Friendly Neighbors

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My name is Jean, I am 29 years old, blue eyes, blond hair, nice shape, and single. I live in New York. My friends like to party a lot. They ask me to go out every night, but I don’t like to party all the time. I am a writer; and more of the quiet type.

I moved to a nice house in Virginia, I have enough land so I can have all the peace I want. My neighbors are very nice people. The couple living closest to me is both veterinarians. Their names are Joe & Kathy. There is a stream that runs between our properties.

In the year I have lived here, we have become close friends. We visit each other twice a week. They have introduced me to all the neighbors. Everyone is very nice. On the last Friday of the month everyone gathers at someone’s house to have a B-B-Q. This month its Joe & Kathy’s turn. The party is tomorrow night. There is always good music, food, games, and friends. If you don’t have fun its your own fault.

Kathy asked me if I would like to come over and help with the party decorations. We worked on them all day; I told Kathy I would bring the potato salad for the party. Kathy asked me if I wanted to stay and watch a movie with them, I told her I was going to work on my writing then go to bed. We said our goodbyes and I went home. I started to work, but I couldn’t concentrate on my writing. I went in the bedroom, put on my swimsuit, got a towel and blanket, and headed for the stream.

The water is still warm, and inviting. I swim for a while then just sit in the water against the rocks, it is soothing and I soon get very relaxed. I get out of the water and spread the blanket under the tree. I take off my suit and stretch out on the blanket. I must have dozed. When I awoke, I heard someone splashing in the stream. I reach for my towel, but it was about six feet away. I start to get up and get the towel, but someone started coming out of the water. I decide to stay where I am, and hope they wont see me.

When they got closer I saw it was Kathy, Joe called her to come back in. Kathy picked up a bottle and went back in the stream. She had just stepped in when Joe took her in his arms and started kissing her. He lowered his mouth to her breasts then down to stomach down to her pussy.

I feel like a peeping tom watching them, but I don’t want them to see me so I lie very still. They walked out of the water and went to the blanket they had spread on the ground. Kathy got on her knees and Joe stood facing her, she then put his dick in her mouth. I can’t believe I am watching them, but I can’t take my eyes off them. Kathy sucks his dick like she is starving for it. After a while Joe takes his dick out and tells her to lie down. Kathy lies down, and opens her legs. Joe starts eating her pussy, and finger fucking her. Kathy starts moaning and squirming. When she looks like she will cum, Joe stops and tells her to get on her hands and knees. Kathy does this and Joe sticks his dick in and starts fucking her. I am getting hot watching them. Joe is fucking her hard and fast. When I thought they both would cum, they stopped. Kathy stood and started walking over to where I am. She asks me if I like what I see. She told me they knew I was here. Kathy said they saw me sleeping and moved my things out of reach, so I would have to get up if I wanted it. She said they hoped I would stay. Joe walked over and told me, they have been watching me and they find me very attractive, they said they want to have sex with me. I gasp; I can’t believe everything I am hearing. They tell me that if I don’t want to join them they will understand. They take my hands and walk over to their blanket. Kathy tells me casino siteleri to lie down, I do as I am told and she tells Joe to eat my pussy. When he starts eating me, I can’t help moaning. Kathy tells me she has wanted this for so long, and she is enjoying it. Kathy starts sucking my tits, this is the first time I have ever had a woman touch me this way. I get even hotter and start rubbing her tits. Kathy tells Joe to fuck me. Joe puts his hard dick in my pussy and starts fucking me slow and easy. I can’t believe how good I am feeling. Joe starts fucking me harder and faster, I feel like I will cum, Joe tells me to slow down. They want this to last for a while. Kathy starts kissing me then moves her pussy up to my mouth, at first I am shocked, but then I start licking her pussy. Kathy starts squirming and moaning, She tells Joe to fuck me harder. Joe starts fucking me like a wild animal. I have never been fucked like this and it feels so good, I eat Kathy’s pussy like it is my favorite food. Now we are all so hot and we all cum together. This is the first time have I tasted a woman’s cum and it tastes very good. Joe cums with force I feel him jerking inside me, and I cum so hard they both feel my body shake. We lie there holding each other. They told me if I would let them, they want to continue fucking me. I thought about it and I want them to fuck me. I told them any time they want to I would love to fuck them. They smile and say they want to fuck me again now. Joe starts eating Kathy’s pussy, and I start sucking his dick. After a while we change positions now Kathy is eating my pussy, Joe is eating Kathy’s, and I sucking his hard dick. We are having a great time and I love it. Kathy stops, tells Joe to lie down, and then tells me to get on top of Joes dick. I gladly climb on top of him. Joe starts fucking me hard. Kathy walks over to their basket then comes back to us. She starts playing with my tits, and kissing me. I get so hot and start fucking Joe as hard as he’s fucking me. Kathy tells me to lean forward; as I lean over she starts rubbing my ass. She tells me to relax, she puts something wet on my ass, and then she puts a finger in my ass. At first it hurt, then it felt good; she started moving it in and out. This was so exciting, I have Joes dick in my pussy and her finger in my ass. Kathy sees how hot I am, she tells me she is stopping for a minute but don’t let that stop me from having fun. Joe makes sure I have fun, he fucks me even harder. When Kathy comes back she starts rubbing my ass again. She starts finger fucking my ass while Joe fucks my pussy. Now I am so hot I feel like I will cum, but Kathy stops, then I feel her sticking something in my ass, it is bigger than her finger, I tense up. She tells me to relax. When I do, she continues putting it in my ass, it hurts at first, but it soon starts to feel good. She starts moving it in and out slowly, the more she fucks me the better it feels. Soon she is fucking my ass as hard as Joe is fucking my pussy. Kathy tells me to fuck Joe’s dick while she fucks my ass. This makes me so hot that I start fucking them as hard as they are fucking me. Kathy stops fucking my ass, but she leaves the thing in it, she walks in front of me and tells me to eat her pussy. This is all so good and I feel like I will explode with pleasure. Soon we are all cuming. When I came, it felt like a floodgate was opened. We lay there for a while, and then I tell them I need to go home. Kathy told me she would call me in the morning.

