Close My Corset, Now

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Mr and Mrs Waytes wear corsets. Both of them. Since the earliest days of their marriage.

Barbara had always worn classical, some might say old-fashioned, underwear and stockings held up by suspenders. For her wedding day, she ordered a proper corset and had her bridesmaids lace her into it. She looked amazing, with a smaller waist and smooth curved lines all around her figure from her breasts to her thighs. After that important day, she was hooked; and now has a large collection of corsets, girdles, waist-cinchers and corselettes.

Victor originally wore a brace to support his spine after an accident on the parallel bars, in the gym. Then he discovered the excitement that came from controlling his physique, and he ordered a made-to-measure boned and laced corset from a London maker. That was 8 years ago and, of course, Barbara encouraged him from his first suggestion.

Their corseted figures are not extreme, so far as the world can see. Barbara will walk around, do her domestic chores and shopping, travel and drive with a figure of 36D bust, 22-inch waist and 38-inch hips. Shapely but not outrageously so. Victor goes to work with a corset hidden under his business suit. His physique each day would be chest 42 inches, waist 26 inches and hips 36 inches. Again, not sufficient to arouse curiosity and he hides his figure-control carefully.

But at night, and every weekend, and for their special holiday times, the Waytes do things differently. It is then they change into their “togetherness corsets” for fun and pleasure. Barbara’s corset at these times has a waist of 18 inches and they will spend hours gradually lacing her into it.

With them both naked, she stands in front of the long mirror in their bedroom and Victor wraps the corset around her loosely. He is careful to line up the waist tape inside the corset with Barbara’s waist, and ensures that the front busk clips are straight and vertical. Then he puts the stiffened under-lacing panel between the laces and her skin at the back. Their conversation is always much the same.

“Lift your arms now,” Victor urges and Barbara rests her forearms across her head. This has the effect of lifting her breasts and some of her back flesh into the correct position for lacing.

“Take a deep breath; hold it; and now breathe out,” he instructs her, and she complies as always.

As her breath starts out from her mouth, he takes up the slack in the laces all the way from her waist down to the bottom edge across her hips. Then from the waist up to the top edge across her shoulder blades. And finally, he pulls through all the lace at her waist until the corset is just resting on her skin. It is now open at her waist by about five inches, although less at top and bottom . That is the reduction he will achieve over the next minutes and hours.

“Take another deep breath; hold it; and now breathe out,” he repeats to her.

Even as she starts to breathe out, Victor crosses over the laces and hauls on them at her waist, exerting as much leverage as he dares without straining the fabric or risk pulling out one of the metal eyelets.

Barbara’s waist reduces by more inches and is now about 22 inches: her usual daily size. There are still 4 inches remaining to be reduced but they rest at this point and take some pleasure.

Victor is still naked and flexible, so he leads her to the bed and she kneels on the edge, with her knees as far apart as she can get them. With no further preparation or invitation, Victor finds that she is moist and hot as he enters her from behind. He holds her corseted waist and squeezes a little to show that there is much more to be reduced. And then he shags back and forth into her, to the pleasure of them both. He is careful not to ejaculate in her. This would be far too soon.

He withdraws from her and pushes her to lie down, on her front. Moving up the bed with her, he straddles her thighs, presses his erection down between her thighs and upwards towards her labia, and slowly re-enters her. She likes this position.

“Hmm,” she murmurs, “move more. Don’t stop.”

She opens her thighs a little more to allow him greater access to her body, and he takes her as deeply as possible. Thrusting into her prone figure which is hardly affected by the corset she is wearing so loosely.

It is Barbara who reaches an orgasm and he is relieved that he can retain his own pleasure for later.

“Ooooh. Aaargh,” she cooes to herself, “that was lovely.”

Now is the time for more lacing. Victor lifts himself into a kneeling-straddling position again, without putting his entire weight on her thighs. Reaching down to the corset, he unties the bow he made 30 minutes earlier, and begins further lacing. Barbara is only half-conscious and only half-aware or what casino oyna he is doing; her orgasms always have this effect for some minutes. He does not bother with breathing instructions for two important reasons; they both want that corset closed on her and also he now wishes to get dressed himself and her reduction comes first.

