Connecting With Mother Ch. 04

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I lay back in the sofa as Mum swallowed the spunk that had gone into her mouth. She fingered the rest from her face and tits swallowing that as well, and then leaned to me to kiss me. I hugged her to me and pushed my tongue in her mouth to share her taste. We were both exhausted from our lovemaking and fell into a snooze with her head on my chest.

I woke up to feel Mum still on my chest and I felt a bit cramped and tried to move quietly but she also roused herself realising my movement. We were both famished and got up in our undressed states going to the kitchen to grab something to eat. We sat close to each other as we ate at the table smiling at each other with the satisfaction that comes from new intimacy.

“Ian it’s late and I need to be up early tomorrow so I’ll go off to my own bed if you don’t mind.”

“That’s fine Mum, I’m bushed anyway.”

She left leaving me with a superb sight of her arse lilting gently with her stockings and garter belt still intact.

She left before I woke to recall the events of the previous evening. However when I got to work I had a phone call I didn’t expect from her. I wondered if she was going to have any guilt about encouraging me to disclose my experiences about ‘Round the Corner,’ the term I used for the porn club fairly near Mum’s flat, literally round the corner.

“Ian I’ve been thinking about what you told me last night about the club.”



“Mum I can’t discuss it now I’m in a meeting. Why don’t we meet at the pub and discuss it there?”

“Sure Ian. I finish early today. Can you get away say for two at the pub?

“I’ll be there Mum.” I mentally altered my plans for the day.

I was curious. I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘thinking about’ the club. I was truly mystified about her need to discuss it so soon after last night.

I arrived before she did, bought a beer and a wine and settled down in a comfortable sofa away from the bar to ensure we were not overheard.

She came in looking good and beaming a wonderful smile at me. She scanned the bar to find none of her locals were in yet. She was wearing a cotton blouse and skirt with her usual stockings and half heels that just gave a light emphasis to her calves. Summer in England had some advantages in ridding us of coats.

“So Ian quite an evening last night.”

“It certainly was Mum.” I wanted her to open up so I was fairly cryptic.

“I really feel close to you now Ian. It is so good to share such intimate things with you. I wonder if you would ever have told me about the club if I hadn’t seen you coming out of there yesterday. I was struck by how excited it made you. Getting off with a total stranger like that. Amazing.”

“A woman Mum.”

“I know but even letting a strange man wank you is incredible. What makes a woman want to go round there to play with strangers? How can they do it? To be touched up like that. To be stroked all over by a bunch of men who she’s never met and will never see again. I mean it’s totally dirty isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“Do you think she liked it Ian?”

“What do you think?”

“She must have, mustn’t she? After all I suppose it must have been on her mind before she even went there. And she did have an escort, probably her partner. Do you think they were a couple?”

“Almost certainly.”

She suddenly went quiet. I said nothing but just held her hand.

“Ian do you think I could do it?”

“What Mum?” I was teasing her mercilessly.

“Go round the corner?”

“On your own?”

“No, of course not. With you Ian.”

I was reeling from the sheer sudden audacity in her and must have paused because she responded: “Oh Ian I’m sorry do you think that is disgusting?”

“Mum I’m sorry it’s just I am rather overwhelmed by how wonderful the idea is I just could not believe it. Are you sure?”

“I couldn’t sleep last night turning over the notion of a woman going there. I had three orgasms before I could casino siteleri sleep. Then this morning on my way to work and passing the club on the bus I began to wonder. By the time I rang you I had more or less decided depending how you felt about it.”

I looked her in her eyes very close. “How about now?”

“Oh god yes Ian, yes, before I change my mind. But what should I wear?”

“What do you think Mum?” I wanted her to think it through. For me that was part of the excitement and I knew she would feel the same.

“If we go now I have to wear what I’ve got on. Is this alright?”

What would you like to be wearing?”

“How would you like to be in the club Mum?”

“Oh I don’t know. Accessible?”

“Go on. You must have thought about it.”

“I thought it would be nice if I didn’t wear my bra and panties.”

“Wonderful you have really thought about it haven’t you?”

She just beamed not missing the tightness at my zipper. She went quiet for a moment and then suddenly struck a note of caution.

“Maybe I shan’t feel like it when I actually get there. What happens of I get cold feet?”

I interpret that and suggest that we go to the club to watch the films. We will only play if she and I feel like it. That seemed to reassure her. I did not mention the option of leaving if she felt uncomfortable, but kept that to myself.

