Costume Fitting With My Sister

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My sister Sarah and I decided a while back that we wanted to go to a costume party. That seemed like a good idea, so we began looking for costumes.

Sarah picked her favorite character from a cartoon she loves to watch. She suggested to me that I go as that characters love interest.

That seemed strange to me that Sarah wanted to go as a “couple” but I agreed.

Unfortunately the character she picked was one that a costume could not be picked up at the local stores or even a specialty costume shop.

She was disappointed and did not know how we would get her costume made.

I have done some basic sewing before, but never a full outfit. I told my sister that I would try to make her costume.

After looking up the character online, and taking a trip to the sewing store, I had everything I needed except for one thing.

I needed my sister.

I called Sarah and told her to stop by my apartment on Saturday to see her costume.

“Hey, where is my costume?” Sarah said when she arrived at my apartment.

“It’s over there,” I replied with a laugh.

“There is nothing, just a pile of fabric.”

“We need to make it first. Did you think I knew your measurments?” I said. “Have you ever been fit before?”

“Not really, but the girl at the Victoria’s Secret store helped with my bra size,” Sarah said. “It’s a 36B.”

“Like I know what those letters mean,” I joked. “Take your clothes off and I will measure you.”

My sister slowly took her shirt off exposing her perky breasts in her 36B bra. It was a simple pink one that made her breasts look great.

When she took her pants off, it revealed a matching casino oyna pair of pink panties with “Love” written on the butt. Her ass looked great in those panties. Nice and tight.

I never thought of my 19 year old sister in a sexual way before, but having her stand in front of me in her bra and panties made my small 5 inch penis stand at attention.

“Do I need to take my bra and panties off for the fitting?”

What was I going to say – “No” – yeah right, if my sister was willing to take them off, I was not going to stop her.

“You can leave your panties on for now, but if you take your bra off I can make a better costume for you.”

“Ok. Do you mind undoing the clasp for me?”

Sarah turned around and lifted her long black hair so I had access to her bra strap. I tried to get it off, but was fumbling around and could not get the bra undone.

“OK Stop,” Sarah said. “A monkey could take this off faster then you. It’s like you have never tried to take a bra off before.”

“I usually ask my girlfriend to take it off for me. I need practice.”

“I can show you how to take them off. Just let me take it off first.”

I could not believe that Sarah said that, she was going to teach me how to take bras off.

Sarah reached behing her back and undid the clasp of her bra in one quick motion. She slid the straps down her arm and set on the table.

All I looked at was her small breasts and I think my mouth was hanging open.

My sister had the most beautiful breasts that I have seen. I thought I loved big breasts but seeing this pair, I knew I wanted to touch hers.

“Um, do you like mind not staring slot oyna at my breasts?”

“What do you mean? I was not staring at them.”

“Yeah right brother. I am standing right here. I am not a blonde. I can see that your eyes are staring at them.”

I blushed and said “Sorry.”

I knew that it was wrong, but I had to touch my sisters breasts. I decided that when I measured her for her costume I would put my hands on her breasts.

“Ready to be measured for the costume?” I said as I picked up the measuring tape.

“Sure, I guess.”

I figured it would be safest to get the “real” measurments out of the way first.

I got her neck size, arm length, waist size, and everything else I needed. I stood behind her and was going to play it safe for the bust measurement.

“Would you put the measuring tape around your breasts so I can get this measurment?”

The store did fit Sarah for a bra. The measurements I took, matched her bra perfectly.

This was my chance, I had to touch my sisters breasts.

“I have one more measurement to take for the costume top, but I do not know how to get it.” I told my sister.

“Just get it over with allready. I am starting to get cold. I need to put my shirt back on.”

I looked at my sisters breasts again, and saw that her nipples were hard. I guess she was cold. I knew how to warm them up.

Without telling her what I was planning on measuring I reached out and took my sisters left breast in my hand and squeezed.

The next thing I remember was waking up with a huge headache and my entire face hurting. What had happened. Then I saw my sister staring at me.

“You canlı casino siteleri finally awake, you pervert. What did you think you were doing, squeezing my breast like that? Did you forget that I took self defense.”

So thats why I had a headache and pain. My sister had knocked me out.

“I’m sorry, I should have asked. But, I needed to know how tight I could make the costume, so you would look like the character.”

“Why didn’t you say that before you just reached out and grabbed my breast?”

“Do I have to say?”

“Yes, or I have another right hook and I am not afraid to use it.”

“I thought you would say no.”

“I may have, but now you will never know,” Sarah said. “What were you planning to do when you measured for the skirt.”

“Nothing,” I lied.

“Yeah right, you were going to try and finger me wen’t you. Pervert.”

“Umm, no.”

“So what, like you don’t think I look good enough to you. You didn’t want to try and finger your sister?”

“Ummm, no. I mean yes. Wait no.”

“Which is it.”

“I mean, you are the most beautiful girl I have seen, and if you were not my sister I would be all over you.”

“That did not stop you from grabbing my breast,” Sarah said.

“I said sorry once Sarah. What do I need to do to show you how sorry I am.”

“Well, even though it is wrong. I am in need of a slave. Can you do everything I ask?”

“I think so, but what do you want me to do?”

“You will see. But first, finish measuring me for the costume. And then, tonight I will tell you what to do.”

Sarah caught me, she knew exactly what I wanted to do during the costume fitting. What was she going to make me do later that day?

Little did I know that my sweet sister Sarah had a dark side and was going to tie me to the bed and do some fitting of her own. But that is for another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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