Farm House

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It is 1 am, the moon is shining on the countryside the cold wind is brushing through the trees and swaying the crops. The stillness of the night filled with cricket chatter and the occasional brush scuffle. The light of the moon makes it enough to distinguish shapes in the night as well as detect movement.

You: Are wearing a sheer nightshirt and are adventuring yourself outside of your home with only a flashlight, you are scared, and it gets your heart pumping to rush your blood through your body. You do not know why you are out here, it just feels like you needed to be here at this particular time.

He is coming towards you slowly; you can not hear a thing when he approaches you, he brushes your hair, you turn around but there is no one there, your heart races faster. You feel yourself getting more aroused the more you are in fear. Your hair gets touched again, you gasp and turn around once more, still nothing, then all of a sudden a blindfold is put over your eyes, you make no effort to pull it off as his hands roam all over your body. Cupping your breasts and stomach he starts to bite your neck, leaving teeth marks, you wince in pleasure and pain at the same time, this stranger is taking your body, and you have no control, his hands feel so masculine and forceful, you can feel his rough skin, are you falling in love with his touch?

He puts his hands underneath your nightshirt you can feel the detail in his hands, they are rushing to your breasts, cupping them violently pinching your nipples and pulling them away from your body, you yelp a little as he does that, you push your bottom backwards to him and rub it on his crotch, you are scared he will tell you to stop. Instead he removes a hand from your breasts and cups your buttocks, squeezing them thigh, he rubs a finger up and down your crack feeling deeper and deeper with each motion. He puts an arm around your neck and pulls you closer to him, you smile at yourself and lean back on him. He takes his hand from your buttocks and lets it rapidly fall upon them spanking you, he does it again, your squirm as you feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. He picks you up.

You have no idea where he is going, you can only hear his foot steps on the dirt, you hear a barn door open, and close again once you are inside the sounds from outside have ceased you are frightened but yet sense some comfort. He removes your nightshirt, what he sees amazes him, he can see your body in the faint light from the moon shining through the windows and the cracks in the walls. He has not yet spoken to you.

He has stopped touching you but you can just sense his presence in front of you, your hands still free, you start touching yourself, you know he is watching but you want him to. Your illegal bahis hands roam on your chest, making your nipples hard, and your breath intensifies as one of your hands reaches your pussy and parts its lips.

While watching you he unzips his pants and takes his growing cock out of his pants he walks closer to you and puts a hand on your head, and guides your mouth towards his cock, your face touches the tip of it, you open your mouth and his head slides into your mouth you can taste his precum which makes you rub your pussy harder and harder, he puts his hand in your hair and pulls you back, you gasp and try bobbing around for his cock, he kneels down in front of you and starts licking your breasts taking your nipples into his mouth his hands roaming all over your body.

He reaches in one of his pockets and takes out a piece of rope with which he places around your wrists when your hands are behind you, tying you firmly. He starts rubbing your face with his hands and takes it off of you and suddenly slaps you, you wince in pain but you feel good, your pussy is dripping but you no longer can finger yourself as you are tied up.

He stands up and slaps your face with his cock. You’re shivering in anticipation for what comes next and you try taking his penis in your mouth as he slaps you a little harder. He puts his hand in your hair and pulls you up by it, and he takes you close to his body, you start to become scared, but you are still aroused, he whispers in your ear:

“You little cum whore, you want to be fucked by daddy don’t you.”

You nod in agreement.

“Good then”

He throws you onto a bail of hay and you feel him coming from behind you, the strands of hay prick you on your torso, as you are there on your knees your you ass in the air, he knees down besides you and starts rubbing your ass, you feel him retract his hand and ‘Slap!’ He rushed his hand against your ass cheek. You wince in pain some more, thinking about your ass cheek turning pink arouses you. ‘Slap!’ goes his hand again on your other ass cheek. You moan wanting more, the thought of his strong hand hitting your precious ass turns you on so much. You can feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter. ‘Slap!’ this time a little lower on your cheek, a little on your thigh; you love the feeling of the hay poking your chest.

He leans down and spits on your asshole, you feel the warm spit dripping towards your pussy, and then he spits again. He puts his hand on your asshole and starts rubbing his spit in and rubbing it down to your sweet pussy. He puts his large middle finger in your asshole, you scream in pain as he starts pumping it in and out, you are starting to relax and enjoying it more as it goes, he pumps it in and out faster. He says

“You dirty illegal bahis siteleri slut like it up the ass don’t you” You reply.

“Yes daddy, put your finger in my ass, deeper daddy, I want you to fuck my ass with your cock later, fuck my ass with your huge cock, mmmmmmm.”

