Coerced Sex At Its Finest

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Coerced Sex At Its Finest

A couple of months ago I accidentally stumbled onto a way to have non-consensual sex with strange women and to get away with it.

I just happened to see a beautiful woman coming home from a jog. She was quite wet from sweet. She took a key from under a flowerpot, unlocked her door, and put the key back.

I waited about five minutes and then let myself in. I listened carefully and heard some running water. I made my way to the back of the house and toward the noise. As I entered the bedroom I saw her jogging clothes scattered on the floor. I waited until the water stopped and she walked into her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her body and a second one wrapped around her head. I grabbed her from behind covering her mouth, tossing the towel around her body, and pinning her to the bed. I slipped my cock into her and fucked her until I came. She was in shock as I started taking pictures of her bent over the edge of the bed with my cum leaking out of her pussy. I flipped her over and took more pictures of her. Finally she started crying and begging me not to kill her. I told her to give me her driver’s license. Then I had her pose for lots of nude pictures in very sexy ways, including her sexy lingerie and her favorite toys. I told her to keep her mouth shut and no one would ever see her pictures, otherwise they would be spread all over the Internet. Before I left I fucked her face to face and had her suck my cock clean afterwards. Of course that involved more pictures. I knew that I would come back for another visit soon.

After that I was on constant look out for attractive women that were home alone. I saw husbands leave late at night to work the graveyard shift and knew that I would be fucking their wives or girlfriends soon.

I recorded a kitten meowing and would play it as I scratched on their back door. Sure enough in a few minutes the woman would open it up and then she was mine. I always bullied them down to the floor and fucked them quickly from behind just to gain that male superiority thing. Nudity was necessary too so they felt vulnerable. Pictures of them cooperating and sucking my cock were also mandatory.

The best part was that I was only fifteen years old and could not be tried as an adult even if I were caught.

I liked older women of about twenty-five to forty years old. I didn’t much care about anything else as long as I liked them at first glance. Girls my age didn’t excite me at all. I think I liked experienced women with something to loose if I exposed them to the world. The pictures made them keep the rapes a secret. Besides I liked casino oyna being in control.


Then last week I was cruising on my bicycle. I like how quiet it is and the fact that no one can hear you coming. Also, no one pays any attention to a kid on a bike.

Anyway I spotted a woman in a bikini working in her flower garden. All along the front of her house were rose bushes of various sizes and colors. She spent hours weeding, adding compost and fertilizer. She dug holes and planted some new bushes too.

I watched her from a distance, checking her out every time that I cruised down her street. I saw two other prospects but she seemed most likely to become my next target.

Later that afternoon I saw a man leaving for work. He got a ride from a friend and he was gone, leaving the woman alone. I waited an hour before moving in. My kitten sound and a light scratching did the trick as usual.

She was in a silky nightie to her ankles. I grabbed her from behind covering her mouth and forced her back inside twisting her arm up her back viciously for emphasis. She hardly struggled and even seemed to assist me slightly, unlike any of the others before her. I pushed her face first onto her kitchen table, lifted the back of her nightie up above her sweet ass, and then I shoved two fingers into her pussy to check for moistness. That woman was dripping wet so I shoved my cock into her, slamming my hips into her ass and listening to her cry out softly. Surprisingly she wasn’t trying to scream for help. I found her very exciting, maybe the most exciting one since the first woman, now that was exciting and my adrenaline had been on full blast.

After I came in that woman’s pussy I left my cock in her and pushed her nightie up her back until it caught on her tits and bunched up around her neck. She knew what I wanted and pulled it up over her head. I took a few pictures as my cock slipped out of her then I let her up and turned her around for more pictures. I clicked off one and then I saw who it was. She was Mrs. Cline one of the English teachers in my school.

Mrs. Cline said, “Frankie it’s you. Oh my God that was fantastic, just like I always fantasized that it would be. How did you know?”

I replied, “How did I know what?”

Mrs. Cline said, “How did you know that I have always wanted to be raped by one of my students?”

I replied, “But I’m not one of your students.”

Mrs. Cline said, “You will be when school starts back up in the fall. I got the student list yesterday.”

I said, “Well I still need pictures of you naked so that you won’t call the police.”

Mrs. Cline said, “Oh don’t worry about that. slot oyna I’ve always dreamed of this. Thank you so much. Now if only you can get my son to fuck me, then my entire life would be complete.”

