Casie’s Very Happy Birthday Ch. 02

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A continuous sound pulled Aili from her dream. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw her sisters eating each other out while the video they had made of Casie and Connor played on the big screen across the room. The horny little brats must have started attacking each other after it caused them to become hot and bothered. Their moans filled the room as they sucked and licked each others clits, they appeared to have been going at it for awhile. Still unaware that she was awake, Aili slipped easily out of the bed. Quietly, she loaded a new memory card into the camera that was still framed for the whole bed and turned it on. Tip toeing to her walk in closet, she shortly returned to the room wearing a good sized strap on. Creeping back over, she stood in front of the camera and pointed from the purple strap on cock she wore to her sisters on the bed. Holding her finger to her lips as if she was telling the camera to be quiet, she stroked the phallus as though it were real before she crept back into bed.

Careful not to alert them to her presence she moved up behind Ceira. Aili lined up the cock without touching her and when she felt the time was right, plunged it all the way into her sisters unsuspecting pussy. “Oh my fucking God! Holy shit!” Ceira screamed. She looked over her shoulder at Aili and exclaimed, “Are you insane? I nearly died from shock.”

“What happened Ceira?” Casie asked.

“Our lovely sister gave me a surprise. A nice thick silicone cock surprise. I guess we can let her join in, so scoot up and take care of her, sweetness.” Casie did as she was asked and started exploring Aili’s moist pussy.

Aili told Ceira, “You’d better do all the work, if I fuck you Casie won’t be able to eat me out properly.”

“Oh you lazy bitch!” she exclaimed teasingly as she began to rock back and forth and roll her hips. It didn’t take long for Ceira to reach her first orgasm. Her legs began to tremble as she forced herself more frantically onto the strap on. She gave up pleasuring Casie with her mouth and began rubbing her clit instead. Ceira’s moans were breathy rasps of joy, as if she were drowning in pleasure. Soon even her precious Casie had fallen by the wayside, as all she could do was hold on and ride the wave of pleasure she was on.

“Fuck me faster. Please I’m So close! Make me cum Aili!”

As Casie slid out from under them she moved in front of Ceira as Aili began to slam the toy rapidly into Ceira’s pussy. Casie began kissing and caressing her sister’s body. While Aili grabbed Ceira’s hips and started working the dildo in and out of her. Casie reached underneath Ceira’s body and rubbed her clit.

“I love you both so casino siteleri much!” Ceira cried as she flung her head forward and dropped her upper body to the bed. She rocked her hips rapidly as Aili pounded her pussy and squeezed her ass. Casie’s fingers danced around Ceira’s clit, driving her even crazier. Ceira’s body was nearly in constant orgasm as she spasmed again and again.

“Who’s the best sister you’ve ever had Ceira?” Aili asked as she slapped her ass hard. “Hmm?” She slapped her ass with both hands hard, until she received the answer she wanted. Ceira moaned, “Love Casie more. But you fuck me best. Have more experience.” She paused to catch her breath, then said to Casie: “You’ll learn sweetness, then you’ll always be my best.” as she reached out and grabbed her hand.

“Good enough for me,” Aili told her and pulled her upright and began whispering in her ear, kissing her neck. Her thrusts became harder and as Ceira began to breath heavier. She reached down and pressed firmly on her clit and wiggled her finger. Ceira howled and thrashed as a huge orgasm broke over her. Her eyes rolled back as her mouth hung open. If Aili wasn’t holding her she would have collapsed on the bed, her body shook uncontrollably. Aili guided the strap on out of Ceira’s overworked pussy tenderly held her tired sister in her arms until she was finished.

“Wow, that was awesome Aili, can I be next!?” Casie asked excitedly. Guilelessly, she crawled over and began to suck the strap, moaning and slurping as she went cleaned it.

“You really are something else Casie.”Aili told her as she could only watch as her little sister kept sucking on the toy. As Ceira’s trebling subsided Aili laid her down and kissed her telling her to rest. Ceira raised her head slightly and mumbled, “I love you both so much.” There was more, but they couldn’t make anything else out before she passed out.

Sitting in front of Aili, Casie cocked her head to one side and asked, “are you going to fuck me now or what?”

“What kind of monster have I helped create? I will shortly. Give me a break for a few minutes. By the way where is Connor?”

“I don’t know, he wasn’t here when we woke up. So we watched my movie and got excited, one thing lead to another, and we started making out.”

“Yes, I gathered that part. Oh shit! Speaking of movies!” Aili hopped out of bed and stopped the camera. She switched out the memory card again.

“Would you like to watch our movie?”.

“No, I’d like to have sex some more.”

“How about a compromise? How about we watch the movie together, which is part of your present anyway, while I play with you, and when I’m ready slot oyna I’ll fuck you. Deal?”

