Friends from College Pt. 03

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We had decided to meet in my room that evening, the last of the conference. I had changed into a robe and my lounging pants. Paul knocked at the door and I opened it. With him stood a short, slender young guy who looked to be nineteen or twenty at most. He was really hot, and Paul whispered,” I thought you might enjoy joining us.” Of course; certainly after what I experienced the last night.

The young guy stepped in and we closed the door. He then opened my robe, ran his hand in my pants, and said, “Fuck me, daddy.”

His frankness in his movements as well as speech surprised me, but I also felt like complying immediately. He was indeed hot. He kissed me, long and deep. I resisted, trying to tell him that Paul was really the one he wanted. Paul looked on, as if to encourage me to go first and he would enjoy watching.

I responded by slowly removing the young guy’s clothes: all of them. He was smooth, except for a small, trimmed area above his cock. His cock was cut, had a beautiful head, was longer than average, and stood semi-hard. It felt really good to take in my hands, and finally, in my mouth.

I was drawn to the hairy type, but overall, he was really appealing. I ran my hands over his smooth young ass, and in fact, all his remarkable body. I played with his nipples and sucked on his cock, which he really liked. How did Paul know that I would really enjoy being with a young guy? And what about this guy’s tastes? I only knew some of what he liked.

Never mind. The young guy had said “Fuck me, now,” and I gave in, carrying him illegal bahis over to the bed. As I fully undressed myself, he presented his ass in such a way that I wanted it immediately. I put on a condom and entered him easily. I began stroking as he moaned deeply (he must have enjoyed it). For me, the feeling was amazing as I continued in and out.

He turned on his side, allowing me to enter him. I reached around, massaging his cock, his balls, and his nipples while I continued to thrust. Looking up, I saw Paul watching. He had removed all his clothes and stroked himself. When he was fully erect, he looked to be enormous; I wanted him too.

He positioned himself so that the young guy could take it in his mouth while I watched. Both groaned loudly as if this fulfilled some deep desire. I felt as if I understood now and understood more about myself.

Paul and the young guy took on several roles. One time, Paul moved in and out of the young guy’s mouth as if he was in charge. Paul held the back of his head steady while moving, and the young guy seemed to really enjoy it. Watching them play while I fucked was a truly stimulating.

And watching Paul come was at once beautiful and powerful and it was really hot. He shot deep in the young guy’s throat in spasms that went on and on, and based on the moans, both seemed to want it badly.

The young guy must have liked my touch, too, as he came soon, shooting on my hand and the bed in spasms of pleasure. At the same time, I felt the familiar surge rising myself. I pulled out and removed the condom. illegal bahis siteleri I shot all over his hip in long spasms, which he seemed to really enjoy, as he moaned and said, “Shoot on me, daddy.” Paul watched it all and seemed to enjoy it too.

Soon it was Paul’s turn. The young guy moved on his back, spread his legs, and Paul entered slowly. The young guy said, “It’s so big!” Going slowly seemed to help, as he relaxed and took it all in. He said “Give it to me, daddy.”

It was a real turn-on to watch. I began to stroke myself impulsively, and as my cock came back to life and I savored the scene. It felt hot to stroke myself with these two guys. I especially liked it when Paul drew back and thrust in, exposing his beautiful, big cock and watching it disappear inside the hard, young ass. And I relished hearing the satisfied moans from them both.

It also was stimulating to be completely naked; I felt really turned-on as I watched everything. Soon, I moved so that my cock against the young guy’s face. He reached up with both hands he moved my cock to his mouth. As he took it in, his hands moved to stroke his own erect cock. I leaned over first to stroke his cock, then to take it in my own mouth and savor it.

It felt incredible to suck a young cock while I thrust mine in his mouth and at the same time he was being fucked in the ass by a really large cock. The young guy must have loved it (I did) because he kept moaning in ecstasy. Paul must have really enjoyed the both the sensation and watching me.

We all kept it canlı bahis siteleri up for some time. Paul’s orgasm came first; he was withdrawing, pulling off the condom, and shooting on the young guy’s stomach while I pulled off the young guy’s cock. The young guy then shot, mixing his cum with Paul’s. It was really hot watching him. I started to pull my cock away, but the young guy stopped me, saying, ÒI want to drink it all in.Ó So I shot deep in his mouth in multiple spasms as he swallowed all my cum. He moaned loudly and I just felt totally spent. It was indeed hot to orgasm and shoot in a guy’s hungry mouth.

Sometime that evening, the young guy got dressed and slipped away, happy I hope, and leaving Paul and myself. I know I was happy. Completely.

Paul and I fucked several times later that night, and in between he talked much about men being with men, as I knew nothing (but experienced lots at least once). He showed me several online sites, and showed me how it was possible to have erotic friends everywhere. He continued to teach me much.

And we enjoyed finally being with each other in this way. Why did we not do this in college? Clearly, he knew something about me then that I didn’t know myself. And just as clearly, back then I wasn’t ready to consciously buck my own expectations and those of society and to at least to embrace guys as well as girls. In short, I was deep in denial and wasn’t ready then.

Though I was clearly ready to be with guys now, I wouldn’t see Paul again. We corresponded by email and tried to arrange a mutual meet or another conference together, but our schedules and the distances posed continual problems. We do continue to write, I would begin to be intimate with guys, and always think back fondly about all Paul taught me those days and be grateful to him.

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