Forbidden Lovers A Second Encounter

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“This story is fictional and a continuation of “Forbidden Lovers MaryBeth’s Desire”

The near end of the semester had arrived and one by one the students were packing up their belongings, taking their last exams and heading home for the holidays. Christopher had all of his stuff ready and piled up in his room. He would not be leaving for another day or maybe two. But packing was all he could do to take his mind off of MaryBeth. He had no idea how she was feeling, but all he knew was that he could not get that night out of his mind.

Christopher wanted to convince himself that it was best to guard the memory and just move on. After all no one else knew and why should he risk that? The consequences could be grave for the both of them and he never wanted to hurt MaryBeth. But on the other hand she was all he could think of and he could still taste her sweetness on his lips. He could still feel her hands running all over his body as their tongues had danced secretly on that wonderful night.

This relentless image frightened Christopher because he had other things he needed to focus on. How was he going to concentrate on MaryBeth’s final exam while he was imagining himself kissing her beautiful breasts? Plus this paper for his seminar class was not going to write itself. So he decided that for one night he would do whatever it took to get his work done and then once break arrived that would be it. By the end of the holidays and the start of spring semester he would be better. However, that night he tossed and turned in his bed. He could hear her calling his name her body aching and dripping with the sweat of her passion as they made sweet love. In the morning he woke not having really slept the entire night. He was wet from his sweat and his sheets were once again soiled from his juices. He wondered over to the classroom wondering how he was going to ever manage to get through this test.

Christopher took a seat in the back of the room and looked over the exam as the other students filled the room. MaryBeth began to explain each section of the exam in order to eliminate any confusion. He looked up at her, but she was purposely avoiding him and refused to make eye contact. Christopher seeing her standing there could not help but picture her naked as he had seen her that night. It was torture for him now knowing what she looked like underneath those clothes. Time passed and passed and Christopher tried to make his way through the exam.

Normally he would have finished up with ease and been out of the room with a swiftness that amazed his classmates. They used to call him the human dictionary because he knew so many Spanish words. But this time he watched many walk out of the room before him. Once he finally finished he sighed with relief. That was finally over and done to the best of his abilities given the circumstances. As he walked up to put the test on the desk he realized he was the only one left in the room. He placed his exam in the envelope, but then he noticed something. There was a note on the envelope, which said “would the last student out please bring the exams to my office.”

“I bet she never imagined it would be me,” he thought. However, he had no choice but to deliver the exams and it did not matter that she might not want to see him. When he reached her office he peaked inside and saw her sitting at her desk with her face buried in her hands. She seemed extremely upset and this worried Christopher. He cared about her and what could have happened? Did somebody find out about them? Her husband maybe? “That bastard what did he do to you?” Christopher wondered.

He slowly entered the room quietly locking the door behind him and placed the exams on the desk. He then rested his hands on her shoulders and slowly rubbed them like he used to do. Before that night and before everything became so complicated. MaryBeth felt the warmth of his touch and she knew who it was. She took his hands in hers, but she didn’t move. She just sat there for a second holding on. She felt like she should hold on forever with all she had. For he seemed to be the only person who gave unconditionally and who truly seemed to care about her. Then he leaned down kissed her neck once softly and whispered in her ear “I am here.”

MaryBeth rose up and turned around looking into the eyes of her forbidden lover. Christopher saw how her face was wet from her tears. He took his hand and slowly wiped away the tears from under her eyes. He wanted to ask her what was wrong, but he knew this was not a time for words. He kissed her forehead and her face ever so gently hoping to ease her pain. MaryBeth ran her hands through his hair and moved her lips to meet his. They kissed each other ever so sweetly and illegal bahis she felt her troubles melting away.

The argument she had with her husband last night meant nothing when she was in Christopher’s arms. The yelling and the screaming and what had they been fighting about? She could not even remember. He held her close to him smelling her sweet scent and letting it fill the air around him. They kissed for a very long time not wanting to break the romantic and beautiful embrace their lips and tongues seemed to be enjoying so. Christopher moved down and began kissing his lover’s neck he wanted nothing more then to please her and to make her happy. Satisfied the way she had been that night when they had explored each other’s bodies for the first time.

Christopher lifted his head again and looked deep into MaryBeth’s eyes looking for reassurance. He could tell by her gaze and the way her body was trembling that she still wanted him as much as before. MaryBeth pulled his head to hers and kissed him deeply allowing her tongue to dance with his deep inside his mouth. She then slowly rubbed her hands up his arms and lifted off his shirt exposing his chest. She ran her hands all over his muscles enjoying the firmness of his well-built body. She kissed him there and let her tongue circle all around.