“Don’t go away Ian I need to go to the loo.”

I sat back in the sofa tense with the excitement of it all. The idea of taking any woman there was mind blowing but taking Mum was fantastic. I would need to remember not to call her by that. I had no idea how the punters would react to that situation.

Mum emerged from the loo. I immediately noticed the change. Her breasts were no longer standing out but flopped and swung gently as she strolled toward me. Her nipples were pressing hard against her blouse and she had undone a few buttons to reveal a slight cleavage. She had also renewed her makeup and her face made her look that just a bit more brazen. Her skirt, I realised, was a loose one at the hem but it was not possible to see whether she had removed her panties. I love the care she takes of herself and the potentiality of being sexual in public, albeit in the club. She is ready to go. We leave to the quiet unspoken astonishment of the men and some women in the pub who view her moving lilting breasts. She looks at one of the men and smiles as we go through the entrance. We walk in the summer warmth with my arm protectively around her waist. Anyone looking would just think I have a thing for older women. A few men passing by take surreptitious glances at Mum’s chest and one gives her the come on look.

“I like this Ian –being scanned sexually be all these men, particularly when I’m in the mood.”

We arrive at the club. The entrance door is open because of the heat. I am recognised by the man at the desk who acknowledges me.

We pay and go downstairs into the dark and warmth of the main corridor off which are two rooms, one slightly larger than the other, each in rows of seats holding twenty to thirty people. We go into the larger room. There is space in the front row of five seats and we sit in the middle seats. The front row lets us stretch our legs as well as being a place for others to observe what may be going on as well as participate.

Empty seats quickly fill beside us, next to Mum first, next to me, then behind us if there are any seats spare. The film is already running on a screen, large enough not to complain about seeing insufficient detail. The seats are now fully occupied. There is one isle down the side which soon fills near the front where we are sitting. Men also stand in the isle so that they can view along the rows as well as viewing the film. The atmosphere is charged simply by the presence of a woman, by the idea in every man’s head and groin that something might happen, but each is not sure. Any happening is up to the couple and in our case each of us. If Mum or I do not slot oyna feel it is just right, nothing will happen. So the atmosphere is charged in another sense, the sustaining presence of hopeful and excited men who are exercising constraint and the recognition that nothing will happen that is not wanted by either of us. The room gets to be crowded as men are leaving the other room having been informed there is a woman is in our room. The room can become charged in yet another sense too. Without being obtrusive, men are grouping in the isle and the physical pressure of men in a small and watching space can overflow so that Mum could feel crowded. One man easing himself to the front of the others can tip the emerging hopeful expectant atmosphere into a negative oppressive one that puts off either of us. This heaviness does not happen today.

We watch the film. After a while the man on the other side of Mum is rubbing his cock quite openly. He no doubt realises that Mum is not showing any sign as to how she may feel about it. Actually, I sense that she does not mind provided he keeps his hands to himself and does not wander over her. He does place his knee near hers but does not touch. Similarly, I notice that some of the men behind us are playing with themselves whilst looking at the video and her back. Sometimes the man directly behind us sits up to have a closer but still distant look at what we may be doing and at Mum’s cleavage and breasts still covered by her blouse.

I have my arm around her shoulders. We continue watching the film. The code is recognised that Mum does not wish to be touched by the men. The film is one which we both enjoy of a man and woman enjoying another woman who is being prepared for an anal fucking – which I’m sure touches one of Mum’s fantasies. She turns to me and whispers, “would you like to do that to me Ian?”

I squeeze her shoulders in agreement.

Movement. Mum lifts her hand to her blouse. She undoes a button then another. Another movement. She moves her leg nearest me nearer to my leg. The loose skirt separates at her direction and she slips her hand in her blouse. The skirt remains at her knee covering her thighs and legs. Slowly as the anal entry begins on the screen and in close-up, Mum begins to move her hand and fingers to masturbate her nipples. I remain with my arm around her shoulder, otherwise doing nothing. I feel excited by the idea and the fact of Mum pleasing, enjoying herself. She becomes fully absorbed by her own pleasure. All around us the men are concentrating on her whilst she engages with her own body. She undoes another button and removes her hand revealing substantial cleavage. She rests her hand with the other on her lap. It appears to be an invitation. Slowly the man behind her lifts a hand and gently strokes her bare shoulder near her neck. Mum doesn’t respond. He takes this as acceptance. He moves down her chest and over her curving breast. She intakes her breath very slightly as he slips his fingers round her nipple which I could see was totally stiff. She squeezes my hand telling me she is very ok about this invasion and looks to me to see how I am taking it. I squeeze her hand in total accord. The man next to her watches this in complete focus. I can see him calculating.

