Caribbean Holiday Ch. 06

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Penny is leaving Jamaica in a couple of hours. Irina and I will miss her. She has been a lot of fun and excitement for the past couple of days. She also loves to fuck anytime or anywhere. It’s hard to believe that only three days ago she had only had sex with one man and never been topless before, let alone naked on a beach full of people. My cock is getting hard thinking about her blowjobs.

Penny and my wife, Irina, are both topless having breakfast with me on the beach. I can’t help but tell Penny how good her tanned tits look compared to the milk white color they were. Cupping her 38C tits in both hands and looking at them, she agrees. Irina and I shaved her little pussy last night. Now it is so soft and smooth. I enjoyed watching my cock going in and out of her bare pussy lips.

After we saw Penny off to the airport we decided to go to the nude island for the day. Both of us like it there. We can go naked all day and only couples are allowed on the island. Best of all, its never crowded. We were the only couple this morning going to the island. The boat driver said today was market day in Negril Beach and most of the guest went there today. On arrival we collected a cooler full of beer and some sandwiches and went to the far end of the island. I set up our sun beds, umbrella, table, put some music on, opened a Red Stripe and started reading my book.

I woke up hearing people talking. Looking towards the beach I saw Irina talking with a black guy and an Asian girl. Irina and the girl were lying half in and half out of the water chatting away while the guy was setting up their sun beds. The Asian girl was so small compared to Irina’s 5’8. She looked to be about 10 years old. Her tits had to be 30 or 32 max. I could see she had very dark small nipples. Her air was blue black and hung past her waist. The black guy was light colored for a black and looked athletic.

I dozed off again to be woken by Irina telling me it was time for a swim and some lunch. The Asian girl was with Irina and her name was Chris. Chris was born in Japan and now lived in Vancouver, Canada. She was 26 years old and a dentist. She still looks 10 years old. She looks so small beside Irina. She had some beautifully proportioned tits and a small little black pussy I would love to fuck. Chris said her husband’s name was Jim and was an attorney from London. He was out snorlking. My cock always thinks for itself when a strange naked girl is standing in front of it. When I stood up to go with them into the sea, my cock was pointing the way. Irina took hold of my cock, telling Chris not to pay any attention to her husband, he is casino oyna always horny. I could tell that Irina liked Chris by the way they were carrying on. I liked Chris too.

Once in the water I woke up. Irina was in a very playful mood rubbing her tits against me and pulling on my cock. Jim came back from snorlking smiling and excited with the reef and its fish. We were standing around in the water and talked about snorlking, Europe and Jamaica. It was their fifth year anniversary and first holiday in three years.

Irina and Chris steered us towards the beach for some cold beers and sandwiches. Jim and I followed the girls towards our sun beds getting a great view of the girl’s asses. Irina has a great tight ass. I can always see her blond pussy hair below the cheeks of her ass. I turned to Jim to ask if he wanted a beer and could not believe my eyes. He had a huge black cock swinging between his legs that made Allen’s look normal. It was big around as my wrist and long as my arm. Now I knew why Irina was so happy and horny.

We sat on our sun beds having lunch and beers. Chris and Jim were setting across from us. They were a great couple and we enjoyed their company but Irina and I could not stop sneaking looks at Jim’s huge cock. His cock was hanging half way to the sand when he was sitting on the edge of the sun bed. His balls looked like softballs. I asked them if they go to nude beaches at home. Jim said no that they could not, due to their jobs and community opinions towards dentist and attorneys.

In fact, this is the first time he or Chris had ever been naked on a beach. They were being very natural about it. They had talked about going to a nude beach but never did partly due to the size of his cock. Jim said since he was a small boy everyone had always stared at his cock and made jokes. I had to ask him, “how big is your cock.” He laughed and said too big. It scared most women and they never went out with him but once. Till he met Chris. She loved him for his himself and his personality. OK, but how big is it? Chris smiled and said that sometimes it gets to 13 inches and that soft, like now, it was 8 inches. It was 6 inches around. I was looking at her sweet little pussy and could not believe Jim’s cock would fit in there. No way.

Chris took out some joints and asked us if we smoked. We told her not since we lived in Spain. After a couple of joints we were all silly. The beer was going down very good with the joints. Irina always sits with her legs folded under her, which gives a great unobstructed view of her pussy. Her pussy slit and clit sticking out is visible through slot oyna her blond hair. Right now it was a wet slit and a hard clit. And Jim was looking at Irina’s pussy.