Christopher slowly began to unbutton her blouse kissing her shoulders and other body parts, as they appeared one by one. He found this slow revealing to be so sexy and such a turn on. The previous time he had not been given the pleasure of this due to the fact she was already naked upon his arrival. But now he felt as if he could better appreciate the true beauty of her body. Soon her blouse was on the floor and her white lace bra accentuated the firmness of her breasts. Christopher kissed the front of her neck working his way down as he unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

MaryBeth simply closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his kisses. She wasn’t even thinking about stopping this time because she knew it was useless. She had done it once so the damage if there was to be any had been done. She justified it to herself by saying that if her husband would actually try and please her then she wouldn’t need this. Christopher took her breasts and slowly rubbed his hands all over them pushing them together and rubbing her nipples until they were hard. Then he brought them to his wet lips and kissed them gently rolling his tongue around.

She moaned steadily and softly as he played with her very tender nipples. She truly enjoyed this because in fact it was one of her favorite turn-ons. He had picked up on this and was purposely paying close attention to them. Then MaryBeth guided her lips once again so they met those of her lover. As she kissed him she searched for his belt buckle. As her hands roamed around that area she brushed up against his cock and realized how hard he already was. She rubbed her hands over his still covered cock and he moaned and quivered. He was aching and it was all too obvious.

At that moment she found his buckle and was able to give his stiffening cock some more room to grow. MaryBeth pushed Christopher lightly so he was sitting in the chair and she was standing in front of him. He too unfastened her pants and let them fall down her legs and watched as she stepped out of them. He ran his hands up her legs softly touching them and she loved the way that made her body tingle. Then he let his hands run over her wetness and slowly pushed a finger in exploring her inside and getting her ready for him. Then she lowered herself down and sat on his lap facing him and they kissed once again allowing themselves to lose control as they kissed with more passion then ever before.

Christopher felt the face of his lover and noticed that it was wet, but this time it was not from tears. MaryBeth felt herself heating up and as he kissed her she knew it was time and that she was ready. She moved closer to him and slipped herself over his ready cock. He quivered a little not knowing that she was going to start at that exact moment.

She smiled at him lovingly as she began to rock back and forth. Christopher enjoyed how MaryBeth seemed to be taking control this time and he simply let her. She placed her hands on his head and he did the same for her. They ran their hands through each other’s hair as they kissed. She began to move faster and faster allowing him to enter her deeper each time. As he grew to his full capacity, she could feel him pulsating inside and that was a sensation she loved. She moaned and he moaned as she moved her hips faster. She would rise up almost to the point where he was almost coming out and then she would go back down again. This illegal bahis siteleri drove Christopher wild and he was so hot that sweat ran down his face almost making his entire body wet.

He felt his balls swelling up and the tension building. He was so close, but he held it in. She had not yet reached her climax and he wanted make sure that she did. It took all he had, but he managed to stay hard letting her ride him longer. Then he could hear her breathing become more frantic and her body began to convulse and shake uncontrollably.

MaryBeth let out a yell as her first orgasm ripped through her body. Christopher began to really push himself into her now because he was ready. As he pressed himself deep into her getting ready for his release she had another orgasm. She screamed again and again and then he screamed. His balls swelled up and his cock expanded to its breaking point. “Ah it is so big,” she thought to herself as he exploded inside of her. Christopher lay motionless in the chair as she came off of him.

She knelt down and took him inside of her mouth cleaning him off savoring his salty yet refreshing juice. Even after he was obviously clean she continued for awhile twirling her tongue around his cock. She could feel him already starting to become hard again just moments after he had released himself inside of her.

MaryBeth could barely believe herself on this day. For she was doing things that she never would have thought about before. But Christopher sparked this passion and this need for pleasure with in her. With him she was willing to try new things and what once seemed dirty now was an act of love. Her tongue ended its dance around his manhood but she began to stroke it with her hands. She watched her lover, as he seemed to be melting in her hands. Then she placed his hard cock in between her breasts and pressed them together. She slowly rolled him up and down enjoying the sensation it brought her.

Christopher was enjoying this as well, but he wanted MaryBeth back up closer to him where he could better see her face. He took a hold of her hand and helped her to her feet. He sat her down on his lap facing away from him. He cupped her breasts in his hands and softly caressed her neck while he played with her nipples.

Next he began to rub her shoulders and back as he continued to kiss her neck. Christopher wanted to get her totally relaxed so she would be willing to do some more experimenting before their moment was over.

MaryBeth felt totally calm and peaceful as he worked all the tension out of her tired body. Every once and a while she would turn her head to him and they would kiss. After a few minutes Christopher could tell that she was totally relaxed as she wore a smile on her face. He knew that she probably could have fallen asleep right then and there, but he wanted her one last time. Just incase the winter break changed things and she decided she did not want him anymore. So he began to kiss her back moving down slowly until he was caressing the small of her back. As he attempted to move lower still MaryBeth began to stand just a little.