“We will see” He replies.

He continues pumping his finger in your tight asshole and with his other hand he slaps your ass some more, you feel the tingling in your flesh. You start gyrating your hips against his hand. You moan in pleasure now. He takes his finger out. You hear his pants being undone and falling to the ground, he takes off his shirt, you can feel his hands roaming your upper body, you shiver in lust. He places his large cock against your pussy and shoves it into your tight little hole. You scream as you have not been had by a cock this large before, your body shakes. You say:

“Oh daddy, I’ve never had a prick this large in my pussy, it hurts so good”

“Good little girl, scream some more”

He puts his hand on your shoulders and pulls you back on him, his cock spreading your walls. He precipitates his hand onto your buttocks slapping them harder and harder while thrusting into you with all his might. His already hard cock hardening even more with each push.

He takes it out and you lay there, bound and blindfolded, your torso against the hay.

You hear him come around to your face and you feel his wet cock against your face, he slaps you with it, you try and bob for it, trying to catch it into your mouth. He finally shoves his cock in your mouth and puts his hand on your head pulling your mouth down onto his shaft, he grabs a handful of your hair and pulls you away from his cock, and proceeds to slap you with it. You keep on moaning.

You turn to your side and he comes around, spreads your legs and kneels down bending over you. He starts licking your pussy, taking your clit into his mouth, he sucks on it and twirls his tongue around it, licking your juices from your wet pussy, he shoves three fingers in. you yelp in pain and pleasure. He pumps his fingers in and out, putting another one at the entrance of your asshole and slowly sinks it in. you’re feeling really full, your pussy and your ass being fingered.

He takes out his hand from your pussy and your asshole, your ass still wide from his fingers, he spits on it, lubricating it nice and thick, then scoots over and starts pushing his cock into your asshole, you scream in a mix of pain and pleasure as he starts inching his way into your tight ass. He reaches for your hair and grabs on to you as he starts pounding himself into you.

Your blind fold comes off as he pulls your hair, your eyes are squeezed together in pain, you don’t dare to look back at who is fucking canlı bahis siteleri your ass for the first time you moan in pleasure, because it hurts so good, he pulls your hair back harder and harder, you don’t look back, too much pleasure, you are starting to feel an orgasm coming onto you. His cock spreading your ass wide. He puts his hand on your pussy and starts rubbing your clit as he pounds you back there. Your orgasm is launched. He tells you:

“Cum you little whore, you know you like it” You reply:

“Yes daddy yes, make me cum with your cock in my ass, it hurts me so good”

You start feeling your orgasm shooting through your pussy. He inserts two fingers into while you orgasm and it intensifies it. You yell:

“Daddy why is this feeling so goooooood.” He replies

“That’s right you little bitch take it in your ass”

He slaps your ass really hard towards the end of your orgasm. And rubs it in to your ass. As he slides his cock out of your pussy.

You get up and take a good look at him, you find him handsome, and irresistible, you love being raped the way he’s doing you.

You drop to your knees and start sucking his big cock, he takes your hair in his hands and makes you take his cock in and out of your mouth, you look at him, and he tells you he’s going to cum all over your pretty face, he slaps you on your cheek. You keep sucking his big cock. He makes you deepthroat him, you love it, taking it inch by inch down your throat, his big cock making you choke. He’s pulling on your hair harder, making you hurt pretty badly. He tells you:

“You like daddy’s cock don’t you little girl, you like sucking his large dick.”

And he slaps you.

Your cheek burning red you’re your mouth filled with pre-cum, you are so wet in your pussy, you deepthroat him time and time again, tasting him in your mouth, you moan as you look up at him. He tells you

“I’m going to shoot my load all over your face and in your mouth”

You moan in response to that and lusciously close you eyes while looking at him.

He takes his member out of your mouth and starts jacking it off, you look at him with your mouth open, he slaps you a couple of times with his cock, and tells you:

“Are you ready for this load little girl? are you ready to receive it all?”

“Yes daddy give it to me, give it all to me all over my face, I’ve been a really bad girl”

“Here it goes”


Squirt after squirt hitting your beautiful face, you feel the warm spunk running down your cheeks, you are moaning in anticipation, taking a squirt in your mouth, tasting how good it tastes, you are rubbing your clit hard, as you feel his cum running down your face and dripping onto your tits, he slaps you a little bit with his limpening cock, you are loving it, you kiss it and swallow what’s in your mouth, you run your finger across your face and scoop up the cum and put it in your mouth while looking at him. Moaning again and again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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