Cara, Daddy, and Uncle Johnny Ch. 02

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“That’s my good girl,” Daddy growled in my ear.

I sat on his lap, my legs spread across his legs, wide open for my Uncle Johnny in front of me. I could feel Daddy’s hard cock through his pants, pressed against my back, and my Uncle Johnny was starting to stroke his big dick in front of me.

“You’d like that, pun’kin?” Uncle Johnny asked. “You’d like for me and your daddy to teach you how to make us feel good?”

“Yes, please, Uncle Johnny,” I told him, while cuddling back against Daddy.

Daddy’s rough hands held my big breasts, continuing to squeeze them, rolling the nipples between his thick fingers. I couldn’t get enough of the way he was playing with them!

“I love the way you’re playing with my breasts, Daddy,” I told him shyly. “I want to make you and Uncle Johnny feel that good, too.”

Daddy groaned, squeezing my breasts tighter as he hugged me back to his chest. Uncle Johnny stood up from his crouch on the floor, dropping his pants and boxers as he stood. He pulled his shirt off over his head, and I could see his hard abs, the v of his hips, and most importantly, his big, thick cock was now jutting out in front of my face. I’d seen Uncle Johnny shirtless before – we swam in our backyard pool all the time – but it was different seeing him fully unclothed. Hot. Forbidden. And fascinating. I couldn’t stop looking at him, and couldn’t wait to put my hands, mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, and the rest of my body all over him.

Uncle Johnny held his dick in his hand, spreading the precum around the head and down his shaft, stroking it as he stepped closer to me. I saw him exchange a look with Daddy behind me, and they must have come to some kind of agreement because Uncle Johnny stepped even closer, between Daddy and my spread legs, and aimed his dick at my lips.

“Have you ever sucked cock before, princess?” Daddy asked me, low in my ear, sending shivers down my back.

I shook my head, looking up at Uncle Johnny. “No, Daddy,” I said quietly.

While Uncle Johnny stroked his dick with his right hand, his left hand caressed my cheek. I turned my head to press a kiss to his palm, and he smiled down at me.

“Don’t worry, casino siteleri pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny told me. “Your daddy and I will teach you all about how to suck dick.”

He brought the tip of his dick to my lips and started to rub it gently back and forth across my lips, spreading his precum on them.

“We’ll be nice and patient with you,” he said, “and give you lots of practice.”

“How’s that sound, baby girl?” Daddy asked me.

I nodded my head just a little bit, mesmerized by the feel of the soft skin on Uncle Johnny’s penis against my lips. One of Daddy’s hands left my breasts to slide up my chest to cup my neck. I felt a thrill run down to my clit at how cherished I felt, in the arms of my daddy, while my Uncle Johnny looked at me so tenderly.

My tongue darted out to taste Uncle Johnny’s precum, and he groaned at the feel of my little pink tongue against his cockhead.

“Oh god, baby,” he gasped. “Open up for me, sweetheart.”

I parted my lips just enough to have Uncle Johnny slip the tip of his dick inside. Both he and Daddy groaned at the sight of my red lips parted around Uncle Johnny’s big cock. I brought my hands up to Uncle Johnny’s bare thighs, feeling the crisp leg hairs and hard muscle beneath my palms, while I licked the slit at the tip of his dick, swirling my tongue around to taste more of his salty cum.

“That’s it, baby,” Uncle Johnny said. “Get it nice and wet with your tongue.”

“Open up a little wider, princess,” Daddy told me, gently stroking my neck. “Cover your teeth with your lips so you don’t scrape against him.”

I opened my mouth wider, letting more of Uncle Johnny’s dick into my mouth. I didn’t have much experience with dicks, but I knew his seemed large, only a little smaller around than my clenched fist would be. I hadn’t touched him yet, but I was pretty sure I would need two hands to circle it. My mouth felt stretched wide, and I only had a few inches in my mouth!

“You’re doing great, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny said, both of his hands slipping around my head to bury themselves in my hair. “Now it’s time for you to start sucking.”

He pulled out of my mouth a little bit, and slot oyna then thrust back in, while bringing my head forward. His dick felt huge in my mouth, and I had to breathe through my nose as I sucked on his dick the way I would a lollipop.