Her beautiful round ass was now right in Christopher’s face, as he wanted. He began to massage her cheeks as he kissed them. He let his tongue dart in and out of and around her tight hole getting it nice and wet. This was something that she had never experienced before and MaryBeth loved the new sensation. As he darted in and out of her she moaned resting her hands on the wall so she did not simply fall over from her quivering.

While he continued to kiss her sweet ass Christopher began to stroke himself to make sure that he was hard and ready. He was going to take a risk here and try and show his lover pleasure like she never thought possible. He only hoped that she would enjoy this and not be scared. But she had done so many things already out of her own free will so he was sure that she would be fine with this as well. So he took a hold of her hips and pulled her back to him. He parted her cheeks and lowered her over himself being ever so careful not to hurt her.

As he entered her ass from behind she let out a gasp trying to catch her breath. She could feel herself clamping around him and in an essence sucking him deeper into her. It was such an unusual feeling at first and unexpected. Her eyes began to tear up a little, but Christopher was sure to be slow and give her time to get used to the feeling of him being inside of her. Then he began push up ever so lightly. He could feel her closing all around him and the feeling was amazing and he wanted to just take her as hard as he could. However he knew that it did not feel quite as nice for her and he needed to be careful.

As he canlı bahis siteleri slowly moved faster MaryBeth at first felt like she wanted to cry. It really hurt and she wanted him to stop and she wondered why was he doing this? How could he knowingly hurt her this way? But at the same time she realized it felt really good and there was this weird sensation of pleasure in the pain of it all. She started to moan louder and louder and he was doing the same. He hoped that no one could hear them, but he also did not care because this felt too good.

He began to move faster bouncing her up and down. He clasped his hands on her breasts to keep them from bouncing around and to add to her pleasure. Christopher was breathing hard gasping for air and MaryBeth was screaming with a mixture of pleasure and pain that was different from anything she knew. She reached back and grabbed the back of his head pushing herself into him. He kissed her deeply as he continued to thrust into her. He felt himself begin to tighten up as she wrapped even tighter around him.

MaryBeth felt herself rise to her climax and her whole body began to shake. She let out a yell as she orgasmed and even squirted juices from her pussy she was so hot. Soon after Christopher swelled up all the way, which sent excruciating pain through MaryBeth’s body for a second before he released himself inside of her. She screamed really loud and he was worried that he had really hurt her, but she was smiling still.

MaryBeth lay there limp unable to move with her head resting on his shoulder. He took himself out of her and just let her rest there a moment. Then took her in his arms and lay her gently on the floor. He gathered up some of her clothes and made her a pillow. MaryBeth was too relaxed and worn out to wonder or pay any attention to what he was doing. He noticed some sort of woven blanket hanging on the wall that looked like ones that he had seen in Guatemala during his time abroad. He carefully took it off the wall, lay down beside her and covered their bodies.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. MaryBeth felt the warmth of his body envelope her as she drifted off to sleep. She felt so relaxed and so comfortable there in his arms on the floor of her office. It was an odd place to feel so at ease but she did. Christopher took one last long smell of her sweet scent so he could remember it for the lonely days to come. He looked over at the love of his life and noticed she was sound asleep. So he gave her a sweet kiss goodbye and gathered his things to leave.

He left her there alone in a peaceful state of sleep and walked outside to the cold winter air and the snow. Back to his room he walked and began to pack up his things in the car. He didn’t want to just leave her now, but the dorms would be closing later that night. He got into his car and headed for home where his unknowing family and friends would be awaiting his arrival.

A few hours later MaryBeth awoke feeling completely refreshed. However when she opened her eyes she was in a semi state of confusion. She rolled over and Christopher was not there, she looked around not knowing where she was. But it was then that she remembered. She was in her office and that is where the events had taken place.

It had not been only a dream because then she would not have awoken on the floor of her office. “He must have left she thought to herself.” She slowly dressed and collected her things. She was very much confused about how she felt and what she should do. She really cared about Christopher and she was beginning to think that the consequences of deciding to be with him would be worth the pain it would cause her. She in a way had lost all reason, but that was a good thing or at least she thought so. She decided that she needed to see him and tell him of this new revelation that had come to her mind. To tell him that she though she was falling in love with him and he meant so much more than just sex.

So she took out the directory and looked up his name. She called his number, but there was no answer. She ran over to his dorm and peeked in the window of his first floor room. But he was no where to be found. Only a few things were left in the room and she could see that he had packed up and left for the holidays.

She was too late he was gone. She suddenly began to cry uncontrollably and she fell to the ground on her knees in the wet snow while her tears froze to her cold face. She stayed there for a minute or two shivering. But, then she simply rose brushed the snow off herself and headed for her car. She drove home wondering if it was all over and if she would ever see him again. If he would come look for her when he was back. Or maybe she had scared him off or was it her husband and her daughter. Perhaps he felt guilty for what he had done. But she hoped that he would come back because she wanted nothing more. However the days ahead would be cold and lonely and her answer would have to wait.

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