Fit to be Tied: Kelly vs. Nell

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Nell’s wish was her command, or so she thought until she met Kelly, the she-wolf in kid’s clothing, the pigtailed tigress. Kelly was brutal. Her beautiful, almost childlike features enhanced spectators’ pleasure and awe as she destroyed her victims. She used those looks to her advantage. Despite her fearsome reputation, once her opponents met her they assumed that the blonde’s innocent looks were the entire story. Kelly purposefully cultivated the kid image and allowed, indeed encouraged other women to assume that she was an easy target. The little tigress would then shred them, leaving those women quivering, tearful shells. Kelly lived to hurt others, especially other women. She had no sympathy and truly couldn’t have cared less about anyone; anyone, that is, but herself.

When pampered, blonde Nell decided to live dangerously, to experience the thrill of combat that only apartment wrestlers can know, bargained for more than she could handle. Nell’s life was easy and everything had come to her effortlessly. It bored her. Pitting her body and soul against another woman in front of an elite crowd would give meaning. Hell, it might even be fun to beat another woman down. She wrongly presumed that her wealth, her looks, and her confidence would awe any grappler.

The appointed night that late summer in 1982 arrived. It was the usual crowd, handsomely attired men and women and the usual sprinkling of apartment wrestlers sizing up potential opponents. Nell swept in as though she belonged. After a few pleasantries she went to her room to prepare. Shortly thereafter Kelly arrived. She ignored everyone, barging through the milling groups toward her room.

Nell shed her clothes and slipped into her blue bikini. She covered her small, firm breasts, looped the long, lower ties of the top underneath the sides of her bikini panties, to knot them below her flat, smooth belly, across the top of her bikini. She admired herself in the mirror. Running her fingertips lightly over her breasts, touching her nipples and arousing them, down across her stomach, and across her neatly trimmed blonde pussy. She shivered with excitement over her upcoming fight and from sexual arousal. Nell was positive that she’d dominate Kelly.

Meanwhile, Kelly changed. Her pigtails and teenaged looks contrasted alarmingly with her tiger-striped bikini. She combined innocence and danger in one small, hard-bodied package. Like Nell, Kelly had small but firm breasts and a taut belly. She was a veteran grappler who’d seen her share of wins and losses, but never without leaving her opponents mindful of the blonde casino siteleri tigress’ talents. Kelly’s bikini has a satin-like finish, smooth and cool to the touch. Like Nell’s, it had an especially long tie that crossed her back and was knotted in front. Rather than run the strings under her bikini—she feared it would somehow reduce her mobility—she ran them directly across her waist, ending in a knot across her tight, smoothly muscled abdomen. Kelly was every inch an erotic machine of destruction. She knew nothing about her opponent and didn’t care to anything about her. She lived for the moment to hurt her and others like her. Pain and domination were all that mattered.

Rather than go into the details of the match, allow me to skip ahead to the climax, and I do mean climax. Kelly had beaten, punched, twisted, choked, stretched, and humiliated Nell throughout much of the match. At one point, while Nell’s back was across Kelly’s knee, her belly stretched heavenward, punched by Kelly’s swift fists, she got an inkling of what was in store for her. Between punches Kelly slipped her hand downward, across Nell’s belly, and resting it on her victim’s blue-bikinied pussy. Kelly briefly massaged Nell’s lovely little twat, and then slapped it, sending the rich girl into paroxysms of pain. Kelly repeated it again and again until Nell escaped. Nell later repaid Kelly in-kind. Nell had her moments, but they were few and far between. It seemed as though Kelly allowed her to gain the advantage momentarily, only to smash the rich girl down, a tigress was toying with her prey. The rich girl, while she’d given a good account of herself, was clearly about to lose. The only question that remained was when would Kelly bring it to a close.

Toward the end Kelly scissored Nell, squeezing her prey with all her might. Nell gasped and convulsed, but before she could signal her surrender, Kelly loosened her hold and allowed Nell to slip away. They stood facing one another, shining and breathing hard. Kelly made her move, but it wasn’t what we expected, nonetheless it was magnificent. Arms akimbo, she moved them, brought her hands to the knotted ties resting across her stomach, and loosened the knot. Rather than letting the strings hang freely she held them out and away from her body, inviting Nell to do the same. Nell could have surrendered at this point and walked away with the knowledge that she’d bested by on of the finest grapplers on the circuit. Her self-centeredness, however, precluded that. She accepted Kelly’s challenge and undid the ties. Both vixens approached. Kelly took her ties, slid slot oyna them under the sides of Nell’s bikini, and tied them to the clinging, damp garment, bringing together two smooth, muscled, glowing bellies. Nell did the same. The two would finish the fight in an intimate dance of destruction and domination.

