Finally Alone

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Finally everyone is gone, now I have the place all to myself. My heart is racing as I open my sisters closet there it is her high school cheerleader outfit. I run my hand over the fabric. It is so smooth.

There they are, her pink g-string. I slip them on over my going cock. I watch myself in the mirror as I put on the matching bra. My favorite part of dressing up is applying my makeup. Rolling the lipstick across my pouting lips makes my cock hard as a rock. Now for the black and gold cheerleader outfit, damn I look hot spinning around and around.

Now I set up the cameras, making sure all three are shooting at my sister’s bed. I climb on her bed on my knees raising my skirt up for the cameras giving my viewers a glance of my panties. I am so horny as I reach for my 10-inch dildo. I bend over and start licking the head running my tongue over the massive head. My lips begin to part and my lover’s cock slips in my mouth.

I start bobbing my head up and down taking my lover deeper and deeper in my throat. I love pulling him all the way out until just the head is casino oyna resting on my lips. Then I take my hand and stroke his length. When I know he can’t stand anymore of my teasing I swallow his cock again. I am a very avid cocksucker I just love sucking a hard juicy cock.

My left hand is rubbing my ass teasing it with the g-string. I bring my hand to my mouth and wet my fingers. Slowly I massage my boy-pussy. Sliding a finger into me. Mmmm. What a thrill to have a cock deep in my throat and fingers probing my boy-pussy. I can feel the cum boiling in my cock.

I reach for the vibrator; it isn’t there beside me. I raise my head off my dildo turn to look and I nearly fainted. There standing naked with a raging hard on is my sisters boyfriend, Josh.

I try to cover up and run but he grabbed me by the arm and spun me around.

“Where do you think you are going? I believe you’ll be doing what ever I say.” He then pushed me to my knees. There I was face to face with my sisters boyfriends cock only inches from my mouth. He grabbed my head and plunged all 9 slot oyna inches of his man hood down my throat. He was thrusting so hard I was having trouble breathing. I knew I was gonna have to take control.

I pushed him on his thighs pulling his cock out of my mouth. I licked up and down the sides of his cock. Flicking my tongue across his cock. He tasted great.

Slowly he sank his cock back down my throat. I could feel his I cock swelling in my mouth and I new he was close to cumming. I wanted him to feel mouth with his love seed.

He pulled out of my mouth and put his hand under my chin and raised me to my feet. He bent down and kissed. Our tongues wrapped around each other.

“Can I fuck you?” He asked.

All I could mustard was a loud moan.

I climbed on the bed on all fours raising my ass to him. He raised my skirt and I felt him breathing on my boy-pussy. Then I felt the greatest sensation ever, his tongue buried deep in my ass. He was wonderful. I am sure he is one hell of a pussy eater. After about five minutes he pulled his mouth away canlı casino siteleri from my ass I could feel the cool air blowing up into me, he really opened me up.

He started massaging my ass cheeks and then he placed the head of his cock at my entrance. Slowly he pushed into me until all 9 inches were in me. Then something happened that has never happened to me before, I shot my load all over my sisters bed without touching my cock.

He fucked me slowly at first then he started slamming deep into as hard as he could. I could feel his balls slamming off mine. He grabbed hold of me pushing his cock in me as far as he could and then I felt the first wave of cum empty into me. He fell on top of me stroking his cock in and out of me several times before he pulled all the way out. We laid there in silence and then I heard someone moaning. I turned to see Jonathan, Josh’s friend cumming all over my sisters’ floor. I turned back quickly before he got a look at me. I lay there as I heard them going down the stairs. I quickly undressed and hurriedly placed everything back where it belonged.

I heard voices outside I went to the window to see who was there. “Oh shit,” I muttered. There stood my sister with Josh and Jonathan and they were headed into the house. I grabbed the cameras and headed to my room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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