This time not slowly, nor gently to be truthful, he reaches down to her waist and tightens the corset; until it is open by only one inch at the bottom edge. This he achieves with two great heaves on the laces and her lower abdomen is shaped and crushed. She lets out an involuntary gasp of surprise and tension.

“Aghh. Wow. You really know how to treat a lady,” and she giggled through her orgasmic haze and the tension of the corset.

With no delay, Victor grasps the laces for the upper part of the corset and raises himself by his thigh muscles as he keeps them tight in his fists. With just two more heaves, he closes the top edge. Now there is an oval-shaped opening down the corset’s back, indicating that there is still a sizeable reduction to be achieved at her waist.

“Open your legs more,” he orders, and she tried to do so against the grip of the corset on her hips.

He presses his erection into her again, from behind, pleased with himself that he has retained his tumescence during this hour.

“Ready?” he askes her. They both know that her reply is immaterial. He is going to close this corset on her. Usually, Barbara might give a “Umm” sound. On this occasion, she gives the sentence he likes to hear;

“Close my corset, now.”

He presses his erection as far into her as he can reach through the cushion of her buttocks. Taking hold of the two loops of corset laces, crosses them over and pushes outwards, leaning forward as he does so.

Urging his erection forward, he brings together the two sides of the oval opening. In his mind he is counting: 21 inches, 20½ inches, 20 inches, 19½ inches, 19 inches and so on as the minutes go by. This is not, could not be a crash program of waist reduction. He knows he must take care of Barbara whilst also enjoying her and her new figure.

In his imagination, rather than his rational mind, he sees himself as lacing his wife onto his erection. Screwing her body down so that she encompasses his stiffness until she will be impaled and immobile on the end of his groin.

Barbara’s reduction goes on as he thinks and feels their situation: 18¾ inches, 18½ inches 18¼ inches, and finally 18 inches. After two hours, she is shaped and enclosed in this magnificent corset. Black satin over two strong cotton denim interlinings and a softer black cotton lining next to her skin. It has 36 bones to keep the fabric straight and prevent twisting or ruching. That is the purpose of corset bones; not any pressure they might exert on the wearer. The tighter the corset, the more bones are needed to control the fabric. So this corset is rigid on her wonderful shaped torso, crushing her waist, but allowing freedom with almost her natural measurements at breasts and hips.

Victor can reach round her waist with his hands; touching his fingers and thumbs at back and front. He does this now and plunges into her with the erection which seems encouraged further by the sight of the astonishing figure underneath him.

Barbara is lying flat on her front with her head turned to one side, gasping for breath, and her arms flung out either side. This is the picture of a man shagging deeply and vigorously into an unmoving female figure of almost unbelievable feminine shape.

“I can’t move at all,” she gasps, “it’s wonderful.”

After a few minutes, Victor slows and withdraws.

“My turn for the corset; yes?” he queries.

“Hurry back into me,” Barbara gasps some more. She knows that he will move differently when fully laced into his own corset; and also that she will undergo an ordeal as a result. She has experience.

Quickly, and with practiced skill, Victor wraps his special “togetherness corset” about his torso and fastens the seven front busk clips. It is also black, covered in a figured brocade; and also constructed of four layers of fabric. Although the laces are at the back, his years of practice allow him to tighten the corset to within two inches of closing his waist and fitting on his physique perfectly at chest and hips. His waist is now 24 inches, contained in a corset of 16 panels and 36 bones to preserve the shape. When he closes the gap, over the next hour or two, his waist will be only 22 inches. Then he will be in an ecstatic agony, with his guts twisting and griping, but that will come later.

Barbara has been watching him don the tight corset and can wait no longer.

“Please come back in me, now,” she pleads, although she partly dreads some slot oyna of the consequences.