When I walk into the house I make a pot of coffee and head for the shower. After showering I sit down with my coffee. I start thinking about the events slot oyna of the evening. How had things gotten so out of hand? I don’t know what came over me; I have never done the things we did tonight. I feel ashamed of my actions. I don’t know how I will face Kathy & Joe tomorrow, much less everyone else at the B-B-Q.

The phone rang, it was Kathy, and she asks me if everything is o.k. I tell her everything is fine. Kathy tells me they saw my lights on. She asked me if she could come over for a minute. She said we should to talk about what happened. I told her to come over.

When she came over we went to the kitchen, I gave her a cup of coffee. We sat down; Kathy could see I was embarrassed. She told me there is nothing to be ashamed of. I tell her I have never done anything like this before. Kathy said she knows this, and that she is very glad I let them be with her. She told me they have wanted me to join them for a long time. Kathy said she didn’t want me to be ashamed of the feelings and the things we did. She said this all makes them so proud to have been the first ones to experience the pleasure I bring in a sexual relationship. She told me she has never felt as close to another woman as she does me. She said that I am very special to them and that they will never do anything I don’t want them to. Kathy told me that if I never want to have sex with them again they would not ask me, but that I have to tell them I don’t. I tell Kathy that I did enjoy everything tonight, but I need time to work things out, and I will let them know soon.

When Kathy left I thought about everything she had said. I still feel a little ashamed but after listening to Kathy, I am sure that they really do care about me and I am not a piece of ass. I start feeling better, and when I think about tonight I start getting hot. I remember the wonderful things they did to me and now I am so horny.

I go in the bedroom and lie on the bed, but I cant sleep I wish I had Kathy there aren’t any lights on at their place. I go back to bed, turn the light off, lie down, close my eyes and try to sleep. All night I tossed and turned, the images from the stream keep playing across my mind. Some time during the night I fell asleep.

When I awoke the sun was shining and the phone was ringing. When I answered it, Kathy asked if I had slept well. I laughed and told her that I did not. She started laughing, and asks if she can come over. I told her to come on over. I made a pot of coffee and toast.