True to her word Mrs. Cline posed nude for me, sucked my cock for pictures, and then let me preset my camera so that I could get her fucking me from on top. She was nothing like I had ever thought and she was nothing like my other conquests either.

Her son Tony came home right on time. She got one of Tony’s old ski masks, the kind with holes for your eyes and mouth. She called for him to come into her bedroom. I was standing there with a knife to her tits telling him to get undressed and that he was going to fuck his mother or else I was going to give her a mastectomy the hard way. She pleaded for him to do as I said. Tony started to undress so I pushed her onto her bed and watched as she opened her legs up for her son. He got closer to her and I backed up with the knife. Mrs. Cline pulled her son down on top of her and put his cock in her pussy. Then she wrapped her legs around his ass and fucked up into him like a woman possessed. I took pictures of the two of them fucking up a storm. After Tony got used to the idea of fucking his mother he didn’t care one way or the other if I were in the room or not.

I looked on as two people that were very much in love, made love. The barrier taboo of incest had been broken, the floodgates were open, and they fucked their brains out. He pounded into his mother’s pussy like he was trying to back in. She was thrusting back at him like she wanted to give birth to him again. I just smiled knowing that I was going to pass English next year.

Eventually Tony came in her for the second time after giving his mother countless orgasms. She clung to him, repeatedly told him that she loved him, and then thanked me profusely. I pulled off my mask and revealed myself to him.

That night I fulfilled the dreams of two people other than myself. However, I did help fulfill one more of her fantasies when I shoved my cock up her ass while her son was fucking her pussy again. Since he was also assigned to her English class she was double penetrated by two of her students. The continuation of that double fuck would be for her to eat the pussy of a female student while getting it from two of her male students at the same time. That could be interesting, especially if Margaret Hayes were the girl. Margaret was the prettiest girl in the whole school, the smartest girl in the whole school, and she had the biggest tits of any girl in the school. In other words she was absolutely perfect in every way. In fact she was the only younger canlı casino siteleri woman that I would want to rape…but that was not the way that I would want to take her.

For the rest of the summer I would stop by Mrs. Cline’s house for a good fuck, hell who was I kidding, they were all great fucks.

My attacks on other women slowed down considerably but they never stopped. I got much more selective, I found out who they were first, and I made sure that they were alone. Actually I started picking women out that worked at the grocery store, the bank, or even some elementary school teachers that Mrs. Cline told me about. She soon became an accomplice of mine.

One day while I was fucking Mrs. Cline I told her that I was madly in love with Margaret Hayes. She laughed and said that I didn’t stand a chance with Margaret and that her mother kept an awfully tight rein on her.

Then the very next day as I was slipping it to Mrs. Cline again as she told me that there might be a way for me to get to Margaret. Then she laid it all out for me. She would invite Margaret’s mother out to dinner, a movie, and a few drinks. They were sort of friends and had gone out together before. Then after the drinks I would come out from hiding in the back of her van and force her to drive to a secluded place where I would force her and Margaret’s mother to undress and start making out while I took pictures of them. Then after I was really excited I would fuck Margaret’s mother while forcing Mrs. Hayes to take our picture. Threatening to stab or shoot Margaret’s mother would make Mrs. Hayes cooperate with me. I would have to let Margaret’s mother see my face too so that she knew exactly who I was when I went to her house to pick up Margaret for our date.

It worked out perfectly. Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Cline made love as if they had done it a few times. I’d have to ask for details sometime. Seeing her naked was really nice too because she was just an older version of Margaret with a great body and even greater boobs. Fucking her wasn’t bad but she didn’t seem to be into cock but she enjoyed Mrs. Hayes’ pussy that was for sure. With the threat of making her pictures public Mrs. Hayes agreed to set me up with her daughter Margaret.

For Christmas that year Margaret gave me her virginity. My career as a rapist was over. With Mrs. Cline, Mrs. Hayes, and Margaret offering me sex all of the time I didn’t need anyone else. Oh yes, as to Mrs. Hayes offering me sex all of the time that was because if I had sex with her so would Mrs. Cline. They became very exclusive lesbian lovers with me slipping it to them whenever I wanted too. It turned out that I had a grasp of English and hardly had to study to pass, although it didn’t hurt any to have Mrs. Cline on my side.

The End
Coerced Sex At Its Finest

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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