Victor climbs onto the bed and sits across her thighs again. His erection seems to be impelled by extra force and pressure from inside the corset. He is at his biggest when they are together like this.

He leans forward onto his arms outstretched near her armpits. He guides himself between her buttocks, down the slit of her labia and so into her waiting vagina. He pushes and enters, and she mews like a kitten.

“Oooh. Mmm. Oh yes,” she mutters and he is encouraged to plough her further.

But his position cannot be sustained with the corset pressing on his intestines and making his spine rigidly straight. He must either sit up or lie down; there is no in-between. They both know that he will lie down on her, and so he does. Full length and full weight, with his hands pulled back to hold her tiny waist.

All he can do in this situation is pull back on her waist and jerk his body as hard as possible with his toes pressing into the bed either side of her feet. Quickly he develops a rhythm to get his erection as deeply into her as possible whilst holding the tiny waist and pressing his own corseted body down onto hers. His pleasure is in his erection but also through his hands and in his chest as he bounces onto the lacing of her hard corset.

For Barbara, this is pleasure mixed with pain. She feels the enormous erection pressing into and pulling out of her slippery vagina, and she knows that another orgasm is coming soon. But the weight on her tightened body, the grips of his hands on her tiny waist, the bucking and plunging of his body are all knocking the air out of her lungs. She is gasping for breath and she can hear her own pulse in her ears. Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are staring again; as if they will fall out of her head. The corset crushed her and now Victor is crushing her also. She longs for the orgasm to reach its peak, so that she will relax and let him take over; do whatever he wishes with her in her post-sex-coma.

It has happened to them before and now it is happening again. Barbara works towards an orgasm that shakes her body inside the corset; so much so she wonders why the corset doesn’t burst right open. But it doesn’t, and her orgasm travels through her over a five-minute period. Starting high up in her chest, between her breasts, it slowly sinks into her torso and presses on her stomach and her guts; then into her vagina. Finally with a spasm, the orgasm blasts its way into her clitoris and groin; and round her thighs and up her spine, contained as it is in the ferocious corset.

“Aaargh. Yes! Oh, yes,” she gasps, before collapsing; spent and all energy drained from her. Eyes closed and breathing deeply. Lips parted, smiling. If there is discomfort, she cannot feel any right now. Only the pleasure of satisfied sex.

But Victor must work some more, and he does. Bucking and plunging into this shapely woman, he feel his own climax coming. Down near his testicles and around his anus, he can tell it is imminent.

He grasps her waist even more firmly; he tugs her onto himself as he searches higher and higher inside her with his bulging erection.

He must have her now. Must fill her now. Must empty himself now. Into her.

He does not know how he is moving so vigorously within the confinement of his corset, but he doesn’t care. His orgasm is almost here. And now it is here. With one almighty extra thrust, he feels his load of sperms and juices pour into her in fours hard squirts. She is filled. He is emptied.

He collapses full weigh onto her and lets go of her waist. She has the air squashed from her body and stops breathing for a few seconds; until he rolls to one side. She is released from the weight and breathes again.

Slowly, they both recover. Victor rolls towards her and kisses Barbara’s hair and her ear. She turns her head to him and smiles; they kiss with faces next to each other on the bed. They both know that the final part of this together-time is soon to be completed. It will be the closure of Victor’s corset to his minimum waist of 22 inches.

It has been 3 hours since Barbara’s waist was crushed into her corset. Her waist, hips, thighs and most of her legs are numb. If there is discomfort, she can feel nothing of it. She is now simply a heart and a brain functioning in a closed shell of fabric, bones and laces.

Victor gets off the bed and helps her to stand. Turning his back on her he loosens the knot that has kept his laces tight this past hour or so. As he crosses them over at his back, holding one lace in each hand, Barbara also takes a hold on them. He tenses himself for the pressure that is to come.

“Ready?” he asks and she says she is, “so pull. Now.”

They canlı casino siteleri pull outwards together and the laces begin to close the 2-inch gap. It cannot be done in one move, so they take hold again, a little closer to the gap.