When Kathy comes in she looks at my face, and ask if everything is o.k. I tell her that I had a bad night. She tells me to sit down, she pours us some coffee and gives me the toast. When she sits down I tell her what had kept going through my mind all night. Kathy looks at me, and said she was sorry, and that if it bothered me this much, she wishes it hadn’t happened. I tell her that I am glad it did, and that I do want to continue being with them. I tell her that I had decided last night to tell them, but when I didn’t see any lights on I went to bed. I told her that with everything going through my head I got so horny, and couldn’t sleep. Kathy told me that they had talked about what happened and wondered if they had made a mistake. She told me that from now on I better call them if anything is bothering me. Kathy said that if I had called them, they would have came over and talked to me.

Kathy got up and told me to go take a shower. When I went to my bedroom, she called Joe, she told him to come over and bring the box. When I finished my shower and returned to the kitchen, Joe was there drinking coffee with Kathy. I sat down and canlı casino siteleri drank the coffee Kathy had ready for me. Kathy told me that she was glad I had decided to join them. She asked me if I was still horny, I told her I am even hornier than last night.

Kathy takes my hands and leads me to my bedroom; Joe comes in behind us, and starts rubbing my shoulders. Kathy takes my robe off, and tells me to lie on my stomach. I lie down; Joe puts oil on my back and starts rubbing it. He tells Kathy to rub my feet and legs. Now they are massaging all the knots out of my uptight body. I start relaxing; Joe really knows how to give a back massage. I tell them that if they keep this up I will fall asleep. They tell me to just relax and enjoy it. That’s exactly what I do. Kathy starts moving up my legs to my thighs. Her touch is soft but firm. Joe is making his way down my back to my buttocks. I can’t believe how good this feels. Kathy is rubbing my inner thighs, gently she rubs against my pussy, and I gasp at the tingle of excitement that runs through my body. Joe is now rubbing my sides and making his way up to my breasts. This is so arousing, to feel this good should be against the law. Kathy starts rubbing my pussy, and then sticks her finger in and slowly finger fucks me, while Joe rubs the sides of my tits. I moan, and they tell me to turn on my back. I gladly do as they ask. Joe starts rubbing my tits while Kathy starts eating my pussy. I love all the wonderful feelings running through me. I can’t keep my body still, I am so hot, and they are making me hotter.

Kathy reaches over the side of the bed and gets a vibrator; she rubs it on my pussy then sticks it in and starts fucking me with it. Joe puts his dick in my mouth and I start sucking him. Now I am so horny, I feel like I will cum. Kathy tells me not yet, they want to give me more pleasure. Joe takes his dick out of my mouth, hands Kathy a bigger dildo and tells her to fuck me with it. Kathy sticks it in and starts fucking me, first slow and easy, then hard and fast. I look over to see what Joe is doing; he’s eating Kathy’s pussy. The sight of what we are doing nearly sends me over the edge. Kathy tells Joe to come fuck me in the ass while she fucks me with the dildo. They ask me to stand up for a minute; Joe lies down and tells me to put his dick in my ass. Kathy puts lube on his dick and my ass. I climb on top of his dick and slowly sit down, it hurts and I stop. Kathy tells me to move slowly down on it, when I sit down a little more it starts to feel good. Soon I have his whole dick up my ass. When Kathy sees this she sticks the dildo in my pussy. They lie still for a while so my body can adjust to having both in me at the same time. Slowly they start moving in and out. First they were moving at the same time, then Joe waited for Kathy to push the dildo in my pussy, when she did he pulled his dick outward, so one went in as the other came out. I have never felt such pleasure; it was beyond compare. They see that I am fixing to cum, and start fucking me harder and faster. I feel my body exploding with pleasure as I cum, Joe cums with me.

Kathy takes out the vibe and licks my pussy; she says its sweet. I climb off Joe; he opens his arms for us to lay with him, Kathy in one and me the other. We lay there for an hour or so, in total silence. Joe and Kathy told me they were sorry I didn’t call them last night, and that they would have loved to come over. I tell them I wish I had called them, and that next time I will. We slept for a couple of hours then got up and started fixing things for the B-B-Q.

After the B-B-Q I stayed, and we fucked through the night. It’s been five years since that first night. Joe & Kathy introduced me to a very sweet man, we got married six months later, and now we all fuck every night. We have grown to love them both, and they love us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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