He moves his hand toward her and begins to stroke her stockinged thigh above her knee. She continues to look at the film. Getting brave he moves up her thigh to the top of her stocking. Her legs are still wide and exposed. Another man behind her moves to her other breast and is opening her blouse to lift out her floppy globes to everyone’s view. Her neighbour sliding his hand further up her thigh finds her dark bush totally in view and begins to stroke her moisture.

She closes her thigh at that point and turns to me.

“Ian I want you there, no one else yet.”

“Yes. Don’t worry we aren’t in a hurry.”

The man next to her felt thwarted. Realising that she slips her hand across his thigh and begins to stroke is hardened prick. He smiles and canlı casino siteleri gives in to an unexpected hand job. He is overcome. Mum recognising where he is hastens her pace. He goes over the top and shoots his load over his unfastened trousers. He groans, turns and thanks her and leaves. His place is taken by another man strategically placed to take that seat. The audience are now completely absorbed by her diversions. She is leaning back fully stretched out enjoying the by now multiple hands stroking her breasts. But she moves her own free hand to her nipples waving the other hands away but they ignore that. With her thighs wide open she slips her own hand down to her cunt. I signal to the stroking hands to leave off for a moment. They concur but most of those behind her are now standing up to watch. Men have also gathered at the front so she is surrounded by a bevy of men entranced by the spectacle. I have to signal to the men blocking the screen to move so she can still see the film that is partly getting off.

Mum is on her own journey and the audience is with her. As she falls in with her own reverie, I know I can now assist myself and the audience in their personal and unspoken but recognised collective reverie. Mum is now more aggressive with her clit fingers, pacing them to immerse herself more. I carefully lift her skirt off both her thighs to show off her smoothed, stocking thighs and the contrasting whiteness above her stockings. Men near her gasp and standing a little away can see her masturbating as many of them are now doing – some no doubt wishing she is looking at them, but it is the film she is watching as the anal becomes more anal.

I move the blouse off her shoulders. She is now free to help her breasts and nipples do as she wills. The skirt is open to her plump soft tummy and her legs are straight under her own created tension. Men are straining to look from the row behind without intruding into her space. One man is wanking himself apparently to the same rhythm as Mum. The men on either side of us and myself are moving our hands quickly.

I know and realise that her audience are also realising that she is intent. This is not what many of the men may have anticipated. They realise they are the audience in the truest sense – to enjoy Mum enjoying herself – she is there for her. Part of her enjoyment is to be seen, safely, engaged with her own beautiful body – knowing that she is being watched and that men are getting themselves off in the excitement of her presence.

There is a real quietness and expectation and hope that she will cum. They are silently wanking and willing her. Much of her body is on view now to all who can see and want to see. I am beside her. I know her. I know she can and may well come. My arm is still round her shoulder. Otherwise she is in her own body. My excitement is in the situation of Mum in herself and with all around us just watching and totally and deeply aroused by what she is doing.

Her finger pace is fast at her clit. She moves her hand across her breast squeezing and tightening her thumb and forefinger to each nipple to be hard on herself.

“Ian take hold of my other nipple please.” I take hold of her left nipple as she tightens her hold on the other. I twist really hard and she responds, “Oh fuck yes more.”

Her neck pins down harder on my arm. I feel the pressure of her head and neck now. Mum sharpens and fights the pace on her clit, willing the elusive cum to be here now. From her throat she lets a low, deep strangulated curling moan that grows into a tight louder heaving noise that is her cum and is the unintended (for everybody else) announcement for all that everybody there has been willing her to cum. She takes a time to come round and land.

Mum slowly pulls her blouse together, her skirt down a little and leans in to my shoulder to calm herself from the deep cum she experienced. I had never seen a woman masturbate in the club before. Men surrounding her were somewhat awed by the shared experience. They all sat back and one or two moved away to go.

We were quiet for awhile as she recuperated and cuddled against me. No one touched her, respecting her space. I and they wondered if she had had enough.

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