“Pull, now,” he says.

He can feel the increasing pressure on his intestines, his pulse also can be heard in his head, he knows that he is close to his anatomical limit. But a third time he says, “Pull, now.”

With a final fractional lurch, the gap closes and Barbara takes a quick loop to make a knot at his back.

Victor’s waist is now smaller than almost every woman in the country. For him, it is an erotic experience to be so contained and enclosed. This corset is vicious and it affects his body in ways he can only imagine; but doesn’t want to know in detail. For him, the sexual excitement overwhelms all other considerations. His erection shows the effect on his libido. He is rigid again; longer and thicker than at any other time in his life.

But his waist is screaming at him. The tightness and the pressure is a form of agony. His skin nerves are shrieking under the assault of the corset and its terrible crushing compression.

His intestines are in revolt and he knows that they will empty out of his anus in a short time if he lets it go on long enough. It’s happened before and he has other plans for the short time he’s got in this torturous corset.

He takes hold of Barbara’s hands and helps her to kneel in front of him, where she takes hold of his hips in his corset. Opening her mouth widely she accepts his erection as deeply as she can. For Barbara Waytes, that is very deep indeed. She is well-practised with deep throat and takes his tumescent organ to the back of her throat and down to her larynx. For just five seconds, she holds him at that depth and then leans backward to bring his corona to her front teeth. Those five seconds seem like hours to Barbara who is herself corseted more tightly than any woman about whom she’s ever heard. Her breathing is shallow and her concentration is limited by the fierce demand of her own corset. She knows that this pleasure for Victor will last as long as it takes for him to ejaculate into her throat; and sometimes it can take 15 minutes or more. Every time they do this for each other, she fears she will collapse exhausted, or else that he will expel the contents of his bowels over his feet, or else his own tortured waist will compel him to stop.

On this occasion, Barbara’s body is shouting in her head, “No more, No more. Stop now. I shall pass out in a few seconds. Stop now.”

Victor’s waist is screaming at him, “Let me out. I can’t take this any longer. I am being crushed to death. This is suicide. Stop now.”

It is an ecstatic pain for both of them. They fear it and dread every second that is to be endured; but also wish it to last a lifetime.

Then, with an almighty rush, his ejaculation takes them both by surprise; just as Barbara has him at her deepest extend. Into her larynx, and down into her stomach, Victor shoots another load of his sperms and juices.

She wonders to herself in her dazed and only semi-mental state, “Where does he get it all from? How can one man make so much?”

And also she thinks, “My god, he’s finished and I can relax soon. Please let him finish quickly.”

He pulls out of her throat gently and with rapidly reducing hardness. She stretches her head up to let him out and then offers up her hands for his help to stand. “If I’m able to stand,” she thinks to herself.

She does stand and together they go back to the bed. Victor helps her lie down and then joins her. Still packed hard into their corsets, they lie side-by-side to recover and to enjoy what remains of their sensations of extreme tight-lacing. They hold hands as if they were naïve and cautious lovers; quite the opposite of their obsessive sensuality, of course.

They both touch their own figures and marvel through the rigid compression at the waist-attenuations they have achieved. For a few minutes, maybe half an hour, they revel in their achievement and their shared pleasures. Sometimes, Victor will prop himself on one elbow and clumsily lean across to kiss her breasts; prevented by the corset from any kind of bodily flexibility. Today, they lie there until they agree to undress; until Victor decides his bowels need to empty and preferably in the bathroom!

And that is their life together in corsets, in bed, and in each other’s special knowledge.

Actually, Mr and Mrs Waytes have two other corsets that they have not yet worn. Not yet dared to wear. Not even dared to speak about it.

Barbara’ s has a waist of only 14 inches. Victor’s is 18 inches.

It is their plan to lace each other into these corsets one day. Or is it only a shared fantasy? Perhaps it is a shared dread but one which will be carried out because that’s what compulsive fetish is all about; isn’t it?

Only time will tell. And I shall tell you, if they do it.

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