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The fingers were shivering more and more as they were approaching each other. The weakening sensation in both the minds. The hesitation and embarrassment. But as they collided together, like nuclear fusion, immense energy spread in both of them. The fingers entered the gaps in the hands of each other and then moved swiftly to caress different portions. The first had his hand on the second’s neck and contour of buttocks, the other on the back. Caressing with utmost pleasure the lips collided and another nuclear fusion. The lips could not part and the tongues played with each other sending saliva from one mouth to the other. The tongues were already joining the two warm bodies.

One of them gathered the courage and took his tongue away and pushed the other, making him fall on the carpet. Before he could rise, Robert was already over him. Robin unbuttoned Robert’s shirt, while he caressed his lips. The four eyes were closed now. The hands were working. Robert’s leg rubbing Robin’s thigh.

It was the first time they were this close. None of them had ever thought about it. They knew they were gays but they never thought it would happen between two best friends who were there illegal bahis with each other in all the times.

But none of them were thinking. They were doing, like two wild beasts. Robert got up and threw his shirt on the floor that had been unbuttoned by his best friend.

“Take off your clothes, I’ll be back in a bit.” He said and went away.

Robin hurried. he took off his shirt, vest, jeans and underwear and climbed the bed. On a thought, he came back down and took out the condom from his jeans. He had bought it for Jessica, his now ex-girlfriend, and jumped back to the well prepared bed. Robert was back with a strip of cloth around his shoulders. He stood at the door facing his bulging naked bum towards Robin, one knee on the floor other away revealing his tight 8 inches long penis.

Robin jumped down to floor wagging his tail to kiss Robert’s smooth as his hesitant touch of Robert’s ass, sent pangs of hormones all over Roberts body. Robing spread Robert’s leg, revealing his well shaven ass. he licked it like a cat licks milk. Robing licked the ass and moved up to kiss the closed eyes of Robert. He moved down to kiss his lips from behind. They kissed illegal bahis siteleri and they kissed. For the first time in their lives, they thought of nothing but the passion with which their lips rumbles, their tongues played. Robert’s hand moving through Robin wavy hair, Robin’s one hand on Robert’s nipples, arousing them, the other inside his navel. The middle finger of Robin’s hand fucked Robert’s navel hard.

Robin’s assumption that he would get to fuck his best friend turned wrong. Robert caught hold of his hair, removed his lips and pulled Robing to the bed like a violent husband. He threw Robin’s face on the pillow and began rimming his ass. Robing revolted at once, but the pleasure that came from fucking him was unavoidable. He kept moaning as his soulmate put his tongue inside his ass and fucked hi with his tongue. Robert took out his tongue and put his naked penis in Robin’s ass now. Robin shouted in pain and in caution.

“You know I don’t have any STD and I know you don’t either,” Robert bent down and whispered in his ears.

Robin’s veto was unheard in the loud groans of Robert fucking his ass.

Robert put his hand around Robin and pulled canlı bahis siteleri him up. He cupped his thick breast-like chest muscles and fucked in his ass. Sound of his scrotum colliding with Robin’s butt cheeks gave immense pleasure to both. Robert kept moving his finger over Robin’s nipples like a pendulum. The fucking pace increased. Robert began shouting now. He was about to ejaculate when Robin took one of Robert’s hands and chewed it tight and took his ass out.

It was his turn to fuck now. He pushed Robert on the bed, pulled his legs over found his ass that he had seen 20 minutes ago for the first time and began fucking it with his tongue.

Robert loved it. He was moaning now. Robert’s hands cupped on Robin’s head and Robin’s hands sponging Robert’s thick booty, it was the moment! Robert put his comparatively smaller penis int Robert’s ass and fucked it hard, as hard as he could. Robert kept pinching Robin’s nipples as Robin gave blow job to Robert. The moment continued for the next three and a half minutes, post which the two ejaculated simultaneously. Robin’s sperm in Robert’s anus, Robert’s cum on his body from where Robin licked it like a 5-year-old licking his favourite ice-cream.

The two laid side-by-side hugging.

“I never knew you were so awesome in bed,” Robert said.

“You too,” said Robing still hugging his best friend.

The two best friends became husbands the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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