see where he went wrong. Still. A hole is a hole. I got up on my hands and knees and pulled my jeans down so my arse hung out. I arched my back and dropped my head, trying to pout at him. “Maybe not as femme as you hoped but I can be a real fucking slutty himbo if you want.” Will grinned. That’d do it. He liked the plug in my arse.

“For me?”

“Who else daddy?” I gambled on daddy. Good bet. He was all over me after that. Didn’t take long for him to strip down, muttering about what a sweet boy I was, gross. It was a good thing I had put the plug in, this guy had no idea how to properly prep my arsehole. He fingered me for all of a second before I felt him press in.

“That feels good doesn’t it baby.” He moaned.

“You’re so big, daddy.” It didn’t feel particularly good actually, but I could be honest about the fact he was hung. I hate hung guys who don’t know what they’re doing.

He was pretty quick, and fair enough, I’m a great lay. It felt… ok. I mean. Sex is sex and it had been way too long for me. Can’t say I was exactly planning on holding on to his number though. He lay on top of me after he came for a minute before pulling out. He turned me over and I realised he was going to jerk me off.

“Thanks Will, I’m canlı bahis siteleri good.” He growled, but he could growl as much as he liked… I’m not really one for hanging around after a hookup. “Hey daddy.” I tried. “It’s too much. You’re so good to me.” I leant into one of his arms and sighed, pretending his aimless thrusting had spent me, even if I didnt cum. Will stroked little circles on my back and started to lower himself on to my bed. Ugh, now I had a different problem. The guy wanted to cuddle. I fucking hated cuddling.

I let him. I let him for about 5 minutes and then I lied that my flat mates were coming home, and apologised for the timing. Will was pretty blissed out.

“Aw baby that’s ok. We’ll cuddle next time.” Like hell we would. He paused on the threshold. “Can’t wait for next time, baby. Wear some pretty panties for me.”

Abso-fucking-lutely not. I thought of Eric. Because no one ever really got me like Eric.

I texted the group chat telling them it was safe and jumped in the shower again.

Better? Chris asked.

Not worse. Was the best I could do.

I got a new follower on goodreads and they’d commented on one of my reviews. I blushed when I read the comment.

Cute Grindr account.

Trust Eric to find somewhere to humiliate me online, even after my blocking spree. I sighed. Ignore the whole thing. One day he had to give up- right?

I was clumsier on site than usual- and that was saying something. I got a fucking earful from the boss. All the usual stuff- I was worthless, I should be grateful, piece of shit like me didn’t deserve the time of day… I couldn’t help but zone out. I fantasised about walking off site right then, not for the first time. But he was wrong, I would screw the guys over if I left now. I knew I wasn’t worthless even if he didn’t.

I started blushing when I realised our little chat was so loud you could hear it from an open window in the other building. I wouldn’t have minded, except somehow, naturally, Eric was there. His mouth was in a tight frown. Fucker.

I had to stay late to make up for the reaming I’d received. When I finally managed to finish for the day it was dark. I grumbled to myself about the light, and the illegality of leaving one to work alone to save a dollar. Hm. Should check my pay slips too. I wasn’t convinced I was seeing all that overtime.

“Why do you let him speak to you like that?” I heard him growl before I saw him. I sighed.

“Do I need to get a restraining order?” Eric stepped out of the shadows.

“That’s going to make it really hard to fuck you.”

“Get the hint, psycho, I don’t want to fuck you.”

“I’ll buy you dinner first.” I rolled my eyes. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Eric said. “Did you get anything good on Grindr?” I grunted. “Me either. We both need this Gus.”

“Like a hole in the head.” Eric laughed. I liked making him laugh. Still- not enough to fix what was broken between us. Unfortunately, even as my legs began to move, Eric was descending on me. He pulled me into a needy kiss and felt me up underneath my t-shirt. This was so bad. He had way too much say in this

“My place.” He demanded. I shook my head.

And I found myself half an hour later standing awkwardly in his house. He earned enough to find a decent place for himself. It was tastefully decorated in greens and wood and the place smelled like lather and sandalwood. Luckily I didn’t have to stand for long- he was all over me. He pulled my shirt off and wrestled me onto the couch, his hands digging into me.

“Oh my god.” He said slowly, looking concerned as he pulled away and paused. “You really don’t want this.” I was trembling. He’d read that wrong though. I reached up and pulled him back in.

“No dumbass. I really want this. But it’s a bad idea.”

“My specialty.” I sighed.

“You’re not wrong there.”

“Less talk. More you get those fucking trousers off and get on your knees.” Who was I to say no to such a charming request?

“Need a shower, Eric.” He opened his mouth and looked like he was going to argue, but he changed his mind when I raised my eyebrows pointedly. Sometimes he forgets that you have to do a little more groundwork to take dick. And I’d been on site all day in the fucking sun. He nodded curtly and showed me the bathroom.

I cleaned myself and looked around for some lube to help get me ready for him. I found some Vaseline, that would do, and I stretched myself out a bit. I didn’t bother to put on clothes. I returned to the lounge, where Eric was playing with his phone. He glanced up at me and his eyes hardened.

“You got hotter.” He said.

“You just got hornier.” I rolled my eyes and walked over to him. I got on my knees in front of him and he grabbed my throat.

“Don’t fucking talk back to me.” He said.

“You want someone who doesn’t talk back?” I choked on his grip as he tilted my face up. “Definitely with the wrong guy, Eric.” He grinned. He loved me talking back. Well, more than that I think he loved it when he fucked the backchat out of me. He nodded to his crotch and I reached to undo it, still choking under his grip. I freed his giant cock from his trousers and sighed. I hoped he didn’t feel like foreplay. I just wanted him to ram into me.

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