We were all getting very wasted on the joints. Jim’s cock was growing. I told him that pot has always made my cock hard as a rock for hours. He said his too. I was watching Jim’s cock in disbelief. It was lying beside his leg and it was almost to his knee. Irina was caressing her own tits and leaning closer to Jim to see his cock. Irina asked Chris how does she take that cock in her pussy. Chris said she could not take very much of it, only a couple of inches. It was too big around. Irina and Chris were stoned out of their minds. They were dancing and running around getting beers and rolling joints. Jim and I had hard cocks watching them and smoking more joints.

Irina had the joint and sat on the edge of the sun bed between Jim and Chris. She asked if anyone wanted a shotgun. She put the lit end of the joint into her mouth and leaned into Chris’s face and blew a long stream on smoke into her mouth. She then turned toward Jim and leaned towards him, her beautiful tanned 36C tits pressed into his arm and her little white hand on his thigh. She was touching his black cock with the back of her fingers. His cock jerked at her touch. She blew a long stream on smoke into Jim’s waiting mouth, their lips touching. Her fingers were slowly moving along his thigh and cock. Jim took the joint and gave Irina a shotgun. Her tits were swollen and her nipples were out a good inch. Chris got up to get some beers. She came back she sat beside me and said she was having a good time. She was very stoned and had her hand on my thigh inches from my throbbing cock. Irina was still next to Jim sharing the joint. I told Chris that Irina would love to hold Jim’s cock. She said that was OK with her.

Jim had always had fantasies of a white girl playing with his cock. Irina moved her hand onto Jim’s cock and it came to life in her hand. Irina got on her knees between Jim’s legs giggling like a little girl with a new puppy. She held his big black cock up and started stroking it from top to bottom. Her little white hand did not come close to going all the way around his huge cock. She put some sun oil on her hands and started giving it long slow strokes. Jim had one hand on her tits playing with Irina’s nipple. I was so excited watching Irina with a huge Black cock in her hands.

I knew she was going to suck Jim’s black cock and fuck him also. I had pre-cum flowing from my cock and it was all over my cock and Chris’s hand. I told Chris I was going to canlı casino siteleri cum. She put my cock all the way into her mouth, stopping at the base. Her nose was touching my balls. No girl had ever taken my entire cock in her mouth. I started cuming like never before. Cum was running out of Chris’s mouth. She said she loves to suck cock but can’t suck Jim’s because it’s too big. Then she turned around and sat down on my cock taking all of it up her little pussy. We were both watching Irina.

Jim had watery pre-cum flowing out of his black cock and down onto his big balls. His black cock was covered and it was all over Irina’s hands. She started rubbing his cock all over her face and tits till they were wet, Irina loves to suck cock. She started kissing the end of his cock running her tong around the opening. This had Jim going crazy. She opened her mouth and took a couple inches of his big black cock in her mouth. Irina started cuming in spasms. She took a little more and a little more till she had about 6 inches of his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched over his black cock. I started cuming again. Jim’s balls stared dancing and cum flowed out of Irina’s mouth in white streams down his black cock like a river.

She was using both hands to stroke his big cock up and down quickly, draining him dry. There was cum everywhere. Irina stood up and stood over Jim. She squatted down over him holding his huge black cock up to her pussy slit. The purple black tip disappeared inside of her blond pussy and she stopped, looking at Chris sitting on my cock, telling Chris it hurt so good. Irina pushed down and more of Jim’s cock disappeared. She stopped again to catch her breath. Chris was now fucking me with long slow strokes while watching Irina fuck her husband. She had a wonderful hot pussy. Irina pushed down again and 8 or 9 inches of his black cock was inside. Irina started cuming again. She took another inch and said no more. Chris and I were cuming again.

Irina started to fuck Jim with long slow strokes. Jim was saying “dam, dam she is fucking me” “fucking white girl is fucking me” “fuck my black cock” Jim had a white tit in each of his big black hands. Both of them started cuming. When they stopped Irina slowly rose up, there was a popping noise as Jim’s cock came out of her pussy. Jim’s cum was streaming out of Irina’s pussy. Jim’s black cock was covered in white cum. Chris and Irina went away giggling into the sea to cleanup. Jim said he had not been fucked like that in years.

We spent the remaining day together. I fucked Chris a couple of more times. She loves my 8 inches and had not been fucked in a long time. Irina played with and sucked Jim’s cock a few times making him cum. She did not fuck him again and did not want to. She said once was enough.

Jamaica has been fun every day. I was wondering about tomorrow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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