As if on cue they wrapped their arms around one another and began squeezing for all their worth. Slick body rubbed and slid against slick body, force against force. Their erotic dance brought us to the edges of our seats. During their dance Nell opened her legs slightly for more stability. Kelly exploited it by pushing her hips closely into the rich girl, sliding her right thigh between Nell’s sweaty thighs, and thrusting it into Nell’s crotch. Grunts and the sound of swishing, rubbing, and grinding bikini-covered pussies filled the room. The action was relentless. Nell’s features betrayed her concentration and her fear. Kelly, on the other hand, was stolid. Her lovely face was virtually stone and showed little in the way of emotion, except for her eyes, which bored into Nell’s soul. Kelly’s inner anger, that energy that drove her toward combat on apartment house battlefields, seemed to draw upon Nell’s fear and suck the energy from the rich blonde. Still the struggle continued.

After what seemed to be an erotic eternity in a sweaty, straining bearhugging, Nell collapsed in Kelly’s arms, crying. After a titanic struggle like this, she had earned our admiration. Frankly, we pitied her and hoped, despite our shared love of apartment wrestling’s post-match sexual conquests, that Kelly too would take pity on her foe and allow her to retain her dignity. That was out of the question. Kelly neither hated nor pitied her victim. Nell was nothing more than something to dominate, break, and humiliate.

Nell slumped in Kelly’s arms, her knees splaying apart. Kelly responded by savagely driving her knee into the broken woman’s cunt once, and then twice. She redoubled her grasp of Nell, squeezing all the harder. Dropping to one knee, Kelly released her foe, allowing Nell’s weight to drive her crotch swiftly down atop Kelly’s knee. As Nell collapsed and rolled over she dragged Kelly with her, their bikinis still tied together.

Kelly wrapped Nell in a grapevine and proceeded to grind her tiger-striped, satiny puss into Nell’s blue box. She pulled Nell’s nipples free from the protection of the bikini and cruelly twisted and pulled them. Kelly slipped her nipples free, not from protection but from confinement, determined to savage Nell’s delightful, sweet spires with her own. canlı casino siteleri We felt for Nell, but wouldn’t break the rules allowing the victor her way, not even for that poor woman’s sake. The torment went on.

By now Kelly had her arms wrapped around Nell’s tight little body, sliding her hand down to her victim’s ass, cupping, squeezing, and pinching it. Nell sobbed heavily and weakly resisted Kelly’s onslaught. Kelly paid her no attention. She continued her attack.

Kelly sat up, spread her legs, and forced her victim to do the same for crotch-to-crotch pussy grinding. Nell however collapsed backward. Kelly finally undid the strings binding together their exquisite bodies. She spread Nell’s legs, lifting them into the air and brought her tiger stripes into contact with Nell’s blue. Kelly pussy fucked Nell as if she had a ten-inch cock strapped to her hips. She ground, slammed, and rubbed her cunt against Nell’s. All that Nell could do was turn her head, weep, and clench weakly at the carpet. Nell would have none of that. She dismounted from her prey. I can only imagine that both their pussies were soaking and ready to cum. Kelly was drilling her foe as if her clit were a cock. She now intended that Nell should suck that little big cock.

Kelly sat on Nell’s face grinding her hips into the beaten woman. She softly slid her bikini to the side, spread her labia, exposing her clit, and jammed Nell’s mouth into it. Kelly pinched Nell’s nose shut, forcing her to open her mouth to breath, giving Kelly’s killer clit-cum-cock a place of repose. Nell got the message loud and clear. She complied with Kelly’s unspoken but clearly communicated directive, “eat my pussy, satisfy me bitch, or I’ll hurt you even more.”

Kelly began rocking silently, with a hard stare. She reversed herself on Nell’s face, and roughly pulled aside Nell’s bikini, exposing a neatly trimmed, blonde bush. Nell’s pussy lapping was audible. As she unhappily dined on Kelly’s snatch, Kelly fingered her, and pinched and twisted her clit. After a while Nell’s sobs subsided, they turned into soft moans, her hips twitching and rotating. Kelly merely ground her pussy more deeply into Nell’s mouth. Kelly, who up to this time had not responded beyond further grinding, convulsed with a loud, animal-like, guttural yell. Her yell filled the room, she pushed her crotch more deeply into Nell, yet also fingered her prey. As Kelly climaxed she brought Nell to a peak of orgasmic fury. Kelly’s breathing turned long, hard, and deep, as if she’d just finished a five-mile run. Nonetheless, she continued with Nell and brought the rich girl to an earth-shattering, ear-splitting, convulsive orgasm. Kelly then did the unexpected. She got off her foe, helped her up, embraced her, and deeply, passionately, even tenderly, kissed her. Nell reciprocated.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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