“Okay, as long as you leave it on the whole time. I don’t want to wait for you to put it on.”

“Fine, you little sex maniac. I’ll just get the video and be right back.”

It didn’t take Aili long to find the memory card. She switch the memory cards out of the T.V. and started the movie. When she had gotten herself into a comfortable position she had Casie lay on top of her facing the same way. Seeing as how she was shorter her head was next to Aili’s and the strap on stuck up between Casie’s legs. Casie wiggled and humped the dildo, until it was wedged between her pussy lips.

“Okay, no more fidgeting for awhile. Try to stay still, Casie.”

With that said Casie started watching the video. Aili slowly dragged her fingertips across her sister’s pale flesh causing goosebumps to rise. First down her sides and across her little belly, which made her giggle, then up the other side grazing her breast. Casie’s breathe caught. Aili softly brush her lips against Casie’s neck, smelling her strawberry blonde hair before planting a light kiss just below her ear. She whispered to Casie telling her beautiful she was, describing all her features as she continued to lovingly caress her supple ivory skin. She ran her fingertips around each of her breasts, spiraling in towards her pink nipples, which appeared almost red in contrast to her skin. Casie was panting heavily due to the video of them all together and Aili’s touch.

Aili slowly drew the strap-on down and let it slowly slide back up just once, causing Casie’s breath to catch. She moan, “mmm” as Aili’s finger skimmed her clit suddenly. That brief touch and she was gone as her older sister’s hands expertly teased her body. All the stimulation was really starting to effect her and she couldn’t stay still anymore. She wiggled and bucked against the strap-on between her legs. Soon even that wasn’t enough and she began to beg.

“Aili please fuck me, please! I want my big sister to make me feel so good.”

“Oh you beg so politely. How bad do you want it?” Ali purred.

“So bad. I need it so bad! Please Aili!” Cassie screamed.

“Give me a kiss first.” Aili said with a wry smile.

Casie moved, turning her head and lifting her body to kiss her sisters lips. As they kissed, Aili slid the strap-on down and thrust it inside Casie’s over-excited pussy. Casie felt it enter her body. She inhaled sharply, intensifying their kiss. She dropped her hips, afraid Aili would quickly slide it back out. As the kiss ended Casie sat up quickly, trapping the toy inside her.

“Oh yes! That’s canlı casino siteleri it.” Casie cried out as she ground herself on the toy inside her and rocked her hips. Aili reached out and ran her hands up and down her sibling’s smooth back, “Slow down Casie. Take your time. That’s it, take long, smooth strokes. How does that feel, sweet sister?”

“Good, so good.”

Aili could tell. She stroked Casie’s back and her skin began to prickle with goosebumps. Casie threw her head back with a moan making her hair cascade around her shoulders and spill down her back. The slower pace made her passion smolder driving her to a newer plateau of sexual desire than Connor had showed her. The difference was amazing, with him it had been like a bolt of lightening fast, powerful and gone in a flash. This felt more like spending the day at the beach, a gentle warmth that built to and unbearable heat. She basked in the feeling of it, toyed with making it change by how fast or slow she went, exploring how each in turn made her feel. She was lost in the internal world that Aili had brought her to.

She felt like she was spinning and tumbling through a void, in reality Aili was only repositioning her so they would be facing one another. Gaining access to Casie’s breasts, Aili began by flicking her tongue around one of her little sister’s nipples and rubbed the other with the thumb of her other hand. Aili stroked her sister’s cheek and brushed her hair out of her face with her free hand. Loving, she cupped Casie’s cheek and ran a thumb across her trembling lips. Casie sucked Aili’s thumb and moaned when Aili removed her thumb from Casie’s mouth. Casie then pulled her into a passionate kiss. Her kiss was wet and wild with need, her tongue invaded Aili’s mouth powerfully, twirling and sucking, driven by desire.

Casie couldn’t take the long slow pace any longer her need was too great now. Her eyes re-focused and with a soft low growl as she forced herself down onto the thick toy fast and hard. The transformation was shocking and erotic to Aili as her sweet sister forced her to the bed and railed herself onto the strap-on. She reached out and found Casie’s clit and did her best to keep her finger on it as she ravaged herself on the toy inside her.

Casie placed her hands on Aili’s chest. Aili thought to steady herself at first, but instead Casie began to grope her breasts, not lovingly, but with animalistic need. Aili gasped excitedly as her bent and bit her nipple, squeezing the other one hard. Casie gasped suddenly, moaned and collapsed on top of Aili as she came hard. Aili held her to her chest as she had for Ceira, stroking her back softly, and whispered how much she loved her. She murmured to her how well she had done. Removing the strap-on from Casie’s spent body, Aili reached around and opened Casie quivering love tunnel for the camera and gave it a thumbs up as she smiled into it.

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