“God yes,” Uncle Johnny groaned, throwing his head back, as he pulled out and thrust back in again.

“That’s it, baby girl,” Daddy whispered in my ear. “You’re such a good girl, sucking Uncle Johnny’s big dick. Keep sucking baby, as he fucks your mouth.”

Daddy tilted my chin up at a different angle, while Uncle Johnny started to thrust in and out of my mouth faster and harder. I could feel the saliva start to run out of my mouth and drip down my chin to my breasts, where Daddy would rub it in with the hand still cupping my left tit.

“You’re doing such a great job for your first time, baby,” Uncle Johnny told me, continuing to pull my head farther onto his dick. I started to gag a little as Uncle Johnny hit the back of my throat, and he let up a little bit to let me breathe.

Pulling out of my mouth for a minute, he pulled his dick up flat to his belly, and cupped his balls, bringing them close to my face.

“Kiss his balls, princess,” Daddy directed me, and I started placing little kisses all around the soft pouch.

“Oh god, yes, you feel so good baby,” Uncle Johnny moaned, our eye contact intense while I licked and sucked around his sack. Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I took as much of his ballsack in my mouth as possible, letting my tongue coat him in my warm saliva.

“Shit, Bill,” Uncle Johnny said, “I’m not going to last much longer with her doing that.”

“Good job, princess,” Daddy told me, pulling me back a little bit. “You’re becoming such a good cocksucker for us. Do you think you’re ready to have your Uncle Johnny cum in your mouth?”

“Mmm, yes please, Daddy!” I said, looking up at Uncle Johnny excitedly, while he stroked his dick, bringing it back down to press against my lips.

I opened my mouth right away and felt his huge cock slide back in. Uncle Johnny’s hands came around my head again, fisting in my hair, as he moved his hips back and forth, my head canlı casino siteleri back and forth, so that his dick slid in and out of my mouth, a little faster, a little harder, and a little deeper with each thrust.

“That’s it, baby,” Daddy encouraged me, one hand back on my throat, stroking gently, calmly, the other hand slide down my belly to circle my clit. “Breathe through your nose, and let your Uncle Johnny fuck your face. You’re being such a good girl, and you’re going to get such a big reward when he cums in your mouth.”

I was choking on the thick meat filling my mouth over and over again, but I loved how happy I was making him and Daddy. Daddy’s hand on my throat was helping my throat muscles to relax and his fingers playing with my clit were distracting me from my gag reflex.

“Can you swallow for me, pun’kin?” Uncle Johnny asked, his words coming out in gasps as he dick hit the back of my throat.

“Mmmhmmphfff,” I said around his dick, and the vibrations must have felt good because Uncle Johnny threw his head back with a groan, giving a few short, hard thrusts of his hips, and started to cum in my mouth. His cum hit the back of my throat, thick and salty, and I eagerly swallowed it down. Spurt after spurt, I swallowed, and then he pulled out with enough time to cum a little bit on my tits.

“Jesus Christ, Cara,” Uncle Johnny said, breathing hard, staring down at me, his hands having left my hair but now cupping my cheeks while we gazed at each other. “Jesus Christ, that was amazing.”

“I really like how you taste,” I told him. “Thank you for cumming in my mouth.”

“Oh, pun’kin,” Uncle Johnny said, almost falling down onto the couch next to me and Daddy, “I’ll cum for you any time.”

“You look so hot, baby girl,” Daddy said, “with cum all over your big tits.” His hands were spreading Uncle Johnny’s cum around them so that they glistened with sweat, spit, and jizz. “I can’t wait to fuck these. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“I can’t wait to taste you and fuck you, too, Daddy,” I said, turning a bit on Daddy’s lap to look him in the eyes. His eyes met mine and he kissed me. His tongue dove into my mouth, tasting me, tasting Uncle Johnny, and I felt my pussy gush again, as I kissed my daddy as a lover for the first time.

“I can’t wait for you to suck my dick, princess,” Daddy told me. “But first, I need to be inside my baby girl’s hot pussy.”

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